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Jolly Boating (Caning) Weather: Connor And Harry - Part 7 - Morning Breath and Road Trips

by PJ Franklin

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 11 Feb 2018

Connor and Harry – Part 7 – Morning Breath and Road Trips

Cayde Remington’s eyes suddenly opened. He groaned up to the bedroom ceiling as his erotic dream was trying to reach a really lustful conclusion before it did what most dreams did and that was to abruptly and rudely end sans a proper ejaculatory conclusion.

It was something about being in a hot tub or was it a hot springs? There was himself and Lawson Warley of course. Was that Harry and Connor on the other side of his mind’s hot tub? If they were, they had seemed so far away even in the tub, almost not even there in the dream, that is.

Then again, no erotic tinged dream of Cayde’s ever resulted in actual sex of any kind, but whose ever did? And he never had wet dreams any more. One thing was very certain and Cayde made doubly sure. He grinned and turned to his side up on his elbow as right next to him naked and barely covered in bed covers was the real thing. The real boy. The real boyfriend, actually. Lawson in the flesh and oh boy, what flesh!

Yes, Cayde had his usual morning pee hard and that was another thing. Cayde looked out the expensive blind slats of his large bedroom windows into the outside Bridgehampton, Long Island world. It was barely light. Good God!

Cayde checked the ornate antique wall clock on the other wall. 6AM? Or was it PM? Cayde truly was not sure as it had been literal years it seemed since he had ever seen a 6AM on a Sunday morning after his usual drug and alcohol laden Saturday night parties. Wait ... No hangover. No feeling like somebody had just rinsed your mouth out with some nasty chemical or your nose a bit bloodied by too much blow (cocaine).

Enough with the conjectures over time of day. Cayde gently reached out and smoothed his palm from the sexy dip in Lawson’s wasp-waisted lower back and then up over the delicious looking hillocks of flesh called Lawson Warley’s buttock cheeks.

Cayde bit his lower lip, drool already starting. Lawson stirred a little, his body so innocently postured just like a little boy’s tummy down in the bed next to him a few inches only away. Cayde jerked his hand back. It seemed a shame to disturb the sight that Cayde wished and wanted just then that he might wake up to every morning for the rest of his life.

What time is it, Lawson’s sleepy voice, eyes closed and not conscious enough to make the words a question, he scooted himself right into Cayde’s body, nuzzling his head right into Cayde’s elbow. Cayde almost spouted some cheap answer, a pun or a clever phrase.

He didn’t because right then time did not matter. Lawson mattered. Instead Cayde did reach out and gently palmed up Laws’ near buttock cheek. Laws moaned, Don’t stop. I had a hot sexy dream going on about you. It didn’t finish. Finish it for me Cayde, please, the voice a bit more coherent and focused, his hips rising up into Cayde’s touch.

Cayde still said nothing. When was the last time he had nothing to say? Since he was born? Instead Cayde lowered his head down to Lawson’s, eye-to-eye and smelt of Lawson’s sleep breath. Ordinarily it should smell awful really, but it didn’t.

That should be considered to be clue #1 that he was deadly in love. When your boyfriend’s awful morning breath smells like roses or honey or some such romantic nonsense, you’re in it deep and Cayde now knew this. Cayde drew his lips near to Lawson’s at the same time that his hand skillfully fisted up a handful of sexy buttock flesh right over Lawson’s butt hole.

Suddenly Lawson was wide awake, his arms tightly wrapped about Cayde’s neck, the couple testing each other’s tolerance for morning breath, tongues and all. Lawson turned fully sideways to Cayde, and Cayde to Lawson, their erections saying not so sleepy hellos to each other as Cayde’s arms firmly hugging Lawson’s.

I’m still really here, Lawson said after the kiss broke and he was staring into a pair of smiling eyes about two inches away, Yes you are, Cayde finally spoke, Deeper. Yes, right there, Lawson grinned as Cayde’s fingertip automatically migrated to just inside of Lawson’s anus.

Do you still want me here in your house, in your arms? Lawson suddenly asked. The question puzzled Cayde, almost offended him, but it was an honest question from an honest, straight forward young Etonian, Yes, quite. Very much Lawson, Cayde gave an honest and straight forward answer.

Good. Because if you didn’t I would ... I don’t know what I would do, Lawson said with a most sincere tone. Whoever said such things at what time was it on a Sunday morning? Neither would I, Cayde suddenly realized that if Lawson should decide they should ever not see each other again, Cayde could not possibly know what to do after that.

I’m not sure what time it is. I’ve never seen, and glance at the clock again, A six fifteen on a Sunday morning, Cayde admitted. Lawson smiled and pecked his nose, Do you miss the parties? he asked, Yes and no. They were fun. They were a thing. It might be more difficult later, but right now, I’m doing something very sensible, Cayde said.

Lawson smiled bigger this time, So that’s all I am to you is ... sensible? Lawson teased. That gained him a pair of stinging slaps to his buttocks, Ouch! Lawson grinned without comment and continued, You can have me. As long as you know what to do with my arse, you can have it and all of me, as much as you want, Lawson concluded.

Cayde blushed with a little girlish excitement at the news. He raised his palm and landed two more hard spanks. Lawson hissed, eyes closed to enjoy not only the sting, but who had put it there, That’s it. I’ll always be your naughty school boy, Cayde, if you like, Lawson opened his eyes as the fingers on Cayde’s palm now molested the red palm prints, I like that very much, Cayde said almost moved emotionally and in fact was.

Cayde then felt Lawson’s fist on his prick, Need to pee? Lawson asked, Yes, very much, Cayde said, Would you mind if I went with you and held it while you did it? Lawson asked knowing that it was a very odd thing to ask of another male. Cayde had no reference for it either, but why not?

Yes, let’s, he replied and climbing out of bed held his hand down to Lawson who took it and helped Laws out of the bed to standing. Then Cayde took Laws’ hand with Lawson across the room and into his bathroom, You first, Cayde said and stood Laws right in front of him at the open toilet bowl and then gently fisted up Lawson’s waning erection, the head on said shaft pointed down into the bowl.

Lawson relaxed into the taller boy’s arms, closed his eyes and relaxed. Cayde grinned. This was new. A bit like watching a birthing for the first time as his hand felt the warmth of body temperature urine passing through the penile urethra and then the sound of splash in the toilet water below. Lawson forced it some to hurry and finish realizing that sooner or later he would re-erect, given the sexy nature of the extra activity.

