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Grandma's Rule

by Memories of a Naughty Boy

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When I was 6 I accidently swore at my Grandmother. It wasn’t really my fault, I didn’t know what the word meant, I’d just heard it on TV and repeated it. That didn’t matter to my Grandpops. He grabbed me up, yanked down my shorts and underpants and threw me over the sofa arm. Within seconds he’d whipped off his carpet slipper and had my bare bottom red, legs kicking and tears rolling.

From then Grandma came up with a new rule. Prior to each visit my father had to take down my trousers and spank my bottom hard.


Danny, Dad shouted, Come on, hurry up and get in here. We’re leaving for Grandpop and Grandma’s in an hour.

Danny walked into the lounge Come on Dad, do we really need to do this?

You know your Grandma’s rules, he replied.

But that was 10 years ago Dad.

Daniel, said Dad, You know the rules, no trying to get out of a spanking, you don’t want to earn yourself strokes of Daddy’s cane.

Danny sighed and slipped his trousers and boxer shorts down to his ankles as his father sat on the chair in the centre of the room. He slowly lowered himself over his father’s lap.

Danny’s Dad rubbed his son’s bare bottom softly before raising his hand and smacking it hard and central. He continued to lift and drop, swing and slap Danny’s bottom turning it from caramel to crimson. Danny sobbed and swung his legs for the 15 minutes of hell before standing on command.

Well done Danny, go get ready


Danny, his father and mother arrived at his grandparent’s house. As always he turned around and Grandpops checked down the back of his trousers.

Thank you, son, he Grandpops said to his father.


Inspired by one of my favourite spanking cartoons. Comments +/– appreciated.

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