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History Repeats Itself

by Readbottom

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The air in the place was always cold, but that was not the reason Prince Ciel shivered.Make your decision, Master Maldoon instructed.

Ciel to opened the bottom drawer of Master Maldoon’s desk with shaking hands.

The drawer was long enough to hold a full length riding crop, and was used for just that. Tossed atop of the crop was a black leather belt laying in a coil, and a wooden-handled leather strap. To the side of the drawer was a thick ruler. The wooden brush tossed to the back looked as if it shouldn’t be there, but Ciel knew better. He eyed the black leather flogger. The flogger was Master Hector’s favorite. He would see the student stripped of pants, strewn over his desk, and then he would transform the bottom into a blushing punished red. That was not Master Maldoon’s way. Master Maldoon was. . . different.

Have you made your decision? Maldoon asked from his chair.

Because of my poor studying, the ruler? Ciel answered with a steady voice.

If you were being disciplined for only your lack of studying I would agree.

Ciel’s heart stopped pounding for a moment.

You also lied by paying a servant to write your history report.

Ciel’s throat was completely dry. The riding crop? he whispered. He closed his eyes picturing himself shirtless leaning against the wall with his arms tucked behind his head while the crop left burning red streaks on his back.

Something fell on his shoulder. Ceil looked to see Master Maldoon standing behind him with eyes soft. This, he gestured to the strap with the wooden handle. How old are you? His master asked with a heavy sigh.

Twenty, Ciel answered proudly.

Still a child.

I am not, the words flew out of Ciel’s mouth before he could stop them.

I am three times your age, young man, you are a child to me. Now, let’s get this over with.

With shaking hands Ciel retrieved the leather strap and closed the drawer. Maldoon walked to his chair and sat.

Ciel closed his eyes, ruing what he was expected to do. He took a deep breath and walked over to his Master’s chair. He stood before Master Maldoon with shaking hands, then he fell to his knees with his head bowed. When he opened his eyes he saw that there were papers on the floor next to the chair where his Master sat. Ciel allowed himself a moment to look at the papers. His failed ssignments lay sprawled out in such a way that his face would hang above them when he was over the man’s knee. Amongst all of his failures lay his lie; the report he paid another to write in his name. His humiliation had already begun.

I have disgraced my Kingdome with my actions, Ciel said the words with shaking voice. I have lied and neglected my studies. The words which had to come next made his cheeks burn. Sir, please punish me. He held out the leather strap.

Maldoon nodded approvingly. Well done, he said quietly. Now, take off everything from the waist down.

Ciel stood and looked down at his pants. Slowly he began to strip. First his boots, then his socks; they didn’t need to come off, but he wanted to stall as long as possible. Next, he began to pull at his belt buckle with fumbling fingers.

Come here, Maldoon wave him over. With red cheeks, Ciel walked forward. Maldoon undid his belt buckle. Though it was a small act, it made Ciel shrink inside feeling like the child Maldoon said he was.

Ciel dropped his pants to the floor.

Underpants too.

I know, sir. Ciel couldn’t be any more humbled. He folded his pants neatly and placed him on the floor next to his boots and socks with his belt coiled atop of the pile, and then he dropped his underpants to stand half naked before the man he wished was his father.

Fold them, too, Maldoon said, his voice even and deliberate.

Ciel folded his underpants and placed them in the pile of clothes. He looked up to see Maldoon patting his knee. With fluttering heart, Ciel walked over and carefully placed his body over his Master’s knee.

Master Maldoon shifted Ciel’s body into the proper position with his naked rear up in the air. Put your hand down on the floor to steady yourself. Good. Maldoon took hold of Ciel’s free hand and twisted it behind his back; instead of holding the naughty prince’s wrist, Maldoon held his hand, another way Maldoon stood apart from the others which made Ciel’s insides wilt with guilt. He shifted Ciel’s body more. You know that you earned all that is coming to you, he said softly as he pulled the shirt up Ciel’s back exposing him more. I am not shocked about your poor studying, Maldoon continued, I am deeply saddened that you lied to me, presenting another’s work as your own.

Yes, sir, Ciel said with his eyes squeezed shut. Already Ciel’s eyes were already growing warm with tears. At least Master Hector just beat you and didn’t make you feel like a complete disappointment.

Look at your lie and those failed assignments, Ciel, Maldoon said squeezing his hand as if to comfort him. Ciel forced his eyes open. His failures, which lay neatly in two rows on the floor with his lie at the bottom row, looked hazy behind the now formed curtain of tears. Then, the beating began.

The first crack of the strap took his breath away. Arg, he cried out.

Hold it together, Maldoon said in a soft voice.

