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Next Time, Obey!
Part Two

by No Name

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You might think a severe bare-assed spanking like the one Eli got from his stepfather the previous week would incline the boy to obey, next time temptation struck. But fifteen-year-olds are fifteen-year-olds, and all the more so when they get together with other lads of their own age. So it really should not have been a shock when, at about 10 pm that Saturday night, Mark Langdon got a call from the household where Eli was spending the night with his friend Jeff.

It was Jeff’s father, Raymond Fenzel. Mark, the voice on the telephone said, I hate to bother you this late on a Saturday night, but I thought you should know that, well, I don’t know how to say this so I’ll just say it: your son Eli brought a half pint of vodka with him to our home, and the boys mixed it in with their cherry cokes. Mark uttered the word shit, almost inaudibly. This was not good. It wasn’t enough to get the boys drunk, Raymond went on, but we have very strict rules about alcohol in this house.

How do you know it was Eli who brought the vodka?

He admitted it, Mark. After I spanked Jeff a few good wallops, Eli admitted he had brought the vodka. He didn’t want Jeff to be punished for his own misdeeds, I guess. Now I have to ask you to pick your son up. I cannot allow him to stay at our home after a thing like that. And I don’t know how you handle these matters at your home, but I can tell you that my son Jeff will be in for some painful consequences for his part in this.

That was interesting. Eli had told Mark that none of his friends ever got spanked. Mark had not allowed that information – fake news, it now turns out – to dissuade him from what he regarded as a necessary and appropriate form of parental correction, but still it made him feel better to know that Eli was not the only teenager whose bottom felt the consequences of his misbehavior. Mark secretly suspected that spanking was a more common phenomenon than even Eli knew. It was safe, fast, effective, and – frankly – rather enjoyable from the paternal perspective.

Before venturing out to pick up his miscreant son, Mark went to Eli’s bedroom and retrieved the leather paddle from under the bed. He might have occasion to use it, even before they got home. He told his wife, Eli’s mother, where he was going, and why. She eyed the leather paddle with concern, but she did not interfere. When they had married, just over a year ago, she had asked Mark to take responsibility for the discipline of her teenage son. For the most part, she appreciated the results, and she preferred not to get involved in the details.

Mark arrived at the Fenzel residence at about 10:20. He rang the doorbell. No one came. He was about to ring again when the door was opened by a tall young man, eighteen or nineteen years old. Mr. Langdon? he asked. I’m Drew. Jeff’s brother. Dad said to bring you back to the family room. He looked like he was enjoying some kind of private joke. I hope you’re not opposed to spanking. With a conspiratorial air, he told Mark that Jeff was in trouble, big time, and that their father had decided not to wait until Eli was gone before he got started. I’m not sure exactly what Jeff said to dad, Drew went on, but whatever it was was a mistake. He tried to sound sympathetic, but he couldn’t repress a grin. From the perspective of an older brother, past the age of corporal discipline, the spanking of a younger boy is nothing but entertaining.

When they arrived at the family room, they were greeted by quite a sight. One teenager – Mark assumed it was his son’s friend Jeff – was bent over the arm of the sofa, pajama bottoms at his ankles. He was a skinny boy, but with a nice round butt, sticking straight toward Mark and Drew as they entered the room. Mark heard the older brother snicker. Raymond had a ping pong paddle in his right hand. Obviously he had been putting it to good use.

Standing just a few feet away, his hands on top of his head, was Eli. Eli was clad in lime green boxer briefs. Nothing else. Apparently, Raymond had discovered the vodka after the boys had gotten ready for bed, and he had seen no reason to allow them to get dressed before dealing with the situation.

Raymond interrupted his fatherly duties to greet the new arrival. He explained that he had not felt free to discipline Eli, but had required him to observe Jeff’s spanking so he would learn the consequences of his actions. In fact, Eli was the greater culprit. He had brought the vodka. Jeff was just going along.

