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Carl Discovers My Hairbrush

by Buddy Wack

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For the Alpha. How about a session with your hairbrush after this one?


I’m face-down, held in place, and I feel a few taps of the hairbrush on my ass. Things went WAY wrong earlier, but I’m not going to fight this. I deserve this. Actually, I’ve accepted that I NEED this. I brace myself...

But I’m getting ahead of things!

My name’s Tony. It’s the summer of 1983 and I’m home alone with my stepdad, Carl. He owns a local contracting company, and two years ago, when I was 16, he hired a few of my friends as summer employees. My mom heard about it and thought it would be a good experience for me. My dad died when I was younger and I didn’t really have any male role models around. She thought some hard work, and Carl’s influence, would be good during the important years of my life, as she called them.

Carl was really cool and easy to get along with, but he was firm with the guys working for him. He was proud of his company’s reputation and if you screwed something up, he’d let you know he was disappointed.

I learned that my first summer. I was with Carl in his office while he was doing some paperwork, waiting for my mom to pick me up. The phone rang, and I answered. It was a client who was out of town. He asked if Carl was at his house to check the progress of the remodeling.

Yeah, I said. Carl’s at your house right now to make sure everything’s going ok. I’ll have him call you when he gets back. I thought Carl would be happy I protected him.

Why did you tell Mr. Roberts that? Carl asked as soon as I hung up the phone.

I thought I would cover for you so he wouldn’t know you haven’t been over to his house yet, I replied with a smile.

I won’t have time to get over there until tomorrow, Carl said, rubbing his forehead. Mr. Roberts would have understood. Now I have to go over to his house today because of what you told him. DON’T lie to people. Tell them truthfully where I am. Be an HONEST person, Tony.

Wow. Carl really had a way with words. I thought I’d be feeling guilty until next summer. This actually made me want to do a good, honest job, to earn and keep his respect.

That first year, he started chatting with my mom for a few minutes when she came to pick me up from work. At first it was casual, but by the end of the summer they were full-on dating. Two years later, they got married this spring, and now Carl is living with us. I’ve just turned 18 and I’m headed into my senior year of high school this fall.

Everything sounds great, right? Well, not exactly. Carl’s been annoying me more and more ever since he moved in. He’s got a real my way or the highway attitude. He has my mom cook the food he likes. We watch what he wants to watch on TV every night. If we go out to eat or to a movie, it’s the restaurant or movie he wants to eat at or see.

As much as I love my mom, she’s a people pleaser, and she’s more than happy to go along with whatever Carl wants to do. I’ve grown up an only child, and I’m used to doing what I want to do, and this is driving me nuts!

I guess you could say today was the final straw.

To start with, my friend Vinny didn’t show up for work, so we were short-handed. Then, the wrong bathroom tiles we were supposed to be installing were delivered. I’d ordered the wrong design.

Maybe you’re just trying to be dumb, was all Carl would say to me. It was going to set us behind a whole day. I spent the rest of the afternoon with a black cloud of guilt hanging over my head.

When we got back to the office, there was a message from my mom on his answering machine. She’s a nurse and she got called in to cover someone’s shift that night. She wouldn’t have time to cook dinner.

Carl and I got into his truck and started to drive home. It was sweltering and traffic was bad in the late afternoon. We were both sweating buckets in the cab of his pickup. I rolled my eyes as he pulled into the Kentucky Fried Chicken drive-thru. Of course he’d choose something I hated for dinner.

We arrived home and my mom had already left for work.

Here. Go fix us some plates, Carl said, handing me the bag of food. He turned on the TV and sat down on the couch. Sure thing, Your Highness, I thought.

I brought our plates in and sat at the other end of the couch. Carl scarfed his food down eagerly while I made the best of the situation and managed to eat most of mine. I took our plates back to the kitchen and cleaned up, hurrying back into the living room.

Almost time for my favorite show, I said, walking toward the TV to change the station.

No, no, no, Carl cut me off. There’s a baseball game on tonight. We’re watching that. Just sit down.

Before I could think clearly, I lost my temper.

FUCK this, I snapped. I’m sick and tired of this shit.

What did you just say? Carl asked, looking at me with wide eyes.

You heard me, I shot back. You move into my house, marry my mom, and now you want everything done your way. What we eat. What we watch. Where we go. It’s all about YOU...

