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School spanking did not stop at age 16
Part 7 – Gardener Gets It

by SimonRed

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I had lived in my flats for about 15 years, unlike my neighbours who seemed to be always moving in and out. So it was no surprise to me when the flat next door changed hands again, maybe the fifth time in 3 years. If it wasn’t for the Transit van taking in furniture and belongings yesterday I probably wouldn’t even have noticed that new tenants had gone in. However, I had never met the last 2 or 3 tenants so this new one would probably be the same.


My flat was in the ground floor of a 4-storey complex and I had taken to gardening the flower beds beneath the windows because nobody else did. So it was on a warm spring morning that I was on my hands and knees sorting out the beds, including those beneath my neighbours windows. I had been doing this for about 15 minutes when I heard what sounded like a wolf whistle. I looked up across the Courtyard to see if I could tell which flat was whistling at me, but most people seemed to be in behind closed windows. I got up, collected a pile of weeds and dead leaves into a bucket and walked off to the bins to dispose of them. Whilst I was up I went to pick up a tray of violas which I intended to plant into the bed having cleared it. Then I returned to kneeling down tending to my flower bed again. Then the wolf whistle was heard again and I briefly looked across the Courtyard but dismissed it; probably not intended for me anyway. That is until it happened a third time and a voice behind me followed his call with a remark Like to spank that. I turned around to see my new neighbour looking out of his window.


I got up, pretended I hadn’t heard his comment and simply went across to his window and introduced myself. He was John and we talked briefly before I turned back to my gardening. Oh I so would like to spank that arse especially when you poke it out like that. I was intrigued but also slightly irritated at his forwardness so I responded, Well make me a cup of tea with two sugars and I will come in later for you to spank me. Tongue in cheek of course. A few minutes later I was called to his window to collect my mug of tea. Bare! John said, and when I gave him a puzzled look he added, I’ll spank you bare. I told him Of course you will. But this was still tongue in cheek for me, When I bring my cup back you can bend me over the back of that sofa. John responded, I’ve got a proper bench. I took the cup without making any further response and returned to my flowerbeds sipping tea from time to time. John was busy sorting furniture and belongings and about an hour went passed until I had cleared and planted up 3 flowerbeds. I got up and took my cup to John’s window and thanked him. Come around, I’m ready to spank you. I gave him a look of incredulity but went around anyway with my mug. He invited me in, and I took off my muddy shoes outside his flat because he had new carpet. Then I asked if might take off my trousers as they were also muddy. Yes, said John, I’m going to spank you anyway. With that I found the need to question him about his desire to spank me and why he thought I would let him.


Because you want me to spank you. John replied, You had several chances to convince me that spanking wasn’t your thing but not only didn’t you do that, you actually reinforced what I suspected from the start. I was dumbfounded but perhaps he really was good at judging people. So I owned up, told him that I did like being spanked and that I even had my own canes. Very good, John said, I’ve only got my Spanking Horse today, my other stuff will arrive in the second van tomorrow. I couldn’t contain my curiosity about his spanking horse and was quickly led into the room which contained it. Want to see how you fit? Asked John, and just like a mouse smelling cheese I walked right into his mousetrap and was soon in position over his horse. With a few cautious slaps over my briefs he started to spank me and when he saw no adverse reaction he yanked up my t-shirt and then pulled down my underpants. Seizing the initiative I got up from the frame and removed all my clothing before getting back into position legs wide apart. Now he started spanking me properly his hand darting about to all four corners of my bottom and even into some hidden places! THHWWWAAAAPPPP, THHWWWAAAAPPPP, THHWWWAAAAPPPP, THHWWWAAAAPPPP, THHWWWAAAAPPPP, THHWWWAAAAPPPP ... I would say that around 50 slaps were delivered leaving me evenly glowing all over. I stood up very erect and only then realised that curtains had not yet been fixed and people could easily have walked past and looked in the window. Don’t wank on my new carpet. John commented.