Another crack landed, then another in rapid succession. Ceil took in a sharp breathes clenching his teeth in hopes of not making any sounds. Instead of yelping, he made ummmm, sounds.

Good boy, Maldoon whispered, but the licks kept coming. Each stroke sent shocks of pain through his entire body all the way into his humbled soul. I earned this, he told himself again and again with tears streaming down his face, not from pain but from humility. Keep looking at those failed assignments, Maldoon said landing another blow. And your disgraceful lie, he added. The strap snapped Ciel’s naked flesh.

Ciel forced his eyes open even though he could not see anything clearly. Just knowing that the papers were there was enough. I earned this.

Ahh! He cried out. It didn’t stop the punishment from continuing. The pain blossomed farther across his bare bottom and deeper into his mind. Again and again, the pain increased. Please.

The strap stopped landing for a moment. Ciel gasped with relief, his breaths shaky.

Please what? Maldoon’s voice was heavy with disappointment. The heaviness of the man’s voice made Ciel’s insides blossom with shame. He couldn’t ask Maldoon to stop, not after what he did.

Please, thoroughly punish me, Ciel forced the words out. I earned this.

Good boy, Maldoon whispered. He put the strap down on the small of Ciel’s back to free his hand, then rubbed Ciel between the shoulder blades slowly. Catch your breath.

Ciel took in more breaths but it only made his body feel lighter and the pain more intense compared to the tender touching his back was receiving.

We need to finish this, Maldoon stopped rubbing his back. You can cry if you must. And you can beg if you wish. I won’t tell a soul. Ciel felt the strap be lifted from his back. Another shot of pain echoed through his body followed by another. They seemed harder, more convicted than before.

Somehow Maldoon’s permission to cry and beg granted Ciel with a new freedom. He opened his mouth and allowed himself to let out cries of anguished pain which quickly turned into sobs.

Nooo, he sobbed taking advantage of his new freedom. More blows landed. P-please. I’m begging you, arggg, he cried feeling confident that though he wanted the punishment to stop that it would continue until his lesson was thoroughly learned. Knowing that he was powerless to reason made the beating more intense. He was completely subjected to Maldoon’s judgment, a judgment which he trusted with his life– and that included his bare backside. Ahh, Master! More whacks. Master, please. The blows stopped.

Could it be over? No.

A gentle hand pushed his legs a bit apart. Ceil felt his body being pulled into a different position. No bit of his bottom would be left unpunished for this. Though his body shook with sobs, the strap continued to do its work pressing into each fold of his flesh seeking out the tender sit spot and traveling down the backs of his thighs. To Ciel’s misery, the strap even sought out the tender bits of flesh up close to his crotch.

P-p-please, he sputtered. Instead of trying to wiggle away, he felt Maldoon’s hand clamped in his and squeezed tighter. The blows continued falling. Ciel relaxed his body accepting his punishment causing himself to droop more over the man’s knees. The new angle made his punished bottom poke higher into the air offering itself as a target.

Open your eyes, Maldoon said. The strap paused its work.

Ciel forced his tearful eyes open to behold his shortcoming sprawled out on paper. I’m sorry, he pleaded, and he meant it.

Now I want you to read what I wrote on each paper.

Ciel took in another quivering breath blinking away tears to clear his vision. At least the strap had stopped falling. For now. He blinked again causing the tears to subside long enough to read Master Maldoon’s scrawling writing.

Clearly you failed to study this material, Ciel read.

The strap cracked against both cheeks. Ciel’s body jumped only to be pressed back down again by Maldoon’s strong arm.


You have the ability to concentrate, Ciel forced back sobs, but it seems you lack the desire.

Two strokes landed on the back of each thigh for that comment. And there were many more papers to read, not to mention the glaring lie which had a note on it as well!


Please, Ciel cried, this is humiliating.

His plea earned him more even strokes; one across both cheeks, then one for each cheek aimed down low on his sit spot.

It is meant to be, Maldoon explained in an even voice. I don’t want to do this again. Now, continue.

Ciel caught his breath. Yes, sir. Forgive me, sir. He pressed his palm harder on the floor to maintain balance and looked again at the papers before him. It seemed that he had no more tears left to cry. That was a good thing, at least, because now he could see better. Every question is wrong, he read, are you toying with me?

Well, were you?

No, Ciel confessed.

I’m not sure how to feel about that answer, Maldoon answered, and then he swung twice more slicing into each cheek. Continue.

Disappointing, Ciel read the one word which stomped his pride to the dust.

The strap landed on the back on one thigh working its way down with several blows stopping just above the back of the knee. Then the other back of the thigh received the same attention.