Lawson finished and they changed places. Cayde loved the feel of Lawson’s fingers on his penis as he peed. It gave him pause to wonder if the dirty stories that he had not only dared to read now and again, but to also enjoy as a guilty self-pleasure about fetish watersports should ever appeal to their mutual sexual activities, Damn! Cayde groused when his cock erected prematurely.

Like that huh? Lawson cheeked. Cayde said nothing and just shrugged, Well that’s a yes, Lawson cheeked again, It is not. What is? Cayde’s defensiveness over his secretive feelings making him openly angry at himself for having lost his poise. Lawson pointed, Gotcha, he grinned.

He had, Cayde had to admit, Keep that up and you’ll end up sitting on a pillow for breakfast, Cayde countered. Good counter. Lawson now had to admit that it would be well worth it if Cayde did just that, Is that a threat or just a ... just a sexy dream that never gets fulfilled? throwing out the gauntlet.

Cayde had always been prepared for his Saturday night drug infested parties in all ways including what he now drew out of the toilet side counter drawer. His other hand shut down the toilet seat and as he sat down, he pulled naked Lawson up and over his knee, It’s not a threat, Laws. I never threaten. I do, he said pushing up his knee.

Lawson relaxed fully. He pushed up his hips even higher, Yes sir, Laws said turning them both on. Cayde’s heart was pounding blood into his cock and into his lust. Here he was about to give his lover an early Sunday morning brush paddling, his lover’s body so sexy. So sexy he could not believe it. So compatible too, Lawson’s erotic fetish needs for corporal punishments, that is, and just like his.

For a moment Cayde said something to himself. A prayer of thanks to a God he didn’t even believe in for all of this reality. Maybe there was a God. And maybe it was not the God that had been used so many times in his life growing up to say that Cayde and boys like him were damned to Hell. If this all lead to Hell, then Hell it would have to be.

When the brush licks did not come as Lawson expected he looked up and back at the hot, sexy male presence looming over him like an Adonis. They made eye contact, You know Cayde. If you like some kink that’s really out there. I’m all for trying, Lawson said just then betraying just a trace of his own odd fetish interests explored now and again in private.

Cayde grimaced a little. He was so trapped in his own insecurities that he didn’t even catch on that Lawson was maybe trying a little too hard to egg him on. Instead of invoking William Shakespeare’s famous phrase about protestations, instead Cayde kind of ruminated over the reality that after all he had caught two boys somewhat older than Laws in his bathroom six months before doing just that late during one of his Saturday night parties, exchanging pee that is.

They both had stared at him, Sorry, Cayde had apologized and then instead of inviting himself inside to watch, he fled and then later alone the next morning after dealing with his hangover he had relived the sight and jerked himself off with the recollection.

Cayde stared at Lawson, I’d ... I’d like that maybe. We’ll talk about it later perhaps, Cayde did allow that much, but now the lustful and erotic mood seemed completely dampened and both boys knew it and especially Lawson, I’m sorry Cayde. I didn’t mean to ruin our little scene, Lawson said, You didn’t. It was me. I ruined it, Cayde countered and slumped a little.

Lawson carefully climbed off of Cayde’s knees and down to the floor on his own, he put his head into Cayde’s lap and hugged into him tightly. Cayde sighed and ran his fingers through Lawson’s bed head mop of luxuriant hair setting the brush back to the counter top to have two hands to pet on his boyfriend’s head and torso.

Lawson looked to his left at the wall pissed at himself for having intimidated Cayde as he had obviously. It was not intended, then again many things that should never happen had not been intended. Finally he sat back on his haunches and reaching way over, snatched up the brush handle and then proffered it back up to Cayde,

I feel badly now. Please, Cayde? Punish me? Lawson asked politely. Cayde took the brush, sighed, leaned over and offered a full-on kiss with tongue. As soon as their lips and tongues met, the wet, warm mouth muscles apologized to each other for the drama and then parted,

Of course. And after ... you are going to punish me. I deserve a hiding as well as you, my dear boy, Cayde said with a great deal of emotion and sincerity, Agreed, Lawson quickly replied and then fairly flung himself back over Cayde’s knees saying nothing more as he positioned properly. Cayde also said nothing more. He adjusted Lawson’s body position and then in earnest, set about to make things painfully right between them.

They call it rutting, what Harry and Connor were doing at about 6:45AM that Sunday morning in the bedroom in another part of the large estate home. Connor on his tummy gripping the bed top with both fists and hanging on for dear life as the love of his life was pounding his back door as if this was the last back door pounding of both of their lives. In other words, rutting.

You fucking little hot piece of faggot arse! Harry’s lust had built to enormous proportions, the kind that you have to burn off by using everything at your command including what otherwise might be very inappropriate language said with a very hard, terse voice.

Stop fooling about! Rape me you British turd! Connor gave oral as good as he got and looked back with an almost angry sneer. They made eye contact, demonic-like lust flying back and forth like red hot lasers. Suddenly Harry leaned down and pressed his lips to Connor’s without missing a beat, without missing one slamming, pounding penile thrust, Harry; or Connor, one matching hard pelvic back-thrust.

They almost bit at each other’s lips and tongues as spit kind of flew out from around the imperfect oral seal, Oh SHIT CONNOR! Harry’s rapture nearly made his cock slip out from its red-hot comfort inside of Connor, Take me! Connor’s voice pleaded, the kiss abandoned as Harry’s semen now flowed and was gobbled greedily up by Connor’s fuck tunnel.

They collapsed down into a sweat-drenched heap on the bed top, Harry on top of Connor, the only sounds their chests heaving for a long moment before Connor turned under Harry to face-to-face and looking up at him, adored him, So, how was my fucking piece of hot faggot arse? Connor grinned.

Harry grinned down, That’s fucking LITTLE hot piece of faggot arse. Get it right, leaned down and pecked Connor’s nose tip, Fine ... fucking little hot faggot arse piece, whatever! Connor rolled his eyes, I love you, Harry said next with a calm expression. Connor enjoyed the words, I love you too, Connor said with equal calm.

And even thought right now you smell like an American whore house, Harry said next, You smell like a British brothel, Connor countered, Shower and then let’s wake up the house’s owner and his slutty British boyfriend, Harry suggested, Let’s, Connor said, Harry launching out of bed first and holding his hand down. Connor took it and suffered a hard spank on his bare as he pulled Harry with him out the door and down the short span to the bathroom.

