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Coppertoned Summertimes
Hot Summer Rural Kansas Days and Nights - Part Nineteen - It Starts To Get Complicated

by PJ Franklin

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Part Nineteen – It Starts To Get Complicated

Rather than charge a set fee for using the newly refurbished Otis High School outdoor swimming pool, Otis High School P.E. Department head, Coach Frank Barrett, decided to try a voluntary donation system. Consequent of the pool’s ownership by the local country school district, the pool’s hired teenaged life guards like Aaron Caldwell would be paid minimum wage for the hours spent working at the pool to monitor and enforce pool safety rules and swimming area behaviors.

The donated fees would go towards the pool’s ongoing repair and maintenance needs. If the donations dropped off, then Frank would have to implement a required small fee of all who entered the area. If, however, the pool did as well donation-wise on at least a few of its days of operation as it had on opening day that late summer there would never be a need for a required fee. The community had swarmed into the pool and donated an in-total amount nearly a third of the original monies that Frank had collected from around the Otis-Bison area business community to affect the repairs that he had.

Frank had brought in not only Aaron, but one other boy and girl to help Aaron on opening day. Good thing too. Frank made Aaron provisional head life guard for the day responsible for deciding discipline for any errant young male swimmer and put the girl life guard on duty for any young female troubles in that manner as well.

As usual, the girls were just fine that day and there were a lot of young girls that had come to enjoy the refurbished facility. The boys, another story. Since the pool required that all children under the age of thirteen be accompanied by an adult of at least eighteen years, only boys thirteen and up could be at the pool by themselves.

That meant no parental or other adult supervision for the older male teens. That responsibility was given to Aaron that day. No fewer than six boys aged thirteen to fifteen had been taken by Aaron back to the boy’s lockers for bare bottom discipline that first day. Boys will be boys as they say and if there is a rule to be broken, generally it will get broken and was.

Running on the pool deck. Diving into the pool at the shallow end. General forbidden rambunctious horse-play or fisticuffs anywhere on the property. Any cursing was also to be sanctioned to keep things kosher for the younger kids’ ears.

One by one, as his fellow life guards kept watch, Aaron ushered each errant teen boy back into the boy’s locker, fetched his paddle from its locker space, turned and said, Swim trunks down. OK (fill in the boy’s name), bend over and grab your ankles. Three licks, and then Aaron would watch with great satisfaction as attractive young teen bottoms were bared and positioned.

Aaron would sidle up to said naked boy’s side, rub his bared fanny with the paddle, draw it back and then give that boy his three stinging paddle licks. All of the boys would grab their butts after and do a short spanking dance, shake hands with Aaron and then after a warning that a second go around that day would be worse punishment, be allowed to get their trunks back on and return back into the pool area.

Two boys, one fourteen and one fifteen decided to test out Aaron’s resolve for second go-arounds. Each found that getting not only a second round of three paddle licks bare butt, but also an over-the-knee hind end spanking with Aaron’s palm might be too high a price to pay for challenging his authority. Lessons learned the hard way.

Mostly though, it was just a lot of watching pool area activities and blowing whistles to warn and ward off potential unwanted behaviors. The pool was open from 10AM to 5PM with breaks every two hours of ten minutes as well as a twenty minute lunch rest time during which the pool must be emptied of swimmers, checked and cleaned if needed.

At five PM sharp the doors closed on that first day. Frank sent the other boy and the girl lifeguards home with much thanks for their good work. Finally it was just he and Aaron, Well, what do you think Aaron, did we do good today or what? Frank smiled at Aaron who stood with Frank inside of the locker room after shutting the facility down.

It was great, Aaron grinned, I notice you handed out some discipline to a few young lads, Frank commented, Sure did, Coach. Bare bottoms were paddled and spanked today, Aaron said and then looked down as his cock started to stir just thinking of the bare adolescent-aged boy bottoms that he had turned red that day.

It was not difficult for Frank to see the change in the front of Aaron’s red life guard Speedo, the soft bulge becoming decidedly firm and then lewdly tented the skimpy garment far forward causing Frank’s white short-shorts to do the same. Frank closed the already short gap between them to Aaron’s side and slid his hands down into Aaron’s swim garment, one hand aft, one forward and grasped what he found, one side firm and the other very hard.

Aaron’s smile turned into a grin with eyes closed a moment. He moaned, Oh God Coach. I’ve been getting boners off and on all day, Aaron’s fists clenched at his sides, I kind of thought so, and then Frank pushed Aaron’s red Speedo down to Aaron’s knees baring his teen ass.

The flimsy thin garment slid the rest of the way down to Aaron’s ankles and then to around his feet. Aaron then kicked it aside, turned to face Frank, helped Frank to pull Frank’s polo shirt off and unzipped his skimpy white tennis shorts down and off as well. Then Aaron wrapped his arms around Frank’s neck as he also pressed his lips to Frank’s.

As the kiss deepened, Frank’s palms slid down, one to grasp up both of their erections into his big fist, the fingers of the other one curling around and slipping into Aaron’s butt crack, one fingertip then deftly finding Aaron’s anus and slowly rimmed it.

Aaron’s throat thrummed with pleasure. Frank could feel Aaron’s whole body quiver. Frank’s other fist stepped up its masturbation effort. Aaron broke the kiss and moved his lips close to Frank’s ear, I’m a naughty boy, Coach. Are you going to discipline me? Aaron said huskily. Frank smiled, Get me that paddle you used on those boys, and Aaron was swift to the task and the paddle handle was in Frank’s fist a few short moments later.

Bend over and grab ankles, boy, Frank smirked. Aaron did presenting Frank with two delicious ass globes to turn from pale to cherry red. Frank sidled up to Aaron’s side, rubbed the business surface across Aaron’s cheeks. Aaron closed his eyes and rotated his hips up just right to meet the paddle’s hard surface.

Frank pulled the paddle back, up and then swung through with force and administered the first hard lick ... THWACK! ... Causing Aaron to grimace and groan. Frank rubbed, pulled back and did it again applying yet another resounding loud ... THWACK! ... Which echoed around the small room’s air. Aaron hissed and shook all over, such was the searing hot pain, Three more boy, Frank smirked, Yes sir! Thank you sir! Aaron replied as he tightened his grip on his ankles.

Speaking of grip, Frank used his free hand to fist up Aaron’s softened penis and harden it up before resuming the torrid ass tanning and gave Aaron the last three stinging licks one after the other after which Aaron did what the boys he had punished that day also had done. Aaron launched himself up on high tip-toes towards the ceiling, his palms grabbing his red, welted throbbing bottom cheeks dancing around in a small circle as Frank watched and chuckled, well amused as well as further stimulated by the sight of it.

Aaron watched still wincing as Frank put the paddle back into its locker space, closed the door and then turning, hands on hips furtively pawed at his rabid erection walked over and grabbed Aaron’s ear, Over my knee boy. A good hard lesson for you, he seethed with lust, Oh yes please, Coach, Aaron said,

Please call me Frank when we’re alone like this, Aaron, and Aaron nodded, his head tilted because of Frank’s grip on his ear, Yes, Frank. A good hard spanking, he said and followed his ear to where Frank sat on a bench and pulled Aaron across his lap.