Arg, Ciel cried out. This gasping breath was almost as loud as his scream.


Please. Another blow crashed into his backside causing him to jump. Master Maldoon held him fast. He began to sob and sniff.

Compose yourself.

Ciel took in ragged breaths which were scattered with sobs and sniffs of anguish.

H-history repeats itself! Ceil read the words which were underlined three times with a large exclamation point. As the future l-leader, you need to take these words to heart. A flurry of strikes followed that comment, the leather strap licking each part of exposed skin. Ciel abandoned all hope of pride or dignity and allowed himself to howl and cry freely as he lay limp over his favorite Master’s knees.

That is all of the papers, one for each day of your tutoring this week, Maldoon took in a long, even breath. There is one paper left.

Yes, sir, Ciel managed the words.

You will read what I wrote on the paper which you presented as your own, Maldoon said, cracking the strap in such a way to punish the tender skin closest to the anus. The strap didn’t stop its work, it continued seeking out each bit of flesh. Ciel gave himself up to sobs once more allowing his body to flop even more over Maldoon’s knees.

Finally, the blows stopped landing. Ciel felt the strap being placed to rest on the small of his back. Maldoon’s free hand caressed his back. His other hand squeezed Ciel’s. They stayed in that position, Ciel laying across the man’s knee with his bare bottom sticking up in the air and Maldoon rubbing his back gingerly until Ciel took in even breaths once more.

Read, his Master said softly.

Ciel opened his eyes to look at his lie. Ciel, he read his own name, I trusted you, but now that trust is gone. A sob crept out of his throat. Master Maldoon patted his shoulder. This was more painful than the strap. Ciel continued, This is clearly not your own work. He sucked in a quivering breath. Maldoon touched the back of Ciel’s neck softly. I love you dearly w-which is why this act will not go unpunished. Ciel hung his head giving himself a moment to compose himself. Maldoon squeezed his neck softly, comfortingly. You need to learn, and you WILL learn. You will grow to be a powerful leader, therefore you must know history. History repeats itself.

Good, Maldoon said in a soft voice moving his hand from Ceil’s neck to rub his back once more. That was difficult for you to read.

Yes, sir, Ciel choked.

Have you learned your lesson? Maldoon asked.

Yes, sir, Ciel answered in a small voice. He felt Maldoon stop rubbing his back, then the strap was picked up once more.

This is to ensure that you don’t forget it.

No, please! More pain seared through Ciel’s body once more as the strap did its work touching each already burning bit of flesh. Each one of his cheeks was thoroughly punished, and then the back of each thigh was attended to. A blow landed across both cheeks causing Ciel to jerk and cry out louder. Then there was a clattering sound. Ceil looked up. The strap had landed with a crash in the middle of Master Maldoon’s desk to rest from its work.

It is finished, Maldoon said in a resigned voice.

Thank you for your correction, Ciel chocked out the words which were expected of him between rough sobs of despair. Master Hector never made him cry like this. He could take Master Hectors rough beating which turned his backside an unearthly bright red. That was because Master Hector didn’t care the way Master Maldoon did. Ciel didn’t care if he disappointed Hector.

Sit up when you are ready, Maldoon said.

Ciel tried to push his body up but weakness overcame him. His body felt light, drained of all every. Maldoon’s strong arm wrapped around Ciel and pulled him to sit across his lap leaving his red bottom to hang safely to the side. They sat together, Maldoon’s arms wrapped around Ciel and Ciel’s face pushed deep into Maldoon’s shoulder for comfort.

I’m sorry, Maldoon said the words this time.

Ciel felt a warm hand caress his neck. The hand then drifted upwards to hold the back of his head tenderly. Ciel managed to flop one of his arms around Maldoon’s neck to hug him softly.

I’m a failure, Ciel whimpered into Maldoon’s shoulder.

No, his Master retorted in a strong, assured voice. You are learning. It is my privilege to teach you.

The words soothed like ointment.

Thank you, sir.

Maldoon patted Ciel’s shoulder. Your next history assignment is to write I will study history because history repeats itself. one hundred times.

Yes, sir, Ciel murmured into his Master’s shoulder.

Maldoon stood, swooping Ciel up in his arms. Like a child, he carried Ciel to the couch next to the window.

Have a nap, he said, laying Ciel down on the couch. Maldoon pulled down the folded blanket which lay across the top of the couch and wrapped it around Ciel’s body. You may dress and leave when you are ready.

Ciel closed his eyes feeling thoroughly punished and taken care of. A gentle kiss brushed his forehead.

You will be a wonderful leader, Maldoon whispered. And with those words in his ears, Ciel drifted off to sleep.

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