Harry was a good boy indeed as he sucked off his lover and someday husband-to-be to full satisfaction in the shower, one of Harry’s long fingers jammed up where the sun don’t shine to help. Then they dried off and did not bother dressing and on the way to Cayde’s bedroom happen to peek into the home’s huge lavish kitchen and then were stopped in their tracks.

There in the kitchen hip-to-hip preparing a light breakfast were two boys of their acquaintance, make that four buttock cheeks that looked like each had been paddled raw. Red raw and swollen in fact. Connor looked at Harry and they shrugged at each other and walked in,

Somebody has had a good time, Harry quipped. Cayde turned his head to his right, Connor to his left, Not really, Lawson said without smiling, We punished each other for being arseholes to each other. No sex allowed, Lawson explained, No sex after spanking? Isn’t that a lot like no main course after appetizers and salad? Connor asked a bit incredulous.

More like being sent to the corner after daddy tans your naughty bottom, no touching yourself, Cayde said and then looked at Lawson with doe eyes. They kissed, chastely, and then turned back to continue to prepare the meal.

I don’t believe this. I think I’m going to be ill, Harry said of the sweet sight and sounds of true love before him, For once I agree, Connor said, Help yourself to coffee and juice. We’ll eat light and maybe a little brunch. It’s off to the yacht club for a big meal this evening, Cayde commented without stopping his activity with Lawson.

It had been true. After Cayde had laid down the law on Lawson’s bottom over his knee in the bathroom with a torrid and very painful paddling and Lawson had done the same for him. Both punishments revealing as well as cleansing. Then they had hugged and said, We’re both naughty. No sex this time, OK? Cayde asked, Definitely, no sex, Lawson agreed and then had taken each other hand-in-hand to the kitchen to make the distraction, that is breakfast.

Better make sure that bedroom is outfitted for two, Harry commented as he sipped on his coffee with cream and sugar as they stood together near-by watching the two love birds cook like two old people, Better find a good caterer for the wedding, too, Connor said and then Cayde and Lawson had to look over as Harry had spat out his mid-drink coffee all over Connor’s front causing Harry and Connor to both burst out laughing.

Cayde and Lawson just rolled their eyes, Don’t pay them any attention. They don’t understand, Cayde smirked, No, they don’t, Lawson joined in the smiling conspiracy leaned over and kissed Cayde’s cheek and Cayde his.

The light breakfast was served sans any further verbal references to the last few hours save that the thing now was at least a small elephant in the room (make that hot tub) to two of the boys. Connor was straddled into Harry’s lap, his head laying peacefully in the crook of his neck, arms lazily slung about Harry’s neck, the head of which was almost nodding off some for his full enough tummy and fuller heart for the man in his lap.

Lawson was doing the same with Cayde, but wide awake and ruminating. As was Cayde. It felt ridiculously childish and stupid. Not their solution to their mutual cross and immature reactions to each other earlier. The mutual spankings had done their job and even felt further bonding. That was not the problem.

Lawson finally sat back, Look. Maybe we should just ... and was immediately cut off, Just leave it alone Lawson. I don’t want to talk about it, he blurted with instant and total regret. He pushed Laws off of his lap, stood and angrily stomped out of the tub towards the back patio door feeling entirely inept and out of his element.

He pulled the glass door open banging it actually against the stops, took one step indoors and then stopped to get a fucking grip! Harry and Connor both awoke and stared worriedly as Lawson looked fit to be tied, stood up fists clenched and followed after Cayde ready to scold, yell or scream or anything to stop this nonsense.

Harry looked at Connor, Well. Honeymoon over already? he asked. Connor kind of scowled at him, Sometimes saying something doesn’t work, Connor glared a little at his lover and best friend. Harry took the chastisement in stride and did not reply.

Lawson nearly bowled Cayde over in his hurried effort to catch up. They ended up nose-to-nose in any case, Cayde trying to maintain aplomb, Lawson not nearly so ready to give up his anger, Well? Lawson spiked the pregnant question at Cayde’s face. Cayde looked down with fear and shame.

How had this tiny little thing got so far? This was absurd. The spankings were supposed to have solved a problem. It had but left one behind as well, apparently. Lawson sighed and looked in back of himself at Harry and Connor who pretended not to notice and in trying, looked like they were staring.

Come on, inside, Lawson said quietly and passed by Cayde without touching him. Cayde followed wishing he could crawl into a corner and be alone, This is ridiculous. It’s nothing. Never mind Lawson. Whatever it is you have in mind, never mind. I don’t want to go there, Cayde said as he walked behind.

Lawson stopped. Cayde nearly didn’t stop in time, but did. Lawson reached back and grabbed Cayde’s hand into his own into a veritable death grip, It matters. Therefore we will deal with it, Lawson said with a stiff upper lip, What? Piss matters? How can it? Cayde said it out loud.

Piss is so not the point and you know it. So yes, it still does matter. To you. I can tell. And if it matters to you, no matter what it is, Cayde then it matters to me, Lawson said turning and confronting Cayde close up, It doesn’t matter. Nothing like that can matter, Cayde stubbornly said, but without conviction.

Lawson calmed himself and took up Cayde’s hand, Come on. You will do this, and if you complain I will spank you again before and maybe after, Cayde. I’m not messing around this time, Lawson said with quite a bit of verve.

Cayde found Lawson’s demand not only revealing of Lawson’s inner man, but comforting. Loving even, and yes, very, very hot. He let his hand be taken up into Lawson’s and dragged if you will into Cayde’s bedroom directly into the bathroom and right to the base of the white porcelain receptacle. Lawson lifted the seat,

On your knees. Not one word out of you either unless you want me to beat your arse first as well as after. This is about and for you Cayde and I’ll not countenance any cheek over it, Lawson continued. Cayde blinked and knelt as ordered without comment, only he was secretly wallowing with perverse desire for this thing to happen.

Good boy, Lawson sneered a bit and then grabbed a handful of Cayde’s hair, Know this Cayde. You’re going to taste my piss. You can drink of it or spit it out, your choice and because I know you know all too well, I am going to punish you for it. Spank you over my knee with my hand until my hand hurts, dirty little boy, Lawson’s voice sounding like a dominate daddy over his slave boy.

Cayde had no reference for this sort of sexual reality other than his own fantasies and some abortive forays into online porn which never satisfied for one reason or another. He just stared up at Lawson trying to ignore that they both were fully turned on, his leaking like a sieve.

Only the two lovers were not alone, though not in the room. Both beaten to death with curiosity, Harry stood with Connor outside of the bathroom hoping not to be discovered. Their hard cocks were in each other’s fists listening to the amazingly erotic exchange inside.

