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Aaron's Game
Chapter 24: Sore Losers

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter 24: Sore Losers

By Redspkscott

The last Pain Pigs football match of their preseason was the afternoon before our final preseason matches as gladiators. So that left Craig and I still stuck in our bondage for their game, left to show our moral support but unable to beat Max’s or Dominic’s asses to warm them up for the game.

Reuben was kind enough to keep disciplining the two of them for us, along with his own football players, Rico and Jeffrey. He even took the opportunity to introduce Dominic to Craig’s Fire Oil, telling the center and offensive captain that he was going to have to get used to it. He held Dom down and rubbed a couple of drops into Dominic’s tender asshole. Dominic started yelling and squirming in pain as the oil flared up. Reuben did not tell Dominic that getting fucked would counteract the oil and cool his hole back down. Instead, Reuben pulled Dominic’s pants back up and watched as Dominic’s face darkened in pain and anger.

He really does get furious when his ass is on fire, doesn’t he? Reuben noted. Why don’t you go take that out on your teammates? Dominic grabbed his paddle and strode over to elevator, walking stiffly due to the furious pain. When Dominic was suffering, he loved to spread it around. He was going to wander through the building and punish any players on his offensive line he came across. And possibly any other golden boys in the building he could outmuscle.

The real surprise came the next morning right before the boys were about to head to the field for the match. With the help of the other jocks in the apartment, Reuben again forced down Dominic and also Max. He applied another dose of fire oil to Dominic’s asshole. For Max, he rubbed a heaping handful of my itching powder into his ass crack. Both of them squirmed and struggled but there was nothing they could do. The pain and itching was not going to wear off until the game was over.

Play through it, tough guys, Reuben said. You call yourself Pain Pigs, after all.

We headed over to the field, both Max and Dominic rubbing their inflamed ass cracks. As they headed out to play, Reuben dragged us up into the stands. He pulled helpless Craig across his lap to paddle and finger-fuck. He explained that he’d punish Craig during the first half, and me during the second half. He also revealed to us that Coach Adam had privately asked him to make sure that Max and Dominic were not in their best form when they headed out to the game.

What? Why? I asked.

He actually wants them to lose, Reuben said. Wants them to know what he’s gonna do to them when they lose games before they get into the real season.

The Pain Pigs selected Coach Adam to lead them precisely because he was a sadistic taskmaster who paddled their asses raw for any mistake, no matter how minor. That’s how they wanted to organize as a team, and it had been working so far. But when Max got dragged off to the Brig for two days by the commandos, it threw leadership of the defense into disarray. They were not well-prepared for this game, and apparently Adam wanted to make the odds even longer.

It worked. The itching powder clearly distracted Max the whole game, and he did a terrible job leading the defense. They got blown out, 35-6. I spent the second half across Rueben’s knee getting paddled harshly, like he promised. But Max was getting it just as hard from Coach Adam on the sidelines.

After the game was over, the winning team got to paddle and rape the losing team. Seeing the players getting tormented was nothing new—we smacked their asses raw and fucked our guys nearly every day. But the coaches also had to submit to the coaches of the other team. The game announcers informed us that this was Coach Adam’s official deflowering. He had not yet been spanked or fucked at all as yet.

The head coach of the opposing team happily milked it for all it was worth. He ordered Coach Adam to the 50-yard line and made the man hold the same three-point stance he required the Pain Pigs to assume for punishment. Then he pulled down Adam’s tight-fitting brown khakis, revealing a beefy, firm backside. The coach grabbed Adam’s own paddle, carefully lined it up across Adam’s ass, and started whacking away, good and hard. The CRACK! sound echoed into the stands, and everybody cheered. Adam grunted in pain, but did his best to try to hold his position, just like he required of his team.

The opposing coach paddled away until Adam was yelling out curses, and his legs were quivering trying to keep his ass up in three-point stance. His face was red, and he was crying, but he tried to be tough about it.

Once Adam’s ass was nice and bruised, it was time to pop the coach’s cherry. The opposing coach waved one of his assistant coaches over. The two men grinned at each other and gave each other high fives as they pulled down their pants and silk boxers. The second man positioned himself directly in front of Adam’s face. They were going to deflower Adam by fucking him on both ends. As the head coach slowly pushed his cock into Adam’s virgin hole, he started to yell out to due to the pain. The assistant coach then grabbed him by the head and shoved his own cock straight down that open mouth deep into his throat.

