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Part 36

by Graham

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Although I sat gingerly at a table in a deli, with my friends from classes, chattering away about the final exam, the refreshing change of pace away from my Dad was enjoyable. We all agreed the test was not that hard, and if you had studied, you probably would do pretty well.

After eating a pastrami sandwich, I excused myself to leave and head back to the cabin in Banner Elk. I arrived back at 1:22, with my Dad seated on the couch, waiting. Both of us, probably for different reasons, were relieved.

I got out my materials for Wednesday’s exam, poured myself a glass of orange juice, and started right in studying again. All my finals began at 9 a.m., except for Wednesday, which began at 1:30 p.m.

That meant I would have little time to review for Thursday’s final at 9 a.m. Dad interrupted me for supper, and after we finished eating, I went back to preparing, planning on stopping near the 10:30 bedtime.

I was shocked when about 9:50, Dad came in and told me to stop and get ready for bed. Why, Dad? You know the answer to that, Lincoln. It’s the same one as you’ve always got? Because your Dad says so, tells you to.

I know that, Daa-aaad! But I’ve got another half hour to work, I objected.

Not tonight, you don’t, young man. You have tomorrow morning until noon, so you are going to bed now, so you’ll be rested for the whole day tomorrow.

Aw, jeez, Dad! This is worse than when I was in high school! I protested. How am I going to live like this at home?! I’m too old for this kind of tight regimentation, Dad!

You are obviously not too old for a strict routine to manage your behaviour, young man! Nor are you too old to be spanked when you refuse to obey! Now, get those jeans and briefs off, because that’s exactly what you’ve earned for yourself by your mouthiness and refusal to comply.

My face betrayed my shock and apprehension. Nooo, not a another one, Daddy! I cried out. I’ll stop and go to bed now, I began swiftly compromising.

As always, and you know so well, son, it’s too late to escape discipline by obeying after you’ve disobeyed. Now, out of those clothes immediately, or I’ll take them off you, and you’ll regret that besides your verbal defiance!

I wanted to sit there and defy him more, but I knew better, and was afraid! Standing up, I quickly undid my jeans, letting the fall to the floor, and pulled off my shirt and t-shirt.

Stepping out of them, I trudged unhappily to my Dad. He took my left wrist, gently but firmly towing me along with him the few steps to the couch.

He sat down, reached out and denuded me of my briefs, and matter-of-factly placed me down and across his lap. Without flourish, he picked up the same paddle and began applying it to my unendingly sore, marked, and tender rearend.

I howled and wailed, crying and sobbing, but very quickly surrendering to his authority and discipline. I may have been in my next-to-last semester of college, but I was still, unquestionably my Father’s son, subject to being punished by him when I disobey.

The spanking was short, but swift and stern. When it was over, he did not let me linger dangling over his legs. He pulled me up. I grasped my burned bottom, my boner jutting out and bobbing.

He took me by my arm and pulled me into the bathroom to get ready for bed. He stood there watching while I urinated, washed up, and brushed my teeth. Afterward, he frogmarched me from the bathroom to my bed in the bedroom, shutting off the light.

I lay in bed, emotionally upset, besides stressed and nervous, and also horny and lonely for Jamie. A quiet, stealthy wank relieved everything for the moment, and I dropped off to sleep.

Dad woke me early, at 6 a.m., to have more time to for studying. I got up at once at his shaking me awake, went into the bathroom, showered, shaved, and cleaned up and dressed for the day.

After breakfast, I sat down somewhat uncomfortably and studied for almost 5 hours more, before eating a quick lunch and heading off to my final exam. When it was over, I was soon back at the cabin, ready to eat supper with Dad, before settling back down to study for Thursday’s exam.

The rest of the week passed unremarkably routinely. I studied, ate meals, and got to bed by 10:30 each night, and I was not disciplined by Dad. It wasn’t the life I preferred, but at least I avoided, and was free from, getting spanked.

After Thursday’s exam, I called Dad again to request permission to join some other friends for lunch and a post-mortem of the exam. While sitting with them eating, I asked to borrow a friend’s phone to send a couple of text messages.

I explained that my phone was dead because I’d left it off the charger. In reality, I wanted to text Jamie without my Dad knowing it. I did so, inquiring how much longer he would be in Johnson City.

He responded he planned to leave Friday morning. Hang there 4 a while! Pls! I’ll come see u after my XM, I replied.

OK, yeah! Will be here! Love ya, I got back. Quickly, I deleted the texts, to omit any evidence of them.