I continued on with my rant for a few minutes. I vented every ounce of frustration that had been building up inside of me from the day Carl moved in, up until the day from hell we’d just been through. I was surprised he just sat there and listened. I finally stopped, breathing heavily, and ran up to my room.

It was roasting hot and I peeled my shirt off, falling onto my bed. I laid there for a few minutes, fuming mad.

I heard Carl come upstairs and he knocked gently on my door. He walked in and sat next to me on my bed.

I didn’t realize you’ve been bothered by me so much, Tony, he said calmly. This whole thing between your mom and I must have been a big adjustment for you, and I should have been more careful getting involved in your day-to-day life. All I can say is, I’ll try to be more aware of how I’m affecting you.

Whatever, I replied defiantly. I just flipped out on him, and now he’s going to be nice to me about it? Come on.

I mean it, Tony. I just want this to work out for all three of us. I’m going to pay more attention to your needs and your mom’s needs, instead of just my own, he continued. I’m sorry.

He’s sorry? Oh, great. I started to feel bad for blowing up the way I did. I told you Carl can send me on a guilt trip.

I guess I’m sorry too, Carl. I shouldn’t have sworn at you, I mumbled.

Well, you’re right about that, he said softly. It was pretty disrespectful.

Yep. He’s really laying it on thick. I started to feel worse.

I know, I know. Now I’m going to feel bad about it for the next month, I admitted. Just ground me. I know I deserve it. I wish there was a faster way to get rid of the guilt, though.

Carl sat there for a minute, looking around, until something caught his eye and he smirked. He stood up and leaned over toward my dresser and grabbed my wooden hairbrush, sitting back down on the bed.

What’s he doing with that? I thought.

TAP. He started casually slapping it against his palm. TAP. TAP. TAP.

Well, Tony, he started, whenever I screwed up, my Dad didn’t ground me. He’d handle my punishment with a much quicker method.

How? I asked, confused.

TAP. TAP. TAP. Now he was slapping it against his thigh, like he was testing it for something. I looked at Carl and felt my stomach tighten. Wait a minute. Was he suggesting what I thought he was?

You mean he– he wacked you, I stuttered.

Yep, Carl said.

So, I’m guessing you want to do that to me? I asked.

Nope, he replied, matter-of-factly.

TAP. TAP. TAP. The sound echoed in my room.

I was more confused, now. Why did he bring it up if he wasn’t even going to do it?

You probably think I deserve it. Ok, so do it and get it over with, I mumbled.

Not gonna happen, he stated.

TAP. TAP. TAP. Carl kept tapping his thigh with the damn hairbrush. The more he kept doing it, the more it started irritating me. This is just like him. Nothing but mind games. The more frustrated I got, the more I wanted to prove I could take it. To myself and to him.

Come on, Carl. I think it would really help us get passed this, I argued.

He smirked again, tapping harder, but not saying anything. So I kept trying to convince him.

Don’t play with my head. I actually want it. It would really help! I almost whined, pleading my case.

Carl suddenly stopped tapping.

Ok, so clear me up here, if I said you could bend over and I would wack you with this hairbrush, you would do it.

I thought about it for a minute. I knew Carl well enough, and I didn’t think he’d go crazy and hurt me. Sure, it would hurt, but I wouldn’t be in any actual danger, right?

What have I got to lose? I asked.

Fortunately you would be safe with me, so there’s really nothing to lose, he started. This isn’t about beating you, or abusing you. This is discipline. It will hurt, but it’s only going to leave your ass a little red. It’s more of a lesson in trust and respect.

Well, I trust you and I want to prove I respect you, I said, looking him in the eye.

If you really want it, you’ve gotta show me, he said, raising an eyebrow.

I was confused for a second. Show him? What? Oh! I figured it out. I just hoped I wouldn’t have to – Well, I thought, maybe I won’t have to. I could just try it this way first.

I stood up and turned, facing Carl, then pulled down my cargo shorts.

Hmm, he said, nodding. Good start.

Shit. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to get totally naked. I felt incredibly embarrassed, but then I realized it’s a necessary part of the process. I knew I wanted to go through with this.

Man-up, Tony, I said to myself. I pulled down my underwear. I couldn’t believe I was standing just a few feet in front of my stepdad, naked, on display.

Carl looked me up and down once, but didn’t stare.

Go ahead and get those the rest of the way off, he said, pointing at my shorts and underwear. I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

Carl spread his legs and patted his left thigh with the hairbrush. I leaned forward, bending down awkwardly onto his thigh, trying to position myself so I wouldn’t be squishing my junk. It ended up against his leg. I rested my elbows on my bed. I was pressed close to Carl and could feel his body heat.

