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Naughty cousin of mine

by Spank123

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My name is Michael, I have dark hair, short on sides, little longer on top. I go to gym, and I’m very muscular. I’m 16 years old, and my cousin Marco is 10. He has blue eyes and light hair. He has a crew cut, and he is a fit boy. His grandmother and my grandmother are sisters. His parents left with my parents in the morning, and they won’t be back until tomorrow. We were neighbours, so they left me in charge. They told me that he has used his phone too much, and that they forbid him to play games on computer or phone because he got F in school.

We were alone. I told him that if he does a few math exercises correct, I will let him play one or two games. He didn’t want to do it because it was weekend, and he didn’t even know how to do them. I didn’t take away his phone, but I expected him to obey. I went to kitchen to cook us something, and I heard fuck, fuck, yeah, suck my dick from his room. I went there, and he was playing a game!
Hey! He said.
Hi, what are you doing?
You are playing a game?
Yes, sorry.
It’s okay, but I will inform your parents about this.
Noooo, please don’t, they will take my phone forever!
I’m sorry, but I have to!
Please.....please....i beg you!
Okay, but I will tell him the words you said.
Look, if I don’t tell them, you still won’t get away with it.
Okay, but just don’t tell them.
Okay. You will be spanked, by me!
What do you mean I will be spanked?
I mean I will make your butt very sore!
Okay, can’t be worse than dad’s spanking.

I sat on bed.
Over my knee!
He obeyed right away!
Get up i said. He was happy, he thought that was all. But it was just a brake so I could tell him to get naked. He didn’t want to.
Okay, no problem, calling your dad.
Noooo, nooo, i will obey!
He got naked and went over my knee. He had a very spankable round but! It was white and i could see my handprint with every spank! I spanked rapidly, full force! I have a big hand. And I saw that he is almost crying. I pulled him by his hair
Is it enough
Yes! he said.
Nooo....go, get the brush.
He was afraid. But he gave it to me and bent over. I didn’t start right away. I waited and rubbed hi bottom a little while.
Ready? I asked. He nodded.
Aaaarghhh....please, my dad does not spank so hard!
I don’t care. He isn’t spanking, you, I am.
I spanked him as hard as i could. After about 35 cracks. I told him to get up and go to corner. I told him that he wasn’t aloud to rub his bottom. I went outside, and I took a long, switch. I went in his room, and he was rubbing his bottom.
What do you think you’re doing?
Sorry it just hurts!
I know, that’s the point.
I took a wooden ruler from the table, pointed to the chair. He bent over.
This is for rubbing your bottom.
After the ruler has hit his already sore bottom for about 30 times, I stopped. He was crying, and his but was very red and sore. He was crying.
Look, we have to finish this. You’re getting 15 with this switch. Bend over.
He was afraid. But he obeyed. After ten hits I saw he couldn’t get more. (He couldn’t handle more even before the ruler, but my dad’s rule was to always get punishment to the end.) I hit his bottom five more times. He was sobbing. I hugged him and told him I finished!
Dad never spanked me that much he said.
I’m sorry. But, I hope you have learned you lesson.
I did.
I took him by his ear. Now, i saw a lot of fear in his eyes.
I didn’t spank you this much for playing a game. It is for those words. I don’t want you to speak that kind of words!
I slapped his face hard, and told him that I still love him.
After that, we ate, but he was standing. He couldnt sit.

We still loved each other! And I spanked him many times, after that!

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