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Chad's Boys
Part 37

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 37

After that afternoon with Zeke, life continued with the normal routine for Nick and Keith. Keith’s parents were away overnight on Saturday so naturally Keith stayed with Nick, with the usual results. They talked quite a bit about Zeke. Now that they knew him better they liked him a lot and hoped they’d see him more often. Naked, of course.

Think he could sleep over one night next weekend? Keith asked. Nick saw no reason why not. Monday at lunch they asked him if he’d like to sleep over at Nick’s on Friday or Saturday. Zeke was impressed to be invited and said he’d ask his parents. The next day he reported that either night was fine with his parents.

Let’s do Friday night so we can hang out on Saturday, said Nick. He often had no idea what would be happening on Sundays with his family, same for Keith, so Saturday was safer. Zeke would go to Nick’s right after school. This would be a campout and the guys explained to Zeke how it worked. Zeke was thrilled.

On Friday the three boys walked home together after school. Nick’s mother was happy to meet a new friend of Nick’s and to provide an extra meal. Keith would join them after dinner and showed up around seven thirty. Nick said that his parents had gone out to visit friends, so they had the house to themselves.

Let’s get your stuff downstairs, Keith. Zeke’s is already there, Nick said when Keith joined them. The boys trooped downstairs. Nick had already put out a large blanket on the floor, big enough for all three. A sleeping bag could cover them. Zeke knew about the sleeping arrangement for the campouts and was excited at the idea of sleeping with his friends. Naked, too! He couldn’t remember ever sharing a bed. He had an older brother but the two moved in very different circles and had different interests, so it was unlikely they’d ever share a bed.

There was no need for Keith to bring much more than toiletries. As soon as his bag was down the boys were out of clothes, Zeke as fast as the other two. All three were hard before the pants went down, of course.

Do you know what fingering is? Nick asked when they were naked and settled.

Fingering? Zeke so far had no sexual experience beyond masturbation. Getting stroked by the others last week was a first for him.

Time you found out, said Keith. Nick ducked into the bathroom and came back with lube and towels. You or me first? Keith asked Nick.

Let me do you first, Nick replied. That settled, Keith got on all fours, bottom way up in the air waiting for Nick’s finger. Nick explained everything. Zeke was an avid audience, getting up close as Nick went to work. Experienced at doing Keith, Nick quickly had his buddy moaning with erotic excitement. Now the other fun part, Nick said as he reached under and took Keith’s straining hardon in hand. Grab a towel and put it under him, Nick said. Zeke did, excited to be part of the process.

It didn’t take long for Nick to get Keith moaning and bucking, pushing back against Nick’s finger. Not much longer after that he gave out a yell and shot all over the towel.

Wow! was all Zeke could say.

Want your turn? Nick asked. Zeke gave an enthusiastic yes. Nick and Keith helped him into the position. Keith took the honors of being the first to enter Zeke. He worked gently and slowly, both boys guiding Zeke through it. Once Keith was all the way in Zeke couldn’t believe how it felt.

That is so great! he said, gasping from pleasure. Keith worked his finger a bit, adding to the stimulation. Zeke was feeling as hard as he was last week, suddenly feeling desperate to cum. Nick sensed this and held off taking Zeke in hand. Once Zeke’s moaning from the fingering was at a real peak, Nick reached under, having lubed his hand, and slowly stroked Zeke. Zeke yelled and bucked as the sensations of the dual pleasure filled him. With a yell and a long loud groan he let go, shooting over and over onto the towel.

Awesome! both guys said when it was over.

Yeah, said Zeke, feeling exhausted. I hope we can do it again.

We will! Nick said. Keith agreed. Now it was Nick’s turn. Keith guided Zeke through the other part of the process. From what he had seen and felt he had no trouble catching on how to administer a good fingering. Nick didn’t disappoint, putting on a good show, too. With all three now feeling spent, they stretched out on the blanket and talked for a while. Nick finally checked the clock – it was nearly midnight. His parents weren’t back, but he had expected that would happen. The others looked sleepy. He certainly was. He turned out the lights, joined the others on the blanket, Zeke in the middle, pulled the sleeping bag over them and quickly all three were asleep.

