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A Count's best friend.
Chapter 24

by Torok

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 11 Feb 2018

The elevator opens up at the bottom of the shaft and Devon steps out into the lair. The first thing he notices are all the balls of crumpled up paper on the floor. The trail lead to the computers and on the monitors were different images of the layout of Doctor Shot’s clinic. He picked up a paper ball and opened it. He saw that it was a rough sketch of the clinic with a plan of attack drawn on it, a failed plan since it had been tossed on the floor. Devon sighed as he walked over to the computers. They must have been beside themselves with worry, trying to devise the perfect rescue plan. Maybe without me, they had no guidance. Plus the added pressure of their alpha being in trouble. That’s a heavy burden to carry. He thought and laid the paper down on a desk, picking up a pencil that someone snapped out of sheer frustration most likely. He wrote a healing spell with the added effect of keeping the wounds and marks on him on a blank corner of the paper, tore off that piece and ate it. Almost immediately upon swallowing it, the pain was gone and he could move around without being in pain. He intended to keep the marks on himself to show his mother, maybe that would curb her thoughts on this ridiculous alliance and peace treaty.
He then saw something that caught his eye and irritated his werewolf senses. It was a sheet of paper that was laying on the floor close to the printer. He approached it almost cautiously, but he didn’t know why until he was close enough to read it. It was a page from a web article titled: The benefits of spanking children. It felt as if there was an aura of danger and disgust in its vicinity, he had to back away from it because he felt sick. Someone must have printed that, attempted to pick it up to read it but dropped it because it burned them. Did they doubt the legitimacy of his claim that werewolves must protect children? Did they want to be sure that spanking children was indeed wrong? Deep down, he was hurt that his friends didn’t trust him. But he knew that a claim must be backed up by evidence, and that evidence was sitting, discarded, on the floor, to be avoided like the plague. Now he had his evidence too. As werecanines of science, they must not have blind faith in anything, not even their alpha’s word.
He left the computer area and went to go get his bags and set up his space in the sleeping quarters. He walked into a room that was next to the bathroom. It was a carpeted room with five dog houses in it, the dog houses acted like the capsule hotels found in Japan. Everyone had placed their dog beds on the left side of their house, on the right there was a plug to plug in any electronics, and in the back wall there were dresser drawers for storage. He’ll have to tell Jose he needed a bigger dog bed because when he does become a wolf he wouldn’t be able to fit on his old one any more. He grabbed some clean clothes from his bag after he placed it in his dog house, intending to go take a non-torturous shower, he saw that the spell the Count put on his underwear to turn them into underwear with butt flaps was still active. Must be permanent. He felt awkward about having to borrow one of Jose’s pair, but they were both the same size. He’d go steal some new underwear from the store when he could, or hack some group he didn’t like and steal their money to fund his new wardrobe needs. He still had to pay the teens for their work, he’ll get that taken care of soon enough, but now it was time for an actual relaxing shower.
He went into a large bathroom they all shared, there were four stalls, one stall was larger than the others. One stall contained a toilet, one contained a urinal, one contained a fire hydrant, and the biggest one was the shower. He laid his clothes down on a bench that was near the shower and removed his hospital gown, he tossed it on the floor, he’d dispose of it later. He turned the water on to a normal temperature and stepped inside. As the water ran over him, he looked at the shampoo selection. Anti flea and tick formula, keeps coat sleek, shiny and healthy. Good selection. He thought as he read the dog shampoo bottle. He peeled off the band aids on his butt, the water made them come off without any pain, and put them on the shelf in the shower. He noticed that there were no bars of soap on the shelf and the bath brush was also missing, strange. After lathering up his hair and body using the shampoo, he allowed the water to rinse him off. He stopped the water, stepped out of the shower, dried himself off with a towel and got dressed. He grabbed his belt to put it on, but instantly felt nervous about holding it, why? He decided to take it with him instead of putting it on. He spied what had happened to the bath brush and the bars of soap and also the hairbrush they had on the sink. They had all been thrown in the garbage. The nervousness he felt about his belt, were the others nervous around items that could be used for punishment? Is this a natural fear, like fear of snakes and spiders was for humans? Cooking was going to be difficult if he was afraid of wooden spoons and spatulas. It was just nervousness at this point, not a full blown phobia. But would it get worse? Damn it, he just might have to talk to Her about it tonight. And whether he wanted to or not, he had to absorb moonlight or eat good homework soon, he was feeling deprived and he needed it.
