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Danilo's Bill

by Ivor slipper

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Of course it was all Danilo’s fault, but then it always is as it can’t possibly ever be mine. To be fair to him though, I suppose on this occasion it was really the dog that caused it.

But then it was him who chose a corgi of all things! Who does he think he is – the Queen? Well, he is a queen I suppose you could say, with him prancing around in his ultra-tight sleeveless t-shirts and those skinny jeans that must take him ten minutes to get into every morning. And then there are his long, slim, fingers with the manicured and painted nails...... I could go on, but he’s such a sweet young man really and has fitted in so well as my houseboy.

When he first came to me I had an apartment in the city, but after a year or so I decided that it was time to move to the country and breathe fresh air. So we moved to this heavenly place that is in the middle of nowhere – it was so peaceful and I could get on with my writing undisturbed. After a while Danilo asked me if we could have a dog and I surprised myself by agreeing. It just seemed right for country life. Letting him go and choose it was a big mistake though. I fully expected him to come back with something appropriate for country life like a labrador or golden retriever, instead of which he appears with this corgi! I told him to take it back, but he said it had spoken to him at the Rescue Centre and he just had to save it, so in the end I agreed he could keep it. I soon found out about the speaking though, as it seems to yap constantly whenever he isn’t around – so much for the peace of the countryside......

So today I’d shut myself in my study as I needed to finish the manuscript of my latest novel. My publishers are chasing me for it and I have to admit it is a little overdue, but as I said out loud when I listened to the last phone message they left the other day – greatness cannot be rushed. You see I am a very successful author and this book will be the thirteenth in my series about the ruggedly handsome private detective, Nathan Child.

I’d been working solidly for most of the morning and honestly thought that I could catch a glimpse, somewhere on the horizon, of the surprise ending I wanted for the story, but I finally had to give in to the call of nature. As I came out of the study I simply didn’t see the damned dog lying there and tripped over it. I went flying and ended up winded on the floor while the dog started making noises as if I’d tried to kill it. Danilo came running from the kitchen when he heard the noise and blow me if he didn’t start making a fuss of the dog before attending to me! I suppose he did at least quieten the dog, but even so his priorities were all wrong; after all I’m the one who pays him. However, having attended to the dog he came and helped me to my feet and started to escort me to a nearby sofa where I could lie down and recover. As we were making our way there I heard a horrible crunching noise and on looking down I could just make out one of Danilo’s feet standing on my spectacles. That was all I needed – a pair of broken glasses when I am trying to not only finish the manuscript but have the idea in mind with which achieve that.

After I’d recovered I sent Danilo off into town to get me a pair of replacement spectacles. I’m sure my optician will have something available that will be suitable on a temporary basis until a new pair can be produced. Of course there will be a bill for them which will have to be paid and as I’m sure Danilo is aware that is not the only bill that will have to be settled.

Danilo is of Philippine descent. His parents came here about twenty five years ago and he was born three years after they arrived. He is such a looker with his slim body, olive skin and black hair which he wears in a little fringe coming down over his forehead. To look at you could easily think he was only seventeen or eighteen which is why I insist he always has his driver’s licence with him when he goes out in the car. I wouldn’t want my houseboy being arrested and put in a cell where goodness only knows what might happen to him.

I first met Danilo when he was performing at a club I frequented. There was just something about him that appealed to me in a way no other performer ever had. Often after he’d performed I’d invite him to join me at my table, buy him a drink and have the opportunity to run my hands over the sweaty skin of his arms and legs while we talked. I found out that he still lived at home, but wasn’t happy there. So one evening I took the plunge, gave him my card and told him to call me as I had a proposition for him.

I wasn’t sure he’d call, but a couple of days later he did and I invited him to come round to my apartment. He was understandably reluctant even when I told him I didn’t want sex, but was considering offering him a job. I don’t think he really believed me, but he agreed to come. When he arrived I settled him down in a chair and told him about myself, what I did and the job I had in mind for him. Basically I wanted someone to keep the apartment clean, do the shopping, washing and some cooking, in return for which he would have a room of his own and a small wage.