Saturday morning Nick’s mother was out doing errands right after breakfast, so was long gone when the boys woke up and were ready for their breakfast. By now Keith thought nothing of being naked around Chad; in fact he’d come to enjoy it immensely. His occasional times naked with Dad were important to him, but it was different with someone else’s father, and the father of his best friend, too. He couldn’t explain, he just liked it. So, once morning washing was done after morning wood was satisfied, Nick and Keith were up the stairs, naked as the day they were born, with c’mon! to Zeke. Zeke was truly startled by this. He had been reaching for his clothes when his friends took off up the stairs. He knew Nick’s mother was gone, but had no idea about Nick’s dad. Well, he’d been playing along with his friends since last week, so he took a deep breath and followed them.

Only his friends were in the kitchen, busy getting out juice and milk along with other good things for breakfast. Seeing that they were alone he relaxed and joined in. All three were busy eating when Chad popped in, wearing a bathrobe. Nick knew there was nothing under it. Chad greeted them and seeing right away that they were naked, he let his robe fall open. Zeke tried not to gape. He’d seen his father naked, of course, and a couple of uncles once or twice, but still, this was not a relative. Chad remained casual about it all, got a cup of coffee and joined the boys at the table. Zeke felt himself getting hard and was happy that he was sitting right up to the table and could hide it underneath.

There was the usual morning chit chat. Chad said he needed to go out soon. What were the guys doing today? No plans had been made, but the weather was good so they likely would go out for a while.

Breakfast done, the boys set to putting the kitchen in order and getting dishes in the dishwasher. Chad was amused as he noticed Zeke’s reluctance to join in. He knew exactly why, but also was sure that if Zeke visited regularly he would come to feel relaxed. Chad had a glimpse of Zeke’s hardon when Zeke got up and quickly turned his back and joined the others. A very cute butt, thought Chad. Nothing like the other two, but still very nice and likely could benefit from some color. Zeke had darker hair that the other two and was a bit furrier with a bit of dark hair on his bottom. Chad found it quite attractive. Fortunately for Zeke his friends took no notice of his erection.

Chad took his leave. The boys finished, went downstairs, dressed, and headed outside through the garage. While dressing there was talk of walking by Coach Riley’s house, accidentally on purpose (though no one used that phrase). So, they went in that direction. This was a part of the neighborhood none of them knew well, making it fun to explore. They passed the house of one boy, a junior, who they all knew. Nick pointed it out. Zeke, of all people, said there’s someone who could use a good spanking. That got them all laughing, imagining this kid naked over a lap.

Coach Riley’s house was only a minute or so away. Taking advantage of the nice weather he was outside doing some things around the yard. He saw the trio headed his way and smiled to himself. He had a notion he knew exactly what was going on here.

Hello boys, he said in his gruff tones, though not unpleasantly, as they neared the yard. What brings you out this way?

Nothing really, said Keith. Just wandering around. The Coach’s look left no doubt that he didn’t buy that line.

Well, I’m done here. Would you like to come in for a soda? Curiosity got the best of them. Nick and Keith had been in the house. Zeke was eager to see it. All three were eager to find out just what they’d learn.

Settled around the kitchen table, Coach Riley asked the sorts of questions that helped him get to know the boys. He knew Keith’s dad, had met Chad once or twice, but did not know Zeke’s family. All four gently nudged the conversation toward what the boys wanted to hear about – if this were the spanking man. No direct questions were asked, but no one could pretend that information on the subject was just what was wanted.

Once again, though, little was learned. Has anyone ever said that I spanked them? Coach Riley asked.

No, sir. I’ve never heard anyone, said Nick. The other two agreed.

Let me say, though, that any boy I’d spank would know he’d been spanked and would remember it. That wasn’t useful, but it was the best they got. With that Coach Riley took the conversation into other directions. After a half-hour or so he sent the boys on their way.