He discarded the hospital gown and the twenty band aids before walking out of the bathroom. He walked over to his duffle bag and dropped the belt inside. He began to search the pockets of his pants in the bag and sighed in relief as he found his phone. Thank the Goddess it wasn’t in the pants I last wore, I don’t think I’ll get any of my stuff back from Shot... He told himself before pocketing his phone. He went into the kitchen to get himself some proper food. He opened up a can of wet dog food and put it in a dog bowl that he got from the cupboard, they had dog bowls instead of plates for obvious reasons. He opened the fridge, took out some raw ground beef, and included a quarter of the meat in the package in his meal, even pouring the blood in the package onto his meal like sauce. He had been craving raw meat for the past few days for some reason, maybe this was part of the change? Even though he was already a werewolf, things were starting to change with him too. His fur was darker, much like his mother’s, he was bigger and stronger, and he was behaving less and less like a domesticated dog and more like a wild wolf. He wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to move his pack into a forest one day, the hunting would be incredible, all the venison they could eat. He placed the rest of the raw meat back in the fridge, got himself a glass of water and a fork and sat down at the table to eat. He ate his food and drank his water, so grateful that he wasn’t laying in a bed in Shot’s clinic eating and drinking from tubes that had been stabbed into him. When he finished eating, he even licked his bowl clean, wouldn’t want anything to go to waste. He placed his dishes in the dish washer and went over to the computers, it was time to do a little hacking.
He opened up the hacking program and went onto Brothers Against Homosexuality’s website, he found the donation page. 10,000 dollars in two months, I’m surprised it’s that much. Say bye bye to this, homophobic bastards... Devon said, linking up their bank account to his account on and pressed a button to transfer all of their money to him. When that was done, as an added bonus, he crashed BAH’s website, if he had the time he’d add a code to redirect anyone who tried to get on the site to a gay rights website instead. He closed the hacking program and checked his Root of all Evil account, the money was his. He also saw he had ten messages from Sam asking where the money was, each message sounding more and more impatient and angry. He immediately sent half the money to her, maybe that would settle it and get her off his back. He had 5,000 dollars to play with, unless he stole from more anti-SAGA organizations. He knew he needed upgraded tech, he couldn’t rely on KND and Teen Ninja tech forever. He would browse Dark Side of the Moon’s evil tech website later, he felt he had to at least do something his Goddess wanted him to. He grabbed the notebook with half its pages torn out, and most likely scattered all over the floor, that was sitting in front of another computer monitor, as well as a pencil. He turned to a blank page and started sketching the altar She showed him in his dream. Luckily he had a photographic memory when it came to remembering how it looked. He drew four pictures from different angles and numbered them according to the prayer phrase on each side, writing the dimensions that Asenath instructed as well. He’ll get a 3D model of this altar on a computer soon, buy a small piece of malachite, make it grow with the grow function on his shrink ray and then get someone to chisel out the altar. Or he could turn the piece of malachite to dust, make it malachite clay, put it in a 3D printer after he bought or stole one and have it 3D printed. A 3D printer would be incredibly useful, for all sort of things, he heard villains were now buying the schematics that evil inventors were selling online and printing machines, vehicles, weapons, and anything else they needed with the 3D printers. And he wouldn’t even have to waste any of his actual money, he’ll just steal the money. He decided he’d make the 3D model of the altar now and then get some sleep for the rest of the day, he already felt like he was pushing himself and his sickness wasn’t all gone yet. He got up and went to the printer that also doubled as a scanner and scanned the pictures he drew. He went back over to his seat, sat down and opened the drawings in a 3D model drawing program. He had just begun connecting the four pictures together and shaping them into 3 dimensional images when he heard three elevators open. He swiveled his chair around and found Riley, Fifi and Jose walking out of the elevators.