Coach Adam is going to be furious at our boys, I said, still across Reuben’s lap. He had stopped paddling me so he could watch the end-of-game punishment, but he was casually finger-fucking me slowly.

He knew this was gonna happen, Reuben pointed out. Got to respect a coach that puts his own ass on the line like this to teach his boys a lesson.

For a good ten minutes, the two coaches fucked Adam from both ends. His whole body quivered and vibrated. Some might have been disappointed that they couldn’t hear Adam’s cries of pain and then moans of pleasure from his first sexual experience, but I found his complete public humiliation thrilling in its forced exhibitionism. I started getting an erection. Reuben probably thought it was because of him.

During all this, the Pain Pigs were all being paddled and fucked by the opposing team as well. I searched around for Max and found him ass-up, clutching the turf and grimacing as his blistered butt was getting pounded by an opposing linebacker. At least the itching had probably worn off by now.

When it was all over, Coach Adam was allowed to stand back up, and his face was as dark a shade of red as Dom’s was after he got his ass beaten. Coach was furious. He simply looked at his team, all of whom were crying and clutching their blistered, fucked butts, and pointed angrily to the locker room.

I wouldn’t want to be a Pain Pig right now, one of the announcers noted as they filed off the field, heads hanging. Their punishment is just getting started.

All right, time to go home boys, Reuben ordered. We’ll have to wait for the Pain Pigs to get their asses home to see what Coach did to them. I’ll just have to keep myself occupied in the meantime.

That meant finger-fucking both of our asses all the way home. Craig and I again moaned in combination of discomfort and arousal. I wasn’t supposed to like it, but because Reuben’s humiliations always drew amused looks from passersby, I couldn’t help but get turned on.

We were also noticing more frequently that guys recognized us on the street, too. We were becoming more and more famous. Reuben got a few thumbs’ up from guys passing on us from the street and a soldier in a pack of commandos told him to Keep up the good work! on the way home. After a couple of producers passed us by, one turned to the other and said, We need to try that sometime to find out how it feels. Could be fun!

Oh, it is! Reuben shouted over his shoulder back at them.

They probably were wondering about us, Craig said.

You both have hard-ons, Reuben said. They probably noticed.

Back at the penthouse, Reuben pushed us out to the pool deck.

Let’s see, Reuben said. One more round of punishment tonight. Then I’ll fuck you tonight one last time, Craig, and Aaron will take care of my morning wood. He leaned us over the waist-high wall on the outside of the pool deck so any cries of pain echoed out into the neighborhood while he took the paddle to our asses for a good long time.

Both you boys are good and blistered, Reuben said. Love it. Red and purple. It’s how those asses of yours should look all the time. Someday when I own both your asses, that’s how it will be.

Craig and I yelped and whimpered through the swats, and we cried a bit, but we had gotten so used to all the punishment for the past few days that it wasn’t in us to yell any more.

It was getting pretty late when we finally heard the elevator ding. The Pain Pigs had returned from the stadium.

Get your asses out here! Reuben yelled. I wanna see what the coach did to you.

The four football players trudged out onto the deck. Their faces were red and wet with tears. I could see a bulge in the crotch of each of their uniforms. Erections?

Turn around, Reuben ordered. The four of them complied. And then Reuben, Craig, and I all burst out laughing.

The seat of their uniforms had been cut out and their bare asses exposed like they were one of the slutty pretty boys instead of golden boys. But that wasn’t what made us laugh. Coach Adam had shoved butt plugs up each of their holes, and the plugs were decorated on the outside with curly piggy tails that wagged and bounced around whenever they moved. He turned them into actual pain pigs.

That’s just part of the punishment, Dom noted. The four of them turned back toward us and pulled down their uniform pants. Each of their cocks had been shoved into chastity cages. Max’s was huge, since he had such a large dick. None of them could have any sex. It didn’t even look like they could get a blowjob.

They’re connected with a time lock, Max explained. He turned around and bent over. We could see that there’s a metal strip connecting the plug to the chastity device via the strip of flesh between his rectum and his balls. We can’t take either of them off. We’re stuck like this until the next game.

You mean, you can’t even get fucked? Craig asked. They shook their heads no.

We’re not allowed to feel any pleasure at all unless we win, Jeffrey said. Coach’s rules. Lots of ass beatings though. The tails are flexible so they won’t interfere with paddle swats.

Good, Reuben said. Bet all the wrestlers in the building will have a field day hazing you boys. Dominic sighed at the news.

Oh right, that turns you on, Reuben said. Dominic loved group punishment play as both top and bottom. But you can’t even enjoy it. He started laughing. Dom just frowned and hung his head.