Danilo accepted my offer and moved in a few days later. Having him there to attend to the mundane things of life enabled me to get on with my writing and the eleventh Nathan Child novel almost flew off my computer. About a month after he’d moved in we had a severe thunderstorm one night, during which a naked and shivering Danilo came into my room, slid under my duvet and clung tightly to me until the storm had passed. The next evening there was no thunderstorm, but there was a Danilo in my bed! And so our relationship went from that of employer and employee to lovers. Also, before you get totally the wrong idea, I should say that I am in my late thirties, with a full head of russet coloured hair, and, judging by the photo on the dust jacket of my twelfth Nathan Child novel, still quite good looking.

It was a couple of months into this new stage of our relationship that I accidentally discovered Danilo enjoys being spanked. He was doing the washing up quite late in the evening after I’d had some friends come over for drinks and a meal. I insist that Danilo hand washes my Noritake dinnerware, even though they say it is dishwasher safe and of course the Waterford crystal glasses can only be washed by hand. So there I was relaxing in an armchair with Pachelbel’s Canon playing quietly in the background when I heard the unmistakeable sound from the kitchen that signifies broken glass. I roused myself and went out to the kitchen where Danilo was on his knees on the floor sweeping up the remains of four white and four red wine glasses.

The glasses could easily be replaced as they were modern not antiques, but that was not the point. Nor was the fact that earlier he had cooked an excellent meal for me and my guests. I watched seething quietly as he carefully swept the floor. When he had finished and got to his feet I did consider telling him to take off his shoes and socks and walk barefoot over it just to ensure that no little shards remained. But I am not that much of an ogre and besides which I rarely venture into the kitchen so there was no real problem as far as I was concerned.

How did this happen, Danilo?

I am very, very, sorry Sir, He usually addressed me in that fashion although sometimes he would use Mr Johnson. I had washed and dried the glasses, put them on a tray and was carrying them to put them away in the cabinet, but my foot slipped and....... He tailed off and there really wasn’t much else to say as what happened afterwards was self-evident.

You do realise that I will have to deduct the cost for replacing these from your wages?

Oh no, Sir, please not, Sir, I beg you. I need the wages for...

Again he stopped and he seemed to be almost on the verge of tears.

I was intrigued, but also concerned. Perhaps he had a drug habit, of which I was unaware, but when I had originally interviewed him he had assured me he didn’t take drugs and I’d seen no evidence while he’d been living here. Why were the wages that important to him? He didn’t seem to ever spend much on clothes or anything else that I noticed, while his food was all provided. I had to know more.

What do you need the wages for Danilo?

There was a long silence while he looked at the floor rather than me.

What do you need the wages for Danilo? I repeated more strongly.

Finally he looked at me. Sir, my older sister she married man from Philippines and they went back there to live few years ago. They have little girl, she three now, but she very sick and need big operation. My sister need money to pay for this.

That came as a surprise I had to admit. From what I knew of Danilo I was sure it was true.

Sir, I know I made big mistake breaking such nice glasses, but perhaps you can punish me in different way and still pay wages to Danilo?

Punish him, I thought to myself. What is the boy talking about? Okay, he isn’t a boy, but his young looks can convince anyone who doesn’t know his true age that he is still in his teens, which is why I often think of him as one.

Punish you in a different way, Danilo? I don’t understand what you mean. What do you have in mind?

He looked down at the ground again for a few seconds, before making a big sigh and then looking at me.

When I was boy at home and did wrong, my father would put me over his knee and spank my bare bum so I learn not to make same mistake again.

I felt a surge of blood to my cock as he spoke. Did I need to pinch myself to be sure this wasn’t a dream? Was Danilo really suggesting I should actually do to him what I had fantasised about doing since almost the first time I’d set eyes on him? Something I had found incredibly hard to resist on some occasions when he’d been in certain positions while we’d made love? Could he somehow know that one of the reasons why my latest Nathan Child novel was late was because of the times when I’d been in my study on my computer supposedly writing it, but I’d actually been reading stories on the MMSA website? They may not have had such complex and intricate plots as my novels, but many of them were well written, plus which, in some of those, in my imagination, Danilo had fitted ideally as the one being spanked!

And is that what you want me to do to you?

Danilo looked at me with what I felt was almost a cheeky grin before replying.

I would be punished, Sir. And.... He paused, looked down at my crotch and quickly added, We’d both enjoy it, Sir.

There was an unmistakeable emphasis on the last Sir

The die was cast as far as I was concerned so I told him to follow me to my bedroom. Once there he made as if to undress but I stopped him, saying,

No, Danilo, if I am going to punish you as if you were a naughty boy then I am going to treat you as one.

