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Part 32

by Graham

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One thing I had to do first. I needed the nagging wank that never let my mind alone,plagued me irritatingly every time my extremely sore bottom reminded me of the spankings that produced it.

On my bed again, in the bedroom, I pulled down my jeans and briefs and lay back, intent on relishing a leisurely wank. Like a dense flock of buzzards attacking me, my mind was filled with each of the many spankings I’d gotten from my Dad over the weekend.

It was distressing, upsetting, demoralizing, yet exciting. My penis surged to swell to stiff, engorged condition, hungering, craving, demanding (at last!) release! When I exploded it was like a surging, roaring tide that swept over me physically, emotionally, and mentally.

After the volcanic eruption, I just lay there breathing heavily, but basking in the assuaging relief. Slowly, the amelioration from the wank allowed me to return to thinking about other things.

What was I going to have to do about Jamie? I faced a disturbing dilemma.

I had never before been spanked so much and so hard by my Dad in all my life. No room for doubt, much less defying, about his position and order was left.

At the same time, I felt the pull of my previously unimagined relationship with Jamie Leary. Having met as strangely and unexpectedly as we did, and developed into such an unanticipated, but surprisingly close relationship, my mind and heart ached. I did not want to let him go, for him to slip away out of my life.

Despite all that, one thing I quickly decided. I would postpone any decision until tomorrow night, when he would return. He did not need to be upset and distracted with this problem at the immediate moment.

The next day, Monday, I got up, got ready, and drove to classes, getting back around 2:45 p.m. By 6 p.m., Jamie drove up in his VW. He entered the door carrying his things back to place and hang up in the cabin.

We hugged, he kissed my forehead and mouth, and I returned to getting supper ready while he unpacked. He found me in the kitchen, coming up behind me and squeezing my sore buns with his long, slender hands.

I squirmed and winced. What’s the matter, Lincoln? Forgotten your hunger for my touch on your little bottom? he asked.

When he squeezed some more, I writhed in his clutches, crying out, Noooo, Jamie! It’s, ah, just, ah, I got spanked,... a lot, over the weekend,... by my Dad.

Really? he asked incredulously. After so long without it, you finally got your little behind blistered, did you? he joked.

It’s not funny, Jamie. I spent most the weekend naked, and a lot of it over his knees, getting my fanny scorched. It wasn’t fun, and it’s not funny now either, I repeated.

What caused all that? Jamie asked. I promised we would talk about it after supper. We sat at the small table together, eating supper.

I missed you so much, Lincoln. It’s almost a good thing to be away from you, because it makes me realize how lucky I am to have found you, and have you, Jamie spoke openly from the heart, as he was wont to surprise me from time to time

So, little buddy, what’s the problem? What’s got you so distracted and upset?

I breathed in deeply before embarking on explaining the situation to Jamie; but I did not sanitize anything. I told him the truth.

My Dad and Mom discovered Jamie was living here too. It was confirmed only after long periods of nudity, and numerous, severe spankings.

They figured out we must be having a sexual, intimate relationship. They were upset and angry about my gay living. They told me you could not stay here, or they won’t pay for the rent of the cabin or putting money into my account for living, I told him.

You might end up as poor as I am, Jamie chuckled.

It’s worse, Jamie. Dad ordered me to stay away from you, no matter where I live; and if I don’t do it, he’ll come get me and take me back home to Chattanooga to life and finish school. I’m so sick over it, I don’t know what to do, I admitted.

Wow, Lincoln! I had no idea how bad things were and have become. What can you, we, do? he asked.

That’s just it, I don’t know. I’m pretty well boxed in, nowhere to go. If I defy him, and you stay here, he’ll shut off the money, and neither one of us can afford the rent, or living otherwise.

If we leave here, and go back to Johnson City together, first, you didn’t expect me to come crowding into your little room in the mobile home; and, second, it really won’t change the problem any, I explained thinking out loud.

We can make it work, Lincoln. It’ll be tight, but I kind of like being up close to you anyway, little guy. Besides, it would just be the reverse of what we’re doing now. You’d be driving back and forth to Boone every day for classes. It’s a pain, but can be managed, as I know, Jamie replied his thoughts.

Yeah, but my Dad’ll know, he’ll find out, and come get me and drag me back home. Then we’ll be even farther apart! Damn it, he’s got me fenced in, so I can’t dare disregard, defy him.

I understand that part completely, Lincoln. It would be even worse if it were my Grandpa, believe me, Jamie added his empathy.

Well, and if I don’t do what he says, disobey him, not only will he come get me, beat my butt, and haul me back home; he’s likely to call your Grandparents in Ohio! I know my Dad. If he gets steamed by misbehaving (as he did all the time with my brother, Jackson), he will pull out all the stops to make sure the full extent of punishment and discipline is felt.