I pulled on my under clothes and followed John into his lounge where he prepared another cup of tea and talked for a little while. I’d like to see your canes, John commented and I told him, I might bring them around later, but only if you lock the horse away. He laughed. Our conversation continued and at one point he revealed that his cooker and fridge didn’t arrive until Monday. I enquired as to how he was going to eat and he told me that his brother would do Sunday lunch and he had a microwave and some tinned foods plus a sliced loaf. I asked him to come around to mine and I would cook him a meal and show him my canes. John agreed and I got up to leave, putting my gardening things away and then taking a bath. After about an hour I cooked oven roasted salmon fillets and served these on a bed of tagliatelle verte with a watercress sauce, asparagus and fresh spinach. Fresh raspberries and ice cream to finish. John came around and was really impressed by my simple meal and then asked to see the canes, which I duly brought out for inspection. Of course I need to road test them, or rather rump test them, bend over. I declined and a new conversation commenced. Let me pay something towards the meal, John said, but I declined and John told me, I will pay in kind then.


John told me about his spanking interests which included Tawse, Crop, Strap and of course Cane. He also had some whips and would use Birch if he could find the trees nearby. I am quite sane, as I hope you can tell, but I would like to cane your bottom some day it is very nice and I feel that it will take cane well. I replied, You’re not wrong, I do cane well and I enjoy it. I got aroused by all this talk and actually began to feel a little sweaty especially after washing up. You’ve got a shower John, haven’t you? I asked him, As flats become vacant they upgrade them with modern baths and showers; I wish I had a shower. John replied, You can use mine, would you like to try it out now? Was this mouse heading for the cheese in the trap again? Yes, I think so, but this time the mouse has raised the hammer and planted the cheese in readiness. I accepted John’s offer and told him I would get ready and come around in my towel in a minute or two. John went ahead, and as I left my flat I noticed that the canes I showed John earlier and which I had leant against the wall were no longer in that position.

I went around to John’s flat wearing only a small towel and carrying my shampoos. He kept me waiting outside the front door, but I was soon inside and he showed me into the shower and started running it for me. He took my towel off me and walked away. I didn’t really need a shower as I had already bathed but it felt good to freshen up before bedtime. As I finished I walked out still wet and went looking for my towel. Of course my towel was found lining the Spanking Horse and John was stood by the horse with the two thickest canes in his hand. John then told me, I now I am going to pay for that lovely meal in kind, just as I promised. Bend over. I knew what was going to happen and I didn’t resist it.

I positioned myself over the Spanking Horse, second time today, but this Time John adjusted it carefully to ensure my bum was tightly bent and that my legs were apart. Finally he began to fasten straps all over the bench to confine me to the bench. I have never been restrained during a spanking before so I was nervous. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. John started with what was my medium size cane and gave me six quick strokes of measured but painful intensity. Even though I had only known him for a few hours I had expected his spanking would be no nonsense.

You can take it, Simon. said John, so there’s no need to mess around. I’m going to use the heavier cane. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. Yes this was heavier and John was hitting harder, but at the same time as he had scaled up his strikes, I had also scaled up my ability; I was LIKING this whilst being fully aware of the pain. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. 18 strokes, and now I felt my pain level was it is maximum and I began to sob. John stopped and asked me a question, enough Simon? I affirmed this was true, with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat that caused the words to come out awkwardly. Good, now I’m really going the thrash you, and you will be very grateful I did. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK.

Throughout these six strokes I was plainly crying, but beneath my bottom a powerfully erect penis belied my suffering and as John finished I became overwhelmed by a genuine feeling of satisfaction and even gratitude; I had survived. John started to unstrap me and as he did so he very gently massaged my bum cheeks. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, you took that very well. I’m going to train you to take more in future; we’re going to be great neighbours. I stepped off the frame and we both began to wank, then John told me to get back over the Spanking Frame and before I knew it he had penetrated me and was beginning to fuck me, but he withdrew before cumming, and I climbed off the horse and knelt down in front of him just in time to receive his cum all over my face. We showered in turn, and I kissed and hugged him and told him I looked forward to being his neighbour again very soon.

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