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Chad's Boys
Part 38

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 38

As we know, Chad called Ben weekly with updates on his life and the doings of his sons. Ben always wanted to know what the boys were up to and all these recent developments fascinated him. He had always admired Chad for going with the flow and not being unnecessarily overbearing with his sons. Ben was greatly amused by how Nick got Chad to spank Zeke.

He fun to spank? Ben asked.

I enjoyed it. Nick got a good spanking for what he did to his friend. I never did get to Keith, but had no excuse to spank him anyhow. Somehow I think it highly likely that I’ll spank those three some more before they go off to college.

Ben laughed at this. Chad the spanker. Who’d have thought it? What does Mr. Wellington say? Both kept in regular contact with their mentor.

He encourages it, of course. He wants to probe my psychological needs for doing it, which is only to be expected with him. We haven’t come to any real conclusions there. It just seems that I’ve come to feel the need to spank and these boys provide me with reasons to spank them. They laughed.

Well, as long as no one is getting hurt...

Yup. They discussed other things and the call ended.

Back on campus things were on the general routine that the boys had settled into. The Friday after Daniel’s shaving the five boys gathered in Billy and Rob’s room, as they did most weekends. Billy and Rob knew that Daniel was going to the Professor and by now knew about the shaving stipulation. They were duly impressed with how both Eric and Daniel looked. They, too, thought that because of Daniel’s red hair the lack of pubes was more noticeable. Otherwise things continued as normal.

In the bathroom the two shaved boys were getting some looks, often wonderment now that there were two, which must mean something. When word did filter back to them it was just as they suspected – the guys thought it was a new trend. All five kept an eye on the other boys on the floor to see if anyone else would try shaving. Which might really mean they were visiting Professor Dyer, too. That could make for some fun speculation! Eric and Daniel were partners in helping each other shave, something that occasionally was seen by others. Yet again, nothing was said. They didn’t care and they were having fun mastering the process.

Tuesday arrived and Daniel reported right on time at the Professor’s door. He knew the routine and soon was naked in the front hallway, his clothes in the Professor’s hands. In the study Professor Dyer put Daniel’s clothes away and said we have something to do before we start. Come with me. They went to the bathroom where last week’s shave had been done. What now, the boy wondered.

The bench was brought out and Daniel was told to lie face down on it. He heard noises behind him, then the sound of the dispenser of warm shaving cream followed by the warm cream being applied to his bottom. He jumped a bit in surprise even though the warmth felt good.

Just keep still, son. He felt the razor moving across his bottom. It was a short process and before he had taken in fully what was happening he felt a warm facecloth being applied to wipe up the residue.

Excellent. Shaved front and back. This will be much better. Get up and let’s go back to the study. Daniel wondered if spankings would hurt more after that shave. He’d find out.

In the study the Professor sat on the couch and indicated that Daniel was to stand in front of him. Daniel was not the type to automatically cover his genitals when naked, but did keep a check on himself so that he didn’t. Professor Dyer had said nothing about that so far, but Daniel was quite sure that if he covered himself he would be told to move his hands; might even have the slapped away. Professor Dyer was pleased that this young man required no instruction regarding that.

As would now be the weekly routine, Professor Dyer asked Daniel about his week, saying that nothing was too trivial to be shared. Daniel spoke easily about his classes, which were going well, the reactions to his shave (the Professor smiled at this), time with his four friends, and some odds and ends that came to mind.

All of that in the open Professor Dyer noted a sense of hesitation on Daniel’s part. There was an important revelation to come. Years of experience had taught the Professor how best to elicit information which a boy found difficult to relate. A few kindly words, using Daniel’s few comments so far to guide the conversation.

Finally it came out. It’s just that. . . well. . . I mean, it’s kinda embarrassing, but. . . well, I find Eric really attractive! He’s such a nice guy, he’s been a good friend, and he’s sexy. Daniel blushed a bit at calling his friend sexy. But I know he’s with Greg and I don’t want to do anything wrong. He looked at the floor, feeling ashamed for his feelings. Also a bit startled that he had so freely shared his homosexual interests.

Professor Dyer said in a kindly voice does Eric know about this?

No, sir. Oh, we’re friends and he knows I like him as a friend and all. We’ve played around a little, but everyone in our group has fun with each other, so I’ve played with Greg and with both of them together. But, still...

It was no surprise to Professor Dyer that all this teenage sex play was going on. He had a nice vision of those boys playing, even though he’d only seen two of them naked so far. He smiled at the thought of his two smooth boys having fun together. Is this getting in the way of your friendship? Or distracting you from you school work?

Oh no, sir. It’s just. . . I don’t know, I just, well, I guess I wish we were boyfriends instead of him and Greg. I know it’s not fair. . .

Son, it’s normal at your age to have these feelings. It may be a crush. In some circumstances it might become love. From what I’ve seen and heard it seems that those two are a couple and likely to stay that way, at least for a while. If you can content yourself with play time with Eric, then that will have to suffice for now.

In the meantime, we have business here. You need help mastering your feelings. With that Professor Dyer stood and moved to the spanking chair, Daniel following. Step up, son, said the Professor. Daniel walked up and stood close. Let’s see how you’re doing with this, the Professor said as he reached out and ran his hands over Daniel’s shaved pubic area. Good work! Daniel was pleased, even knowing he was soon to be spanked.

