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18 – Spanking Virgins

by Spank master

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Spanking Virgins


Readers, a very special extended story

Andrew goes from a supporting role to the main star. But who shall join him? Readers who have been following the series may not remember a certain Eric?

To refresh your memories he had a great debut in Chapter 6 The Mall Cop. Naturally a little cutie like Eric’s talents have not gone unnoticed ...

Story guide, you all know Andrew (15) brother of David (16), he’s been in many stories and made a great debut in Faking it (ch7), Sir May I be excused (ch8), onto a Christmas bash in Saints and Sinners (ch10) and finally most recently in Dad’s Fury (ch15).

As for David? Well you all know David!

Dedicated to all series readers and those who are new (especially to spanking!!) and for some reason, a special dedication to readers of Asia once more.


We are at Andrew’s house, it is midday —

Did you get it?

Um ...not exactly? Eric said thinking about what he did get over Macready’s knee. How could he ever forget? Up to that moment he hadn’t been spanked since he was a little kid. Now it’s all he thought about. He relives the memory again and again but of course it doesn’t sting his butt. He has found a way to reenact it in front of his mirror, play spanking to cum ... what joy he thought ... say goodbye to the wet dream syndrome!

Hey ... I’m talking to you!

Sorry bro I was just thinking?

Yeah I can see that! Andrew said pointing to Eric’s hard on.

So, what part of the game didn’t you get?

The main part?

What’s that supposed to mean? You either got it or you didn’t! Andrew replied as they handled an older game version of shadow of war.

I just got the packaging?

Shit man ... can’t you do anything right? Andrew said annoyed.

I did what you said?

Doesn’t look like it from where I’m standing! You’re supposed to cut it out of the package and just take the game!

I fumbled and had to stash the whole thing when a couple of guys came around, Eric exclaimed, widening is arms out.

Did you check for hidden security labels?


Did you look over your shoulders?


Were you casual?


So what happened? Andrew asked as he sat on the bed.

Well I was at the counter ...


The dude looked at me ...

And what did you do?

I looked at him ...

You’re just supposed to give a quick nod, no expression and no major eye contact.

Well, I kind of smiled? Eric said lying back and staring at the ceiling.


I got nervous and ran off!

And? Let me guess the game slipped out just after you left the store!

Yeah that’s exactly what happened, how did you know? Eric replied propping up to his side.

You wore jeans?

Yeah but they were my brother’s, mine were in the wash so ...

They were loose!!

Yeah!! Eric replied thinking Andrew had forgiven him.

So you got sprung ...then what happened? Andrew asked sitting up —

Tell me! Andrew said as he went about positioning on top of Eric who thought it very amusing, thinking how it would be nice to get all naked with Andrew.

Um ...okay I got my ass hauled into the security office ...well the guy read me the riot act.


Then he let me go! Eric replied his blue eyes widened.

Just like that? Andrew replied coming down closer to Eric’s face.

Yeah dude, he liked me I suppose? Eric said as held Andrew around the waist.

You are a pretty boy! How long do you reckon you can get away with your charms and good looks?Andrew replied wiggling on top of him.

Um ...God I don’t know? If I stay clean know, no booze no drugs no parties ...

Um, at least another ten years!Eric smiled tickling Andrew’s side.

Stop that ... and I’m not buying ... you know why? Andrew replied shaking over Eric’s lap.


I know that Mall copper, and he doesn’t let anyone just off the hook! I’ve even heard stories how some guys got their butt’s whacked!

Oh really ...geeez ... I must’ve been lucky? Eric said getting apprehensive but giving it away with his eyes.

You got whacked didn’t you?

No honest!

Um ...turn around!


I want to see something?

I’m not showing you my ass!

Come here you little liar!

But I wasn’t! Eric replied hoping his ass had been sufficiently restored to normal.

Hmmmmm, no marks ... smooth butt! Andrew said rubbing all over Eric’s bottom sending him to all kinds of wonderful signals.

