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Chad's Boys
Part 39

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 39

It was not long before Zeke was blended into the friendship of Nick and Keith and they were now very much a trio. Zeke was wise enough to realize that Nick and Keith had something special between them; he had his own group of friends so made sure that he still spent time with them, gladly giving Nick and Keith time to themselves. Still, the three were very much enjoying their spanking and wanking when they all were together. Zeke felt he was learning a lot, too.

Somehow over the first couple of years of high school Zeke had developed quite a collection of jerkoff buddies. He still enjoyed their company, but had come to feel tighter with Nick and Keith. One of these j/o friendships was the cause of quite a surprise for Zeke and, in turn, the other two.

Among the boys that Zeke regularly joined for j/o sessions was one named Rick. He was without question the smallest boy in their class, so was known by everyone as Little Ricky; he didn’t seem to mind. In one respect he was not the smallest. The general consensus among the j/o buddies was that Little Ricky had the biggest hardon any of them had seen. I don’t know how he gets his little hand around it, one friend had remarked to Zeke and a couple of others. Nick and Keith had heard about Little Ricky but so far had never spent any time with him that would let them see what he had. They’d seen him after gym class, but soft he was not a show-er. Apparently a grower.

After school one afternoon Zeke didn’t see Nick or Keith, but found himself with Rick as they were leaving the building. What’s up? he asked.

Nothing, really, said Rick. Just going home.

Hey, my parents are out until five. Wanna come over? We could strip and j/o, with plenty of time!

Hot, man. Yeah, let’s do it.

So Zeke and Rick ended up at Zeke’s house, which was a bit out of the way for Rick, but the thought that they’d have time to really enjoy a session made it worth it. In the past Rick had been a bit reluctant to get naked with his j/o buddies and was wondering how he felt about it now. When they got to Zeke’s room and he saw how comfortable Zeke was with dropping his clothes he figured why not and soon both were naked as the day they were born. Immediately he was enjoying it, too!

Zeke had a single bed, unlike his friends, but the two could fit on it. Being up this close to Rick, Zeke took a good look at his friend’s package. He knew how big the erection was, but now taking a good look at Rick’s balls which were equally impressive. An urge hit Zeke and he got bold.

Ever been edged?

Edged? What’s that? Zeke explained it to Rick who definitely liked the idea. No one had ever touched his hardon except himself, but this sounded really exciting. Zeke got in position and Rick lay back to experience this new technique. Zeke found it no problem to get his hand around Rick’s erection. Still he was impressed with how it felt. He dragged out the edging as long as he could, rewarded with the little guy bucking on the bed, arching his back, and with a shout letting go a good stream that shot up his chest.

Shit, man, I’ve never cum like that! Rick said when he’d caught his breath. Can I do it to you?

Of course! said Zeke. A quick cleanup and positions were switched. Rick had never stroked off a buddy, let alone edged, so brought Zeke to climax faster. After they were done, though, he said he’d like to get more practice. Zeke assured him that that could be accommodated! Zeke was hoping maybe he could add Rick to the trio. Maybe not for spanking, he had no idea what Rick thought of that, but definitely for wanking. He knew that his buddies were curious about what the little guy was packing.

The boys laid back, relaxing after their orgasms. Rick suddenly surprised Zeke.

Hey, you know that guy Coach Riley?

Um, yeah, kinda. Is he really a coach?

Who knows? I think he made it up. But, you gotta promise not to tell.

I won’t.

I don’t know why I’m telling you, but somehow it feels ok. Rick stammered a bit, though. Well, one time he. . . he spanked me. Me and Markie Johnson.

Zeke was wide-eyed. So, Coach Riley really did spank! Hm. So, want to tell me?

Rick hesitated again, but once he was ready the story came out easily. Markie and I were riding our bikes and got horsing around. We fell off our bikes at the edge of his lawn and tore up a bit of it with the pedals and stuff. It was easy to fix and we knew after a couple of days that it be back to normal, which was true. Anyhow, we finished getting the grass back in place and we both got grabbed by the back of the neck. It was Coach Riley! He wasn’t yelling or anything, but he told us that we needed to be disciplined for our carelessness.