For the first time, Jamie’s face took on an anxious, worried look. It dawned on me that we both were in much the same situation: two guys who want to be together, with each other, but whose families are opposed and forbid it. What a shitty mess! I thought.

Maybe were really not destined, or supposed, to be together, Jamie, I mused. Or maybe we just have to separate until both of us are finished with school and can make living so we can live on our own, independently.

Do you really want to do that, little Lincoln? Jamie asked, his voice kind of soft and lulling. From how I now know you, I’m betting that is not how you want to live, everyday suffering because we can’t be together. Frankly, it would be that way for me, too.

So, what’s the answer?! I blurted out curtly and loud. I can’t see one!

There was an embarrassingly long pause. Maybe, ah, what we do is, um, help each other out, Jamie surmised. I stared at him with obvious non-comprehending perplexity.

I could, ah, drop out of grad school for a while, get a job, and support us both while you finish up your undergrad degree. After that, we could switch. You get a job, and I go back to finish up grad school. After that, I could start a practice, and you could go on to grad school yourself, if you want to. That could work, Lincoln, Jamie explained.

I felt even worse, sicker. It would eat away at me for this hot, lean, lanky, red-headed looker to leave what he wanted to do, and was so great at, to support me, help me finish, just so we could stay together.

What about your Grandparents, Jamie? When they find out you’ve dropped out of grad school, won’t they shoot through the roof? My Dad would, I know it.

Once again, Jamie’s face took on a dark, burdened, worried look. Ah, that is the problem, too, he answered. Maybe they wouldn’t find out until after you graduate in May, the speculated.

I hate to lie, and it’s the worst thing I could ever do – well, maybe not as bad as us being together. If they do find out, maybe I could just say I needed to work, to earn some money, so I could go back and make things a little easier to finish the degree. That would be true, even if not the full truth.

Jamieson Jeremiah Leary! I reacted. I know you must really care about me, buddy, because I also know that twisting the truth is absolutely contrary to everything you’ve been taught and brought up to do. So, you can’t do it. I wouldn’t know you as the guy I do, and care for so much.

Jeez, Lincoln. You wouldn’t let me do anything I could, to try to keep us together. That’s not fair, man!

This is all such a mess! I don’t know what to do. I want to be with you, Jamie. I can’t stand the idea of losing you! But I don’t want you to stop going to school! And I will have to drop out if my Dad stops paying the rent and my allowance each month.

Even if we find a way (which I can’t see right now) to solve this and stay together, we can’t have my Parents or your Grandparents finding out, or we’re finished anyway! They’ll both come get us, whip our butts badly, and take us away, separating us from each other.

I was distraught and overwhelmed with the quandary I was in, we were in, together. We both sat silently contemplating our predicament.

Finally, Jamie broke the silence. Okay, Lincoln, here’s what we’re going to do, he announced.

We’ve both got just two weeks of classes left before finals. We’ll spend this week together, and at the end of the weekend, I’ll go back to Johnson City. I’ll stay there, in my room in the mobile home, get ready for finals, and finish them. You do the same thing here.

After your graduation, you go on home and spend the Christmas holidays with your Family. I’ll go home for Christmas with my Grandparents. First, I’ll find out if I can keep my scholarships and financial aid if I drop out for 9 months.

If I can, I’ll tell my Grandparents I need to drop out for a semester to work and have some money to help me pay for the expenses over the remaining 3 months of graduate school. They won’t like it, but I think I can hold up under their disapproval, and convince them it’s what makes sense.

In the meanwhile, I’ll apply for jobs here in the Boone area. As soon as I get one, I’ll be back, to move back in, and pay the rent, gas, food, and other expenses so we can live here together.

I had to admit I was astonished at how quickly Jamie had considered all the factors and reached a decision to deal with them. Still, I felt a sick, nauseating feeling that this knockout, handsome, red-headed hunk would do all that, set his own career and goals aside, just to be able to be with me.

Tears welled up in my eyes, and I blurted out my protesting opposition. No, Jamie! You can’t toss away your life, your education and career, for me! That’s not right, not fair! I won’t let you!

Listen up, little man, Jamie responded. We met by accident, but maybe not. Meeting you, getting to know you, is the best thing in my life, next to my Grandparents taking me in and raising me.

Like you, I don’t want to lose that. I think I can do this, make it work, and solve our problem over all, and in the long run. That’s what I want to do, and it what I’m going to do.

Nooooo, Jamie! You can’t, you are not! It’s so unfair! I won’t let you! I burst out.

Speaking in a warm, soft and kind, yet firm tone of voice, Jamie responded to me.

It’s settled, Lincoln. It’s what will work, what we need, and it’s what I’m going to do. You really know it, too. You’re just being obstinate because of your mixed-up emotions.