Aaron immediately assumed a proper spanking position knees together, ankles crossed, palms flat onto the locker room floor. He pushed his hips far up causing his red-welted ass cheeks to part and reveal to Frank that which would inevitably distract him from his original task. Frank leered at it first and salivated so much that he started to drool a little.

As soon as Aaron felt Frank’s thumbs pry apart his beaten cheeks he moaned, Oh please Frank, I needing eating out, his voice begged, And I need to eat in, Frank responded, leaned over and slowly slathered his tongue all the way from the apex of Aaron’s butt crack, down, around and over Aaron’s tight pucker.

By now Aaron’s stiffly presented spanking position was deteriorating, his thighs widely splaying so that Frank could lick down to his taint and even then engulfed Aaron’s big full balls into his mouth. Frank then suckled those delicious orbs for quite a long time. Then up again and rimming around Aaron’s twitching pucker wrinkles, Frank then pushed the wet warm tongue muscle tip inside where it belonged.

Aaron then further lost control of his proper position. Up came his right knee and splayed lewdly out, half frog-legging out and pushing his ass firmly into Frank’s face. Frank’s arms and hands aided the effort, one wrapping securely about Aaron’s slender waist and fisted up Aaron’s balls on the other side. The other slipped between Aaron’s parted thighs and grabbed up Aaron’s now moist-shafted erection.

Aaron moaned and writhed, humping his side the best he could into Frank’s trapped erection making Frank moan. Why he would ever want to do anything else but this right now, eating out Aaron’s delicious boy pussy seemed beyond him. Oh, but there was one other compatible thing that might be even better.

And he would make it happen, but first. Frank finally sat back, You are the devil, Frank whispered, firmed his palm, Get ready for spanking, he said huskily and Aaron did by resuming his original stiff and proper spanking posture over Frank’s lap. This time there was no oral-anal reprieve as Frank’s palm came crashing down and started a rapid hand spanking of Aaron’s already well paddled bottom cheeks.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaron’s voice rapidly chirped with nearly every slap-stinging smack that awoke the paddle’s earlier efforts, A good hard lesson boy! Frank said with gusto, Oh yes Frank, sir, give it to me. I need a hard lesson, he replied urging Frank on.

Oh, you’re getting a lesson boy, a hard lesson, and he didn’t mean the spanking now and Aaron knew that as well. Still, there was that hard, big palm of Frank’s to cope with and it had not stopped yet. Aaron winced, grimaced and swore under his breath, but Frank did not hear the curse. Frank growled out the last half dozen spanks and then pushed Aaron down to his knees onto the floor between Frank’s spread knees.

What Frank wanted just then did not have to be said. Aaron just did. Despite the strong urge to rub his punished cheeks, Aaron instead lurched forward, lips parted and engulfed Frank’s angry, red cock head. It was already leaky of pre-cum and as Aaron’s lips engulfed it, he paused to let his tongue lap up the small pearls of liquid pleasure before sliding the big, hard veiny tool into his mouth and then further, all the way to Frank’s pubes.

Frank’s head threw back. Just like Aaron had almost seduced the man into not spanking him, Frank was now thinking that he might let Aaron bring him off this way. A really satisfying blow job. Frank’s fists grabbed up two handfuls of Aaron’s hair and then Frank started to forcibly mouth fuck Aaron. Aaron just kept still and enjoyed Frank owning his mouth. Controlling the action, his own hand on his own erection flogging his own pre-cum moistened shaft.

Enough! Frank blurted pushing Aaron’s slobbery-rimmed mouth off of his tool, Present your ass for fucking, he barked though his dense lewd grin at the teen still kneeling at his feet. Aaron sprang up to his feet and quickly straddling the bench space right next to Frank, bent over to hug the wooden bench, ass up and ready for using.

Frank quickly moved behind Aaron and without mercy, grabbed Aaron’s hips and then moved his angry cock inside of Aaron’s proffered hole. Aaron screamed, Oh shit that hurts! but Frank did not stop. He just started to pound and slam. Aaron got up on extended elbows, looked straight ahead of himself and with tears streaming down his red face howled, Fuck me Frank! Fucking rape my slutty faggot twat!

Frank did. He slammed his meat into the tight receptacle again and again, slapping and spanking, pounding his pelvis into Aaron’s and now Aaron was in sync, looking back and urging Frank on, Come on Frank, you can do better than that. Fucking use that pussy, fucking tear it up! Aaron urged.

So Frank did. He paused and then pulled out and then slammed it back in, again and again, SHIT! Aaron yelped. What was SHIT? Well, SHIT was Aaron ejaculating BEFORE Frank. It was amazing, but Frank did not have time to verbally respond because now he blurted, Hell YES! as his rapture totally commandeered his time and effort.

Frank pulled out and sat down with a hard wincing bound onto the hard bench surface, sated. Aaron flattened himself out onto the bench top a long moment panting for air. Then Aaron slowly got up to his feet, turned and leered at Frank, You are a bad man. You need to be punished, Aaron said.

Frank’s eyes flew open. Aaron had never said that to him, much less after they had both come. There was this odd silence and then Frank smirked, And what are you going to do about it? he dared Aaron. Aaron had already made up his mind. He had always wanted to punish his lover just like his lover punished him. Aaron strode to the locker, plucked the paddle out and turned, but Frank was already bent over grabbing his ankles, game for the younger male to do as he will.

And Aaron did will to give Frank Barrett a good sound paddling and then his own over-the-knee spanking. Despite having emptied both of their balls mere moments before, the pair had their own second go-around. Aaron mouth fucked the grateful P.E. Department head that late afternoon and then he went down on Frank as well.

Passion followed. Hugs, kissing, tongues and then a long shower back in the main gym’s boy’s locker room. Frank treated Aaron to burgers, fries and shakes later in their favorite Otis diner, many coming over to congratulate the pair on that day’s successful opening of the swimming pool, You’re welcome, they would say and then winked knowingly at each other as they played footsie under the table and out of sight of any to see.

* * * * *

Good thing Robert Hamilton was already half awake or he would have been awoken up anyway as his young teen guest flew into his bed at what hour of that morning, Frank was not yet sure of. It was light out is all that his eyes could discern at first before Riley landed on Robert’s chest, straddling the man’s torso and looking down on him.

Robert cast his vision a bit down and found himself staring at quite a sight, the head of a very erect penis, Riley’s. He looked up, I got awake this morning, Pastor and all I could think of was dick, mine. And yours, and then Riley reached back and fisted up the big soft organ into his smaller fist, I thought maybe you’d like a bit of action right in bed. You know, like room service, Riley’s tongue wagged out the corner of his mouth.

Room service, Robert thought and felt Riley’s fist hardening up his cock, Whatever you like Riley, Robert responded, How about ... eating in, Riley smirked, swiveled around and just like that, Robert’s mouth was just hardly two inches below one hell of a sweet, young virginal pucker hole all for him. Robert inhaled deeply of the young teen’s heady boy-musk, put his hands on Riley’s hips and pulled the ready pucker down to greet his lips.