That’s better. Open your mouth, get it in the toilet bowl, now! Lawson seethed. Cayde’s blushed face obeyed and he opened his mouth and extended his tongue just like when he beat himself off alone in past months with the fantasy. Lawson grinned, Hand on your prick. You will wank off over this. I will not stop peeing in your mouth until you spill your seed! Lawson instructed.

Holy shit, Connor mumbled, Fucking intense! Harry mumbled and their fists started to work harder on each other and then there was a long moment of silence that screamed at anyone aware of the situation. Then Lawson broke it, There, that’s it. Take my piss you dirty little boy! Lawson growled as his urine stream started.

Cayde’s chest heaved with anxiety afraid to taste Lawson’s piss. Oh, he had sampled his own. It was peculiar, but not awful. Then as the warm acrid stream’s musk reached Cayde’s nose and the taste in his mouth flogged his senses all Cayde could do was whimper and beat on his cock.

His fist slammed his erection as he dared himself and then then allowed to swallow of the fluid just once and then gagged and let the rest run out, Dirty little faggot! Lawson seethed with lust and suddenly Cayde turned away, I’m coming! Cayde yelped and then held onto Lawson as his penis pumped out semen onto the side of the toilet and the floor at Lawson’s feet.

Harry’s and Connor’s secret masturbatory efforts were nearly there, but not quite until the command, Over my knee you filthy little strumpet! Lawson’s voice, a bit of movement and then when the hand spanking sounds exploded from the room into Harry’s and Connor’s ears, they exploded each other’s balls.

Cayde had never felt so deliciously naughty, dirty, kinky, and ... loved. He loved the harsh rapid spanking sting. The punitive feel given out of love and be sure, Lawson did this because he loved Cayde and did not wish any of his lover’s secret fetish interests to go unnoticed or hidden.

Lawson spanked Cayde just to the edge of tears and then stopped, Get up, he said quietly and helped Cayde to standing and they fell into each other’s arms a moment, You’re not done. My cock needs servicing. Get on your stomach on the floor and present for a hard buggering, Lawson said and Cayde was down on all fours a moment later.

Harry and Connor, though sated had now to look around the corner. Fortune would have them looking at Lawson’s backside and barely could see Cayde’s body at all. Didn’t have to. They could hear Lawson’s pelvis slapping into Cayde’s posterior. They could feel the vibrations. They could see Cayde’s hands reaching back to pull Lawson’s body into his own each time, Fuck me you hot fucker! Cayde blurted and Lawson did as Harry and Connor watched.

Shit! Lawson cursed as he raptured Cayde fully forward onto his belly, Lawson falling on top of him, his prick still inching out every last drop of semen into Cayde’s rectum. There was heaving chests and breaths a long moment.

Harry and Connor looked back at the gooey mess they had made just around the corner. There was no point in trying to hide their naughty activity. They continued to stand in the doorway just as Lawson craned his neck around. He blinked, Was it good to hear? he asked deadpan catching Cayde’s attention, Good? When’s the next show? That was fucking spectacular, Connor said out of character, Yes, what he said, Harry smiled and nodded.

The long walk on the sandy sun-strewn beach after the mayhem was gone was settling and comforting. Time to think. Time to talk and plan. I don’t want to be a bother, Cayde said about two hundred yards down the windy wet sand, the tide about half-way in and half-way out,

You are a bother. You bother me with your not bothering. So just shut up. You will move some of your things into my bedroom permanently at the Lacey’s and that is fucking that, Lawson squeezed Cayde’s hand, Thank you Lawson, Cayde instantly replied because that is what he had yearned for Lawson to ask him and didn’t want to give Laws time to change his mind, his answer accompanied by a quick peck on Laws’ cheek.

Lawson’s head tilted back just enough as he but glanced at Cayde, That’s what I thought ... You’re welcome, and both then felt their clasping hands tighten up even more as they continued down the beach several more strides and then Lawson could not help himself, leaned over and kissed Cayde’s cheek, Love you, he said just barely above the wind’s effort to suppress hearing it, but Cayde did, Love you too, he said back just loud enough as the wind whipped up sand particles about them.

Five strides behind them holding hands Harry turned to Connor, The four ways back home will be spectacular I expect. Don’t you think? Harry asked Connor tongue-in-cheek. He nodded, Not sure I want to piss in their mouths. But I’ll piss in yours if you like, Connor cheeked, You try it and I’ll put you over the chair back for a good dozen each, cane and tawse, Harry responded.

Connor barely suppressed a guffaw, Oh sure. That’s a jolly terrible deterrent. Are you not telling me something? Connor teased, Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not. You’re an American. You know everything anyway, right? Harry dead-panned and then winked at his lover as they continued to follow bare foot in the sand, their matching linen trousers suddenly billowing about their ankles as the wind blustered in from the frothy Atlantic ocean surf.

* * * * *

It was time for the more or less ceremonial head count. Were all participants in the first annual late summer Mystic Bay Mariners Juniors (MBMJ) road trip present and accounted for? Harry Demonte checked his mind’s short list of participants, just not as many as hoped for. Harry and Connor would have more of the club’s junior members along, but most were off with their families on pre-arranged late summer outings that weekend.

Connor Lacey proceeded to rattle off the names of the boys who were participating and now stood in front of their, by the way, brand new white Mercedes Benz mini-van, Luke Madison, age sixteen, Conner said just for an extra flourish, Here sir! Luke gleamed, Taylor Richards, seventeen, Taylor snorted a little, Yea, I’m here, he rolled his eyes, Skyler Barnes, fifteen and Boyd Tanner, also fifteen, Connor said them in tandem, Yea, we’re here, the younger boys grinned.

Harry Demonte. Twenty-one, but acts like he’s an old man sometimes. Are you here? Connor looked at Harry dead-pan. Harry blinked, looked down at myself, Seems I am and I’m going to ignore your other remark, Harry could not help but smile as the boys laughed heartily,

Just don’t ignore me, Connor commented and then the boys’ laughs quickly turned to knowing grins as Connor winked at the boys and then turned and kissed Harry for quite a long moment, And I, Connor Lacey, and also twenty-one, am here! Connor finished causing Harry to roll his eyes,

Can we please get on with it? Those roller coasters and water slides are not going to ride themselves are they? Harry asked and was answered with four loud fist pumping adolescents who if you got Harry and Connor one-on-one would tell you how proud they were of their boys.