You know I was all set up to play this! Fuck me!! Andrew said as he sat on top of Eric smoothing over his back, his sides and the top of his ass.


The game! Andrew replied giving Eric a slap.


My sister wouldn’t lend me the money and I couldn’t get an advance! Andrew said taking another swipe at Eric’s other cheek.

Ouch! What about David? He’s got a job now, I saw him at the mall?

He has no money, he owes money!!



I really need to spank you!

Don’t dude, I’m sensitive!

I gathered that! Andrew said as he slapped Eric left to right.

Ouch man don’t! Eric struggled, since his bottom was still tender from Macready’s flapper.

No ... I think a good spanking is in order! Andrew said as he went about dishing out a few more torrents of nice slaps left and right. Eric’s bottom didn’t take long to show pink coloring.

Don’t man that hurts!! He yelled.

Not so loud you idiot someone might here us! Andrew said nearing to Eric’s face.

I thought you said we’re alone?

Um ... I did hey ...

Yeah so ... what are you going to do about it? Eric said as he came up to greet Andrew’s eyes and mouth.

What are you doing?

I’m kissing you?

No dude that’s gross! Andrew replied disgusted by the thought.

But I thought?

Yeah you thought wrong! Andrew said as he tossed Eric on the bed again. He went to the door to get his boy paddle.

Are you going to spank me?

Um ... no I’m going to Hong Kong to play ping pong with Ting Tong!! Andrew replied approaching Eric.

No dude don’t do it!

You owe me, and it’s either a good spanking or I’ll tell your mom what you did at the mall?

Then I’ll tell you were in on it!

Yeah about that ... I was here and then you tried to kiss me?

Okay ...just don’t hit me too hard?

I have to do it properly, so you will learn your deviant ways?

Where’s that coming from? Eric asked crunching his face up as he knelt on the bed.

I dunno that’s what my dad keep’s telling me before and during and after a spanking, Andrew replied feeling the paddle for the first time where he was going to deliver punishment and not dad, or when he’s only play spanking. This will be a real boy to boy spanking. He got very aroused and decided to take his shirt off as well.

Now what? Eric asked so wanting to get all naked with Andrew.

I’m getting ready ... so I sit on the bed ... step out of your jeans and underpants young man!

Do you have to say it like that you’re making me cringe!

I think that’s the idea!

If I’m naked so should you?

Um ...okay I guess? Andrew complied.

Hey maybe we can take it in turns?

Um’re confusing me ... I’m doing the spanking!

Are you? Eric replied when he grabbed Andrew’s arm swung him across his lap holding him firm.

This is not how this was supposed to happen!! Andrew replied struggling but Eric was stronger and held Andrew down.

Now I will spank your bare bottom young man!!

whack whack whack


Oh you have been very naughty!!

whack whack whack


Geeeezz what a girl you are!! Eric smiled at Andrew’s anguish as his little butt was well paddled left to right. Eric spanked the top round as well as the lower ends sending Andrew into a tailspin.


Not so loud someone might hear you ...ha ha ha ha!!

whack whack whack

Please dude stop ... it’s my turn!!

Oh I don’t think so, I’m going to be the boss of you!

No way!!

whack whack whack

Yes way ... I got the goods on you!!


Please noooooo! Andrew cried in anguish.

Your dad was right about you ... you are a little deviant! Eric said, feeling Andrew’s little hard on pressing again his thigh.

whack whack whack


I’m going to blister your ass for getting me in this shit in the first place!!


Now we’re getting somewhere!!

Please daddy nooooooo!!

Okay? Eric frowned before continuing the spanking.

whack whack whack

Sorry dadddyyy!!

I’m spanking your ass properly!!

I gotta pee!!

What? Eric asked confused.

I gotta pee!!!

Man, I feel funny, I think I gotta blow!! Eric said as he felt the throbbing sensations build and build with each whack of the paddle on Andrew’s shiny bottom.

whack whack whack

That final whack was enough to make Andrew pee and Eric blow. Eric held onto Andrew as he climaxed whilst Andrew just relaxed as he peed out.

