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Rob's Summer Adventures
Part 10

by Brhmsj

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Rob’s Summer Adventures, Part 10

Five o’clock did come, of course. Rob and Jay left right away, oblivious to whether anyone noticed. As they walked to the car Rob said that he really needed to stop at home before going to Jay’s. Jay was fine with that. Rob let them in and picked up the mail, leaving it on the hall table where Dad looked for it. Jay waited in the kitchen; they’d come in through the back door.

When Rob returned, Jay intercepted him before anything was said about leaving. As they hugged he whispered in Rob’s ear we’re alone here. Let’s stay for a while. With that Jay started to unbutton Rob’s shirt. Rob did the same with Jay’s. Soon both were out of clothes. Now it was Rob’s turn to lead Jay to a bedroom. He took Jay by the hand and they went up to Rob’s room. He had a standard double bed, not as spacious as Jay’s, but plenty large enough for their needs. Inspired by being in his own bed, Rob put his summer’s learning to full use, giving Jay more excitement and pleasure than he had been given for a long time. Good thing they were home alone. When Rob finally did get Jay to climax, Jay did it with a yell and a long groan.

Now they held each other, not falling asleep but lying still, reveling in the physical closeness and the specialness of the moment. I don’t think I ever want to get out of bed with you, said Rob. I really love you, Jay.

I know how you feel, returned Jay. As they lay their embracing, Jay talked to Rob about romance. I love you, too, Rob, but what we have is not the kind of love you’ll feel when you meet that special man who will be yours for life. Do you understand? Rob said he did. He was still sorting out his developing emotions, but intuitively he knew that his feelings toward Jay were more like an older brother or cousin, even if it did include sex. If you are lucky, some day you will meet that man. You might even be surprised and find it with a woman. One can never tell. It could be Billy, but as I’ve said, I think you two will find other partners, though your love for each other will always be strong.

For the moment, here we are. Let’s enjoy this while we can.

Yes, but I still don’t want to get out of bed! They laughed. Eventually hunger took over. They quickly showered, Rob put in the bed in order, and they were out the door for a quick dinner before returning to Jay’s. There was no further spanking (today’s spanking being deferred for another day) or love-making that night, but they did sleep all night in each other’s arms. As he drifted to sleep, Rob knew he had much to tell Billy.

The next morning Rob went for coffee before going into the office, so this time he and Jay did not arrive together. Jay could see that the college sophomore was watching and showed disappointment when Jay walked in alone. After getting his own coffee, Jay was on the phone with a friend in the college town where the sophomore would soon be a junior. Pleased with himself, he went about his day.

Rob went home that night, but it had been arranged that Jay would stop by early in the morning, well before Dad’s return. Rob, in his excitement at Jay’s early morning visit, woke up earlier than normal for a Saturday and was sitting naked at the kitchen table eating breakfast when Jay tapped on the door. Rob let him in, without thinking to be sure it wasn’t someone else. Jay did good-naturedly admonish him for his carelessness, then wrapped him in a long hug. He joined Rob in a cup of coffee, still dressed. By now Rob thought nothing of being naked with Jay dressed.

Coffee done, Jay said, I haven’t spanked you here at your home. Plus you still have a spanking due you from the other night. It’s time. Rob paled a little, but still, it was Jay spanking him. Up to your room, Jay instructed. Rob went up ahead. Jay quickly found a wooden spoon, then followed the boy upstairs.

Rob was waiting, sitting on the edge of his bed. When he saw the wooden spoon he felt a bit of nervousness. Jay told Rob to stand, took his spot on the bed and had Rob get over his lap. Jay started with his hand, both enjoying the hand to flesh. Rob was reading it as a maintenance spanking, so forgot the spoon. Not for long!

Jay was by no means giving a hard spanking with the spoon, but it stung! Rob cried out first with surprise, then with pain as the spanking continued. He began to kick and even struggle a bit. Jay held him tight, which Rob found comforting even through the pain of the spoon spanking. Still, the pain was mounting, even though this was not a hard spanking; the steadiness of it was making it hurt. A lot.

As it went on, Rob was wondering, through his discomfort, why Jay wasn’t letting up. Soon Jay’s objective was reached. After some kicking and yelling, Rob went limp and gave vent to a flood of tears. Jay stopped. He let Rob stay over his lap, crying it out. He didn’t rub Rob’s bottom, but did keep an arm around Rob’s waist, holding him tight. As Rob quieted, Jay whispered, good boy into Rob’s ear, which brought on more sobs. Rob so wanted to hear those words from Jay!