I stopped for gas and was back at home in the early afternoon, I resumed studying for my final Friday morning. By now, I felt I as if I were doing well on my finals, and expected to get good grades. That would please my Dad, and me.

Friday morning, I was up at 7 a.m., getting ready, eating breakfast, and heading out for the last final exam of the semester.

Before I left, Dad told me not to stop and eat with anyone, but to come straight back to the cabin. We were going to have a brief lunch, then clean up the last of the cabin, do a final packing, and leave for home.

As I had hoped, I really knew the material on the exam, and finished about 11 a.m. Hurrying to my car, I headed out on the roadway leading to the Tennessee border, and up to Johnson City.

The closer I got to Johnson City, and Jamie, the more excited and hornier I got. It was shortly after noon when I drove up to the shabby, old, mobile home where he rented a room.

He’d been watching for me, and came running out the door to my car as I shut off the engine. I got out and was immediately engulfed in his hard-hugging arms. We kissed, and he bounced up the steps into the mobile home, pulling me by my hand.

I used the bathroom, and we headed instantly into his room. He locked the door, while i was stripping out of my clothes. He did the same with laser speed.

We leaped together on his bed. He told me how much he missed me, loved me, couldn’t wait to get my hot, little body in his hands. He did immediately.

He tickled me into frenzied, hysterical submission (of course). After that, he took my smaller, erect, young manhood into his hand, then his mouth, and suctioned a huge, horny volume of semen out of me, almost sucking the top of my head in!

I was thrilled with erotic excitement. Next, he fingered my hole, anus, and prostate, making me wriggle and moan, before he laid down on his back, lifted me up, and carefully aimed my anus down onto his stake, to ride it with a wildness we both experienced.

After that, we just lay together for a little while, kissing on and off, and enjoying the wonder of intimacy after being apart. After that, it was time for my spanking.

Jamie had already seen the fresh, deep marks on my bottom, to know I’d been spanked a few more times by my Dad. His spankings, though, were seldom disciplinary, more erotic, until I was broken in my happy submission to him (as he did on the rarer occasions when I took charge of him).

When I was totally subdued by his superior size, strength, and domination, we fucked again, this time with him sucking me while drilling me. We exploded together, while inner orgasms drained me of my sexual energy completely.

After that, we showered together, another missed pleasure, before re-dressing and heading out for Subway sandwich meals. We relished every moment together, talking, smiling, looking into each other’s eyes.

Finally, about 4 p.m., we both knew I needed to leave, to head back to face the music with my Dad about having disobeyed him and not come home late. I would tell him some friends had wanted to celebrate the conclusion of finals and I went with them.

That fiction never was told. As we drove up to the mobile home where Jamie’s room was, there was my Dad’s car! I was stunned and instantly filled with dread.

Oh, no! Damn it! My Dad’s here! I muttered. We got out of my car and headed into the mobile home.

When we walked in, the door to Jamie’s room was open. We entered to find my Dad sitting on the side of the bed, the same one on which Jamie and I had had such a wonderful, unforgettable reunion.

Dad! I gulped my verbal response sheepishly.

I told you I was going to track you, Lincoln, and I told you to come right back to the cabin in Banner Elk when you finished your exam. You ignored both.

We’re going home, from here. Every last thing is packed in my car, and you are going to caravan with me for home.

I felt sick with guilt, disappointment, loss, and fearfulness. But first, you’re going to get a taste of what you can expect, when we get home, every day if necessary, whenever you disobey and defy what you’ve been told.

Immediately, I knew I was in for another, harsh licking. My face reddened, my eyes filled with tears, and I mumbled through my cracking voice, I’m sorry, Daddy. I am.

How many years is it going to take for you to remember you can only avoid this punishment by halting before you disobey, and instead proceed to comply with what you’ve been told? Get outta those clothes this minute, Lincoln Collins!

I knew it was going to be bad when he used my full name. Jamie stood staring at what was unfolding.

Ah, Mr., ah, Collins, ah, sir, it was really my, um fault. I shouldn’t have stayed. My Grandparents were expecting me home before this. I remained here and made it possible for Lincoln to disobey you.

Listen up, kid. That’s the second time you’ve spoken up and interjected yourself into the discipline between my son and me. You want to own up to fault, take the responsibility? Fine, you get your clothes off first, and you can get Lincoln’s first dose as your own. Get a move on, brat! Pronto!

Jamie’s instant, thermometer-red face looked stunned. I did not know whether he was expecting to escape punishment himself, or not. In any event, he knew he was in for it now. His deeply scarlet face was matched by his glistening wet, reddened eyes.