Mark instantly sized up the situation, knew what had to be done. He produced the leather paddle and showed it to Raymond. Mind if I put it to use right here? he asked. Seems only right that both boys be punished together.

Raymond agreed one hundred percent. He was relieved that his son’s friend’s father shared his own firm disciplinary attitude.

There wasn’t room for both boys to bend over the arm of the sofa, so Raymond made Jeff kneel on the sofa seat and drape his body over the sofa back. Jeff stumbled on the way, because of the pajama bottoms around his feet. Just get those off, Raymond ordered. You won’t be needing them for what we are going to do. Then he looked expectantly at Mark.

Well, Mark usually spanked Eli over the underpants. The only previous exception was described in Part One of this series, when Eli had disobeyed his order to have his jeans down when he arrived in the boy’s bedroom. But it would not be fair to spank Eli over the underpants when Jeff was getting it bare. If anything, Eli deserved to get it harder and worse than Jeff. So Mark gave the command. Get the underpants off.

Eli looked at him in dismay. Not only would the spanking hurt much more with no protection – MUCH more, based on his previous experience – but it would be deeply embarrassing to bare his bottom (and his dick!) to Jeff’s father and his brother. Even Mark was somewhat sympathetic to this concern. He did not believe in subjecting his stepson to needless embarrassment. It was one thing for him, as the father figure, to see his boy naked. That was embarrassing for the boy, but it could not be helped. It was quite another for him to expose the boy’s nakedness to strangers. He was especially disconcerted by the attitude toward the whole affair shown by Jeff’s brother Drew. Raymond, of course, was all business. But Drew made little attempt to hide the fact that he was finding the whole spectacle of two younger teens being denuded highly amusing and enjoyable.

But Jeff was naked. Eli should not be treated less severely. And Mark could not very well object to Drew’s presence when Raymond obviously was okay with it. So he repeated his command: I told you, Eli: Off with the underpants. Now.

Blushing, mortified, Eli lowered his boxer briefs and kicked them off. Now he was completely nude in front of the three older males. Only Jeff was unable to see him, because Jeff was bent over the back of the sofa, his own bare butt jutting upward. Jeff could see nothing but the carpet. When Eli looked in Drew’s direction, the older boy winked, as if to say yes, I am looking at you naked. Eli blushed again, then turned, climbed onto the sofa, and bent over just like Jeff.

The two fathers gazed down at the two bare asses. One of them – Jeff’s – was firm and round, and already seriously pink. The other – Eli’s – was pudgier, bouncier, more boyish, and also a stark unblemished white.

You have some catching up to do, Raymond observed.

Yes, I do, Mark said grimly. He brandished the leather paddle. It was almost two feet long, nicely balanced, with a convenient grip and a nasty looking business end.

Great paddle, Raymond commented. Much better than this thing. He regarded his own ping pong paddle with disdain. Feel free to use yours on both the boys.

Mark began, as he always did, by rubbing the flat of the paddle lovingly across his boy’s bottom and up the inside of his thighs. This caused Eli to clench, and heightened the sense of tension in the room. It was working especially this time, because the bottom was bare: more sensitive to the touch, more embarrassing to the psyche. Then he tapped the butt proper, lightly, enjoying the way his taps made the bum cheeks jiggle. You don’t see that when the boy is wearing underpants. Mark heard Drew, standing behind him, snicker.

You ready for this, son? – Yes, sir. – You agree that you deserve this, don’t you, boy? – Yes, sir.

Then he reared the paddle back and slammed it full force onto the two naked mounds, targeting the fleshiest region, just below the iliac crest and just above the tender sit spot at the base of the bottom. He would address the sit spot in due time.

Eli’s body jerked. Yee-ouch! he exclaimed, unable to hold it in.

Mark waited approximately ten seconds before delivering a second blow. This gave time for the pain of the first stroke to register. Then came the second, and the third, and the fourth, each one in more rapid succession than the previous. Eli was writhing and kicking and calling out in pain.