Fuck man, what did you do? Andrew complained from the cool wetness of Eric’s cum all over his tummy.

I shot my load, ha ha ha, all over you!

There’s piss everywhere!!

Here’s a tissue? Eric smiled.

Fuck, we have to clean it up!!

Yeah let’s use this!

That’s my shirt!!

I know! Ha ha ha!!

With that last remark Andrew was furious beyond reason as he pushed Eric on the bed. He pounced on top of him before doing his version of King Kong playing ping pong with Ting Tong in Hong Kong!


You little shitter!!

Waaaaaaaaa!! Eric cried from the spanking from hell.

I’m going to whack you so fucking hard now, even my dad lets me go when I have to pee!!


And NOBODY spunks all over me, but me!

whack whack whack

No more mooommmie!!

Okay? Andrew replied thinking about that scenario for a few moments before shaking his head then resuming to whip Eric’s butt.

whack whack whack

Please no moooree!!

whack whack whack

Oh yeah, we’ll call our first time together, the shinning!

Waaaaaaaaaa!! Stop dude!!

I will stop, but you have to suck cock?

Okay dude, I could’ve just done that anyway?

Yeah, but I wanted you to have a hot ass when you do it ...oh man do me! Andrew said so wanting Eric’s mouth all over his hard wet cock.

Okay! Eric complied making the most of it as best he could.

Suck my dick, I want to feel what you did!!

Okay! Eric said as he went about the business, however getting a little too carried away —

Arrrrrrr, careful with your teeth!!

Sorry dude, I will be, I ...

Just take your tongue and suck kiss it!!

Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh!!

Keep going, keep going, do not stop!

Ohhhh thank you God ... shit this must be what they call heaven!!

Andrew spunked out all over Eric’s mouth and creamy face who was disgusted by the turn of events and having gone deeper than he should have and so threw up all over Andrew.

Fuck man ... shit, fuck off!! Andrew screamed at the mess he found himself in.

What the hell are you two boys up to in here? David asked storming in to the racket whilst he was trying to get some sleep for the late shift.

I thought you went to work? Andrew asked perplexed.

Yeah I gathered that ... now can you explain what’s been going on?

What a sight it must have been. How can one even begin to describe the scene, the emotion, the eye contact between the boys...

Nothing? Andrew said as he as he stood there covering his cock with one hand and the other on his hip whilst Eric was bowled down in front of him showing off his brightly spanked behind.

The boys did their best to explain it to David who was taking it all in ...

And then what happened?

He got this rash?

Nasty that! David said rubbing over his short hair.

And that’s when he threw up all over me!

Oh I see ... and the piss?

Um I wet myself?

Yeah I can see that! How and why?

Another nervous reaction? Andrew replied shrugging his shoulders.

Okay boys ... this is not looking good for either of you, hop on the bed on your knees!

What are you going to do? Eric wondered unsure about the turn of events.

Um, I think a good spanking is in order?

Fuck off man!! Andrew protested.

It’s like this bro, get on your knees or dad will hear all about the crap that’s been going on in here? David said with an intensified glare. Andrew weighed up his options and then hopped onto the bed.

Well I’m going now! Eric said when David grabbed him by the arm.

Yeah not yet, get on the bed you little slut!

But I wasn’t doing anything wrong? Eric said trying in vain to defend his actions and the grip David had on his arm.

How stupid do you think I am? David said easing Eric on the bed before landing some nice hand spanks to their butts.


You both got an itchy rash so you had to strip!! David said as he went about branding their backsides back to a shiny red.


And then Eric got an allergic reaction getting a red rash all over his ass from the bites and so threw up!! David said shaking his head in disbelief as he relished spanking his little bro for the first time.



It’s all Eric’s fault he was deviant! Andrew protested in vain.


Yeah little bro, it takes two to tango!


David, my ass is on fire, please I’ve already been spanked twice today!! Eric whined.