We heard the ding of the elevator, and then a pack of wrestlers with wicked grins of their faces and thick paddles wandered out to the deck.

Look at these fucking losers, one of the wrestlers said. And their little piggy tails!

I know how to make them wag those tails, Another wrestler said, waving a paddle.

Bring them down to the gym with the other pigs, the first wrestler said. Come on guys, you’re going to show off your three-point stance for us. The wrestlers grabbed the four football players and dragged them back to the elevator. The Pain Pigs didn’t even bother to resist. They had earned the punishment.

Reuben directed the two of us to his bedroom. We’d all be sharing a bed tonight. At the foot of the bed, Reuben pulled out those horrible plugs he had gotten to torment us and roughly shoved one up my ass. As I winced and yelped, he pushed me onto the bed.

Count yourself lucky, Craiggy. You get the real deal. Reuben pushed Craig onto the bed and climbed on top of him to fuck him good and hard. I squirmed next to them, arching my back to try to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the plug.

The two of them moaned in tandem for a good 15 minutes while Reuben took his time. Craig nodded and kept whispering yes, yes, while Reuben thrusted deeply. Then Reuben grabbed Craig by the back of his head and pushed him into the pillow and sped up the pace. I watched the two of them have fun in the hopes of distracting myself from the pain of the plug. Reuben started growling as he approached orgasm, and then with some good hard pumps, spewed a load into Craig.

Craig collapsed onto the bed as Reuben pulled away, cum dripping onto Craig’s back. Reuben gave Craig a few moments to recover from the sex. Then Reuben grabbed the other plug and ruthlessly shoved it up Craig’s ass. Craig’s pleasure would be short-lived, it seemed. Craig immediately started writing around in pain. His cock was, of course, completely hard, but there was nothing he could do about it with his arms bound.

Reuben flopped down in the middle of the bed between the two of us to get a good night’s sleep, his head facing my direction. He had a happy grin plastered across his face. The bed rocked as Craig wiggled around and whimpered. I realized I had never told him the secret of reducing the pain caused by the plug by arching your back and raising your ass in submission.

I started to open my mouth to say something to Craig, but then Reuben shook his head and mouthed, Don’t tell him, and gave me a conspirational wink. I thought for a moment and looked across the bed to see Craig whimper and wiggle his butt. Well ... maybe it would give me a leg up when we fought tomorrow if Craig couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. I closed my mouth again. Reuben waggled his eyebrows and then, much to my surprise, tilted his head toward me and kissed me lightly on the end of the nose.

Good night, boys, Reuben said to us as lay quivering in bed. It’ll be fun watching you two square off tomorrow.

It was a long night, but I did manage to get more sleep that Craig. That I was certain of. He squirmed all night, much more than I did, though sometimes when I fell asleep, I would shift position and a burst of pain caused by the buttplug would wake me right back up.

Eventually, come morning, I heard Reuben yawn and he stretched in the bed. He looked over at me, lying on my stomach with my ass up in the air.

Looks like you’re all ready for me, he said. Honestly I kind of was. Sex would feel a whole lot better than this plug.

He climbed over and pulled the plug out. I gasped in relief and practically collapsed as the discomfort faded. But then Reuben pulled me back up and pushed his hard morning wood into my ass crack. I winced as he penetrated me and started fucking away. The pain of penetration actually didn’t last very long and in just a couple of minutes I started feeling a whole lot of pleasure. Actually a lot more than I had from previous times Reuben had fucked me. Having that butt plug up my ass all night long seems to have had the side effect of making actual sex feel much so much better.

Oh god, yes! I growled while he was fucking me. I couldn’t help it. It felt so good. Yeah, fuck me! Harder!

Don’t have to tell me twice, Reuben said and really started pounding away. It was flat out the best fucking I’d had so far. My eyes practically rolled back into my head in pleasure. I usually only felt this good when I was top. This felt nearly as good as fucking Max. And I loved fucking Max. I missed fucking Max. I don’t even know how long the sex lasted, but it was amazing. Eventually Reuben started thrusting faster, and I could feel the wetness as he came.

Take it, big boy, he growled at me. I’ll make a bottom slut out of you yet. I half-laughed, half-moaned as I collapsed back in the bed.

Craig watched us fuck while still wriggling his butt from the pain of the plug. Reuben showed him a bit of mercy by pulling the plug out. Then he dragged us both in with him to the showers to clean up before our matches later this morning.