Anyhow he practically picked us up as he pushed us into the house with his hands still on our necks. We went into the den and he stood by a chair with us in front of him. He gave us a real lecture on being respectful of other people’s property and stuff like that. Next thing we knew he undid our belts and yanked our shorts and underwear down. He sat down and grabbed me and yanked me over his lap.

Then he spanked! Not long, I guess, but it hurt! I guess I was yelling a bit. He let me up and did the same to Markie. I thought he was going to cry. When he was done he made us stand in front of him again, pants on the floor, and gave us another lecture. He said if he ever had to spank us again it would be a lot worse than what we got that day. Pull up your pants and get out of here, he said, and don’t let me catch you again. Well, we were out of there real fast!

All Zeke could say was wow.

Yeah. We didn’t know what to say but went to Markie’s house to see what he’d done to us. No one was home, so it was safe. His butt was pretty red and he said mine was, too. We touched each other to see how it felt. Anyhow, that got us hard so we jerked off, but we do that all the time. So, I guess that’s it.

Did he ever spank you again?

Nah. We hardly see him. In fact we try to stay away.

Smart idea. Zeke thought for a moment. You know my buddies Nick and Keith.

Yeah. Cool guys. I hear they keep busy jerking off, Rick said with a laugh. He’d been curious about just what those two were up to. He knew some guys who’d jerked off with them, but didn’t know more than that. You j/o with them?

Sure do! You should join us. They’d like you.

Later Zeke told Nick and Keith who thought it was a great idea. With that, plans were made for Rick to join Zeke on Saturday when the trio got together. He has a story to tell, too, Zeke said, leaving it at that enigmatic comment.

Saturday Nick’s parents would be out all day, so his house was the meeting place, as it usually was. Keith was already there when Zeke showed up with Rick. Nick suggested the downstairs as it had more room, so down they went. Keith and Nick were quick to get out of clothes, with Zeke not far behind. Rick was a bit startled by it all, but he’d enjoyed it with Zeke, so soon followed along. No one was hard yet, so no assessment yet of just what Little Ricky had which made him Big Ricky. Rick was small but hardly scrawny. The boys all thought he looked good naked, which he did. His hair was a dark brown with his bush looking almost black. Like Zeke he did show some chest hair, though not much. As they got better looks at him they could see that his butt was not all that round. Round enough to spank, which was all that mattered to them.

Tell your story, Zeke said to Rick once the boys had spent some time getting better acquainted. Nick and Keith gave curious looks, but said nothing, just waited to hear what the story was. There was silence as Rick told the whole story. At the end Nick and Keith didn’t know what to say.

Finally Nick said so, he really does spank. Interesting. Now there was speculation on who else he might have spanked, but no conclusions. Or, if he had really spanked anyone else. Inevitably the revelation came about the spanking fun Nick and Keith had together, and Zeke’s new but still occasional participation.

Rick took a moment to process what he’d heard. Other than that time with Coach Riley spanking wasn’t something he thought about. He’d had the usual childhood swats, but they had not led to any teenage curiosity about it.

Well, that’s cool if you guys like it, he said with no hint of judgment on their activities. Otherwise he gave no indication what he thought. The Coach Riley story had not induced any hardons, but telling of their own sessions did get Nick and Keith rising which, in turn, inspired the other two and soon all four were sporting teen erections. The rumors about Rick were true! Nick and Keith had been impressed with Zeke (with good reason), but Rick looked bigger.

Zeke filled in the others about introducing Rick to edging, with Rick chiming in that he thought it was hot and wanted to do more.

That’s easy! said Keith with a laugh. Before the afternoon was over a round-robin of edgings had been done, with everyone satisfied with what he received and gave. There was an unspoken consensus that spanking was not on the agenda today. The group broke up around four-thirty as boys had to get home and Nick’s parents would be returning soon. Rick was told he was welcome any time, for which he thanked the guys. He’d enjoyed himself, was discovering new things to do, and learning more about his erotic side.

As we know, Rick so far had not had any spanking interest or fantasies. Knowing that these guys spanked each other did not change that when they split up for the day. However, over the next few days an image of Nick and Keith spanking each other would sneak into his mind, accompanied by a distinct swelling in his pants. He had no idea what to make of this. It was a long time before he said anything to the guys.

In the meantime, they continued their fun, and all four (Markie, too) steered clear of Coach Riley.

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