Riley smiled. This was what he had wanted and carefully sat back, reaching forward and fisted up Robert’s now more than half-hard penis. Now Riley grinned as Robert’s tongue was laving in and out of his tight young hole just right, the Pastor’s fingers gripping Riley’s hips. Robert moaned and finally Riley saw what else he wanted and very carefully fingered up the pre-cum that was gathering on Robert’s hard penis tip and slipped the finger between his lips. Delicious!

Maybe a 69 Pastor so that we can suck cock together, that is after you get your fill of my boy pussy, Riley said quite loudly. Robert just grunted. He was not finished eating boy pussy, not nearly, so Riley just stayed still until finally Robert’s head fell back, I can’t any more. I want to, but I can’t, Robert sighed.

That’s OK Pastor. Everyone has their limits, and then watched as Riley’s ass came up as Riley’s torso flopped down and then Robert grinned as his cock ended up in Riley’s small but skilled mouth. Robert looked at Riley’s young ass cheeks and finally spanked each cheek, hard, That’s it Pastor. Teach me a lesson. Put me over your knee if you like, Riley said and then went back down on Robert. Choices, choices, always choices.

Only this was a very nice choice. Spank or get sucked on. And not only that, but Riley had aggressively slipped his small hand between Robert’s thigh and now Riley’s naughty fingertip was probing at Robert’s anus making Robert think twice about moving at all and letting the boy get him off orally with his finger slid up Robert’s back door.

Oh Riley. That’s it boy. Get that finger in there, Robert moaned. Riley just smiled to himself as he bobbed up and down on the Pastor’s erection and got his finger into Robert’s bum all the deeper, Oh Jesus! Robert yelped (the Jesus part not exactly Robert’s style mind you, but still). And well, it was because Riley had forced him to ejaculate and all Riley could do was gulp down man sperms into his tummy as Robert was up-fucking Riley’s mouth kind of spontaneously.

After it finished, Riley sat back up and turned himself around on Robert’s torso and faced him again, Was I a good boy or a bad boy? he grinned. Robert thought, A bit of each, he said, Do I need to be spanked? Riley asked and Robert thought, Do you want to be spanked? Robert asked the young male teen, Well sure! I love being spanked. You’re a good spanker. Bryce says so, and all Robert could so was chuckle.

The spanking was not harsh, just playful at the bedside. Riley giggled and then winced as Robert slapped his buttocks slowly enjoying this casual approach to discipline pleasure. Then the phone rang. Who was calling at this time of day, but it was later than Robert realized, Up you go young man, I need to answer the phone.

Robert. It’s Charlie, and that set the tone for the rest of Robert’s day and maybe life, We need to talk. Can you meet me at the church in an hour? and Robert sighed, Sure Charlie, he said, but Robert had been expecting the call from the head deacon for quite a while now and knew by the sad tone in Charlie’s voice what the subject would be. That Robert’s tenure as the church Pastor in Otis was starting to come to an end.

What’s wrong Pastor? Riley noticed right away without having heard a word, Get dressed Riley. We’re going to the church for a bit and then I’m going to treat you to breakfast out! and Riley grinned, but only a moment. Something was bothering his now favorite male adult, but Riley did not know what it was.

Charlie Richardson’s news in private to Robert in Robert’s church office was not really news to Robert at all. Small towns. Small town attitudes. Unrealistic expectations of leadership. Rumors of divorce between Robert and Verna were making the rounds. Mumblings of Robert needing to resign because by golly, Pastors of churches were supposed to never have personal problems or divorce like half his congregation seemed to be at all times. Just small town hypocrisy, no surprise there of course.

It’s not what I want Robert. I just don’t want you to go through this, Charlie sat forward in his chair in front of Robert’s office, I know Charlie. You’re just being a good friend. I have kind of known lately that I probably should move on anyway. Do something different. Go back to school. Get my law degree, Robert sat back as well behind his desk, Oh? Where may I ask? Charlie asked with interest.

Lawrence, Robert replied meaning the University of Kansas of course, Lawrence? Charlie smiled, My brother is in Lawrence. Car dealership. I can call him and see if he can help if you like, Charlie offered. Robert shrugged. He had no idea what a car salesman could do to help him on the one hand. On the other, he knew that Charlie was just trying his best to make an unpleasant situation feel better somehow.

So was Riley. Riley listened to the serious adult conversation watching Robert’s distressed face the entire time. Whatever was going on concerning the church Pastor seemed sad and unfair. Riley wanted to help Robert as much as Charlie seemed to want. So Riley slipped out of the office, went down the hallway and entered the men’s room. Once there, his idea to help Robert was put into action.

Robert’s eye caught Riley leaving the office, but didn’t think much of it as he replied, That would be great old friend, and then bid Charlie good-bye ushering the man out of the office and even out to the small church parking lot where he watched Charlie drive off in his truck.

The morning sun bore down on Robert as he turned to look at the church building itself. It seemed to somehow look different now after Charlie left. It had been in a previous iteration a meeting hall for a social organization before it was a church. The Elks Club or some such, Robert could not really remember. It was in the end just a thirty year old converted and now dilapidated building for God’s sake.

It needed work. That took lots of money now-a-days. It was really only the same kind of building as one of those multi-million dollar superstructure churches in Dallas, Texas where those mega-rich church pastor men preached from fancy technologically advanced pulpits.

Robert never needed surround-sound to preach from his old hand-me-down pulpit. All he needed was a heart full of love for the people that listened to him. Robert looked up into the high blue, sun-drenched sky, I really don’t need this place you know, he said to whoever might be listening and then walked back into the structure,

Somebody needs to buy this place and turn it into something actually useful, and then he thought, Where is that boy? and then he knew where Riley was likely off to. As soon as Robert entered the men’s bathroom he saw the boy’s bare feet behind a closed toilet stall door.

Robert’s loins stirred, Riley White. Get your behind out here right now! and Riley finally sighed with a big shit-eating grin, bent down to pull his trousers and underwear up to his knees and then emerged, his erection still in his fist before his hands dropped to his sides.

Robert growled as he saw what Riley had obviously been doing, March! Robert pointed to the door, Yes Pastor sir! Riley grinned, his face red with a mixture of glee and at least a little embarrassment. The idea was working, however.

Where we going? Not back to your office? Riley asked as Robert turned to move down the hallway away from it, You’ll see, Robert said as the corridor finally opened up to the main room that Robert preached every Sunday. He quickly recalled the time that he had done what he was about to do with Riley, with son, Bryce. His precious son (Part Ten).

Yes, there was a momentary feeling of guilt over the fact of as well as the number of times that he had sex with his son. They called that incest. To Robert, it was just sex. Meaningful and so much more satisfying than anything he had ever accomplished with his now to be ex-wife, Verna. Not her fault, but not his either. And now Robert recalled having sex with Bryce not that long ago in this main church building room that is called the sanctuary.

A sanctuary is supposed to be a place where beleaguered humans might flee from danger and be protected from harm. More hypocritical irony. As much harm as good had been offered in similar sanctuaries from behind pulpits like his. Maybe more actually. Just maybe a little pleasure offered now and again might be preferable to discouraging folks with harsh words of censure as he was sure others were now mongering about him and Verna.

The very thought angered him now. After all he had done for them, they were going to kick him out of the church? Robert’s eyes narrowed, Come on Riley. I am going to punish you here in the sanctuary for being a very naughty boy in the bathroom, Robert said the words out loud so that God could hear, so to speak.

