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Pennington Prep
Part 1 – A New School Year

by Mr. Uniden

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PART ONE:Chapter One: The Letter

First, a memo from the headmaster:

Dear Parents,

We are writing to inform you of some changes occurring at Pennington Preparatory School. In order to comply with new sexual harassment training standards implemented by the Department of Education, the following will be in effect for the following school year.

1. All male students between the ages of 14 and 18 must be enrolled in an Awareness Training elective throughout the school year. This course will replace either a Study Hall or another elective course.
2. Any male student behaving in a sexually suggestive or inappropriate manner towards another student, male or female, will be enrolled in a sexual harassment behavior correction seminar for the remainder of the year.
3. Failure to complete the elective or seminar to the satisfaction of Mandy Evan’s, dean of Sexual Awareness, will result in immediate expulsion and cases will be turned over to Department of Education for a full investigation.

All parents and students are expected to read and sign of attached form with obligates compliance with the new policy. Failure to sign the document will result in your son from attending classes or participating in any school activity. A list of parents and students failing to sign will also be sent to the Department of Education. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by phone or email.

Best regards,

James Hayman
Head Master Pennington Preparatory School.


Chapter Two:

Males are pigs by nature Mrs. Evan’s started off the school year to a full school assembly. Students sat in their seats. Mrs. Evan’s words echoed around the gymnasium through two PA speakers. The volume turned to a volume that would drown out a student body riot. Her words radiated around a packed room; the students unsure and almost frightened by imposed changes for the upcoming year. The world was changing to thunderous applause. Sexual harassment in society needed to end at whatever the cost. They are filthy pigs, but with proper education and behavioral correction methods, they can be changed.

Oh brother Adam turned to his best friend, rolling his eyes. His words quickly drowned out by the blaring speakers at the front of the auditorium.

Over 60 percent of woman have experienced sexual harassment, but we believe that number to be higher as some haven’t reported it. This has to will change. And it starts with a proper education. The country has agreed that by teaching students across the country at a young age, we can stop epidemic. Mrs. Evans turned to the side of a stage and motioned to a student to walk on stage. Landon, a junior, climbed onto the stage. Boys and men need to be held accountable and their transgressions need transparency. The staff and I thought it appropriate to demonstrate some behavioral correction methods we plan to implement during the school year. Young man, please tell us your name and transgression. She handed the microphone to Landon.

His hands shook as he took the microphone and held it up to his mouth. Stage lights blinded the boy from seeing into the crowd of 800 students. He opened his mouth to speak, but the dryness in his mouth prevented words from exiting. He swallowed, licking the inside of his mouth. My name is Landon and I made an inappropriate comment about a student. He spoke. His words echoed and amplified by the microphone, allowing anyone within a mile radius to hear his voice. All eyes on him.

And what was the comment? Her eyes scanned the boy, almost excited by his struggle to speak.

I said a girl’s boobs looked nice to my friend.

She stepped forward, grabbing the microphone from his hands, pushing the boy to the side as she took centered stage again. Boys are pigs. They all make these horrendous comments to each other. It will stop. It has to stop. And it all starts with you. If you hear comments like this, report it immediately. This type of talk is destructive. She turned to Landon; Instead of talking about a woman’s body, why didn’t you make a comment about her brains, or maturity, or personality? Huh? Landon stuttered, she continued before giving him a chance to respond. Because you are a pig.

But’s it’s not a big deal. All guys say it. Landon protested slightly, but quietly, so that only Mandy could hear the response. She drowned him out immediately.

If all guys jumped off a cliff would you? Didn’t think so. She looked back into the crowd of students. It’s time for you to see one of the ways we will correct this behavior. She reached her arm around the boy’s shoulders and pulled him close to her body. Since you like making comments about her body, perhaps we should allow girls to see and make comments about your body.

What do you mean? he looked up at her.

You are going to strip down right now, and show your body off so you can see what it’s like to have people judge you for your body.

Adam looked on from the back row of the gym, his eyes like an owl. He sat frozen in his seat, and like most of the students around him, were sure they misheard Mandy Evan’s. A panic raced across the gymnasium. The school was changing, society was changing too. For good or for bad.

Imagine how we feel about our body’s being talked about in a sexual way. Maybe now you will learn what its like Mandy spoke to the crowd, but her attention focused on Landon. Now strip.


Chapter Three:

Landon stood, legs and arms locked in position. Shallow breaths and anxiety led to a light headed feeling, as the room blurred in and out of focus. We are waiting young man. Or do you have something to hide? Mandy’s words brought Landon back into the moment. Her voice elevated and the sound her voice screeched, pulsating ear drums.

Landon’s body jolted by the sound blaring from the PA speakers. He fumbled to remove his T-shirt, having difficulty control his body’s movements. His arms barely worked. The shirt tumbled to the floor. Though some girls might have enjoyed the situation, most felt sorry for Landon. He was not a jerk, or a pig despite how Mandy Evan’s portrayed him to the student body. Generally, most found Landon to be a good-natured, happy-go-lucky student.
Let’s go, don’t have all day. Get those Jeans off.

Landon struggled to undo the top button of his jeans, his hands shook as if he were shirtless in a blizzard. His jeans dragged down his leg, slightly pulling his boxers down with them. His pubic hair came into view along with a portion of his left butt cheek. He tried to hold the boxers in place, until Mrs. Evan’s shook her head at the boy.
Those boxers will come off too.

The jeans clumped around his ankles, restricting his movement. His boxers hung have way down his legs, still protecting his privates from the eyes of his classmates. He lifted his leg to take off the jeans.

Keep the jeans around your ankles. Mandy felt the restriction on his movement would provide more embarrassment for the boy. She stepped to her left, and stood directly behind the boy. She leaned over a bit, and yanked his boxers down to his ankles. Landon instinctively motioned to cover penis. She reached for his wrists, grabbing and applying pressure to his bones. She then pulled his hands up over his head and then locked his hands together behind his head. She then stepped to the side of the boy and locked back to the crowd.

For all the boys in the audience today. This is a demonstration of what will happen to you if you misbehave. She pointed to the naked boy. Landon’s head hung low. He struggled to keep balance, almost tripping over his own pants several times. She lowered the microphone and whispered to the boy. Looks like your little fellow has stage fright. She whispered glancing down at his penis. Turn around and bend over. Grab your ankles.

Landon shuffled around, turning his butt to the crowd. He bent over, his butt illuminated by the stage lighting by purple, green and red filtered lighting. She preceded to spank the 16 year old boy with her bare hand. Though microphone picked up the loud splat of her hand, intensifying the sound of flesh on flesh to the entire student body.

Landon groaned in pain, almost falling forward at times. His hands released from his ankles and touched the floor to keep his balance. Mandy’s free hand hammered into the boy. Focusing on a cheek at a time. For the first few moments, she allowed a few seconds between each stroke. But as time passed, he quickened her pace. Faster and more intense. The students watched on, shuttering with each Splat echoing through the speakers. Landon winced, losing his breath a few times. His bum looked more like a bruised strawberry then flesh.

She raised the microphone back up to her face. A little humiliation and pain goes a long way in correction a boy’s behavior. This is the year we change everything. Welcome to Pennington Prep. School is now in session. She walked off stage, leaving Landon and the entire gymnasium shocked and silent. A room full of 800 students and faculty member felt as silent as an empty room. Welcome to the new school year.

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