Hi, chief. Riley said, waving at Devon, speaking in a quiet voice, as if he was afraid to speak to him. Are-... Are you ok? There is plenty of paper and a few intact pencils that you can use to heal yourself with. He said, thinking that Devon was still hurt because he saw that the skin on his arms and neck still had the appearance of having been rubbed raw.

I’m ok. I actually did heal myself, I just added an extra word onto the spell that allows me to keep the marks. Devon told him.

That’s a relief. We’ve done as you asked, we even shrank the ambulance and brought it down here. Fifi said, holding out her palm to reveal that she held the shrunken ambulance. Just in case we wanted to scrap it for parts. She added.

I did all the work. Jose said. He got elbowed in the ribs by Fifi, who did not looked very pleased. Ok, ok! I did half the work. But I’m still the second best tech guy here. He corrected himself. He looked at Fifi. Which makes you the best tech woman.

Nice work. Where’s Greg? Devon asked.

He decided to take the slide. But, knowing him he probably got distracted by a human female who owns a husky, again. He’s been trying to exclusively court women with huskies, he thinks they’ll like him more. Riley replied.

I should try that! Ladies love Chihuahuas. My future girlfriend could carry me in her purse, feed me food off her fork, dress me in cue small dog outfits. I could live like a king. Jose said, sounding thrilled about this possible future.

No, you won’t. Devon said.

What? Why? I’m not looking to steal your title or anything if that’s what you’re concerned about. It was only a figure of speech. Jose said.

No, I mean, you won’t because you won’t be a Chihuahua any more. None of you will be your original breeds. Devon said. The three looked at each other in confusion.

What do you mean? What will we become? Fifi asked.

Werewolves. I already told Greg, his black fur is turning gray, like a gray wolf’s. Devon replied.

YES! I won’t be a small rat dog any more! Jose said, sounding thrilled about his future changes.

What about your plans to ride around in your hypothetical girlfriend’s purse? Fifi asked.

Screw that. I can properly protect her. I won’t just be biting ankles and hoping for the best, I’ll be biting the throats of anyone that tries to mess with my future amada. And she won’t be hypothetical once she sees me in all my wolfy glory. Jose said.

Do I look any different? Riley asked, turning into his German shepherd form.

Your head and ears are more wolf-like. It looks like you’re bigger as well. Devon said.

Fifi turned into her werepoodle form. Any changes? Oh, wait, my fur is starting to grow in! She said, looking at herself. She had the classic poodle look all this time without having to groom or shave, but now white fur was starting to fill in those massive hairless parts.

Me next! Jose said, turning into his werechihuahua form and posing like a proud hound. The others looked at him.

Your, uh, fur is starting to shorten a bit to take on the appearance of a wolf’s coat. Fifi replied.

And your tail is now down instead of up and slightly curled. Riley added.

Jose suddenly looked disappointed and looked at himself. Awww! I didn’t get any bigger! He complained.

I wouldn’t expect changes overnight. It seems like it’s going to be gradual. Devon told them.

What brought on the changes? Why now? Riley asked.

It was my doing. It was unintentional and I had no idea it would happen. I’ll recount the story when Gregory decides to grace us with his presence. Devon told them.

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Came Gregory’s voice from the slide. He came down the slide and landed on the mat. He stood up quickly, looking energized. That is STILL fun! He said.

Nice of you to join us, Greg. What happen? Devon asked, referring to the muddy paw prints on Gregory’s armor.

Oh, the wrong female took a liking to me, jumped me and started smothering me in doggy kisses. Gregory said. He got red in the face when the others started laughing.

Well, you finally got a female to kiss you. Riley said.

I wanted the human, not her dog. Gregory said.

Devon stopped himself from laughing. Alright, everyone, quiet down. We can laugh at Greg’s failed love life later. He said. When everyone settled down and turned back into their human forms again, he spoke. Grab a seat, I have some things I want to say first. Everyone took a seat in the chairs at the computers, they all wheeled over to Devon, gathering around. I want to apologize for what I said to you all earlier. I was angry. I came down here and saw all this, all of your plans that you tried to make, all the paper crumpled up and pencils broken out of frustration, all the worry you felt. I would be beside myself with worry too if any of you were captured and it was up to me to rescue you. He told them.

It’s ok, chief. We forgive you. I wasn’t the best leader when I was put under that kind of pressure. I snapped at everyone, shot down ideas because I thought that wouldn’t get the job done. Riley said and sighed. I’m sorry too for the way I acted. He added, addressing everyone else.

Yeah, you were an ass under pressure. But, I guess it was understandable. Gregory told Riley.

Let’s just be glad we’re all together again. Fifi said.

I’m glad we got that settled. Can you tell us why we’re going to turn into werewolves one day? Jose asked.

It happen on the first night I was at Castle Spankulot. The Count started prattling on about his ancestors and how great vampires were. Then he decided to show me a bit of history and took me to this room. The ceiling was painted with this grand battle scene, depicting vampires and weredogs, not wolves, fighting. He said it was the last great battle before the weredogs just gave up and went into hiding. At the centerpiece of the painting was a vampire, the Count’s great grandfather, chasing away a werewolf, the alpha, with only a piece of parchment. It was known as The Document of Incorrectness. It was created as the ultimate weapon against werewolves, and it changed us, made us into dogs instead of wolves, drove us to only think about homework and nothing else, domesticated us. Because of it, we lost basically everything. The document was there, in a display case. Just being within a few feet of it caused great pain. To make a long story short, the Count tried to turn me into a vampire because he didn’t know I was a werewolf, I revealed my true form to him, which terrified him. He used the document on me and I had to jump out a window to escape. I had scaled a castle wall to get out of there, but then the Kids Next Door attacked the castle. I was the bigger person and saved him, but in the fight Number 74 got a hold of the document, made it into a ball and used a sling shot to shoot it down my throat. I passed out and later awoke to the Count getting the document out of my throat and saving my life. The document was destroyed when I almost swallowed it. Devon told them.