If God wanted to strike Robert down with bolts of divine lightening, he better get to it and fast because Robert decided that he may as well be doing this in the middle of the streets of Otis or in somebody’s barn or in a grocery store aisle in front of the rows of soda pop in front of everyone. In other words, location meant nothing.

Riley followed the adult up the steps at the front of the church where Robert looked at the pulpit, shook his head and moved the damn thing out of the way. Then he got one of chairs and put in square in the middle where the pulpit used to be and sat down, Come here boy, he pointed to between his spread knees.

Riley’s cock was hard as nails as he realized that he was about to be spanked and God knew what else right here in this room were people sat to listen to church sermons! Was God going to strike them both dead? Riley didn’t know, nor really did he care. He cared about the man sitting down in the chair. That’s what he cared about.

Riley jumped to between Robert’s knees and then watched as the man’s hands unzipped Riley’s trousers and pantsed him bare ass, Over my knee boy, Robert said. Riley went over and then grinned to himself as he knew what Robert was now looking at.

Here we go again, Robert smiled recalling how Riley had so jovially jumped into bed with him that early day. God bless this kid. Robert wished there was a bit more Riley in him. In everyone and especially so in all of the sour-faced judgmental adults like apparently many in his soon to be ex-congregation.

Robert’s thumbs pried apart the pale young male globes bringing Riley’s still virginal pucker hole wide open to the room air. Sensing the moment, Riley lifted his hips, A good tongue-fucking Pastor? Riley blurted. Robert’s face burned scarlet. He looked out at the rows of pews and scowled at them, Yes Riley. A good, long tongue fucking of your tight little boy hole, Robert said loud and clear preaching to the invisible shocked crowd of parishioners.

Robert then leaned forward and took his sweet time, rimming and nuzzling his mouth and nose into Riley’s butt crack, fisted up Riley’s erection as well and gently masturbated it. Riley wiggled, squirmed, moaned and giggled as the adult was making him feel like a million dollars. He lost track of where he was, Robert as well.

Holy fuck! the voice said startling both man and boy up there on the dais. Robert looked up and sighed. There stood his sons, Bryce and Jordan, May we watch? Bryce grinned up to his father, You scared the life outta me boys, Robert said with pursed lips, nonetheless very glad to see both Bryce and Jordan by his side,

You went and left the front church doors unlocked, dad. Anyone could have walked right in on you, Bryce chided. Robert rolled his eyes. His son was right of course, After that scare? No. You can’t watch. You have to help, Robert replied, proud of his clever retort, Sure! Bryce grinned up at his father, Jordon too!

Riley was in heaven now. Laying across Robert’s knees, his mouth full of Jordan Bentley’s hard cock, Bryce Hamilton’s head buried into his ass crack rimming and tongue-fucking him, Robert’s hand masturbating on his erection. Then Bryce’s head would come up and Jordan would smile and Riley too as he heard father and son kiss passionately over Riley’s ass.

Then Robert brought in Jordan’s head to kiss his son, Bryce, by now Jordan’s lover. And then it was his turn and he kissed Jordan as Bryce’s eyes widened with lustful wonder at Jordan and his dad, How about me down here? Riley finally smirked, You shush up. Spank him dad, Bryce smirked and Riley felt the good Pastor’s palm shut him up with a nice if brief reminder of who was in charge.

Riley was not nor did he want to be. Jordan then made sure that there would be no more audible chirps from the youngest male in the room by slipping his erection back into Riley’s willing mouth. Riley sighed and suckled like a satisfied baby on a milk bottle nipple as Bryce renewed his efforts to entirely clean the boy’s anus out spic and span with his busy tongue.

Did you get your things all right, Jordan? Robert asked Jordan, Robert’s finger running through son, Bryce’s mop of hair. Jordan’s hips gently mouth-fucked Riley’s face as he answered, his hands supporting Riley’s head, Sure did Pastor, but it was way weird. The way my mom and dad acted like they could not believe that I was moving out, Jordan explained.

They were rude and treated Jordan like crap, dad. It was awful. Tell the truth Jordan, Bryce chided his best friend and lover and then resumed eating boy pussy. Jordan shrugged, Bryce is right. It was painful, Jordan said. Robert teared up a little. Nobody deserved to be treated like that and especially a son, It will be OK, Jordan, Robert reassured. Funny, more irony. The space around them was actually being used as a real sanctuary for Jordan against the despicable actions of his parents.

OK, who wants to suck this good boy off? Robert called a halt to the proceedings. Two hands flew up of course, Riley, you choose. I’m no longer in the business of deciding things for you boys. You’re on your own, Robert said as he helped Riley to standing,

Let’s see. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Riley pointed to Bryce and Jordan one after the other, Catch a hot boy by his toe. If he hollers let him go. My mother told me to pick the very ... best ... one, his finger ending up pointing at Jordan, Shucks! Bryce pretended to be miffed. Jordan beamed, Better luck next time!

Come here boy, Robert said to his son as Riley kneeled at Jordan’s feet and slipped the already brandished erection between his lips. Bryce sidled up to his father who embraced him, I talked with Charlie, Bryce. It’s time for your old man to move on, Robert said, the verbalization feeling sad to Robert. To Bryce too.

Tears welled in Bryce’s eyes and he hugged his dad tightly, I know daddy. It’s time, he said and then initiated a very deep and very passionate kiss with his father, Jordan beaming his approval over at the father and son pairing, but not for long as Riley White had his full attention now. Jordan’s hands gently guided Riley’s efforts but even he knew that was very unnecessary as Riley was having the time of his life fairly expertly sucking down the older boy’s cock.

Bryce took a hold of his dad’s hands and slid them down and behind to his ass. Robert’s fingertips curled onto his son’s backside. Bryce’s hands slid down to his dad’s groin and pawed at the tented-hardened organ under the fabric, Daddy, punish me here right now. A good hard spanking please, Bryce whispered in Robert’s ear.

Wow! Jordan’s attention was taken from the boy on his knees at his feet just then, What? Riley popped his lips off from Jordan’s erection and turned his head and gawked with Jordan as they watched Bryce bare his bottom and slide across his dad’s knees.

Jordan reached for and got a hold of Riley’s hand and took him over to watch, but Riley had a better idea and right in front of the father and son action, kneeled at Jordan’s feet and turned Jordan so that he could suck dick and watch Bryce with father, Robert, Oh daddy it hurts! Bryce’s red face mirrored both pain and pleasure as his old man spanked his upturned boy bottom, Hold off Riley, please, Jordan’s face winced up into desire.

Riley sat back, looked up at Jordan’s staring at the spanking scene and then grinned, I think Jordan wants to be spanked too Pastor! Riley gleamed. He was not wrong, either. Robert paused the spanking, That right Jordan? he asked, Yes sir! Jordan crisply replied.