Drew was enjoying this immensely.

Mark took notice of the other bare ass in front of him, perched next to his son’s. Raymond had invited him to use the paddle on both boys. Why not? Mark had never had the occasion to spank any bottom other than Eli’s, and Jeff’s bottom looked eminently spankable. He might as well take the opportunity. He lined the paddle up on the teenager’s butt – reflecting, as he did so, that it was strange to be spanking a boy on their first meeting. Any time he would encounter Jeff in the future, he would remember – and Jeff would, too – that on their first meeting he had paddled the boy’s bare butt. Quite the way to get acquainted. Mark began the paddling by toying with Jeff’s waiting bottom, just as he had with Eli’s – rubbing the paddle gently across the naked surfaces, exploring the inner thighs, tapping the flesh to observe the vibrations (though Jeff’s bottom vibrated less noticeably than Eli’s), and generally enhancing the sense of tension and expectation. Then: WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! He did not see the need for a pause between whacks, since the boy had already been thoroughly warmed up by his dad.

Mark hated to admit it, even to himself, but paddling Jeff’s bare ass was actually a pleasure. When spanking his own son, he could not allow himself such a frivolous emotion. He sincerely regretting having to inflict pain and embarrassment on a boy whom he loved. Spankings are serious business, not meant for the spanker’s enjoyment. But with a stranger he could let himself go. Anyone who has ever spanked a bare butt will know what Mark was feeling. There it is: naked, vulnerable, inviting. Yours to command. Yours to punish. Yours to smack or whack or tickle. When you are spanking someone you don’t care about, you can focus on the spanking experience without wasting attention on how the boy is feeling. Mark gave Jeff’s buttocks three solid whacks, relishing the feel and the sound and the sight of each one, then returned to his stepson.

Raymond tapped Mark on the shoulder. My turn? he asked.

Of course.

Mark handed Raymond the paddle. Raymond felt its balance and swished it through the air, two times. I should get one of these things, he commented. Then he turned to the two naked asses. Alternating between boys, he whacked first one and then the other. Then he repeat the process. He hit significantly harder than Mark did. He was remorseless. Soon both teenagers were howling and kicking their legs, to Drew’s considerable amusement. Eli, unaccustomed to so painful a beating, tried to protect his butt with his hands. Oh, no you don’t, Raymond scolded, wrenching his arms up his back. But Eli couldn’t help it. The instinct to shield his butt from the blows was too strong. So Raymond summoned his older son. Drew, he said, hold this kid’s arms so he can’t protect his butt.

With an impish grin, Drew answered, Why don’t you hold him and let me do the paddling?

Raymond gave him a dirty look. That’s not your job, he said. So Drew did as he was asked. In truth, he was delighted just to be part of the punishment team. Holding the younger boy down wasn’t as fun as paddling his bare butt would be, but you take what you can get.

After Raymond delivered three solid strokes, Mark thought maybe Eli had had enough. Suit yourself, Raymond said. It’s your boy. Obviously he thought Jeff needed more discipline. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The paddle repeatedly smacked down on the already battered buttocks. Then he turned to Mark, offering him the paddle again. You’re sure, man? he asked. I thought we agreed that your son was the more culpable of the two rascals. It was obvious from even a cursory glance at the two backsides that Jeff’s had been punished more severely.

Well, just a few more, Mark conceded.

Drew grinned. Want me to hold him down for you, Mr. Langdon?

That won’t be necessary, Mark said. He did not like the older brother’s unseemly enthusiasm for this process. If he were Drew’s father, he’d find an opportunity, as soon as possible, to make him bare HIS ass and see what it was like. Talk about too big for your britches!