The other boys were all up, and we could hear spankings going on out by the pool. Rico and Jeffrey were in their three-point stance getting their asses beaten by Max and Dominic, their piggy tails hilariously bouncing around with each swat. Since they were connected to butt plugs, I knew full well that this paddling had to hurt even more than the swats they normally get.

How are your butts, Reuben asked them.

Not sore enough, Max said. Orders are that no Pain Pig be able to sit down until next game. All the wrestlers in the building have permission to keep hazing from Coach Adam until we win again.

Does that include Lance and Will? I asked.

Oh yes, Max said. I’m submitting to Will. Dom is submitting to Lance. That’s in addition to you guys tormenting us after you get back from your matches.

Well, one of these boys won’t be coming home, Reuben said. But I’ll make sure you both get covered.

You seem to have forgotten about your own match, big guy, Craig pointed out. Craig and I would be fighting each other today. Reuben would be fighting Li. Reuben just shrugged, but I knew he was concerned. Li was the only gladiator who was stronger than him.

Of course, Reuben was determined to shove his fingers up our asses and finger-fuck us one more time on the long walk to the stadium. Craig and I bounced helplessly along, standing on the tips of our feet, our large bottoms sliding up and down his fingers. We both had massive, humiliating erections, exacerbated by the fact that Reuben had kept both of us from ejaculating for a full week.

The timer was finally ticking down on our wrist restraints as we arrived at the arena. Craig and I had been utterly helpless to stop Reuben (or anybody else) from doing what they wanted to our asses. Finally we’d have use of our arms again, just in time to fight each other. And then the loser would end up stuck in the spanking machines for another 24 hours. Pretty brutal.

When we got inside the stadium we discovered that they scheduled our matches back to back. I would fight Craig, and then right afterward Reuben would fight Li. And we were pretty early in the schedule this time. They also had our new stylized shorts waiting for us. Mine were still white, with a thick purple block along the left outer thigh containing the stylized flaming paddle logo with the G. They fit perfectly, clinging to my muscles and showing off the shape of my butt flawlessly. The same held true for Reuben and Craig.

You boys ready to tussle? Reuben asked as the timers on our restraints ticked down. Only 15 minutes left and we’d be free.

I’ll just be happy to get out of the restraints if only for a few minutes, Craig said.

Oh, one last thing, Reuben said. He pulled out his little bag and from it a bottle of Craig’s fire oil and my itching powder.

Oh, no! the two of us said in perfect unison.

Oh, yes, Reuben said, grinning. He grabbed me and pulled down my shorts, then bent me over as I squirmed and shook itching powder deep into my exposed ass crack. He pulled me back upright and then pulled my shorts back up. As I started to wriggle, he pulled Craig over and dripped his vicious fire oil right onto Craig’s tender asshole. Craig immediately began to yelp and squirm.

Neither of us could do a single damned thing to relieve ourselves. By the time the timer ticked to zero and released us from our bonds, the matches were starting.

If I can just find somebody to fuck me, Craig said, while rubbing his ass crack. When his fire oil interacted with cum it turned pleasurable instead of painful.

Don’t even think about it, Reuben growled. I’ve got my eye on you. You guys go before I do.

There was no relief for me at all. There was no antidote for my itching powder. It wore off after about three hours, so I was going to have to fight Craig with an itching, wriggling backside.

When our turn came around to fight, the two of us winced as we walked out onto the field, our butts obviously quivering. To our embarrassment, the announcers all knew what had happened and all about our week of slavery at Reuben’s hand and told the audience all about it. The laughter of the crowd was thoroughly humiliating, which, awkwardly, made it a turn on for both of us as well. Reuben knew what he was doing, didn’t he?

Well, let’s see which of us fights best through the pain, Craig said.

It was a rough fight, let me tell you. The itchiness in my ass crack repeatedly caused me to reach back to scratch it. It was very hard to control. Doing so left me wide open to an attack from Craig. A good chunk of the fight revolved around each of us waiting for the other one to try to do something to relieve our personal discomfort and taking advantage of it.

Unfortunately for me, Craig’s love of asshole torture meant that he was better situated to play through the pain. He loved both dishing it out and taking it. And he used his nasty little fighting trick on me. In the second round, when he wrestled me down in a position I couldn’t escape, he kept paddling my ass 90 times really fast, then stopping. In order to win the round, he had to swat me 100 times in a short time period. By stopping short of the goal, he extended the round and roasted my ass repeatedly with his paddle. By the end of the second round my ass cheeks were on fire in addition to my itching ass crack.