When calm was restored, Jay had Rob stand up. Jay stood also and they hugged, Rob starting to sniffle a bit again. Lie down on the bed, Jay said affectionately. You need a reward for taking that so well. Rob did as told, lying so as to keep much pressure off his sore bottom. Rob was soft after the spanking, but Jay took him in hand and had him hard quickly. He took his time, now getting Rob reacting physically in a different way, holding off the boy as long as possible.

With a shout, Rob arched his back, shooting all over his tummy and chest. Jay kept stroking, causing repeated jerks and yelps from the boy. After letting him rest, Jay told Rob to take a shower so they could be ready for Dad’s return.

Cleaned up and dressed, Rob joined Jay downstairs, with Dad arriving a few minutes later. He was happy to see his son, and delighted to see Jay, too. Rob and Dad embraced, Jay watching, pleased to see such father/son warmth.

I’ve kept him safe for you, Jay said.

Dad smiled. I’m sure you have. I appreciate it, though Rob is old enough now to take care of himself. Rob beamed. Both adults looked at him warmly. After a short visit with Dad, Jay took his leave.

Did you enjoy your time with Jay? Dad asked as soon as they were alone. Again the gulp on Rob’s part which, again, confirmed Dad’s thoughts.

Yeah. . . we did, thanks. We had some good dinners. He’s a great cook.

Good. I hope he’s been teaching you some things, Dad said, smiling.

Teach me? Rob wondered if Dad meant cooking or other things? Yeah. . . I’m learning stuff about. . . about the kitchen, and stuff.

Glad to hear it, son. Well, let me unpack and get settled. Mail in the hall?

Yes, dad. Not much. Catch you in a bit. Dad grabbed his mail and went upstairs. Rob went about some other things. Around one o’clock Dad came down and called out to Rob Where are you? Want some lunch? Rob was downstairs doing some laundry, got the washer started and came upstairs.

Yes! I’m hungry.

Great. Won’t be long. Dad started pulling things together. As Rob was about to go upstairs, Dad said where’s one of the wooden spoons? Not in the dishwasher and not here in the jar. Rob went white and this time the gulp was louder. He hoped Dad didn’t see or hear. Dad did, but said nothing. He still wasn’t going to ask, but did think that this was all getting interesting. Rob wouldn’t have reacted that way if there hadn’t been something going on with the spoon in his absence.

I. . . I don’t know, Rob replied, his hesitancy telling much. He raced upstairs. Sure enough, there was the spoon on his bed. He slipped it under his pillow, intending to return it later when Dad was otherwise occupied.

A few minutes later, Rob – lunch is ready! Rob came back downstairs, hoping he could sit comfortably enough not to let on that his butt was sore. Dad had food on the table. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Rob sat down, but nothing seemed unusual. Still, he wondered if Jay had spanked his son. He didn’t feel angry about it. Jay seemed a young man who would only do that if he felt there was reason, so Rob must have earned it, one way or another. If he had been spanked.

When Dad returned to the kitchen later that afternoon, he was aware that the requisite number of spoons were in their proper place. After college started up, there would be a phone call to Jay.

Rob stayed home that night, much of the evening spent on the phone with Billy.

Shit! You think he knows why the spoon was gone? Billy said.

I don’t know, said Rob. I get the feeling that he has figured out some stuff here, but hasn’t said anything. I’d die if he did.

Well, don’t worry about it until it happens, I guess, Billy said. He asked if he could visit the next weekend and see Jay, if possible. Rob knew it was ok for Billy to visit and said he’d talk to Jay. Dad was glad to know Billy would be over. On Monday Rob spoke to Jay who said he would make time for the two of them over the weekend.

Rob was antsy all week, excited about college starting soon, but also knowing he would miss this place, and eager for Billy’s arrival and their time with Jay. Jay was nothing but professional all week. Rob was aware that the college sophomore, who he now was viewing as obnoxious, was watching him all week. Rob and Jay did nothing to indicate anything other than a business relationship, and both could tell it was frustrating the college boy. Rob couldn’t know what Jay had done regarding that young man, but Jay was getting secret satisfaction in knowing what was in that lad’s future.

Friday night Billy arrived, with his father, after dinner. The fathers visited for a while; the boys went upstairs and played on Rob’s computer, with whispered conversation about what the rest of the weekend might have in store.

Bye son! called Billy’s father. The boys went downstairs to see him off. Rob’s dad said they were free to stay up as long as they wanted, just to keep the noise down. They promised they would.

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