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Stuck in the Middle-FanFiction
Part 2

by Brians Sister

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Ethan’s sixteen year old body tensed as he resisted against being propelled out of his bedroom by his Mother grasping a handful of his brown hair. She glanced down and the boy’s adult-sized penis that had been largely hanging limply between his legs during most of his punishment was standing proudly at a forty-five degree angle from his body his circumcised mushroom head red. Ethan dropped his hands quickly to cover his erection with both hands as his Mom pulled open his bedroom door.

Mom please no! You can spank me again! You can spank me with the belt. Please can’t I put on some underpants at least? Come on Mom I can’t go downstairs naked in front of everyone! he begged his voice cracking several times as he resisted her efforts. Stop it this minute Ethan! My mind is made up and you are going downstairs. You are going to tell your sisters every detail about the camera and what you were planning on doing with it and then afterwards you are going to get another spanking; this time with the belt in front of your entire family. I don’t want your little brothers to get any ideas from your scheme. They will see exactly what happens to perverted little boys! Now you stop resisting or I will go take a seat on your bed and you will go back over my lap this time front side up! she threatened looking pointedly at your six inch erection jutting up. Ethan blushed and cupped his privates protectively. Keep your hands at your sides Ethan! You didn’t give your sisters a chance to cover themselves when you were filming them! she ordered slapping at his hands as she propelled the boy into the hallway and down the stairs.

Mom, Mom please no, Ethan begged as he pushed the boy forward. Ethan was panicked walking down the hallway and starting down the stairs. He was completely naked; he hadn’t been this exposed since his Dad yanked him out of the shower when he was twelve to spank him. That time he was in the bathroom and no one could really see that much despite the door being open. His Mom had stripped him naked, spanked him and now was propelling him downstairs to where the rest of his family was. His Mom scoped out the sixteen year old’s butt; it was bright red from the sessions across her lap.
I’m begging you Mom! I’m so sorry and I’ll never do it again. Please don’t make me go in there! he begged as she directed him down the stairs towards the living room. His little sister Daphne was the first to see them. Her mouth dropped open and wordlessly she pointed at her naked brother. Ethan’s naked! she exclaimed when she finally was able to speak. Her brothers and sisters looked up from what they were doing in a general sense of astonishment.

Ethan has a snake down there! Daphne pointed at Ethan’s now flaccid penis not entirely understanding what she was seeing. Ethan dropped his hands immediately to cover himself but his Mom slapped his hands away. I’m warning you young man. One more time you are going back over my lap in front of your brothers and sisters front side up! she said yanking on a handful of his hair. Girls your brother has something he would like to tell you! she exclaimed. Ethan blushed and paused. That’s your choice if you want to stand here in front of your family naked, but I have other things to do today. Now tell your sisters what you put in their room! she demanded the wooden spoon striking his naked bottom twice.

Ethan bucked his penis flopped around from side to side at the amusement of his family members who were staring at his the entire time. Ethan quickly went through the chain of events. His Mom made him go through more details and made him stop and repeat portions so his sisters got the entire story. He watched the expressions on his sisters’ faces knowing how angry they were. His Mom would periodically slap his butt cheeks with the wooden spoon to punctuate her disappointment at her oldest son’s decision.

March your butt into the garage and get your Father’s hammer off his work bench and meet us in the kitchen! she ordered Ethan. Ethan, glad to get out from his sibling’s boring eyes darted into garage and lingered a little at his Dad’s workbench standing on the cold cement floor until he found the hammer. He reluctantly returned into the kitchen where his Mom had put the heavy, wooden cutting board on the table. Smash it! she ordered pointing to the camera on the cutting board. Mom please that cost over $200 dollars... he started. You should have thought about that before filming your sisters changing their clothes; now smash it! she ordered her naked son.

Ethan smashed the camera reluctantly and was crying openly when he finished. His Mom grabbed hold of his hair and propelled him back into the living room, parking him in front of the arm of the couch. You stand right there and think about the spanking you have coming when you Dad gets home. The wooden spoon is going to feel like a tickle compared to the belt he is going to spank you with! she ordered. Keep your hands at your sides; if your brother or sister tells me that you are touching your bottom or your front I will spank you again across my lap before your Dad spanks you with the belt!

Ethan blushed he glanced down and his penis was once again erect. His little sister Daphne pointed and exclaimed, now Ethan’s hairy snake is standing up! It’s not polite to point Daphne; that is Ethan’s penis. Boys have those down there instead of the vagina that girls have. There is nothing special about it except that it is hard. Boys get hard sometimes when they are embarrassed. Now go back to your dolls and wait until Daddy gets home, she directed her youngest daughter. That was so incredibly embarrassing for Ethan as he stared forward trying his best to look at discrete as possible as any sixteen-year-old boy can look standing in his living room naked.

Luckily his Dad didn’t keep him waiting too long. He made a stop in the garage to get the heavy belt that he sometimes used to spank his kids. His wife had already filled him in on the events that morning so no lecture; just a look of disappointment as he ordered his sixteen year old son to bend over the arm of the couch. Ethan slowly lowered himself across the arm of the leather couch. It felt strange to have the soft leather beneath his naked genitals knowing that very soon leather would be hitting his own butt and it would not be soft in the slightest.

Ethan’s raw butt only got eight before his Dad allowed him to stand, apologize once again as he rubbed his tortured butt not seeming to care how exposed his flopping penis and testicles were during the apology. He bounded up the stairs towards his room where he was to remain the rest of the afternoon grateful to be freed from the stares from his family.

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