It was a bit awkward at first, but Robert managed and with Riley’s help, he and Riley punished Bryce and Jordan who had taken to straddling Robert’s strong knees for duo spankings. Riley’s hands were very busy now, squeezing big boy balls making Bryce and Jordan wince with both stinging spanks as well as from their balls being boy-handled from between their thighs, the ache as punitive as the spanks,

That’s it Riley, punish those bad boy balls, Robert grinned to Riley who then leaned in and pressed his lips onto the older man’s lips. Robert paused the spankings and slipped one finger each into Bryce’s and Jordan’s fuck holes as he munched mouth with the younger boy. When the kiss parted, Robert asked Riley, Which spanked boy bottom would you like to fuck, Riley. I’ll fuck the other one, Robert offered.

From their precarious head down positions over Robert’s knees Bryce looked over at Jordan now and gave him a knowing thumbs up for what was proposed. Jordan nodded with his thumb up both waiting for the pairings to be announced, Actually Pastor, you should fuck your son, I’ll take Jordan. He’s my bitch now, Riley smirked.

Robert laughed, Indeed Riley, indeed! as Bryce and Jordan were now put on all fours up on the dais, heads facing the empty pews ahead as Robert and Riley mounted their charges from behind, side-by-side actually and close enough that as Robert ass-fucked his son and Riley ass-reamed his son’s lover, they kissed across the gap, but so did Bryce and Jordan kiss in front.

More than that, Robert reached over and spanked on Riley’s ass as Riley’s hips were pounding into Jordan’s ass which only made Riley more insistent to give Jordan a good hard fuck worth having, Spank that bad boy ass, Pastor! Riley shouted and he did and then they kissed again.

Fuck me dad, fill me up! Bryce blurted to his dad, Give it to me big boy! Jordan urged Riley on. A half dozen more thudding poundings and both Riley and Robert howled their raptures and filled up two needy boy asses, I’m starved. You boys care to dine out with me for breakfast? Robert asked as they put themselves back together again. He was greeted by three enthusiastic acceptances and off they went, leaving behind the erotic scent of what all of them could, each in his own way, say was a good season of Christian passion and fun inside of God’s house of worship.

* * * * *

It had been about an hour since Nathan Foster had bid his father, Henry, good-bye and watched the family car speed down the property’s dirt road kicking up dust and gravel along its path. It was now just him, Gage and Gage’s father, Horace and the boys now intended to get busy at their several hours of mandatory chores for the day. Best intensions and all that.

What happened instead was about forty-minutes of chores in the barn followed by two boys getting naked and making out way back in the barn supposedly out of sight of father, Horace. Naturally, guided by his own fatherly instincts Horace sensed that something was amiss and went looking for it. He quickly found his son and his son’s obvious lover kissing and pawing at their naked bodies when they should be doing chores,

Ahem! Horace scowled standing just a short distance away hands on hips. The boys about jumped out of their birthday suits at the angry sounding voice, turned and their eyes riveted on what Horace now held in his fist. A doubled up belt suitable for punishing bare boy butt. The two miscreant teens were motioned to the near-by hay bale where the dry, prickly hay pieces could torture two pair of bare knees that were perching up two side-by-side pair of fresh, pale boy cheeks.

Horace sighed. It was very obvious that the scene was turning the boys on. Their penises were stiff as wooden beams angling down from between their thighs. Horace felt obligated to make the boys’ punishments less than pleasurable, but what to do?

Horace thought. There was only one thing to do even though he had never done anything like this, ever. He set the belt aside and then carefully reached in between the boys’ side-by-side spread thighs. Gage’s eyes especially widened. What was this? A fist on his cock? And not Nathan’s. No, it was his dad’s!

Gage craned his neck around, Daddy? and saw the uncomfortable but determined look on Horace’s face, Shush boy. I’m trying to concentrate, but it can’t be any worse than trying to milk cows, he said tightening his grips on the boys’ erections.

Milk ... what? Gage felt confused, He’s going to get us off like we do sometimes before spankings idiot, Nathan hissed to Gage, but with a sly smile kind of impressed by Mr. Whitney’s bold and unexpected move. Gage liked the feel of his dad’s fist, maybe too much.

Gage Whitney could not recall any fantasy of his that had ever involved his own dad. Then again, he had sex with Frank Barrett. Not a father, but a fully grown adult man. Then there was Robert Hamilton. Hell, his own dad was just a good looking as the church Pastor. Maybe more.

Still, Gage felt a tad mischievous now. Fine. If his father wanted to up the ante, he could as well. Gage turned his head as his father’s fist was really starting to make progress, Kiss me, he stared at Nathan. Nathan also had little reference for what was happening save Frank Barrett and Robert Hamilton though there had been his junior high school math teacher around his father’s age that had given him erotic pause.

Gage’s request seemed fair to him and now it was time for Horace to pause his manual efforts and stare a bit as the boys pressed their lips together right in front of him. For the first time Horace felt envy for the freedom that his son and his son’s lover seemed to always have albeit not in front of him or Henry.

But there was a job to finish and Horace did as finally Gage and Nathan had to stop their kissing, duo raptures at hand, literally, and then their balls emptying of semen onto the dusky-dry hay bale below as intended.

That should help, Horace mumbled, picked up the belt, doubled it up and went to work to lay leather onto the two perfectly upturned boy bottoms. The boys just looked at each other as the belt licks fell bound and determined to not break down before the other. Horace had other plans.

If he had allowed the boys to experience the pleasure of his fists getting them off, now they would pay and pay dearly. Horace’s shoulder might pay later, but for now he tanned hides and tanned them good by golly, Daddy please, it hurts bad! his son’s voice finally pleasured Horace’s ears, Please no more Mr. Whitney! Nathan doing his part just after which also pleasured his host’s adult ears as well.

Horace did not stop with leather whippings. He made the boys stand as he sat on the bales and then took them each over his knees and demonstrating his ambidexterity, spanked each red-leather-welted ass with his hands. The boys could only hold hands, tears streaming and wait for the punishments to have their ways with them.

When Horace finally heard two sobbing young man, he stopped, Have I made my point that it’s always chores first and then hanky-panky last? he asked, Yes daddy, sir! Gage chirped, Yes sir, Mr. Whitney! Nathan chirped as well. Horace laid on one more dozen hard hand spanks making the boys yelp and wince one last time and then got the boys standing.

Next time, I’ll milk you both twice, now get back to work you two, Horace huffed, Yes sir daddy. Thank you daddy for my punishments, Gage went to hug his father and so did Nathan and this was all unusual.

Horace seldom hugged, but he did now, I’d tell you both to behave but that would be ridiculous. Give him hell for me later, Nathan. Gage, I love you son, but it seems you’re Nathan’s bitch lately, turned and walked out of the barn sporting a huge satisfying smirk and leaving both boys totally slack-jawed at his surprise closing comment.

Gage turned to Nathan, Well, that cat is certainly out of the bag, and Nathan nodded, Probably wasn’t ever much in the bag in the first place I reckon, and Gage nodded his agreement. They both rubbed their sore bottoms and looked down at their once again, erect penises,

Your daddy sure knows how to properly punish bare bottoms. Has he ever milked you before like he just did us? Nathan asked, No. I didn’t even know he knew how, much less why, Gage scratched his head admiringly of his father’s unexpected mettle and daring to have done it at all, I reckon you’re gonna give me the business later? Gage asked, Sure am! Let’s hurry and finish up, Gage nodded mystified still by his father’s very unusual behavior.

