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Carl's Summer Job
Part 10 – Mr. Schmidt Reminisces

by Brhmsj

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Carl’s Summer Job, Part
Mr. Schmidt Reminisces to Himself

It was a rare summer when Mr. Schmidt spanked two boys, as he was this summer. It had happened before, but most of his summer helpers showed up, did their work, and left, often with a sore bottom. Only a couple had introduced a friend. It seemed every time that happened the friend was spanked at least once. In that sense this summer was no different.

Alone one afternoon shortly after spanking Frank, Mr. Schmidt reflected on some of the boys who had helped him over the years. Carl was highly unusual in his willingness to be naked around the older man. Most boys resisted at first when they realized they would be showering in full view of their employer, a man older than their own fathers. Most, if they did not adjust to it, resigned themselves, being smart enough to realize that the good paycheck was not worth forfeiting because of an open shower.

Spankings were another matter. When first informed of the spanking rule, every boy did something between out-and-out arguing to confident assertions that spankings would not be necessary, as Carl had done. Only one boy resigned upon learning that stipulation. Mr. Schmidt never learned what the lad had told his parents, but had wondered if it resulted in an awkward situation. Some struggled at first when they were spanked. Those boys were quite sore by the time they were over the lap for the real spanking, as Mr. Schmidt applied swats to the struggling boy before he was in place. Two times of this, at most, adjusted their attitudes.

Most boys were not naked beyond their showering or spanking. The first post-shower chat before returning the boy’s clothes let Mr. Schmidt determine the comfort level with nudity of the lad before him. Again there was a range, from boys who could not get their clothes back on fast enough, to some who came to be more relaxed, to a couple who became quite exhibitionistic. As their exhibitionism developed Mr. Schmidt had found their antics quite entertaining. There had been one other like Carl who simply was unconcerned about his nudity and behaved the same whether clothed or not.

It was not every boy who was invited by Mr. Schmidt to masturbate. With most the topic never was broached, but the man had a good sense of which boys were open to discussion about it, if nothing else. Even fewer, such as Carl, were manipulated by Mr. Schmidt himself.

There had been one particular boy who proved to be the most reluctant for any of this, a reluctance he retained all summer. He had been an interesting one. His name was Prescott, usually called Scott. The stuffiness of his name was reflected in the boy’s formal manner and conservative attitude towards exposing his body. He never worked in shorts and a t-shirt was the skimpiest of clothing he ever wore. The first day that Scott worked he was mightily resistant to showering, insisting that he could do it at home and promising that he would as soon as he was home. Mr. Schmidt had none of it. Even though Scott did not need the money (unlike most boys), his fear of needing to explain to his parents why he’d quit the job on the first day was enough for him to reluctantly overcome his discomfort.

Expecting to shower at home he had not brought a change of clothes as instructed. So, unbeknownst to him, this would be a day of double humiliation. Slowly he undressed, keeping his back to Mr. Schmidt. In the shower he continued to be turned away. What he could not know, yet, was that Mr. Schmidt was quite happy to view his backside. Scott was of a muscular build making for fine glutes which were admired as he cleaned himself. Shower done, he heard Mr. Schmidt say dry off and come over here, son. Scott toweled off, wrapped the towel around his waist, and looked for his clothes. They were already in the washer, as he’d find out shortly. He had no idea what to say, so said nothing, but walked over to where Mr. Schmidt was sitting in the center of the couch, the spanking position with which we now are familiar. He stepped up to Mr. Schmidt.

First thing, the man said, is that we’ll have no false modesty. With that he deftly undid and removed the towel. Scott quite inevitably put his hands over his groin. They were gently, but firmly, taken away. Something told him that he’d best keep his arms by his side. Mr. Schmidt could see no reason why this lad should be the least bit uncomfortable about his body. He was maybe 5′10″, nice build, a handsome uncut penis of a good size (not too small or too big) over full, round balls. Not a lot of hair other than a full bush. All in all, a pleasure to look at. As Mr. Schmidt already knew, a fine backside, too.

Now, son, we have some things to discuss. There was no invitation to sit. As you know, I will pay your well for your work. You will always be paid until we terminate the job at the end of summer or if there is some unfortunate reason for us to part ways earlier. However, even though you will be paid, if there is sloppy work or negligence I will spank you. He took note of the slight swelling that went on at the mention of spanking, along with the blush on the boy’s face. He wondered if spankings went on at home, now or in the boy’s younger years. I also require obedience to my instructions. Today you have not obeyed one of the most basic of those instructions. You are aware of what it is, I believe.