The summer had gone well. Much rowing was had. Much rowing was learned. The boys were finally getting good in quads and although not so good in eights yet, it was a foregone conclusion that by the following spring that there would be eights for sure. Just not early in the rowing season.

Harry and Connor planned to enter some of the boys into quads, coxed and coxless for early October’s Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston some six weeks hence, but made sure that the boys knew that their success would not be measured by placing. It was really just for the boys to get the feel of the real world of some serious school-boy aged crew competitions.

This road trip was not that. This was bonding. Not that they really needed it any more. Thick as thieves does not begin to describe the feeling between the members of this particular small group of juniors. Coach Harry and Coach Connor even at their relative young ages felt at times less like coaches and more like parents. Not big brothers, well maybe when libidos were being satisfied. No. Parents. Dads at times, even.

The Mystic Bay junior crew boys looked up to their Coaches in ways that even well trained boys with coaches in other sports did not. Short of adoration or was it idolization? Did it matter? No, not really. What mattered is that these particular group of four were something special. Unique.

The road trip was just to enjoy each other sans watt farming on erg-machines at the club every time you turned around. The groans and sour looks. The stern rebukes. The slaps on arses. The frustrations. The injuries, fortunately minor in nature. The disgruntled jibes after an in-house competition loss vs. a peer.

The sore bottoms from spankings and canings after the understandable, but still inappropriate comments or attitudes not quite up to par. And yes, when parents did not agree with schedules, the disappointments and fortunately small deprivations of not being able to go to the club now and again.

Now-a-days, if one of these particular boys wanted a sore rump he had to ask because all of their four attitudes had taken to adjusting very well. Young coxes Skyler and Boyd were respected and looked upon as junior coaches while out on the water in the coxed shells and off the water still carried quite a bit respect. Things were starting to come together all around.

There was even talk, rumors really, about Harry and Connor, either of them, returning to their former schools, Belmont Hill and Eton College some day and coaching high school aged crew. It was a very long shot and they were too young at the moment, but still the talent was there. Just ask the very proud Mystic Bay program director, Jan Hollinsworth, as well as Connor’s father and Connor’s ex-coach at Belmont who had already asked Connor about being an assistant Coach at Bel Hill even that fall mere weeks before.

Connor respectfully took a rain check on the man’s generous offer. Maybe next year. Every time that Connor held out to Harry that he should someday return to Eton if offered, Harry would scoff with not a little emotion, Not on your life and certainly not without you with me. Ever, and that was as serious as it got.

OK boys, load up, was the command and in moments the four were buckled into the van’s seat-belts, the olders sitting on the bench seat in back of the youngers and off Connor drove the van towards the parkway, Harry riding shot-gun. Connor found the parkway and they were finally on their way down the road a few hours’ worth to the region’s largest roller coaster and water slide amusement park, Wild Mountain Adventures.

The boys’ ears were all fitted with headphones or ear buds, private music choices blaring, sun glasses up on backwards baseball caps and hands folded into their own laps, but that certainly didn’t last long. Before too long Taylor turned his head towards Luke, his mind’s eye recalling the sexy things that they had done the prior evening in Tay’s bedroom.

All four boys had been told of the surprise trip hardly two days before and both pairs had decided to do spontaneous sleep overs the night before, Luke at Tay’s, Boyd at Sky’s.

The bet resolution was simple. The loser had to do whatever the winner of the best two out of three Xbox mini video game competition wanted. And make no mistake, neither Luke nor Taylor were at all interested in losing to the other. Harry and Connor had drilled not so much winning as maximum effort with their crew training. It had worked all too well all summer long.

Yes! the younger of the two boys fist-pumped the air and then nudged Tay with his elbow, OK loser-boy, you’re all mine! Luke gloated, Yea, yea, yea. Just get on with it, Taylor pretended to sulk, You mean, get off with it and over it. Your shorts, my lap crew-boy, Luke said standing up and sitting at the edge of Tay’s bed instead of down on the floor, Come on, up and at-em! Luke rubbed his hands together with keen anticipation.

I’m coming, I’m coming! Tay stood, Maybe. If I let you, Luke teased as he nonetheless stared adoringly up at the older boy who it happens was not quite as skilled as Luke at video gaming. Tay’s cock was already nearly fully rock hard before he had time to slip his commando PJ bottoms down and off.

When he did, Luke just stared hard at the hard rod looking back at him making It doubly difficult for Luke to not just slip off from sitting at the bedside and down to his knees at Taylor’s big feet and inhale the older teen’s erection into his mouth and suck the guy off or better, take it up his own greedy ass. Goodness knows that he had many times during the summer months of their crew efforts at the Mystic Bay club. He thought about it, but no. It was high time for a nice turnabout.

Taylor made it a policy to never, ever let Luke know that quite secretly, he loved it when Luke dominated him. That would be no fun. Losing was not fun, but yes, losing had its perks. Like now. Except the blushing part. That was not manly at all, Park it big boy, over my knee! Luke smirked with relish patting his left knee.

Taylor sighed and rolled his eyes keeping up appearances, Fine, he mumbled under his breath just loud enough to perpetuate his mild upset at the penalty for losing to Luke, Yea, that’s more like it, Luke helped Taylor to settle in for a long session of ass worship because that is what this really was.

Luke could not get enough of the older teen’s bare ass. It was time once again to molest and take advantage of his winning position. Tay had to admit, when Luke’s hands went down there, meaning all over including over, under and between thighs that, Jesus! it was so good.

Some talent out on the water as an oarsman, Luke certainly had even more in the oral-anal department if Tay’s open mouthed moan meant anything just then. Luke giggled a little as Tay even did what he always did now, reaching back with both hands and pulled apart his own butt cheeks and then pushing up his hips.

Sometimes Luke would just tease Tay slowly rimming him with his wet finger-tip causing Tay to almost get angry that there wasn’t a lot more and especially of Luke’s exceptionally talented tongue as he did just then. But his crew Coaches had taught Taylor patience and he used it and he was soon rewarded with an eye-closing, grinning loud moan as Luke’s wet warm mouth muscle now pushed far inside of Tay’s rectum. In and out. In and out. In and out and then in and pause and wiggle about.

Taylor carefully undulated his hips to get the exact right angle of attack, tongue inside of hole and then his toes rapidly curled and uncurled as the exotic sensations pleasured all of Tay’s body head to toe or so it felt. Finally though Luke sat up. He wiped spit from around his mouth and then firmed his spanking palm down on the oh so spankable pale surface.