Horace Whitney had never fucked a male before. Was never offered. He fucked girls when he was younger and once in a while, women. He had certainly fucked his son’s mother but had not enjoyed it all that much really. His own right hand had been boring him for years now and he didn’t care for pornography. So when later he saw his son and his son’s lover come back into the home’s kitchen after chores were finished he was not a little envious at the love, both physical and otherwise that they obviously shared.

Horace knew that his son had been fucking with Henry’s son, well, for a long time now. Horace knew that Henry knew as well because it had been mentioned between the men in passing more than once. For himself, Horace had decided as most men did early on in life that he was just not interested in sex with males; but lately really didn’t mind that Gage was once he knew.

Horace had now to admit, however, that he had actually enjoyed milking the boys before whipping their tails. Enjoyed it, but didn’t understand why he enjoyed it much less willing to admit that he enjoyed it a lot, actually. His loins stirred as he sat at the kitchen table sipping on his coffee just then recalling what he had done with the boys.

Loin stirring was becoming all too rare now-a-days for him and he was too young to give it up. He caught Gage’s eyes and though not asking the boys over, Gage and Nathan came over to him, Chores are all done daddy. Nathan and I are going upstairs to shower and all, Gage said. Horace sighed, Good then. Have fun boys, Horace let slip out looking from one to the other. Gage looked at Nathan and then back at his dad, the comment about fun coming from him sounding oh so strange.

The silence that followed between the three of them though brief was very awkward. Gage decided then and there that if his dad knew about him and Nathan and had been willing to lay hands on him and his lover as he had, why not just say it. So he did, If you like daddy and want to ... you know, join in and all, and expected Horace to become angry or at least clear the air over the whole unspoken thing, then fine. Get it out and over with.

Join in? Horace looked at his boy. Was he serious? Fathers did not do that sort of thing with their boys, did they? But then Horace felt the erotic urge to capitulate to the offer and that felt good like it had not for a very long time. Nathan looked from father to son, fascinated.

Wow, how hot would it be to watch as Gage went down on his dad’s cock, maybe even watching Gage get a good dad-fuck? He wouldn’t mind a good fuck from Mr. Whitney, a hardened, handsome farm-man and in doing so did not think about his own father in that regard. Could he get away with egging on the Whitney’s? Why not try,

A good spanking. A good hard fucking or sucking, Mr. Whitney. Why involve women when you have your son and me too, right here, Nathan said adding himself to the mix. Gage looked at Nathan like his lover was nuts, but was he? Nathan shrugged to Gage and Gage finally admitted to himself that maybe it could work, so he jumped in with both feet,

How about we shower and meet you in your bedroom daddy, OK? Gage offered. Horace closed his eyes a moment. All this was getting very real. He should say no, close the door right now before he did something that you cannot take back, ever. There were considerations after, one of them right in front of him, What about your father, Nathan? he asked Nathan who shrugged,

He doesn’t have to know, Mr. Whitney. I’m of age. I can choose who I want to fuck and he can’t say a thing. If you think it will sour your friendship with him if he finds out, that’s your call, not mine, Nathan replied with surprisingly swift, mature and good logic. Horace nodded. The boy had a point so Horace made his choice if with a great deal of skeptical reluctance,

I’ll be in my bedroom. You can change your minds any time, really thinking to himself that he would most likely be the one to change his mind. Horace then stood up and went upstairs and into his bedroom wondering if life could get any more screwed up feeling than it already was, great doubts looming.

* * * * *

Like friend Horace Whitney, Henry Foster had been sans womanly sexual satisfaction for years now. His own wife, Nathan’s step mother actually, was never around any more. After son Nathan was born, she gravitated towards the money that Henry generated from his real estate business and that was about it. No more sex.

Like Horace, Henry was tired of his right hand and envied his son’s relationship with Horace’s son, Gage, even if sex with males neither natively appealed nor had occurred to him. Though he would never yet say it out loud one way or the other, Henry was happy for Nathan in that manner, however.

The trip home without Nathan was boring and Instead of calling ahead to let his young business trainee, twenty-three-year-old Michael Hunt, know that he was going to make a surprise in-person return to his office that day, Henry just drove to his office, got out of the car and walked in the businesses’ front door as was his right as owner. He had taken Michael on a few months before as a favor to a good friend, Michael’s father in an effort to get the boy interested in making something of himself.

Michael liked the work well enough, took to it and promised himself and Mr. Foster to get his real estate license over time and until then, assist Mr. Foster any way he could including most recently keeping his eye on things while his boss was away with his son elsewhere in Kansas. Well, apparently, when the cat is away, the mouse will play.

As Henry walked right into his office right there in front of him, even with the blinds closed, was Michael and another boy about Michael’s age. Both naked, the other boy bent over the side of Henry’s desk, Michael fucking him up the ass. Naturally, Michael pulled out and the other terrorized boy fled out the front door barely taking time to grab his clothes much less dressing first.

Henry slammed the door shut and then glared at Michael who stood with a flagging erection, head down and not bothering to hide his shame. Was everyone around him having sex with other guys expect him and Horace? Henry liked Michael, but Michael was his trainee in part because Michael had been a fuck-up of sorts and this was his first second chance in life as it were.

Is that what you have been doing while I’ve been away? and then Henry looked at the pile of messages on his own desk top. Slips of colored paper of all sizes about things not getting done that Michael should have taken care of before today. Michael was maximally chagrinned and humiliated now of course. He had nothing say, but Henry certainly did,

You have a choice Michael. One of two. Get your things and get out or take punishment and start over. What will it be boy? Henry asked. This surprised Michael who expected to be shit-canned on the spot without choice,

Punishment Mr. Foster! Please give me a second chance! he quickly replied before the offer was rescinded, You may change your mind after I tell you that I am going to give you a hard spanking over my knee, boy, Henry scowled at the limp-dicked boy only now his penis re-erected and not slowly.

Michael grimaced as he could not hide his obvious interest in the offer of a spanking. Maybe Mr. Foster had not noticed that the boy that Michael had been fucking had very red bottom cheeks. Michael had spanked him as foreplay before anal intercourse. Henry just stared at the erection no longer naïve about such things if he ever had been,

Spanking turn you on boy? Henry then asked. Michael looked up, more surprise on his face, Um, yes sir. I reckon a good sound spanking over the knee is a good thing, he said, Apparently so, Michael, Henry said and for the first time felt the stirrings that apparently were commonplace for some around him for weeks now back at Horace’s place. Henry’s dick was now interested even if Henry was not or surprised of it. Michael’s easy and instantaneous enthusiastic response spurring him on. So, why not go further?

You will suck me off after I punish you boy. Is that acceptable? Henry asked having never made that kind of request of a male ever before. Now Michael further brightened up, Oh yes sir! If you want, you can fuck me too. I’ll do anything to stay on with you Mr. Foster! and now Henry lightened up as his penis had not been this hard for so long that it pained to even think on it.

Then Michael stared as the leather belt looped through Mr. Foster’s slacks. It was not heavy, but heavy is not what Michael was interested in. Henry saw Michael’s interest and doubled it up, Is this what you were looking for? Henry asked. Michael smiled, Sure is Mr. Foster. A good belting ought to do both of us good, and then bent himself over the side of Henry’s desk top where the other boy had been a short while before.