Mark stood behind his stepson, examining his naked bottom. It’s smooth white curves were covered with nasty red splotches. It looked to Mark’s eye like the worst paddling Eli had ever received. He felt a wave of tenderness for the boy. He reached out and stroked the exposed buttocks, gently rubbing – almost massaging – the bare flesh. You’ve been very bad, he said. I hate to punish you this way, but you deserve every bit of it. Don’t you agree?

Yes, sir, the boy answered, sadly, his voice wracked with snuffles. Ordinarily, he would be horrified at the thought of his stepfather’s hands feeling all over his bare ass, but under the circumstances, the hands felt soothing and the gesture forgiving.

Mark placed the flat of his left hand on Eli’s upper back. Lift your bottom up, son, he said. Eli elevated his butt as best he could. Then the father’s rubs turned to slaps, fairly mild at first but building up to a serious spanking. The man’s hand came down all over the teenager’s bare butt.

Good move, Raymond said. I like a good hand spanking to finish things up. And he began spanking his own boy. The men spanked together in solemn silence for a few minutes. Then Raymond looked over at his counterpart. Shall we switch boys? he suggested. Mark was not sure he felt comfortable with another man hand spanking his son. The paddle is one thing; the hand is disturbingly intimate. But he had to admit it was tempting to get his hands on Jeff’s bare young bottom.

Okay, he said. He moved over to Jeff. First, he used his hands to explore the contours of Jeff’s teenage backside, getting a sense of its qualities – its firm muscularity, its deep crevice, its slight departure from symmetry, its lushly convex curvature, the dimples on the butt cheeks, and above all the extent of damage from all the paddling. This is one well-spanked ass, he commented. Your boy will not be sitting comfortably any time soon.

You’re right about that, Raymond said proudly, taking a moment off from spanking Eli to admire his own son’s posterior. Quite apart from his excellent paddling job, he took a fatherly satisfaction in his son’s fit young body, his firm round ass, and even (though he would never, of course, mention it), his ample manly bits. Jeff was maturing into a handsome young specimen. In a year or two, Raymond guessed his son would catch the eyes of those on the hunt for masculine beauty, female and male alike. One of the side benefits of spanking – assuming we are talking about spanking on the bare – is that you get to observe these transformations first hand. Would you believe it? Many parents miss out, because of their politically correct refusal to spank!

Raymond decided to watch Mark spank Jeff. It was a new experience. When you are spanking a boy yourself, there are so many sensations competing for your attention: tactile, emotional, auditory. Now he could focus simply on the visual, to appreciate the way a man’s bare hand connects with the bare flesh of the boy’s bottom, producing vibrations, contortions, and – of course – pain. You can spank him harder than THAT! he exclaimed, and moved in to demonstrate. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! In no time, he had the boy kicking and writing and crying out.

Mark returned to Eli. He gave him just a few more. He was conscious of Raymond’s silent disapproval. Eli was the one who brought the vodka. He deserved significantly more punishment than Jeff. But Mark did not have it in him to be so harsh.

We’ll continue this at home, he said, largely for Raymond’s benefit. Ready to go? he asked his boy.

Boy, was Eli ready. He got up from the sofa and rubbed his backside vigorously, with both hands, his eyes screwed shut. When he opened them, he realized that Drew was staring openly at his prick, which had receded to the smallest possible extent in response to the stress of the spanking. He blushed and covered up. The older boy grinned. Drew was feeling oh-so-superior. He did not get spanked any more; instead he got to watch, and even help. He did not have to appear naked in front of other people; instead, he was part of the audience. He was taller and stronger and better developed. He was a man. Only boys get spanked.

Go get your stuff, Mark told Eli, and the lad raced upstairs, momentarily forgetting that his underpants were lying on the family room floor. When he returned with a duffle bag, Jeff had put his pajama bottoms back on. Now Eli was the only person naked in the room. They all watched as he bent to pick up his lime green boxer briefs.

Now get your butt to the car, Mark said. Those briefs are enough to keep you decent until we get home, and you won’t be needing any more clothes tonight.

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