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Dan and Joe
Tony Gets Spanked by Mr. Bailey

by Brhmsj

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Dan and Joe – Tony is Spanked (yet again) by Mr. Bailey

A sad looking sore-bottomed boy left Mr. Bailey’s house are quarter of five Thursday afternoon. It was Tony. He was well spanked and paddled, as he knew he deserved. It hurt, naturally, yet all the boys knew that the punishments Mr. Bailey doled out to them were justified. Tony was relieved that he was not getting weekly maintenance as were his buddies.

What brought the boy to this particular afternoon visit to benefit from the firm hand? As with his buddies it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, like them, he did make it worse for himself.

It was after school on Wednesday and Tony was helping some friends in the school shop. The teacher stepped out for a few minutes during which a couple of the guys started fooling around and, sure enough, something was knocked over and broken. The teacher returned in time to see the entire group of boys laughing quite uproariously at this. The two culprits were identified and sent off to the vice principal’s office for appropriate discipline, likely at least one detention. That left four others, now quiet. They were roundly chewed out for allowing their classmates to get out of control and for laughing at something which was an unfortunate event. Then it was time to close up for the day.

As he walked home Tony knew he had something to do. Report to Mr. Bailey. He was welcomed in and confessed the whole incident.

I will expect you after school tomorrow and we will deal with this appropriately, Mr. Bailey said when the story was finished.

Yes, sir, Tony replied. I will come right after school.

Which he did. A brief chat and the instructions to go upstairs. Tony did, undressed, and waited for his spanker. After a short wait Mr. Bailey arrived. Before seating himself he took down a paddle, which Tony was not happy to see. Nothing more was said. Mr. Bailey patted his knee and Tony silently took his place.

SMACK SMACK SMACK. A good steady series of swats came down on Tony, bringing up color and heat along with a sting which mounted as the swats continued. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Tony managed to remain stoic for a while, but soon he was letting out with an ow! with each swat. This was to be a fairly traditional spanking from Mr. Bailey. When the color and heat were at a level he liked, Tony was sent to the corner.

None of our young friends ever like corner time. Too often it felt like torture, not knowing how long they’d be there or even how long it had been when it ended. Still, corner time was a most effective way to reinforce the just-delivered message. Mr. Bailey, and hundreds of other spankers, found it a most useful part of the spanking ritual.

Standing in the corner caused just the discomfort expected for Tony. Sometimes when he was banished to the corner he found himself almost wishing he were still getting spanked, rather than this. Today it felt worse as he knew the paddle was yet to come. All too soon he heard Mr. Bailey’s voice calling him back. Head down, he made his way back to the man.

Wordlessly Mr. Bailey guided the boy back over his lap. The paddle conveniently was leaning up against the chair so was no problem to retrieve. Mr. Bailey could tell that Tony was stealing himself for the next round and smiled to himself. It was always good to have a boy on edge. WHAP WHAP WHAP. Ow! ow! ow! The first set was delivered. A steady pace which had the boy’s full attention. WHAP WHAP WHAP. ow ow ow ow ow! It hurt. It was supposed to.

Oooowwwww! as more swats of the paddle landed. Mr. Bailey had not intended to have a crying boy from this spanking but soon that was exactly what he had. Not so much because of how the spanking felt, but the combination of the pain and Tony’s realization that what he done at school was foolish and irresponsible. He now truly regretted his behavior and attitude. All to the good.

A few more WHAPs landed after the tears began. Mr. Bailey wasn’t quite sure what he thought, other than this definitely was a very effective spanking. That always pleased him. There was a long pause while Tony cried. Before the crying ended Mr. Bailey helped Tony up and said back to the corner. Tony obeyed, standing there crying for he had no idea how long. The corner time did nothing to ease his crying, rather it reinforced his feeling of foolishness and the crying continued. Mr. Bailey said nothing. He’d had quite an effect on Tony, quite different from any previous time. Quite different from anything with any of these boys so far. He knew it was good, so there was nothing to say, just let the boy work it out.

When the crying subsided but was not quite over Tony was called back. He stood in front of Mr. Bailey who was still seated in the spanking chair, leaving Tony to wonder if more spanking was to come. Mr. Bailey gently took the boy’s wrists.

You know you deserved that, son, that your behavior was quite unacceptable.

Tears returned, but not as intense. Yes, sir, I’m sorry, sir.

I know you are. You deserve to be, don’t you?

Yes, sir. I shouldn’t have done it. And again, I’m sorry.

Good. I’m glad to hear that. This won’t happen again, will it?

No, sir! I promise! That embarrassed him. He hadn’t said anything like that to an adult after chastisement since he was small. He couldn’t help it. Mr. Bailey continued to hold him, saying nothing. Gradually Tony settled down, tears giving away to full awareness that his bottom hurt. Slowly Mr. Bailey turned him around for a look. Yes, the color was good and a touch confirmed that there still was heat to go with the glow.

Go across the bedroom and lie down and think about what has gone here and why. Tony did as told, lying on his stomach, his mind focused on nothing other than his sore bottom. Occasionally why he was in that position came to mind. The spanking had done its job. He was too sore to fall asleep which made everything seem more acute. Again he had no idea how long he was there. Finally Mr. Bailey returned and told him to dress and go home.

We best not have a repeat of this, my boy, the man said sternly.

No, sir, I promise! He did it again. Blushing in embarrassment he dressed and went home, doing his best to seem normal and not betray anything when he sat down for dinner.

After dinner he called his friends. There was much to discuss about spankings from Mr. Bailey. Everyone hoped, though, that this would not cut into their own spanking fun. Time would tell.

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