What do you think? Keith asked once they were out of sight of the house.

I don’t know, said Nick.

Zeke put in I’ve only ever been spanked by my dad. Well, and you guys. It might be interesting to have another man spank me. He blushed at the admission. I don’t know why. . .

No prob, man! said Nick. Keith can tell you all about it.

Now it was Keith’s turn to blush. You asshole. You’re gonna get it for that. Turning to Zeke he said with a bit of a sarcastic tone now that Nicky has let it out, I have to tell you. Nick’s dad spanked both of us once because we were using bad language and he heard it. Believe me, we’ve watched our language ever since! Zeke now wondered if he should let out with an expletive when Nick’s dad was around. Nick knew that Keith was annoyed because he called him Nicky. This likely would have repercussions.

Nick caught Zeke’s pensive look. I don’t recommend it, buddy. Nonetheless, he decided to think about how Zeke could get that spanking.

Back at Nick’s the boys went downstairs, got out of clothes, and visited, with lots of speculation about Coach Riley. He was frustrating!

About a half-hour later Chad came downstairs, still dressed from his errands. He greeted the boys, enjoying getting a further look at Zeke. The boys were seated so he wasn’t getting a full view. Zeke was bulkier than the other two, but hardly overweight, just a bit more muscular, which looked well on him. In front he had more chest hair that the others, also, and it showed every sign of running right down to his pubes.

After a couple of minutes of talk Nick had an evil impulse come over him, yet he knew it was what Zeke wanted. And maybe his father, too.

Dad, Zeke says he wants a spanking. Zeke blushed deep red.

Somehow I don’t think he said that, Chad said with a twinkle in his eye. He doubted very much that Zeke had made that request. At the same time he knew that Nick would not have mentioned it if Zeke hadn’t show some interest. He may want a spanking, but whether he does or not, someone else is getting a spanking for being a wise guy. Nick’s face fell. Still, he knew it was just.

Chad came down into the room and sat in the chair. He called Zeke over, finally getting to see the full frontal. Zeke was nervous enough that he was not hard. Chad did his best to put him at ease. He did ask about Zeke’s spanking experience and Zeke hesitantly admitted that he still was spanked at home sometimes.

That won’t go any further, my young friend, Chad said. Your secret is safe here. These two know that if they ever divulge it they will suffer the consequences.

Thank you, sir.

Now, over you go. Chad guided Zeke into position. He rubbed the boy’s bottom for a moment, then SMACK SMACK SMACK. Five good ones came down. This was yet again a new spanking experience for Zeke. Harder than anything from his friends, but still nothing like a spanking from Dad. It didn’t last long, nor did Zeke feel he wanted to cry, still it did hurt and he did kick a bit, which was rare even when spanked by Dad. Chad finished and let Zeke lie there while he gently rubbed his warm bottom. Chad could feel Zeke growing against his thigh. Zeke was caught up in the pleasure of the butt rub and gave no heed to being hard against this adult man’s leg.

Butt rub done, Zeke was allowed to stand. Now he was embarrassed as his hardon was on display for all to see. No one commented. Chad was impressed. Zeke was further along to manhood than these two. They’d catch up soon and quickly, he knew.

Zeke rubbed his butt while he rejoined his friends. Chad did not move from the chair. Nick now felt nervous. He knew what was coming.

Nick, your turn, Chad said. Nick knew it was only fair. He draped himself over his father’s lap and took his licks. This didn’t hurt the way the bad language spanking had hurt, but he regretted embarrassing his friend. Yet, still, he also felt glad he’d given Zeke the experience.

Do you need attention Keith? Chad asked with a grin.

No, sir.

Good. Don’t think you won’t get spanked if it is warranted.

No, sir, I know.

Spankings over Chad chatted with the boys as if none of this had happened. After a while he said You’d better get dressed as Mom will be home soon. The boys did. Zeke needed to get home in any case. After Chad had gone upstairs Zeke thanked the guys for a great weekend.

We’ll do it again, said Nick.

Soon! both Keith and Zeke said.

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