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Rookie Teacher
Part 1 – First use of the slipper

by Mikeslipper

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Rookie Teacher uses the slipper for the first time

I qualified as a teacher during the summer of 1967 and had already depending on this secured my first position in that profession. This was to be at an all-Boys Secondary Modern School in Essex and I was to be one of the form masters of that year's first year intake from the local Junior Schools. There would be four classes for this first year of boys, the top two classes having a roll of 40 each and the bottom two 35 a form. I was to teach the second tier known as 1.2. and another new teacher was appointed to 1.3. The top form had a young but experienced teacher who was also the head of year and, the last one a long in the tooth master nearing retirement.

My specialist subjects were Geography and History and I was to teach these subjects to not just my class but forms 1.1 and 1.3 plus forms 2.2 and 2.3 of the second year. In addition I would teach my class English.

Before the new term started I met with the Headmaster who was quite an imposing person and my head of year who was very engaging and helpful. Both advised of the need for firm but fair discipline from the start and not to be seen as weak in this direction. Mr Goodwin who was Head of Year and also one of the PE masters went as far to provide me with 2 rather large old school plimsolls. I was authorised to give a boy in these first two years up to 3 strokes of the slipper at any given time. The boys in years three and four could be given 4 strokes and in exceptional circumstance five or six.

Thus I set out on my teaching career. I was quite nervous and was glad the first four days of the term were entirely dedicated to academic tests to establish the boy's position in the class grading system.

During this time the boys I supervised were generally well behaved and I had no disciplinary problems.

However, the second week when I took control of my class 1.2 I could see some of the boys needed close attention as they had potential to be disruptive. The first two days I was able to deal with all situations by talking very firmly to the boys who caused me concern. Then on day three a boy called Osbourne kept whispering to the boy next to him. I twice told him verbally about this and then much to my amazement he started to talk to his friend who was sitting behind him. It was now time to act.

I called Osbourne to the front and can still recall the scene playing out before me. Osbourne was a fresh faced boy well-dressed of average height and weight for an 11 year old. He was in fact wearing short grey worsted trousers and the uniform school blazer. I spoke to him harshly and then from the top draw of my desk produced the slipper. This did not seem to bother him but there was a deadly quiet of anticipation in the class which reminded me of my school days.

I told Osbourne to face the front and bend over and touch his toes. This meant his bottom was facing the class. This again took me back to the first time I was slippered and quite a few other times too. When bent over I lifted Osbourne's blazer away from his bottom and told him to push his bottom right out. At this his short trousers stretched tight across his bottom displaying two well displayed buttocks and the outline of his y fronts was clearly visible through the trouser material.

I was not quite satisfied with his position so I moved him slightly and then struck three quick strokes of the slipper across his very nice bottom.

When each stroke made contact with his bottom there was a loud retort of sound from the impact and when told to get up I thought I would see evidence of either pain or tears on Osbourne's face. There was none and this rather cheeky boy got up looked at me then the class and walked back to his desk. He did however, rub his bottom as he walked back.

In complete contrast later that day I was taking class 2.2 for History, these boys would have been 12/13 in age and two boys clearly thought as a young teacher they would chance there luck with me. I can still recall their names – Crisp and Barker. They were sitting together and when required to write up their notes on the subject I had been teaching which was Maco Polo and his travels to Central Asia they were messing about whispering and poking each other etc. Again I decided I must act and do so decisively.

They were called out to the front and I enquired of them their names and put a tick against these on the class register. Again trying to show my authority I lectured them on their behaviour and once again opened my desk draw to take out the slipper.

This time both boys were wearing long grey trousers and the school blazer. Both boys were about the same height, Crisp was slim while Barker was heavier and more proportionally built. Surprisingly compared to Osbourne, these two boys looked nervous when they saw my slipper. Clearly they were not expecting to find themselves bending over to be disciplined.

Crisp was first to be dealt with and with his bottom facing the class I went through what was to come my standard procedure of folding the blazer away from the bottom telling him to push his bottom right out so his trousers were again tight across the bottom. His bottom then looked pert and ready for punishment. After the first stroke his bottom flinched, at the second he made a sobbing noise and when after the third when told to get up he was freely crying. I made him wait at the front while I dealt with Barker.

Barker when bent over displayed a nice built bottom which was wide, well curved and his trousers fitted snuggly across his bottom cheeks. Again three substantial strokes were delivered across the middle of his bottom which appeared to absorb them well. When I told him to get up while not crying he looked white and was clearly feeling the pain.

I then made both boys face the class while I made it clear to all the boys if they misbehaved the same fate would fall on them.

Osbourne turned out to be a regular customer for my slipper over his 4 years at the school.

Barker too I slippered several more times and Crisp only once. Osbourne always appeared to take his punishment without a fuss, Barker was always clearly pained and Crisp who I last slippered when he was 14 again found it a very difficult experience but despite getting 4 strokes this time did not cry. All three were not bad boys, Osbourne was very cheeky, Barker always open and chanced his hand he would not be found out, while Crisp seemed to hold me in fear which I did regret.

These three boys were the first this rookie teacher dealt with but after a few more weeks and bent over bottoms I settled in to a teaching career which was to last some 35 years.

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