The longer and harder Henry belted Michael’s young ass, the higher and more presented that ass become, clear up onto Michael’s tip-toes, his face a picture of pure pleasure. Henry stopped and realized that he had been staring at what was between Michael’s now crimson cheeks, the boy’s butt hole.

Michael looked back wondering why the licking had stopped and saw Henry licking his lips, A good tongue fuck would be nice Mr. Foster, he offered but never expected what happened next as Mr. Foster had Michael hike his knees up onto the desk edge and then moved in back of Michael.

Henry knew that men and women did this sort of thing all the time, but he still couldn’t believe that he was about to do the same, with a man and not a female. Henry’s heart was thudding with both great fear, but also building desire, one he had never experienced.

Maybe the smell would repel him, but the closer his face got to Michael’s ass center the more attractive it all seemed to become. Henry firmly steadied his hands on Michael’s hips and then slowly moved in and furtively flicked his tongue onto Michael’s puckered orifice, Oh holy lord, Michael sung to himself only as the feeling of the older man’s tongue getting a feel for his sex-flesh might be the most exciting feeling ever!

Quite out of the blue, Henry then realized that it was now too late. He was already hooked maybe like that first time a person snorts blow. The high it causes that first time is unlike anything else. So it was now as his cock wanted to explode in his trousers as his tongue started some serious hind end licking. Michael moaned loudly as Henry then proceeded to quickly wear out and fatigue both his tongue and his jaw trying to get more and more contact over and inside of Michael’s sweet back door.

Michael turned the predator now, and when Henry had to stand up to rest and wipe his mouth, Michael took the initiative and stood up and unexpectedly pressed his lips to his boss’s. Henry’s arms flailed about having never kissed a male before, but kissing is kissing and for whatever reason this appealed ever more than ass-eating. The mouth munch did not last long and in any case had also shocked Henry’s sensibilities, but then Michael’s wise offer to spank Michael again and then fuck him spanned the unnerving surprise to the other side of it.

The hand spanking was short lived, but Henry actually and openly enjoyed it, quite a lot really. Suddenly he saw the appeal in it that had puzzled him after he knew what son Nathan and Horace’s son, Gage, had been doing all of those times.

Michael enjoyed the unexpected pleasure of laying across the older man’s knees and showed his appreciation by reaching back and molesting Henry’s tented trousers. After that fucking is fucking, because holes are just holes and Michael had one. Henry knew. He had just had his mouth and tongue all over it.

After the spanking seemed sufficient to them both, Michael helped guide the newbie adult and then Henry took over and ass-reamed the smiling younger experienced male. Henry felt the wonderful feeling of rapture as Michael’s very tight boy pussy made sure of that.

Michael stood after Henry emptied his big man balls into him. Henry looked down at Michael’s unrequited erection. A small part of Henry wanted to go down on it, but mostly not, Maybe I should do this myself, Michael offered, No! You will not. This is my office. I am your boss, now keep still, Henry said and to both men’s surprise, Henry came over and fisted up Michael’s cock, Kiss me boy! Henry went even further.

Then as they kissed, Henry’s fist made sure that Michael’s cock understood who was its boss, Henry’s fist and it got off Michael’s balls very well spattering semen to the floor below, Now clean this mess up and let’s get some work done, Henry barked out at the end, Yes sir Mr. Foster, right away boss! Michael replied.

Henry was not done with surprises and after the work was done and it was closing time Henry looked at Michael, I’m taking you home with me, he said not giving Michael any kind of a choice, Yes sir! Michael said more surprised at Henry than Henry was surprised at Henry for having offered.

* * * * *

Another whiskey, Jess, neat, Horace said and watched as the bartender refilled his glass sans ice and then Horace made quick work of it. Jess chuckled, Problems with the fairer sex, Horace? the usual question that the tavern’s owner would ask after observing that familiar customer Horace Whitney, A, did not usually drink hard liquor in his establishment and B, was without a wife to do what all men want, sex.

Horace stared through his rising blood alcohol at Jess wishing the man to shut the fuck up for once and wipe that silly grin from his ugly face. If only it were about women. Well, it was and it wasn’t. Horace had chickened out of his son and son’s lover’s suggestion that he have sex with them.

Just could not do it for several reasons. Hell, he only needed one reason and that was what bothered him. He had to find at least two before he got dressed and fled his home on a bee-line for the tavern in Otis. Here he could think if Jess would get out of his face for thirty seconds, Something like that, Horace’s eyes narrowed and then he threw back number two and then paused before asking for drink number three, She must be a beauty to have you hauling back liquor like an alcoholic, Jess commented.

Jess, just go away please, Horace barked throwing cash down onto the counter. Jess laughed, Fine, Horace, fine. Just tell me who she is and maybe I can help, Jess said picking up the money as Horace contemplated throwing the refilled drink glass back at the bartender’s smug face.

Instead he picked it up and moved clear to the other end of the long bar counter next to somebody he thought he recognized. Oh yea. It was that young guy that was new. Working down at the Cooperative where all the farm and animal feed and equipment was sold now-a-days. Funny. He didn’t look twenty-one, but must be or even Jess would have tossed his young ass out the door.

He looked. OK, he looked like an older version of his son, Gage. The boy was nursing a nearly empty bottle of beer. In fact the same brand that Horace usually drank. The boy turned his head, You’re ... you’re Horace Whitney, he said slightly inebriated was all.

I am. And you are? Horace asked, Connor Best. My daddy owns the co-op, but that didn’t make sense. The Best Co-op had been around for decades. Horace should have known of Connor way before now and Connor knew the look, I just moved back with my dad. He and mom divorced when I was five and I’ve lived in Missouri with her until recently, and that made sense.

Horace nodded, It’s a good business. Your father and I go back a long ways, Horace said, How do you know my name already? Horace then asked, Daddy talks about everyone. Described you to a tee. I just got lucky is all, and Horace felt flattered, Let me buy you another beer, Connor, Horace decided and Connor accepted.

The side glances that Connor started to give him as the conversation lost momentum bothered Horace at first until another drink loosened his tongue, Would you like to take a picture of me Connor? Might last longer, Horace finally blurted, Sorry, Connor said and turned his head the other way blushing for what he had been thinking just then.

Horace chuckled, We don’t do sorry around here son. We give boys who are impertinent ass whippings. Works better, Horace chuckled. Connor looked back at Horace, his beer loosening him up some, Bet you whip ass good, Mr. Whitney, Connor said. That got Horace’s attention, Yes, I do. If you care to find out, I can show you, Horace kind of barked back, now annoyed and sure that his threat would scare the boy off.

For Connor, Horace Whitney seemed a carbon copy of the man that Connor had been visiting on the sly back in Missouri since he was eighteen years old. Older, strong, confident and damn good at putting Connor in his place. In bed that is. Moving to Otis had been necessary. Leaving the man had been painful for Connor to say the least.

The thirty minute drive in Horace’s truck to the motel in Great Bend some 22 miles away from Otis was about as tense and uncomfortable as it could be at least for Horace. He had never done anything like this, let an admittedly legal aged male to convince him that it was OK to bed down with another guy of age as long as he was on top.

