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Carl's Summer Job
Part 9

by Brhmsj

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Carl’s Summer Job, Part 9



It was not Carl yet again over Mr. Schmidt’s lap. Oh, he will continue to be spanked over the summer. No, this weekend a spanking is being applied to another bottom – Frank’s. In less than a year Frank has been naked over the laps of three adults – his father (for a justified punishment spanking), Mr. Bailey (for a variety of good reasons), and now for the second time the lap of Mr. Schmidt. Here is a boy, usually well behaved, for whom spankings had been few and far between until these recent events. How did he find himself over Mr. Schmidt’s lap this second time. Where was Carl during this?

One weekend Carl’s parents went away for a long weekend, Thursday through Tuesday, with some friends. They had no issues with Carl staying alone at the house though, like all mothers, Carl’s feared he wouldn’t eat well if left alone that long. Mr. Schmidt got wind of the travel plans and told Carl he was most welcome to stay at his house, promising the boy good meals. Carl’s parents said he was free to do that if he wanted. Carl was excited about this. Now he’d get another weekend at Mr. Schmidt’s, but this time with the man there. He hoped no one would visit as he relished the idea of a naked weekend. Invite Frank for a night or two if you wish, Mr. Schmidt had said when the plans were finalized. Carl asked his buddy. Frank said he had Saturday off and could stay over on Friday.

Thursday was a work day for Carl. His parents had left early in the morning. Carl packed up some things, mostly toiletries as he knew he’d need little clothing, put on his usual outfit for a work day, and was at Mr. Schmidt’s by ten o’clock. He had a key to the basement door and now always let himself in. Mr. Schmidt heard the door and came down to greet the boy.

Let’s get your things put away and then we can start the work day. In the guest room Mr. Schmidt showed Carl where to put his clothes. He made it clear that Carl was to have everything in drawers, not just in his gym bag. That done, they set out his toiletries in the bathroom and were done.

It was a gorgeous day, perfect for work in the gardens. Weeding was the main chore. Mr. Schmidt had made sure all summer that weeding was done regularly. It was boring, but on the days there were no other things needing attention it made for a fairly easy work day for Carl. Mr. Schmidt was quite pleased with the job when it was done. Clean up and disposal of the weeds in the place for yard waste was quick and they were done in time for a late lunch.

Inside Mr. Schmidt gave Carl a light swat on the butt and said take your shower and come up for lunch. It sounded like he wasn’t planning to watch the shower today. Such was the case, which seemed odd, but Carl always naturally went with the flow. After the spanking for masturbating without permission, Carl was quite careful about that, so even with Mr. Schmidt upstairs the boy refrained from it. Sure enough, when he reached the top of the stairs that was the first question. He could honestly reply that he had not indulged, which earned him a fatherly smile and a small hug.

Lunch done, Mr. Schmidt said he wanted to lie down for a while. Carl was free to do as he pleased, just make sure to be covered if he went back outside. The back yard was fairly private but some neighbors could see over the hedges from upstairs windows. Carl sometimes would think about being naked in the yard during the day, a thought which did give him a bit of a thrill. He knew better, though. He suspected that if anything would get him fired it would be that – after a severe spanking. Still, he wanted to be outside. He pulled on a pair of shorts and nothing else, and went out to the yard with a book, settling into one of the chairs Mr. Schmidt had there for summer relaxation. He read for a while, then found a blanket to put down and lay face-down on that, enjoying the sun on his back. He must have dozed off because the next thing he knew Mr. Schmidt was lightly shaking him saying you need to get inside or you’ll get a sunburn. Carl could tell his back already had had a bit of sun. They gathered up the things and went inside.

Once inside Carl dropped his pants. Mr. Schmidt told him to wait a moment. The man retrieved some lotion to help lessen the potential burn. Carl loved the feel of the man’s hand rubbing in the lotion. He didn’t get fully hard, but did stiffen a bit. Nothing much went on before bedtime. Mr. Schmidt spent the evening in his study, Carl alternated between watching TV and reading. At eleven Mr. Schmidt called down to say he was going to bed but that Carl was free to do as he pleased. It was after twelve when the boy got into the big bed in the guest room. Maybe it was just his imagination, but the sheets felt special that night.