He looked slightly surprised as he heard those words, but then I saw a half smile form on his lips and knew that the game was definitely on. I went and sat on the edge of the bed and told him to take off his shoes and socks and then come and stand in front of me. Once he was there I told him to take off the t-shirt he was wearing and then place his hands on his head. Danilo smiled at me as he took in my instructions and then did as he was told. Now I could go about removing the tight, black skinny jeans he was wearing which seemed to cling to every curve of his lower body. When I’d pulled down the zip and managed to lower them a little I discovered that today he was wearing a white tanga style brief, which looked as if it was intended for a female rather than a male, under which his prick was clearly evident.

I’d been surprised when we first had sex to discover that Danilo was circumcised. Apparently it had been done in accordance with Philippine custom just before he became a teen – something I suspected he’d have had to go there to have done. I didn’t mind, his six and a half inch thin member with that rounded head was a joy to behold. Even better, he always kept his pubes shaved which both looked good and made sucking his prick a more enjoyable experience.

I slowly inched the jeans down until they were below his knees. I contemplated leaving the tanga in place as there was nothing at the rear, but decided he should be bare, so that followed the jeans down. Now he stood before me in all his olive skinned glory – not that I hadn’t seen him often before in this state – but not in the same circumstances. I was slightly surprised to see that his prick was semi erect, something I felt sure would change when the spanking started.

Having told him to get over my lap I made sure he was settled comfortably with his feet on the ground and his hands also touching the floor. I couldn’t resist running my hands over his well-rounded arse – so smooth and soft it felt to the touch. Idly I wondered how its colour would change compared to someone with white skin where redness would easily show.

I began by giving just light taps randomly before unexpectedly delivering a much harder spank, on feeling which he jerked. I continued steadily building up both a rhythm and a pattern. He seemed unconcerned except when I might land a harder spank on his crease, or especially at the tops of his thighs. I had been spanking him steadily, but not unduly hard for a couple of minutes before I could detect any change to the colour of his skin. I paused for a moment and rested my hand on his arse; I could feel the warmth from it and as I stroked it I heard Danilo give out what was almost a purring sound. I decided he was enjoying this too much so resumed spanking but with more force. As I continued and was delivering more forceful blows, I felt him sliding across the leather trousers I was wearing as each landed and then slide back. That was when I realised he was getting hard. I made the spanks even harder until I saw him stiffen, moan and then relax. Damn me if he hadn’t cum! I’d read about this happening in stories but not expected to have it happen.

I helped Danilo to his feet and looked down at the cum on my trousers. Danilo followed my look with his own eyes before kneeling down and licking it off; when he had done so he looked up at me.

Sir, I have been punished, now is time for pleasure.

I wasn’t immediately sure what he meant as I’d definitely had pleasure in spanking him as my engorged cock confirmed, but damn me if he didn’t then climb onto the bed and position himself on all fours! I could hardly get out of those leather trousers and remove the rest of my clothes quickly enough. I definitely got pleasure from what followed and judging by his reactions, so did Danilo.

Later in the week I discussed matters with Danilo. We both agreed that what had happened that Saturday night had been most enjoyable and thus repeating it would be a good idea. However, breaking crystal glasses on a weekly basis would be rather expensive.

Eventually I came up with the idea of keeping a tally of things he does wrong during the week and each Saturday present him with a bill. The bill specifies the number of spanks I am going to deliver to his olive coloured round mounds that night.

Over a period this has developed and now in addition to my hand I can spank him with a leather spanker and also a wooden hairbrush. The spanker he enjoys; the hairbrush he rather hates as it concentrates the pain in a very small area, but those little oval circles on his arse do look pretty, although I know for him they are pretty painful.

I also decided to introduce an improvement to our arrangement to add an element of surprise as well as letting Danilo perhaps feel he decided what was to happen. Now each Saturday evening I fold up four pieces of paper on three of which are written hand, or spanker, or brush. The fourth is blank and if he picks that one it means he doesn’t get spanked! Thus after I have stripped him ready for his spanking Danilo selects one of the pieces of paper from a little wooden bowl to decide what happens next.

Tonight, because he broke my spectacles the bill should be quite substantial. The problem I have though is that Danilo so enjoys being spanked it is no real punishment, so perhaps in order to truly punish him I should refrain from spanking him tonight? Perhaps I could cheat and put four folded pieces of plain paper into the bowl.........


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