Taylor craned his neck and head around and looked up and back at Luke. Luke made eye contact with Tay and that’s how they usually did this. The spanker staring down at the spankee. The spankee staring back up at the spanker. Then the spanking started, hard and fast from the get-go like they always did no matter who was on top.

And, seldom with an implement. It was fair game for one boy to wear his bare flesh palm out on the other’s bare flesh ass. Go for it because it’s limited in a fair way or used to be anyway. Consequent their many crewing efforts during the summer, bare palms had hardened with callous because both boys had been taught to bare fist grip the wooden or composite material shell oars in order to toughen up the soft skin. They suffered blisters and such, but it had been well worth it. Especially now!

So now, bare palm spankings were much more a challenge and right then Luke was bound and determined for Tay’s face to break down and submit. The spanks were hard and fast and soon enough as Luke watched Taylor’s face started to crumble into submission as his ass, perfectly up in place by the way, was starting to really feel painful, Shit! Luke! Taylor finally gave in with an especially hard grimace.

Luke almost fist pumped the air for another win vs. his best buddy, but he did not. Instead he just shook off his own palm’s red soreness, just short of him having to stop the torrid spanking, Tay’s ass beet cherry red all over from welt upon spanking welt.

Then Luke did what he always did, slipped his other fist under Tay’s hips, grasped the half-hard and then after winking at his buddy, leaned over and started another long, lavish tongue fuck. The painful red spanking was now well worth Tay’s patience as wave after wave of sexual warmth from Tay’s punished ass now augmented Luke’s tongue’s efforts.

It was kind of calculated, but accepted as such that Tay’s next inevitable thought was that the hard flesh that had been poking him in his side all during the penalty phase of their Xbox competition belonged back where Luke’s tongue presently was. Luke knew this.

He finally sat back up and wiped his mouth of yet more slobbery saliva, Just say the word, he smiled and Tay sighed, On my back like a slut, Tay requested because well, he liked it that way, being treated like a male whore in Luke’s presence.

Luke helped Tay up to standing and then guided him to his back at the edge of the bed, Tay’s ankles up on Luke’s shoulders or at least to start as quickly Tay’s knees would inevitably spread out so widely, just something Tay liked to do to feel maximal slutty submission to Luke.

Once fully inside of Tay’s fuck hole, Luke would pause, lean way over and then seal his lips down onto Tay’s. Then Tay’s legs and feet did what they would always do like now and wrap tightly around Luke’s body. Now they would munch mouth with tongues and fuck. Pound. Slam. Use. Whatever the term. Luke would not stop until, head suddenly throwing back, howl his rapture eyes tightly closed shut until every drop of semen was deposited deeply inside of his buddy.

Panting for air, Luke then would pull out, Tay’s legs falling apart, feet to the floor and then Luke would go down on Taylor and get Taylor off, Tay’s palms clamped to the sides of Luke’s head mainly just following the bobbing head up and down until it was Taylor’s turn to howl out his rapture filling Luke’s mouth and throat.

The corner of Luke’s mouth curled up also recalling the night before. He wanted the same thing just then, reached for Taylor’s hand and brought it to his groin spreading his knees a little. Taylor squeezed on the soft bulge. Luke closed his eyes sporting a pleasurable facial expression that signaled the need that required no verbal explanation. Taylor used both hands now, unzipped Luke’s short shorts and slipped his hand inside to find bare soft flesh.

Luke continued to listen to his tunes as Taylor’s hand played his instrument to full hardness and then down went Taylor’s torso and he slurped up Luke’s now half-hard into his mouth. Luke’s hands gently lain on Taylor’s glasses and ball cap just to steady them as his mouth flopped open in a silent prayer of thanks as Taylor’s head bobbed up and down with a rhythmic pace.

In front of them Skyler happened to glance in back of himself. He smiled at what he saw, basically just one upright head and torso, the other doing the obvious. He giggled, elbowed Boyd who then also glanced back and grinned at his fellow coxswain but also recalling what they had done the night before at Sky’s house ...

Skyler and Boyd had gotten their fill of video gaming and now it was time for snacks and a movie. Both had done well vs. the other with the gaming. No competitions with penalties as Taylor and Luke had done, however, because they had agreed earlier in the summer after a big fight over it that competing against each other on the water was stress enough.

Gaming was supposed to be fun, not more stress. So they mutually (and maturely) decided that off the water that there would be no races during gaming to see who got to where first, nor who beat the other in some other competitive video game. It worked very well.

A huge bowl of piping hot Popcorn, sodas, candy (chocolate and peanut butter Reece’s Pieces especially) and even a small plate of those small microwaved pizza pastries on the coffee table in front of them, the boys settled down on the couch hip-to-hip in and started the movie. One Marvel or D.C. Comic movie or the other.

They were in the family room so that hanky-panky was not in the offing as mom or dad might wander in. About thirty minutes in the cinema action drama, one knee would bump the other. One hand or the other would cross over and squeeze a PJ bottom clad knee first and then be joined by the other hand.

Said hands might clasp together as eyes started to distractedly smile forward but were losing interest in Captain America or Spiderman, then the hands would part and one would stray into a PJ covered groin and then the other would soon follow suit. Bodies would slump and knees spread a little and then a noise from the hallway put a halt to all of it.

Skyler looked at Boyd head at the tilt and with a small motion towards the hallway, got a silently nodded agreement from the other. Sky snatched up what was left of the small bowl of candy, stood and strode out of the room and down the long hallway and into his bedroom, Boyd on his heels. The door was closed. The bowl of candy was set aside.

What’s on your dirty mind, dirty boy? Sky smirked at Boyd, The same as yours. Hot filthy, dirty sex, was the answer. Faces blushed and they giggled a little, Whose turn? because you had to keep things even, didn’t you?

Yours, Sky gamely replied because it was Boyd’s turn to top Sky, Come with me Mr. Coxswain, and Sky anxiously followed Boyd to the closet which was opened and the small cache of spanking implements procured from its hidden spot way in back and under a huge pile of unused old toys, loose clothing and sports equipment, Choose, Boyd said as he held the box. Sky chose. Boyd smiled. It was always the same, the hairbrush, Living dangerously again I see, Boyd took the brush into his fist,

I row on the same river as you, don’t I? Sky smirked because more than one time Boyd had lost control and steered his crew towards Sky’s during practice races nearly colliding the two shells. One time they did collide. Both quads tipped ten boys into the drink. Boyd had nearly never heard the end of it.