So I ended up losing my second preseason match to my best buddy, with a final score of 3-1. At least I won a round this time. Reuben absolutely decimated me when the two of us fought. After Craig beat me, we both had a good laugh as the crowd cheered. He gave me a friendly bro-hug before directing me over to the spanking machines to strap me in.

It’s been more than a week since I’ve been able to fuck anybody, Craig reminded me. I’m gonna wreck that ass. He patted my left cheek happily with his paddle.

You earned it, bro, I said. I wasn’t angry. He won fair and square. More than fair. The fire oil was way more intense than my itching powder. I deserved getting fucked by him and my turn in the spanking machines.

But next was Reuben and Li. Craig strapped me into the machine and then stood behind me, pushing his crotch against my upturned butt so I could feel his erection, and the two of us watched the fight.

It was a bloodbath. A hilarious one. Reuben had gotten so excited about enslaving me and Craig for a week that he didn’t prepare for this match nearly as much as he had the others. No doubt he thought that training with Li would be enough to teach him about Li’s fight style.

It wasn’t. It was as lopsided a fight as when I fought Reuben myself, but in the opposite direction. Li absolutely dominated Reuben, pinning him down quickly and paddling his ass good and raw. The entire fight took less than five minutes. Li won 3-0. You could see the embarrassment on Reuben’s face as Li physically picked him up and threw him over his shoulder to carry him over to us. The crowd laughed and jeered him.

Well, well, well, Craig said and gave Li a high-five as he carried Reuben over. Reuben held one hand over his eyes in shame, but Li forced them away in order to restrain Reuben in the spanking machine right next to me. I was able to simply turn my head to the right and look right at him, even though I was fully restrained.

Just think, I said as Reuben was locked into the machine, If you hadn’t been so obsessed with me and Craig, you might have ended the pre-season with a perfect record. Reuben said nothing in response, but he looked over at me with an angry glare. I just laughed right in his face.

Sorry, buddy, Li said to Reuben, but I’m gonna enjoy fucking you.

I’m going to enjoy watching him fuck you while Craig fucks me! I whispered loudly to him. He grimaced in anger.

Even though I knew I was going to spend the next 24 hours in excruciating pain from the paddling machines, I happily watched the rest of the fight, occasionally looking over to glance at Reuben. He simply stared dully off into space. I craned my head over my shoulder to look up behind him.

Oh good, I said. I’ll be able to watch you get paddled. The spanking benches had us head down and asses up, raised enough that I could look over and see his. He scowled over at me and then looked back over his shoulder and smiled a little bit. It was clear that when he looked over his own left shoulder he could see my ass and would therefore be able to watch me get spanked too.

Patrons Brick and Derek were on hand as usual to watch, and after the fights were over, they walked down the lines again applying their own swats to the asses of us losers. I had felt them before, but this was the first time for Reuben. He shouted in surprise at the strength of the swats.

After that, Li and Craig lined up behind the two of us and dropped trou for the victory sex. I yelped in pain as Craig enthusiastically forced his cock in. It had been a long wait for Craig to fuck anybody, and he wasn’t going to go slow. I looked over to watch Reuben grimace as Li happily fucked his upturned ass. Both of them rode us hard. It didn’t take me long to start moaning in pleasure but it was a while before Reuben made any sounds to acknowledge that he was feeling pleasure. And he did so through gritted teeth. He did not want to admit that he was enjoying getting fucked after losing his fight so badly.

When Craig finally came it was like a fire hose. It was more than splurted out when Max fucked anybody. It dripped all over my ass and down my thighs. Craig actually laughed as one of the blue-collar boys who handled the basic operations of the stadium came over with a towel to wipe it all off me. Li smacked the side of Reuben’s ass as he ejaculated as well. Reuben stared straight forward and did his best to try to pretend not to care.

Then it was time to crank up the paddling machines. The announcers gave a countdown from 10, and the crowd joined in. I tilted my head around so I could watch Reuben’s ass. I noticed with amusement that he was doing to same to me. When the countdown ended, the machines fired up—WHACK! CRACK! WHACK! CRACK! High-speed paddle swats rained down on each of our butts. A week of constant punishment by Reuben prepped me for the pain. He, though, was not ready and spit out FUCK! when the swats started raining down. AH, GODDAMMIT! he growled through his teeth as the pain quickly escalated.

I watched his bottom bounce around under the swats and felt my cock growing nice and hard. The humiliation might have been worth it just to be side-by-side by Reuben watching him endure 24 hours of relentless torment.

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