Now, brat! Dad commanded. Jamie’s long, slender, nervous hands trembled slightly as he undid and dropped his jeans, pulled of his sweatshirt and t-shirt, and then slid down his boxer briefs. His massive, long, lean missile shot up instantly when freed.

Dad summoned him across his lap, and like a condemned man on his way to execution, Jamie obeyed, slowly walking to his fate. Lying stretched out and slanted on my Father’s lap, Jamie’s face bore the ignominious disgrace of a young man destined for a spanking.

Dad pulled out from his pocket the old, ping pong paddle. It would leave souvenir marks all over Jamie Leary’s rump and upper legs for a last time. Dad unleashed a severe, hard-smiting volley of smacks with that paddle all over Jamie’s bottom.

For almost 2 minutes he tried to bear it, but he could not. He began writhing, gulping and gasping, before bursting out in uncontrollable sobs, while capitulating under the spanking he was getting.

The sobs became shrieking, high-pitched, child-like cries, as he bawled ashamed and in agony for the net 15 minutes or so. By the time that spanking was in the books, Jamie Leary was a defeated, diminished youth, beside himself with pain and humiliation, limp and resigned to the licking he loathed, but could not escape.

Mr. Collins added extra good measure spanks to this gangly, lanky, porcelain-skinned, freckled red head. At the end, totally trounced and decimated, the thin, taller youth was dispatched from my Father’s lap, to kneel in a corner of the small bedroom, where he struggled, while squalling, to keep his bare butt from painfully touching the floor.

I was next. My Father’s ire and disappointment with his youngest child was not dowsed by the time and exertion chastening my friend. Standing, weeping silently, bare with a boner protruding out, I was heartbroken at observing Jamie’s unmitigated punishment.

I knew I would get at least that, probably worse. I was not mistaken. Mr. Collins lit into his son’s boyish, bare bottom with a fury. I winced and cried, but shortly capitulated to my Father’s authority and the severity of the spanking being applied to me.

When that spanking was concluded, all that was left after this submissive boy’s defeat, was my clinging hold around my Father’s neck, while I was held sitting forward on the paternal lap. After that, too was sent to kneel in a corner for some self-examination.

When both youths were allowed up, to stand and dress, they were still weeping and excruciatingly sore, spanked boys. Mr. Collins told them both to dress and wait for him to return, as he stepped outside the mobile home.

Returning and finding Jamie and Lincoln dressed, glancing at each other with sorrowful hurt in their eyes, Mr. Collins addressed each one. I called and spoke with your Grandfather, Jamie.

I’ve told him the full story: what you boys have been up to, what you, Jamie, were proposing to do with Lincoln, drop out of school, live with Lincoln while he finished, and so on. I also told him I had disciplined you, along with Lincoln.

You know your Grandfather, Jamie, so you know what to expect when you arrive back home. You are to leave immediately and go straight there. What happens next semester he says is something you and they will discuss, and he and your Grandmother will decide.

So, now, Jamieson Leary, you are free to get in your car, drive safely, and go straight home to your Grandfather. Pay strict attention to him, and obey him, young man.

I can tell you Lincoln is expected to the same thing with his Mom and me. Your Grandparents and we are agreed, you both are to have no contact, and no communication, with each other. Period. So be on your way, now.

Lincoln watched the handsome, hot-looking friend for whom he hungered, skulk around like a wounded animal, making its way to escape and safety. Both Father and son, bigger and older, and younger and smaller, stood watching the old VW drive away.

Get in your car and let’s drive home, son. I will follow you, so do not even flirt with the idea of driving off or away. Life is going to improve for you, although you may not view it that way at first, and it will definitely be and adjustment for you.

Father followed son down I-81, to I-40, to I-75, and finally to Chattanooga and to the family home. Arriving, the two men sat down to a delicious dinner Lincoln’s Mother had kept waiting for them.

Afterward, I took the remainder of my things from my Dad’s car into the bedroom that had been mine all of my life. Later that night, I relished homemade cookies from Mom, with a glass of milk.

After that, I got ready and settled into my boyhood bed that I still easily fit in. It felt familiar, even good, but I was filled with a deep and lingering sadness.

Already, I was missing and yearning for Jamie, which along with the too-vivid memories of the spankings I’d recently gotten, propelled my engorged, hungering wanker to demand the relief it craved. I fell asleep grieving over my condition and my loss, having no clue as to how long it was continue.

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