Scott was speechless for a moment. However, it was clear that he was supposed to reply. I. . . I forgot a change of clothes, he said, his mouth dry from nerves at what was developing.

That’s right, son. That is not an unreasonable request, given the sort of work you do here. Your clothes are being washed so that you can go home with a clean body and clean clothes, as any boy should. Did you not think I had a good reason for stipulating fresh clothes?

The boy in front of him was becoming more and more uncomfortable, which he could not hide. Well, I just thought that. . . I mean, I always shower at home when I do any outdoor work. So I thought. . .

No, son, you did not think. You made an assumption based on no evidence from me. I will not be disobeyed if this summer job is to continue. Is that understood?

Yes. . . daddy. . . The word slipped out, as it did sooner or later with every boy who ever worked for Mr. Schmidt. Scott turned beet red with embarrassment as soon as the word left his mouth. Why would he call this man daddy? He hardly knew him yet.

And disobedience, like sloppy work, merits a spanking. Mr. Schmidt took the boy by the wrist and quickly had him over his lap. The fact is, spankings never were given out in Scott’s household. He was effectively disciplined, but neither parent cared for spanking and never had used it for punishment. When were you last spanked, son? Scott wasn’t sure he liked being called son, even if he had slipped and called this man daddy.

Um. . . I. . . never, sir.

Most unusual. Well, it’s time you were. With that the first swats came down on the boy’s never-spanked bottom. Not hard ones, but the simple fact of being smacked on the bottom had Scott gasping with each one. Expertly Mr. Schmidt increased the intensity of each swat. In short order Scott was yelling ow and owwwww with each one. Being new to spanking, he quickly was trying to escape, sooner than most boys did. Even as muscular as he was, he was no match for Mr. Schmidt’s experience in how to keep a boy in place. Scott thrashed and kicked his legs. His yelling increased. The spanking continued. What he did not know – yet – was this was not a serious spanking. He had no way of knowing that. By summer’s end he would know quite well how different types of spankings felt. Also he would know just how it felt to dissolve into tears because he’d been well spanked for being a bad boy.

Mr. Schmidt expertly guided the boy to a point where Prescott thought he’d passed the point of not being able to take any more. Not tears, but a point where the boy had but one thought in his mind – his bottom hurt! Knowing the boy had been effectively spanked, Mr. Schmidt stopped. Scott was not ready today, nor might he ever be, to sit on the man’s lap. After a rest period, Scott was allowed up and instructed as to where to sit on the couch. Mr. Schmidt took his chair where he had the full view he wanted in order to help judge a boy. Scott was too focused on his sore bottom to realize that his genitals were on full view to the man.

Given the nature of this boy, Mr. Schmidt knew it would be a careful process to draw out the information he wanted. Fortunately he had quite a while for the laundry to finish. Discipline was a good place to start the discussion after the spanking. Scott was one of those boys for whom a simple reprimand was usually enough to correct his behavior. The standard punishments in his life when necessary were no dinner, groundings, loss of privileges. He admitted that once his parents confiscated his computer for a whole weekend. That lesson was well learned! Mr. Schmidt took in all of this in his fatherly way.

I’m glad to know about all of this, son. However, at my house there essentially is but one form of discipline – spanking. I never dock a boy’s pay. When necessary you will go over my lap as you did today. Is that understood? Again, he noticed a slight swelling at the mention of spanking.

Yes. . . d. . . sir. . . was the slow reply. He managed not to say daddy.

Mr. Schmidt gently probed for information about friends. It took a while for things to be revealed, but nothing indicating any youthful sexual adventures with other boys. Well, he had all summer to learn these things. Scott’s masturbations habits would wait for another time, too. When the boy’s laundry was done he was sent home after promising to bring a change of clothes every work day.

Mr. Schmidt was in his study. He sat back in satisfaction at this particular memory. Scott had taken a lot of work but by the end of the summer Mr. Schmidt felt the boy was a success. Scott received fewer spankings than Mr. Schmidt usually administered over a summer. The boy was a good and conscientious worker. Not that he didn’t earn a few spankings along the way. Scott admitted that he did benefit from the spankings, but really never moved from unwilling resignation to truly accepting the need for them. With a smile, Mr. Schmidt brought his thoughts back to Carl, this summer’s helper, who was proving a most enjoyable employee. Sometimes a true friendship developed with his summer helper. It seemed quite likely with this one.

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