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School spanking did not stop at age 16
Part 8 – Camp Cane

by SimonRed

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Only a few weeks remained of my time at St Thomas’s RC School back in 1967, and I could cruise that easily. On the day before the Whit break I was called to the Deputy Headmaster and asked to supervise his 12-year old nephew all day on Friday and Keep him out of trouble or you will be in trouble. I agreed as this was better for me than gym with Mr Whacker Walker.

It was soon obvious why young Michael Morrison required supervision and he tested my patience all day. Picking up some affectionate comments made by friends and classmates to me, young Morrison was soon calling me queer and puffter (gay was not in common use at this time). I didn’t mind such comments from those that knew me because they were not used as abuse, but Morrison junior had not the right to disrespect me. However, things got worse and he pulled all the toilet rolls out of a toilet block and they streamed across the grass. He pulled books off shelves, stole chocolate bars from the shop and walked across grass clearly marked do not walk. It was at the end of the day when my tolerance levels were zero that he told some first year boys Simon is a wanker and I snapped. I pushed him into a storeroom took off my belt, and pulled him over my knee and gave him six with the doubled belt over his bare bottom. I didn’t intend for him to be bare, but he either wasn’t wearing underpants or somehow they got pushed down with his trousers. I took him back in tears to the teachers common room and went home.

Next day was the day of the school Field Trip, a week long camp about 2 hours away from the school. We were up early in the morning packed and boarding coaches to our camping field. As senior boys we were given a large dormitory tent sleeping about a dozen and after preparing the camp and other activities we settled into our quarters. As the evening came 5 of my friends called me to go to the showers before bedtime. We stripped put on pyjamas, grabbed our towels and walked through the camp to the shower facilities; senior boys were given an evening shower slot.

The showers were in a large tent at the far end of the field next to the Latrines tent. The showers only had canvas to about mid chest height in the internal partitions. There was an ante room with benches to put your clothes in and hooks on the support posts to hang your towel. We removed our pyjamas and ran in under the shower heads but the stream of water was limited. Whilst in there a tall figure entered and called out my name. Simon, come out here. The voice indicated impatience and I found myself fully nude and still wet standing before Whacker Walker. He told me that Harrison the Deputy Head had reported to me how I had beaten the boy Morrison, and that he had put Walker in charge of dealing with it. My friends emerged also nude and wet and I was told to kneel on all fours on one of the benches and two boys were to hold me in position.

Graham came up to me and whispered in my ear, Don’t give him the satisfaction of showing him that you are suffering. Try to think of something sexual to take your mind off it. I replied, You mean something sexual like Jamie’s cock up my arse? Graham answered, Well I had in mind something like imagining your cock inside one of the girls from St. Bede’s School, but I guess in your case Jamie will do just as well. If I ever had to take a fucking I believe I would choose Jamie too. and he laughed. Sexual thoughts were easy for me to come by at this moment because I often had to go for a wank when I witnessed boys getting whacked, and surrounded by my 5 friends all nude and in full bloom of teenagehood there was no shortage of wanking material here. In a moment I heard the swish of a robust Senior cane and then felt it’s fiery breath across my rump. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. Six strokes were given in quick succession and I had to grip the bench tightly and conjur up a vision of Jamie deep inside me and thrusting hard.

Stay down Boy, Walker commanded, Since you chose to beat boy Morrison naked I will give you six more also naked. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. The pain was too much and I swore but softly under my breath nearly showing myself up but I don’t think many boys had had to endure a beating as bad as that. Take him back to the showers and clean him off, then carry his things and let him walk naked back to your tent. We returned to the showers and it wasn’t long before we were all wanking madly. I relaxed here, began to feel satisfied that I had survived a vicious beating and that this made me very sexual. My friends seemed pleased at the way I had taken it and they treated me as a kind of hero. The return was done with some amusement from my friends who seemed to want to celebrate, but I was fortunate that all the younger school kids in the camp were already asleep and the third and fourth formers were inside and did not see my naked promenade.

Next morning it was clear that my caning had been heard by everyone and every opportunity was taken to get me to show the marks. On Monday afternoon after a sports session we went to shower and my friends played a trick on me stealing my things and making me walk back to my tent naked once more. The difference this time was that everybody was outside, and the shouting and yelping my friends made ensured that the whole camp were there to see my striped bottom. But the masters were also there to see, and our naked parade was halted by them.

After a brief enquiry the Masters determined that we would all be beaten. Three Masters came forward and chose two of us each to cane. My friends were required to bend over the long outside dining table and were caned six times over their sports shorts; no underpants worn. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. I seemed to have drawn the short straw and got Whacker Walker, but so did Jason. Jason was a tougher boy than I was but he struggled to take his six calmly. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. Then it was my turn and of course I was still naked; Walker had only one answer to my nudity and that was two extra strokes. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK.

Afterwards we ran down to our tent where mutual masturbation took place once more and there was much showing of marks. Of course I won because I still had stripes from Saturday, but I also won because somehow I enjoyed the caning. There was something about getting caned in front of a large audience and being able not to show weakness or suffering, and I became a star because of it and rather liked my elevated position. I also found the spanking incredibly sexy. For the next few days we all managed to behave ourselves, but I managed to get quite a lot of hand spanking or belt from my friends and this was always a precursor to a giant wanking session, usually in the showers where the nudity added to the sexuality.