Very funny butt head, Boyd narrowed his eyes. Sky’s nerves doubled with the thrill of provoking his best friend because that always led to the best sex. So what was next? Thumb and finger, Boyd’s, taking a hold of ear lobe, Sky’s and walk to the bed, Not so hard! Sky giggled and reaching the bedside, Boyd sat and spread his knees wide.

Sky jumped to between Boyd’s knees hands on head as usual and as usual very quickly Sky was made naked as PJ bottoms were pushed down to around ankles and then kicked to the side. Boyd grinned and then fisted up the erection that had popped out of the now gone PJ bottoms. He used the penis as a handle to turn Sky sideways and then Sky moaned as Boyd’s other hand quickly found Sky’s tight boy pucker between his, so far, unblemished pale bottom cheeks.

Sky’s eyes were closed and now his head tipped back with the pleasure of a fist masturbating his stiff rod in front and that finger was now wet with boy spit and rimming his hole. How long this time? For Sky to automatically just tip himself forward over Boyd’s left knee because he always did and always because he wanted to feel that finger of Boyd’s slide up into his rectum after tipping.

You are such a slut, Boyd shook his head as Sky did it. He was now jack-knifed forward into spanking position and Boyd rewarded his buddy with the deep digital penetration, in and out a few sweeps. Sky just enjoyed it and humped Boyd’s knee, but soon all of that stopped. It was paddling time, but not oars in water. Brush on ass cheeks.

It was never too hard and just like now, it was meant to sting and stimulate. Warm and prepare, but isn’t spanking the other always a thing by itself? Oh course and it was. This was a kind of competition however. Who could take the hiding better than the other perhaps? How could you tell? You can’t. It’s far too subjective, but still.

Boyd paddled and stung Sky’s bottom to a ripe, crisp red. Not too much, not too little. Not too hard, not too soft. In a way it was like coxing a quad. Not too much steering, just enough. Not too much pace, just enough, Oh Jesus FUCK that stings! Sky finally blurted. Boyd stopped the hiding immediately and immediately Sky moaned as Sky’s hand was already soothing and molesting butt hole.

That’s it, Sky spread his thighs widely as the finger probed, Oh Boyd, give it to me, he said meaning, of course, that hard flesh that had been pressing into his side the entire time, You want it? You get up and present it to me, meaning of course Sky’s ass for fucking. The bottom boy always got to choose what position.

Sky quickly got to his feet, Boyd stood and waited. Sky thought. So many to choose from. On the bed face down. On the edge of the bed face up and legs back. Up against the door standing. They had done that once in the heat of passion and it had been super-hot. In the shower! Yes!

They were going to shower together before bed anyway and it was late, Come on, shower, Sky grinned. Boyd grinned. He liked doing it under the hot running water with Sky. The boys scurried out of the bedroom and down the hallway after making sure the coast was clear.

Into the bathroom, shower water turned on. All clothing gone, Sky got in, Boyd after. A quick attention to gel soap and then the main event. Sky slapped his palms up on the wall, stance wide. Boyd pressed his wet body into Sky’s, penis head poking at Sky’s back door. Sky’s hips moved back, Boyd’s adjusted and then not too slowly, not too fast, he entered between his spanked buddy’s red cheeks. Once seated it was time to fuck.

So Boyd fucked, pounded and slammed his hard coxswain’s meant into the other coxswain’s ever so grateful tight butt hole. There was grunting and moaning and groaning, grimaces and growling. And kissing. Lots and lots of kissing with lots and lots of tongue, saliva washed away instantly. Boyd groped and found Sky’s half-hard cock and flogged it. Flogged it good!

Then when it was time as timing is a big part of coxing a shell, the kiss parted and both concentrated on the final push to the finish line. Three ... more ... hard ... strokes and ... BANG! Raptures-a-plenty!

Boyd then motioned to Sky for them to do the same as the older boys were in back of them and Sky reached over and palmed Boyd’s soft bulge. Boyd nodded his agreement with this plan and then they too were off to the oral races.

Harry looked in back of himself and then shook his head with envy as right next to him was the most sexy, handsome man in the world, Connor Lacey. How had he become so lucky? It seemed too random a relationship to think too long on it. Or was it? Still, he was envious that he too could not molest Connor right then as were the boys were behind them.

Connor looked up at the van’s internal rear-view mirror separate from the van’s large side mirrors. He sighed at the sights of the two teen couples hard at work and then looked next to him to his right. How had he become so lucky to have Harry Demonte in his life? It was incomprehensible really.

What he would not give to be sucking Harry’s cock and pulling semen from his big balls into his mouth right then. That was even though they had gotten into it big time very early that same morning prior to the boys’ arrival at the Lacey home to begin their holiday together ...

They had awoken at the same moment from sleep in their bed. Too early. It was barely 5AM with a 10AM departure time for the trip with the boys. Harry turned his head to look at Connor, Morning, Harry said, It’s too early, Connor said, I know, Harry said and then just stared at Connor in that way despite the hour. He just said the first thing that came into his mind after that,

I want to give you a sound ass whipping and then a very hard fuck hole raping, were exactly Harry’s words to Connor causing Connor’s eyes to widen and his pulse speed considerably upwards. Who says such things so early at that time of the day?

Isn’t it bit too early for all of that? Connor’s cheeky question annoyingly rhetorical and typical of Connor. Harry just stared back and without words conveyed, I’m not falling for that one this time you little shit head, so Connor kind of doubled down as their two pee-hards changed instantly into two stiffened rods for pleasuring,

Do you mean a fucking faggot slut twat ripping, then? Connor changed course much more to Harry’s liking of his partner’s hot, dirty words meant to put him off. They used to. No more! Yes, quite. More like an unpaid male whore, really Harry added his own flavor and then quickly added, Get out of bed now! Get the tawse and cane. You’re getting a beating, Harry dead-panned fed up with the delays.

Connor leapt from the bed and trying his best not to jam his stiffened prick head into the dresser front, pulled the drawer opened, snatched out their best two tailed devil tawse and then lurched to the corner bin and pulled out their best senior sized rattan cane into his fist.

By now Harry was out of bed and had the chair positioned and stood waiting by it, impatiently tapping his foot. Harry glared the lover’s glare of one boy who adores corporal punishment for sexual stimulation to the other who adores it even more. Connor rushed over and held out both implements to Harry who snatched them up as if he was offended that Connor had even touched them.

Then Harry did one other thing. He reached for and brought Connor’s body into his and then kissed him, hard. Not with tongue. Just lips and then stood back Over! he pointed to the chair back. Connor went over all right. He lurched over pressing his head down on the chair seat on the other side and closed his eyes after making sure his legs were well spread.