Carl slept solidly all night. Around nine o’clock he was aware that the covers were being pulled back off him. A bit groggily he rolled over and looked up to see Mr. Schmidt standing over him. Carl reached up and gave the man a hug. It felt right. He returned to lying down and Mr. Schmidt sat on the edge of the bed. About time you should be getting up, my boy, don’t you think? Carl nodded. Mr. Schmidt showed no sign of getting off the bed, though. They went through the usual did you sleep well? routine done in almost all households at some time or other. Carl had slept well. Now he was fully awake, but comfortable lying back on the pillow. Mr. Schmidt had pulled the covers back so that Carl was exposed down to the knees. He had slept naked, as he always did. Why dress for bed when he’d been naked all day? There also was a bit of a thrill at being naked and exposed in front of this man who had become so important in his life.

The conversation turned to how the weekend would proceed. Mr. Schmidt had put a fatherly hand on Carl’s thigh, about midway between the boy’s knee and waist. As the talked the hand subtly went up the boy’s leg in way that seemed quite natural. It took a while for Carl even to realize it was happening.

This is not a work day, son, so today you are my guest. As such you won’t be spanked unless your behavior warrants it, which I don’t expect it will. However, should a spanking be necessary I promise you one you will not soon forget. Likely you’ll sleep on your stomach that night. Work days we will have the usual conditions. Is that settled?

Carl could hardly say no, so said yes, Daddy. As Mr. Schmidt was speaking his hand had moved up further and the backs of his fingers made contact with Carl’s scrotum. The boy gasped lightly at the touch but said nothing. This was feeling good. Carl had already been hard when the covers were taken off him, but this touch caused a new surge. He tried to control his breath as he waited to see how this would develop. Mr. Schmidt continued talking as if none of this were happening.

I believe you said that Frank will stay tonight?

Yes, Daddy. He doesn’t have to work tomorrow, so it makes it convenient.

Hm. Tomorrow is a work day for you, but I think we can have things in hand, regardless. As he said that his hand made contact with Carl’s erection. The boy let out with an oh! but said nothing more. As Mr. Schmidt continued to talk he ran a finger lightly up and down the underside of Carl’s hardon, sometimes taking finger tips and teasing the head of the boy’s erection. Carl had never experienced anything like this. Nor had he expected it from Mr. Schmidt.

The man continued talking as if the toying with Carl wasn’t happening. If nothing else, you need to mow the lawn tomorrow, as always. This will give me some time to visit with Frank, which I’ve been wanting to do. I hope you don’t mind.

No, Daddy, Carl said, his voice husky as the fondling of his erection was creating erotic excitement. This was an edging, but not the kind he did with Frank. He knew Mr. Schmidt had complete control of the situation, just as he did when spanking. Frank’s visit settled, it seemed the man had nothing further to say, but his manipulation of the boy continued. Carl’s breath now was coming in short gasps. He had no idea how long this went on. He started writhing on the bed under the man’s touch, his cries of oh! oh! oh! filling the room. He was aware of nothing else but the hand on his cock, now desperate to shoot its load. Mr. Schmidt knew well how to play a boy and played this one well. He knew when he should give the lad relief. As he moved things in that direction Carl arched his back and tried to hump the man’s hand, but Mr. Schmidt was too clever to let that happen. Finally a big arch of Carl’s back, a long groan, and he exploded. He fell back, gasping from the exertion. Mr. Schmidt waited patiently while Carl relaxed.

Get in the shower then come down for breakfast, son, he said when Carl’s breathing was back to normal.

Yes, Daddy. He scampered across to the bathroom as soon as the man left and quickly was under the shower.

Late in the afternoon Frank showed up from work, arriving in plenty of time for dinner. Seeing his buddy comfortably naked Frank wanted to join in, but was also a bit uncertain about being naked around Mr. Schmidt, even though he had been on his previous visit. In the guest room as Frank unpacked, Carl assured him that there was no need to worry. Frank’s clothes were off, he showered to get the fast food restaurant off him, and two naked boys had dinner with their host. After dinner Mr. Schmidt showed them a film which he thought they’d enjoy, which they did. You boys may sit up as long as you like, he said when he was going to bed.

In bed together later, Carl wondered if he should tell Frank about the morning’s activity. For the moment he didn’t. However, that did not keep them from having some fun. Mr. Schmidt had discretely left towels which were ready for the washer when morning arrived. Carl made sure they were in the hamper this time!