Connor on the other hand was already nursing an erection that was about to burst. He never thought he could ever get into the pants of a real Kansas farm man. The man in Missouri was an insurance agent in the big city near-by to where he was living. Nothing wrong with that mind you, just not what a boy like Connor fantasizes about.

Mr. Whitney on the other hand was and not even to mention that Horace Whitney was a real dad. A real father of a real farm boy son unlike the other man who was single and a bit over-the-top homosexual. Nothing wrong with that, just saying.

Connor did all of the checking into the motel on the outskirts of town just in case, to make Horace as comfortable as possible. It was edgy and exciting to Connor, forbidding and way on the borderline of acceptable to Horace.

I ain’t never done this before, Horace stared at Connor behind the closed motel room door that Connor had somehow managed to get as far from the motel office as possible to make Horace as comfortable as possible, Yes sir, Connor said,

Good enough reason for you to hide me Mr. Whitney. I’ve been too forward and should be punished. Teach me a lesson sir. And then ... you should use me how you like, and Horace sighed, Fine, he said with pursed lips to try and hide the fact that he was clueless feeling and instead of saying, I don’t know how, because he really didn’t.

Should I ... should I get naked now? Or do you want to take my pants down for me and put me over your knee with my clothes on? Connor carefully probed. Horace just stared at him again. He admired the boy’s bravado. Asking for what you want and trying to get it done on the one hand.

On the other, Horace did not cater to being ordered about, even in a helpful manner like this. He had a good mind to just verbally lecture the kid, leave the room and drive back to Otis without him to teach him a lesson of a different sort. He hated being controlled like this and then the switch flipped in Horace’s mind.

His own son was controlled by his lover, Nathan Foster. And Gage was older than Nathan. This was not exactly that, but he began to see the appeal of one party, in this case Connor Best, enjoying being told what to do and the other party, in this case him, Horace Whitney, maybe getting a sexual kick out of controlling Connor.

Keep your young yap shut boy. I’m in control of this situation and you are not. Strip naked and get up on the bed on all fours, not one more word! Horace barked. Connor’s eyes got huge and his piss slit started to smile and leak profusely. He said nothing and instead almost tripped himself down to the floor in a heap trying to quickly get up on the bedside naked as instructed.

Horace started to shake as his cock stirred watching the young man move like a clumsy puppy he was so turned on. Horace stared at Connor’s proffered rump, just stared at it as he whipped out the belt from his jeans. Connor looked back and salivated. The man was going to give him a belt tanning, the kind he had always dreamed of from the kind of man that he had always dreamed of. A real man. A real dad.

Horace stomped to the bedside and looked down. Really ... looked this time. He forced himself actually to look at Connor’s twitchy butt hole. What did some men or boys see there that so appealed? Why was it a turn on to use your mouth and lick on it? Sounded awful and yet in allowing himself to feel disdain, he also allowed to wonder what it might feel like for the other guy.

Men were always having their mouths on women parts. He had. So what? That down there was a man part. Men licked on female ass hole. He knew they did, Keep still boy and not ONE word, you keep your moaning to yourself if you know what’s good for you, Horace barked at Connor almost angrily.

If anything, Mr. Whitney’s rules of engagement turned him on ever more. Not allowed to talk. Not allowed to moan. Keep his fucking cock-holster quiet. It felt like harsh discipline, the kind that Connor loved and that that other man actually had no clue. Not like this.

Horace made sure to not smell of Connor’s back side as he approached. Not sniff. Not rut like a faggot like he perceived Connor being a faggot and then Horace had to fight within himself. If Connor was a faggot, then so was his own son, Gage, and Henry’s boy, Nathan, both faggots.

Maybe he was being too judgmental and yet he had notions that the boys called each other faggot just for turn-ons like just men and women called each other bitches and bastards for play. He had even done that, Now keep this faggot ass of yours nice and high, boy while I eat me some boy rump, Horace tried on for size out loud.

Up came that ass like a circus animal. Horace smiled and then dared to look. The boy’s cock was thrumming like a bull ready to fuck a cow. He must like what Horace was saying and that turned Horace on some more and then he stopped. Something seemed amiss. Ah yes.

Horace stopped and stood and got that belt ready, You ain’t getting any pleasure boy until you get a whipping like you deserve, stepped back a little and started to tan Connor’s hide. Connor did his best to not moan, but he did whimper as that belt in Mr. Whitney’s fist, likely the same one that punished his own young teen son, was now giving him pause. But it was a good pause and most certainly a painful pause. The kind that made Connor grit his teeth and want to get cock into his beaten ass.

Horace could easily see the pain that he was causing Bert Best’s son, but he also could see the pleasure as well. Horace began to understand his son and son’s lover better. He stopped and noted how Connor writhed and processed, the boy’s cock still hard as nails. Then Horace looked down at himself. He too was hard as nails. He was enjoying tanning Connor’s hide and knew that he was hard because it wasn’t his son or Nathan.

You keep your eyes closed and to the front boy. You look and I’ll leave you to your right hand! Horace warned and saw Connor’s head and neck straight out ahead, eyes closed. That was better. Suddenly Connor Best seemed more like a male prostitute to Horace and that helped.

Female holes, male holes. What the hell did it matter as Horace was now bare from the waist down, his own prick hard and needful like he had not felt in ages? He took up the belt again, More whipping for you boy and then I’m going to teach you a lesson, fuck your ass good, boy! Horace nearly shouted.

Connor nearly shot his load just from Horace’s harsh tone and promise of a hard using after the hard whipping alone without it ever happening, but it was going to happen and did. Horace laid the belt on like crazy until he saw Connor’s face crumble. Good then. Horace tossed the belt to the side, slapped his hands aside the young man’s hips and then aimed his cock at Connor’s back door.

There would be no ass eating this go around even if there might be into the future. Connor howled as Horace entered him and not nicely. It was a good thing he was used to hard usings like this. The other man was skilled in this way, but Horace’s appeal more than made up for his clumsy technique.

Guilt then flooded Horace’s mind that as he fucked Connor he pictured Connor as his own son or as Henry’s son and up crept that fear that a man like Horace harbors. That he might really enjoy to fuck Gage and Nathan just like he was fucking Connor. Then in the throes of his rapture things really started to get complicated as all he could picture was him and son, Gage, as well as Henry’s son, Nathan, doing this together again and again and again.

Have mercy! Horace shouted as he raptured his seed inside of the Conner’s tight boy pussy and then pulled out and fatigue, the kind he was not used to set in. Connor stood up, his aching boner standing out. No, Horace did not want to suck it, Go ahead, do yourself as you please, he said.

Connor nodded. It was not what he hoped for, then again if he played his cards right, he hoped that once a man like Horace samples boy pussy and that boy likes ass whipping and so does the man, that it was just a matter of time before his own cock would be mouth-fucking the older man and that maybe he would like it.

Connor nodded and put on a little show for Horace. Horace didn’t want to like what he saw Connor do, but he did and after Connor shot out his load, Horace was not a little horrified to realize that he had indeed considered to try to suck Connor off. Maybe next time and by golly, there would be a next time!

Coppertoned Summertimes-Hot Summer Rural Kansas Days and Nights-Part Nineteen– It Starts To Get Complicated, © Copyright PJ Franklin, January 22, 2018.

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