Hang on, hang on, he interrupted. It’s so damn hot in here and we’re both about to get a lot warmer. I’ve gotta get rid of my shirt.

Yep, he’s feeling the heat, too, I thought.

Do you mind? he asked.

Go for it, I said as casually as I could, standing back up. I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable. Wait, why am I trying to make him not feel embarrassed? I’m the one with all of my clothes off!

My thoughts got interrupted as I watched Carl take off his shirt. Wow. You can generally tell when a guy is hairy, but I wasn’t expecting all of that. Carl has hair on his chest, on his belly, even on his shoulders and back. I saw his pits while his arms were up and they were filled with thick hair, too. Carl is easily the hairiest guy I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why, but it made me feel a little more embarrassed and humbled in front of him. My pits are hairy and I’ve got a thick bush, but that’s nothing compared to what he’s got! That’s a man, I thought.

He motioned toward his thigh and I laid back down.

Carl reached his left arm around me, pulling me close. I could feel his wet pit hair on my back. I was pressed up against his side, with my arms out behind him. I couldn’t reach back to protect my ass if I wanted. I could smell him in this position, too. Not really a bad smell, just sweat, and... the only way I can describe it is a guy smell. I’m used to it from being around my friends in the locker room. I was brought back to reality again when Carl hooked his right leg over both of mine, and I was pinned down tightly.

I felt the hairbrush set against my ass, tapping. We’re back to where I started.

Ok, Tony, you ready? Carl asks.

Yes sir, I reply. I’d never called Carl sir before, but it just slips out in the moment, feeling completely natural.


A pretty light one to start off with. Not so bad, I think.


WACK! Wack!

A few more, getting a bit harder.


Whoahhhh I cry out. Those HURT!

I know. Amazing how much a hairbrush can hurt, huh? Carl replies matter-of-factly, slowly rubbing my ass with the firm side.

Yeah, it sure is! I wince. I’m really starting to feel -


Ooohhhhh! I groan. Another five, without warning, even harder. The pain is really starting to get to me, but oddly, I don’t want to fight or get away from Carl. I’m struggling a little bit, but I guess that’s a natural reaction and the reason he’s pinning me against him so tightly. I realize this is actually what I deserve, and I want to take it.


Carl isn’t hitting me any harder, but the hairbrush really bites and the sting is building up more.

Is this what you need, Tony? Carl asks me, calmly. The question catches me off-guard.

I think for a second, as he slowly traces my ass with the hairbrush again.

Yes, it’s exactly what I need, I reply honestly.

Alright, then. 10 more to finish up. I’m gonna give you all I’ve got with these. Understood? Carl says firmly.

Yes, sir, I answer, nodding my head. I brace myself, holding onto Carl.


Ahhhhhh-aah! I cry out. He’s really not holding back!


Okay! I’m SORRY! I’m sorry... I’m REALLY sorry... I yell after the final five. I stay in position, laying over Carl’s thigh.

Good! I’m glad you are... you should be, Carl lectures. Now let’s move past this, ok? It’s over. Fresh start.

Fresh start, I repeat.

Carl pats my ass twice with his hand and eases me back onto my feet, then he stands up, facing me. I reach out to shake his hand and he grabs it, pulling me in for a quick hug and a pat on my back. I feel his sweaty chest hair pressed up against me and pull away, a little grossed out.

Alright, yeah, we better get cleaned up, Carl starts. We don’t want your room to start smelling worse than it normally does.

Hey.... I glare, jabbing at him, playfully. I turn and we bump into each other, both of us headed toward the bathroom. Carl nudges me out of the way and starts walking through the door.

I clear my throat loudly and Carl turns around. I can tell by the look on his face that he realizes he was immediately going back to his old ways.

Oh. Sorry, he says with a smile, gesturing towards the bathroom door, You can have the first shower!

Oh, wow. Thanks, I reply sarcastically. It’s so nice of you to think of me.

Hey, buddy. Watch your attitude, Carl winks at me.

Watch yours, or I might have to give you a dose of that hairbrush sometime! I tease.

Nope. I can assure you that will never happen, Carl replies with his matter-of-fact tone.

You never know, I smirk back.

Just get in the damn shower already, he cuts me off, rolling his eyes and shaking his head with a smile.

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