And then this will be your third time! David said as he held Eric’s waist before dishing out some more sounding spanks to his lower left side.


Bend those knees boys, my hand is looking for soft cheeks!



I’m trying to get some sleep whilst you two are fucking around!!

Okay already, you’ve made your point! Andrew said as he jumped off the bed rubbing his ass.

I’m not finished! David said darting around he spotted the paddle.

What does that say boys? David asked.

For bad behavior? Eric replied sheepishly.

whack whack whack

And that’s what you both both did, many time over!



Get next to the corner, and you are over my knee! David said as he sat down grabbing Andrew’s arm.

You can’t do this!!

Can and will, David said flipping Andrew over his lap before latching on to his hip before paddling his ass with immense pleasure —

Honestly, I will put a real shiner to both of you today!!

whack whack whack

Fooling around as if you owned it!

David please stop already!!

Oh no, we’re not done Andrew!

spank spank spank


Little pair of deviants, disrespecting house rules!


Waaaaaaaa!! Andrew cried and kicked about whilst he got a real taste of David’s fury.

You’re worse than I ever was! I can’t believe the shit you’re already into!



Yeah nice and hot little bro, I have to do it really hard so you won’t forget it!


Pleaaaasee stop!!

Yeah your ass is mine for the next ten minutes!!

No no, please I can’t take it, no more!!


You are going to have a little accident by the time I’m through with you!!



And sure enough the heat of that paddle on Andrew’s ass brought him to climax all over David’s thighs.

Way to go little bro! David said with a chuckle as he eased Andrew up and to the corner to join Eric.

I hate you!!

Make no mistake boys, this was your first spanking by me, David said when Andrew finished the line for him —

Just fuck off!!

Oh little bro, I gather it was not a happy ending for you? David asked smacking his backside gently as he roared out with laughter on the way out to be met by dad.

What’s been going on? Dad asked concerned.

Oh nothing I couldn’t handle dad! David replied when dad peeped to see Andrew and Eric shaking their red butts in the corner.

Thank you son, let’s go and have a beer! Dad said as he put an arm around David’s shoulder.

Daaaadd!! Andrew yelled out to him.

Shut up missy, count yourself lucky! Dad hollowed back as he walked off with David.

Andrew couldn’t believe the injustice he had been served again and again, things have got to turn around for him!

Dude this was our first spanking together! Eric said closely and quietly to Andrew’s ear.

Something tells me it won’t be our last! Andrew said bumping his hip against Eric causing him tingles. Eric tried once more to entice Andrew with a kiss. This time Andrew went for it and soon the boys were on their knees embracing and kissing passionately.

You are so mine! Eric said with a murmur.

I own you! Andrew replied.

No I’m the boss of you! Eric said holding Andrew’s hips.

Don’t make me spank you! Andrew said as both got hard again from the interplay.

God dude, ride my thigh!!

Fuck this is so hot!!

Face the other way!

God, man this is hot! Andrew said easing up and down on Eric’s cock and thigh.

You are so spunky! Eric said holding his hands around Andrew’s hip whilst also caressing his belly, chest, and down between his legs. Andrew was deflated, but enjoyed all the comforts of Eric’s touch and hot body, not to mention a little prick trying to find its way up his butt.

OH man I’m going to cum!! Eric said enjoying the pre climax moment for as long as possible.

Do me dude, now! Eric said trying to turn Andrew around, but Andrew was way too busy riding Eric’s little hard on.

Oh no man, this ride is so much better!! Andrew said as he found himself getting hard again with all kinds of sweet sensations rippling through his whole region. Both boys anticipating glorification of pure ecstasy as they went through the motions —

Faster, faster!!

Go man, go go go!!

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee!! Andrew screamed out along with Eric —

Oh gawd, fuck me!!

Dad heard them in the distance and looked at David who had a wide grin on his face —

Wow, you sure gave it to those boys!! Dad said toasting his beer at David.

Yeah thanks dad, they really did have it coming!

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