With that Daniel was taken over the lap. There was a brief lecture on mastering one’s feelings and not letting such emotions get out of control. While he lectured, Professor Dyer had a hand on Daniel’s now-smooth bottom, enjoying the feel of the boy’s skin. Lecture done, the Professor’s hand now came down on Daniel’s butt, over and over. Daniel couldn’t tell if it hurt because his butt was shaved or if it was just because it was a hard spanking. Either way, it hurt! Over and over the felt the Professor’s strong hand come down on him. Ow! Ow! Ow! When he thought he was about to give way to tears, the spanking stopped.

Not for long. Once again he was sternly advised to be the master of his emotions, that he was expected to be an adult not a child who gives into whims. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Ow! Ow! Ow! More lecture. More smacks.

No one can hear you, son, other than myself. Yell all you want, as loud as you want. Over time Daniel would learn the different types of spankings – punishment, therapy, maintenance, others, and this type of spanking which was used to send a certain kind of message. A message he was getting!

The first lesson in mastering his emotions, though he didn’t know it at the time, was how he reacted to this spanking. The yelling was fine, it was encouraged. Professor Dyer wondered if legs would start kicking; so many boys got comfort from kicking. Daniel was not holding on to the chair legs but so far he had not tried to cover his bottom. The Professor knew how to deal with that and easily could hold a boy’s arm with one hand while keeping up the pace with the other. Instinctively Daniel knew not to put his arm behind him. Still, he was not hanging on to the chair, either.

A few more good smacks to Daniel’s bottom and the ow! became a long and drawn out oooowwwwww. Now Professor Dyer had the satisfaction of legs beginning to respond; not hard kicking, but some up and down as the spanking went on.

The spanking stopped. Daniel was hyperventilating from the intensity of it all, but was not crying, nor did he fear that he might. Without knowing it, he’d passed the first test and was about to find out that he’d learned a lesson.

Professor Dyer rested his hand on Daniel’s now very red and warm bottom. I’m proud of you, son. You took that well and did not give in to childish impulses and cry. Oh, there will be spankings that will not be finished until you are crying, sometimes because the goal is not punishment but a good cry. You may not think so, but you will appreciate those spankings. Now, up with you and into the corner. Daniel obeyed. His butt had a lovely glow which was happily admired by its provider. There was slight shifting of his weight on Daniel’s part in the ever-present need to relieve the pain, always to no avail. He was, however, refraining from the bad boy dance, a dance that would have been totally appropriate for the spanking he’d just had.

As he thought about it, Daniel felt that this really was the hardest spanking he’d ever had, because it was longer than any he’d ever received from his father. Those were hard, but usually fairly short. Not that they didn’t hurt when they were over! The corner time was not long, but as the pain settled into his bottom the wait became excruciating, but Daniel was determined not to give in, nor did he.

Finally, after what seemed hours but had been only minutes, Daniel heard the Professor come up behind him. He felt a hand on his bottom. The hand caressed his sore bottom, sometimes with a finger or two slipping slightly between his cheeks, providing pleasure after the ordeal of the spanking. Daniel’s cock perked up slightly. Now he was nervous, nervous about getting hard in front of the Professor. He didn’t know if it was appropriate, or allowable, or punishable.

Still, the hand continued its caresses. Daniel had no way of knowing, but this was the final test of the day, a test intended for him to fail. Fail he did as he no longer could control it but gave way to a full erection which, in the haze of sensations, he admitted felt very good. Professor Dyer had no trouble knowing when Daniel was hard, even without seeing. He put a hand on the boy’s shoulder and guided him across the room, the boy’s erection standing straight out in front of him, stood him in front of the couch, then sat himself in front of the boy.

You have done very well today, son. In fact, better than I expected. You have proven that you can master your emotions when you apply yourself. We will keep working on that as one session does not guarantee you will always know when and how to apply yourself. You have not, however, fully mastered yourself. Over the course of your time with me one important thing you will learn is to control your erection, not your erection controlling you. This is difficult for a teen, but you will be glad when you have it under control, and much in your sex life will improve when you do. Daniel blushed at the mention of sex life, which brought him a knowing smile from his mentor. Yes, already he saw the Professor as a mentor. It felt good, safe, comfortable, right.

They discussed the spanking and what it should accomplish, how Daniel felt about it, what he thought he had learned. Professor Dyer was quite pleased with all he heard. It was going to be a real pleasure working with this handsome young man. An interesting experience for him, too, as he simultaneously would be working with one of Daniel’s friends. No doubt stories would pass back and forth between the boys. He had a pleasant vision of them together, naked and shaved, comparing their spankings. This was all for the good.

Discussion done, the Professor announced that it was time for Daniel to get back to his dorm. The boy’s clothes were retrieved and the Professor carried them downstairs. Daniel was still hard, with no sign of receding, yet he now felt no embarrassment about it. At the door he dressed, tucking his stubborn erection into this briefs as best he could. With a good-bye he was out the door.

Nor did he get soft the whole walk back to the dorm. What did this mean? He went first to Eric’s room, relieved to find that Eric was in but Greg was out. There wasn’t much time to talk, but he dropped his pants to show off his newly shaved and red bottom. Eric was impressed and gave a light touch to gauge the heat. Daniel’s butt still was warm!

I’d better get back to my room, Daniel said. See you at dinner. The next good thing, from his viewpoint, was that Terrence was out. He locked the door, pulled off his pants and briefs, and furiously started masturbating bringing himself to a quick climax which left him breathing hard. He cleaned up quickly, hoping Terrence wouldn’t come in. All was safe. He redressed and not much after six was with his friends in the dining hall.

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