After breakfast Carl pulled on his work outfit and went to work with the mower. Frank and Mr. Schmidt had accompanied him downstairs. Once the mower was running, Mr. Schmidt sat at the end of the couch and told Frank, come sit on my lap, son. Frank was startled by this, blushed a bit, but figured Carl must be doing this, so went along with it, even if a bit nervous. Quickly the man had him comfortable. Mr. Schmidt, with his way of bringing information out of boys, soon knew quite a bit about Frank and Tony. Soon he was hearing about Dan and Joe, two boys he had been aware of in the neighborhood, but nothing beyond that. As was everyone, he was fascinated by the living arrangement of the two families. He would explore this further. He hoped he might learn of some spank-worthy behavior on Frank’s part and was not disappointed. He learned of some trouble that Frank had been in at work, typical teenage stuff. Trouble, though, that in Mr. Schmidt’s mind deserved a spanking. Which he would get now.

There was an argument with Frank’s manager. Frank was right, which the manager did graciously admit when all the facts were in. Mr. Schmidt, though, was not happy at this story. You may have been right, son, but your manager should always be treated with respect, no matter what the circumstances. You know better than to be disrespectful, son. Now, what should be done about it?

Frank knew what Mr. Schmidt thought should be done about it. Still, the catechism had made him uncomfortable when he’d heard it previously and now it was embarrassing. Also, naturally he did not want a spanking. With a dry mouth he answered, I should be spanked, his face turning red.

That’s right, son. And how do we spank naughty boys who need a lesson?

Still dry-mouthed, Frank answered on the bare bottom. Now he was embarrassed and nervous. There was no escape and he didn’t know what this spanking would be. He knew how Mr. Bailey would have spanked for such an offense. That would hurt!

Let’s get to it, son, Mr. Schmidt said, helping the boy stand. The man shifted to his spanking position on the couch, took Frank over his lap, and immediately started the spanking which opened our story. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. This was somewhere between maintenance from Mr. Bailey and punishment from dad. It hurt and it was not long before Frank was kicking his legs and yelling as each swat landed. Mr. Schmidt viewed disrespect of any kind to be a serious offense and Frank was paying the price. The spanking seemed relentless.

Neither paid attention to the mower being turned off. Carl took the mower to its place and came into the room from the garage. He was greeted with a view of his buddy over his spanker’s lap, getting spanked. Spanked hard! His first reaction was a bit of jealousy that someone else was over the lap of the man Carl felt was his own spanker. Quickly it shifted to empathy for his pal who clearly was feeling it. As so many boys do, as the spanking mounted Frank let out with Please! Ow, ow, ow! It hurts! Just as Carl knew he would, Mr. Schmidt paused for his usual answer. Of course it hurts, son. A spanking is supposed to hurt. Before he resumed he acknowledged Carl with take your shower, son. Carl wasted no time, lest he get a spanking, too.

SMACK SMACK SMACK. The spanking resumed. Ow, ow, ow! Please! Owwwww! The spanking stopped in time for Frank to avoid bursting into tears. That would have been truly humiliating in front of his friend. For a while the only sound was the shower. When Carl was dry, he was called over.

Your friend had to be spanked, son. Frank, tell Carl what this was about. Frank turned red in the face, matching his red bottom. This was humiliating. Over the lap, somberly he told Carl the whole story. After the story Mr. Schmidt continued. I’ve told you that respect always should be shown, no matter what the circumstances. I’ve told you what will happen if you are ever disrespectful to me. Frank freely admitted his behavior but that does not excuse him from the consequences. All this while Frank was still lying over Mr. Schmidt’s lap, feeling more and more embarrassed as this went on. Carl was shifting nervously on his feet.

Frank, you are to go the guest room until I call you. Carl, you may do as you wish, but if you join Frank there is to be no fooling around.

Yes, Daddy, Carl replied, nervous about how this whole scene was going. He accompanied Frank to the room. Frank lay face-down on the bed, his butt quite a shade of red. Carl knew where the crème was in the bathroom and soon was applying it to his friend’s bottom. This was new for the boys, Carl getting hard as he worked; Frank was too sore for the moment.

Mr. Schmidt appeared at the door to announce lunch, witnessing this bit of friendship. Initially he thought Carl had been disobeyed but quickly recognized what was happening. Come have lunch boys, was all he said. He let Carl wonder for a while if another spanking was coming that day. Over lunch he made it clear that there was not, which gave Carl a great sense of relief. Frank sat gingerly, but the butt rub and now a good lunch were helping him to feel better.

Frank stayed the night, with the understanding that he’d go directly to work the next day. Frank had recouped enough that he was ready for edging fun with his buddy. This night they slept closer together. Before the week was out Carl had a red bottom, too.

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