Wider boy! Harry said, You’re getting your hole punished, he said. Connor hissed, his penile piss slit hearing the good news, started to ooze out its appreciation of Connor’s future painful ordeal. Harry paced and stared, swished the tawse and then the cane trying both out his eyes riveted, SHIT! Harry blurted.

Connor just smiled. Harry could not resist his butt hole. His pucker. His sweet ass hole. Never could. Harry sighed, set the implements aside and then feeling like a whore himself sidled his mouth down far enough to rim Connor’s well exposed fuck hole.

Connor moaned and then pushing up on his tip-toes managed to get his arse into the vertical forcing Harry to tongue fuck him directly down. Harry had to reposition to do it, but do it he did. It was all Harry could do to just not grab Connor just then, fling him like a rag-doll back onto their bed and bugger Connor right then and there.

Connor’s whimpers and mews were like spiritual songs to Harry’s ears and mind as his strong wet mouth muscle explored the depths and tasted his lover’s tang which by now was a special sweet flavor. A taste that never grew old. If it were not for the fact that tongue muscle is not like heart muscle and would do this virtually forever, Harry had to stop. He stood up and wiped his mouth,

You fucking little arse! he snarled. Connor smiled. He loved it when Harry was so turned on that he was angry about it. The staid Brit being turned into a predatory sexual animal. Harry’s nostrils flared, I’ll teach him to distract me, Harry hissed so that Connor could hear and did. Harry fisted up the tawse, Keep your arse right there, boy! and now Connor gritted his teeth. This was going to hurt.

WHAP! ... And Connor’s hole was in instant fiery pain. Connor yelped and Harry grinned, Yea, not so smug now, and again ... WHAP! ... The tawse stung, burned and forced the two butt cheeks aside to quiver and shimmy as Connor’s butt hole spasmed forcing Connor’s knees to rise up and frog-leg.

Connor also groaned and hissed and rose up onto his elbows a little, face ahead with eyes wide open and teary. It all looked so deliciously lewd to Harry, Don’t move pretty boy, Harry said liking the new humiliating positioning and then laid on the tawse hard across the up-perched buttock mounds for a good fiver.

Harry let Connor enjoy the writhing throes of the five well laid on sting raising welts as he tossed the tawse to the side and fisted up the cane, Caning position, boy, Harry said next. Connor heaved a breath and settled his feet back down onto the floor. Harry was very picky about caning. It had to be just so.

Feet firmly planted. Knees together at least most times. Arse now angled downward some, just right. Connor felt the rattan tap his center, draw back and then Harry used his strong shoulder and gave Connor the first of six hard, torrid perfectly placed cane cuts.

Connor had to endure beyond sexual stimulation through the six, but just after felt Harry’s tongue back at work between his quivering well-welted punished bottom cheeks demanding entrance. Harry had paused to admire that six hard senior cane cuts seemed to look rather more severe when given against tawse welts.

Harry’s hand brought Connor’s erection back to life even as his tongue did lavish deeply inside of Connor’s hole once again before Harry stood up, Get up, his breath heaved and he helped his lover to standing, both drenched in sweat. Harry brought them into a skin-to-skin passionate kiss, this time with tongue, this time with Harry’s fingertips raking hard over Connor’s thoroughly punished back side.

Connor hissed with more buttock pain, but of a different sort and especially when Harry’s finger swooped inside of his hole without warning. That broke the kiss, God! Connor rose up on his tip-toes. This pleased Harry who bypassed further oral-anal and instead firmly pushed Connor down to his knees at his feet, grabbed a tight slightly painful hold on Connor’s mussed hair and then forced his prick down Connor’s throat.

By now Connor was a good cocksucker with a practiced throat and mouth and he knew what to do with the intrusion. Harry’s head threw back. Connor was so good now with prick-in-mouth that all Harry had to do was to mouth fuck him when he was ready. He did. Throttled his lover for a good long while causing spit to drool and drip from the sides of Connor’s used lips.

Barnum and Bailey could not have done better as the next act was both tricky and very lewd. Connor on his back on the floor, legs so bar back and arse brought into the vertical that he was almost literally doubled up. Harry loomed over him, turned to face Connor’s feet and then lowered his spread legs so that his cock head was to enter Connor’s vertically upturned hole directly down.

All Connor could see was Harry’s rump at first. And then he could see Harry’s back-pushed erection as it entered his hole and then pushed down, hard. Connor’s head threw back, Fuck! he blurted as he attached his fists to his own ankles and held on for dear life, his knees pressed together for maximal hole tightness.

Harry thrust downward. Connor thrust his hips upwards. It lasted a short while but was too erotic to resist the urge to empty his balls, so Harry did, screaming his rapture and juicing up Connor’s butt hole. Harry pulled out and quickly got out of the way as Connor flattened his body out on the floor on his back frozen with smiling fatigue.

Harry panted, looked down and then lowered himself between Connor’s knees and went down on Connor. Harry emptied the grinning faced boy of all of his pent up semen and then stretched out his body back to on top of Connor’s for some prolonged tongue in mouth kissing that lasted and lasted. The long, hot steamy shower after was mainly done without conversation, just the heady afterglow of what they had done.

Taylor gave into his lust, pulled down Luke’s shorts and undies, slipped a hand between Luke’s spread thighs and then a wetted fingertip just where it belonged, just inside of Luke’s anus and then went down on him. The boys still had their buds in their ears and unaware that the sounds they made slurping and moaning could be heard to the front seat.

Harry gripped his armrests, his cock hardening and closed his eyes. How do you tell boys who even you wish this kind of freedom for in the van that it’s not bloody fair! that they can do this and he can’t? Well, you can’t and that’s that. Connor heard the lustful back-seat sounds and saw the look on Harry’s face and especially his lover’s tense posture.

Connor smiled recalling all that they had done together that morning, reached over and grabbed up Harry’s hand. Harry gripped it and finally relaxed even as Skyler and Boyd were doing the same damn thing in the bench ahead of Taylor and Luke’s as the older boys were.

Harry looked at Connor, Patience, Connor’s expression said without a word to Harry who scowled a little, but then sighed his wordless, Indeed, as the four boys in back of them then exchanged places getting all four of them off and then nodding off to naps as the van drove on down the highway towards their holiday weekend at Wild Mountain Adventures.

Jolly Boating (Caning) Weather: Harry and Connor – Part 7 – Morning Breath and Road Trips, © Copyright PJ Franklin, January 18, 2018.

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