My return to school was delayed as in common with several other boys who went to the Camp we had food poisoning, so it was a week off. When I did return to school I found that Harrison the Deputy Head was wanting me to report to him regarding my spanking his nephew Mike Morrison. This troubled me as I felt sure that Whacker Walker had dealt with this, more than dealt with it, and I didn’t realise it was still hanging over me. But I was spared as Harrison was away posted urgently to another school in the town which had lost two senior teachers and needed some leadership. I walked out of St Thomas’s RC School in summer 1967 and into a series of lowly jobs which covered the next five years.

In 1973 I was offered the chance to go to University, this opportunity coming because I had added to my humble school results with some night school qualifications. Although I didn’t have the requisite A-levels normally used to gain entry to University my post school career was good enough for Coventry Polytechnic to consider me for admission. But they asked me to submit three pieces of recent work to establish I had the right skills to study at this level and they encouraged me to get some tuition and someone to supervise these pieces. After sometime the name of Harrison the Deputy Head came to mind and I tentatively tried to make contact. Harrison was no longer Deputy Head but Head of Humanities a new way of organising my old school; Whacker Walker was now head of Sports and Welfare. I reached Harrison by telephone, there were no mobiles or web in 1973 and he suggested I come in to meet him.

The meeting with Harrison went well, up to a point. He was thrilled to hear me trying to get to University and was keen to support me; he understood the task that had been set and said he could deliver this over six weeks, meeting him every Wednesday for a full day. I agreed and arrangements were made to start in two weeks. Then I asked about what payment I should make. Harrison waved that aside, You’re an Old Boy, I wouldn’t dream of charging you, but there is a debt that you still owe. Harrison informed me and then continued, Do you remember when I gave my nephew to your care and your idea of looking after him was to beat him? I fumbled an answer to try an explain that the bare bottom was accidental and unintended and the spanking was well deserved, but Harrison wasn’t listening. The price for this study work is that you get caned at the end of it, and I appoint Mr Walker to carry it out. I gulped, but it couldn’t hurt could it? I asked myself and then I remembered the caning that Whacker Walker gave me at the Camp; I became aroused and before I knew it I had agreed.

The first three weeks of the study involved collecting information for the task, assembling this together and editing the material down. I was going to have to present one piece of research which would be history, one which would be full of graphs and tables and a piece of creative writing. Harrison gave me sample texts extract information points out of and note them down, compare views of the same events or the same persons and make notes. Harrison made sure I had a reasonable set of notes from the texts, then I had to layout a plan of the work. Finally I had to write my answers out as test pieces. Harrison encouraged me to start my own research for the pieces I would submit to the University.

After each of the practice pieces were submitted, Harrison pulled them apart in every respect and gave me pointers to the final piece, and he called on me to submit plans, notes and layouts for the submission pieces. I chosen for my creative piece a few days in The Great War written on accounts given when I talked to two elderly relatives who had served in that War. The history piece was set in the Plague Village of Eyam, and finally the analytical piece was written about the growth of Coventry and how it built itself on the growth of the car industry. I gave all three pieces to Harrison on the penultimate week and he assessed them so that on the final week I re-drafted them and Harrison approved the final version which was submitted.

At my final visit to Harrison’s office he informed me that the University had told him the work submitted was excellent and they would give me a firm offer of a place. I asked then if I should now go and visit Whacker Walker which had been the deal and I knew that he would be waiting my appearance. Harrison smiled, No that won’t be necessary, your work was excellent, I wasn’t serious about caning you and I will inform Walker that I’ve pardoned you. Good Luck Boy I never saw Harrison again, but I walked out of his office and across the school grounds choosing a route which went passed the sports centre. As I walked past the changing room entrance Walker was just coming out. There you are Simon, you’ve kept me waiting a few weeks, well actually a few years. Let’s get this done. I could have excused myself, explained that Harrison had pardoned me, and walked out of the school forever; but I couldn’t. I found myself under his spell and I went inside knowing that I had passed through the gates of Hell.

Once inside Walker told me to strip and to bend over an old gym horse parked at the end of the changing rooms. I did as he told me and became massively erect as I did this and he surely noticed. Harrison went into his office and returned brandishing a mighty senior cane. As he shut the door the phone rang and although he paused he decided to ignore it. Without delay the cane struck my bare rump and repeated six times. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. My bottom remembered the beating I got in the sauna tent at the Field Camp, but age had not strengthened my bottom and the pain was unbearable and yet I knew I had to take it. There was a pause and then Walker proclaimed Twelve strokes for the original wrong. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. Once more I felt the white hot burn of that stick which was still finding virgin flesh with tremendous accuracy.

Walker paused at the last stroke and I was satisfied but strangely disappointed that it had ended. Then the phone sounded again and this time Harrison went in and answered it. There was a short conversation and some surprise on Walker’s face when he emerged. Harrison has pardoned you, I’m not to cane you. I nodded at the truth of this as Walker stood rooted to the spot unsure what to do next. You knew that you had been pardoned before you came across the school campus tonight. Well there’s only one thing to do now and that’s to start again, bend over.

CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. I took this unexpected twelve with almost exquisite pain, fully aroused and actually wanting each stroke to fall so that I could enjoy it. Of course I was glad when the caning stopped for I was well striped and in great pain, but the experience was still delicious and I felt a sense of satisfaction at having completed it. I ran into the shower to urgently wank, and to my surprise Walker also joined me and wanked beside me. Enjoy that? he asked me, and I nodded gently. In three years time the school will be 20 years old and there will be a special event, see you Boy and give you 36 strokes then. I agreed enthusiastically.

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