I know what we both need, which is to be, stay, together. This’ll do it for us. He paused.

Suddenly rushing at me, grabbing me up and throwing me down on my back on the couch, he said, I also know what you need right now, Lincoln. So do you.

He began tickling me, placing his knee in my abdomen, while I wriggled and giggled under the incessant, tickling stimulation. I screeched out, amidst my uninhibitible laughter, begging him to stop, gasping for air.

He did, but kept me pinned down supine on the couch while he began undoing my clothes and undressing me down to my boxer briefs only. At point, he pulled me up, heaved me over his shoulder, and replaced me on the couch, sitting down.

With swift strength, he pulled me down off his shoulder, spreading me out across his lap, pushing my head and shoulders down to the floor with his long, slender, left arm and hand. With his slender, long, right hand, he began a hard, solid series of swats to the seat of my briefs.

I jolted, squirming and twisting, trying to get off his knees and get away from the constant flurry of hand spanks swatting my rump. Jamie’s long, slender arm held me firmly, pulling me back into place while he continued the swats.

Even though stunned at the increasingly smarting discomfort, at the same time my young manhood was surging to engorged, extended, stiff condition. When he paused, peeling my briefs down from my bony hips, off my small, narrow bum, down my lean legs and feet, my member shot free, growing even more.

Jamie picked up the familiar, old ping pong paddle and began applying to the pink, tingling flesh of my rump and thighs. I squealed aloud, retrying my gallant, futile fight to get away, off his lap.

He peppered my inner and outer buns and thighs, and the undercurved sit spots, while I shrieked and cried out frantically on the well-known road to collapse, defeat, surrender, and capitulation. All the while, though, my todger was becoming more insistent and demanding with my writhing around under the spanking stimulating it higher.

I never could think or speak clearly and coherently under the assault of a spanking, whether from my Dad, as recently again experienced, or since meeting Jamie Leary. As strange as it seemed, over the almost 9 months with Jamie, I had come to recognize my own need for spankings, and all the beneficial, reinforcing results from a trip upside down for an old-fashioned, over-the-knee spanking, including purging sexual and emotional releases.

I was sobbing, gulping, flailing and kicking all the while Jamie scorched my behind flaming scarlet, pleading, longing for an end. I was propelled more and more irresistibly to the explosive outcome of climax from the enslaving craving of my boner.

I screamed a high-pitched cry, exploding my pent-up, young semen all around, but slumping collapsed, yielding, submitting to the controlling control and authority that was subduing me completely to the unmitigated spanking I was getting. I was a mess, gone.

As the needed relief of my organ’s orgasm faded, my urgent subjugation to the full measure of the spanking I was getting became more and more consummate. I just hung there, dangling and squalling until the inferno on my bottom and the mastery of my will and mind, resulted in the satisfied, acquiescent young man I needed to be, wanted, truly was.

When my spanking was at an end, my volitional, rational, and emotional control was as well. I just sobbed and cried, draped upside down over Jamie’s lap. He scooped me up, bawling, stood up, and carried me into our bedroom, placing me down prone on the bed.

Jamie quickly undressed from his clothes, his elegant, white-as-marble, slender but lanky body glistening in the moonlight shining through the bedroom window. He quickly lay down next to me, pulling me with his arms around my small waist and bony hips on top of him.

I was still crying as he lifted me up, placing me so my sticky wet, but still aroused, member was pointing at him, and my blistered bottom in the trajectory for his long, hard, stiff manhood. He maneuvered me until he made the breakthrough to begin slowly progressing into and filling my anal canal.

Even as fiery painful as my small bottom was, the swelling, burying rod inside me elicited gasps and cries of pleasure as it persistently rubbed against my prostate. He had me skewered by his pole while he bucked and bumped up and down on the mattress, tossing me to and fro like an airborne toy.

The erotic delight of being filled to the hilt, and thrown around on the harpoon impaling me, overshadowed the painful, hurting effects of the spanking. I squealed with each touch of my prostate that launched inner orgasms and revivified my wanker to become another hard, hungry bone.

At last, we both detonated, me for the second time shooting around wildly, Jamie discharging a flooding blast of ejaculate within me. He pulled me down to lie flat atop him, holding me so tightly, if felt like we might never separate.

At last, he pulled out of me, rolling me onto my very sore, throbbing bottom and back, spreading himself over me, to cover me, while he kissed my neck and mouth, and chest. We were both in the brief, ephemeral state of tranquility and release together that neither of us had ever known before we met.

We dozed off and slept until early morning, showering together, eating a hasty breakfast together, before Jamie had to leave to drive to classes in Johnson City. I was left to clean up the kitchen, thinking about everything, including and especially Jamie, until it was time for me to leave for classes at Appalachian State.

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