Woah, that’s insane. So, you owe your life to Count Spankulot and the new fate of our race is thanks to Ben Swanson? Gregory asked.

Yeah, it’s insane what’s happen in the past nine days. Devon said.

Speaking of the unknown, what happen when you confronted Doctor Shot? Fifi asked.

Yeah, how did you get captured? Riley asked.

I saw that Shot was about to put the Count in his ambulance, I shot him with a laser cannon. We had a dogfight. I went down because my shields were low on power and I crashed. Luckily my airbag deployed. I tried to end the Count’s life, he was easy, unconscious prey, and I almost snapped my jaws shut on his head. Doctor Shot intervened and probably shot me with enough tranquilizer darts to fell an elephant. I went for him out of rage and tried to bite his neck, got his arm instead and he stabbed me with the tranquilizer dart which knocked me out. Devon told them.

How did you escape? Jose asked.

I was powerless for the first day I was there, Cold’s flu really did me in, it took away my ability to transform. They took advantage of my weakness and... Hurt me... Devon said, not wishing to remember any of it.

We’re so sorry for what happen. Gregory said.

We should have just decided on a plan earlier and come to save you right away. Fifi said.

We’ll make them pay for what they did to you, every single last one of them. Riley said, letting out a small growl.

Jose then asked a question. Doesn’t Shot keep his patients bound to their beds while treating them? And it usually takes a while before they’re better. It sounded like he helped the Count hurt you.

Of course he did, Count Spankulot gets special treatment because he’s his boyfriend. Devon answered. All of them looked a bit shocked by this revelation.

I’ve seen them sit together at meetings and at the villain choice awards, but I had no idea that they were an... Item. Fifi said.

I always thought Shot was too much of a germaphobe to have a physical relationship with someone. And isn’t he technically practicing necrophilia because the Count is undead? Jose pondered.

Shot refused to kiss him because I spit in his eye so he got contaminated. I paid dearly for that one, but I feel like it was worth it. Devon said.

Do you think they do it while wearing rubber suits so that there’s no skin to skin contact? Gregory wondered.

Ugh! I already know way too much about what they do! Shot likes to get spanked and... And... The cane that I was whipped with was his... So that was previously used when they were... Devon shuddered in disgust. I think I need to take another shower... Or give me my Sanitizer! Where is it!? He demanded.

I put it away, I’ll go get it. Gregory said and leapt up to go retrieve it.

You already cleaned yourself, Devon. So this is all just a psychological uncleanliness. Fifi explained.

I don’t care. Peace of mind is more important. Devon told her. He caught the Sanitizer when it was tossed to him by Gregory and he blasted himself with it a few times. Ok, that’s better. Let’s never have a conversation like this again, please! He requested. When his friends nodded in agreement, he continued speaking. Anyway, earlier this morning, I found out that I got my powers back. I decided to wait until the Count left the clinic to make my escape. I had my chance when Shot offered to give the Count a ride-... He was interrupted when Gregory started laughing. HOME Greg, he gave the Count a ride home in one of his vehicles! He clarified.

Of course, sorry, it won’t happen again. Gregory said, he coughed a bit as he laughed too hard.

Devon looked at his Sanitizer. I wished this thing cleaned minds as well sometimes... Anyway, when those two were gone, I punched the nurse’s lights out and broke her nose, and then I made my way to the garage to procure an escape vehicle. I went back for the kids who were trapped in the clinic. They had to endure I don’t know how many days’ worth of Shot’s treatments, and on top of all that, the Count fed on them when he got hungry. I hear Doctor Shot’s going to invite Count Spankulot over a lot more often for supper... I feel so bad for any child who is there when that does happen. I know how they feel. He said, after a brief moment of silence he continued his story. I made for the garage, with the kids in tow. Had another encounter with the nurse, luckily she’s terrified of big dogs, or just werewolves. Either way, she ran away screaming from me. That was fun to watch, oh you guys should have seen her run. He started to laugh. When he was finished chuckling to himself, he continued with the last part of his story. I dropped the kids off at the treehouse, one of them went his own way, he’s not my problem any more. On the way there, most of them seemed very curious as to why a werewolf would save them. I told them things are changing, that at one time werewolves protected kids. I asked them to put in a good word for me with the KND, doubt that would be enough. He said.

That was quite a story. Hopefully some good will come out of it. Fifi said.

So, what now? I doubt that you can follow Asenath’s orders and be a spy like She asked. Riley said.

Yeah, don’t remind me. I wouldn’t be surprised if She replaces me with someone more able to follow orders. I’m going to need to talk to Her at some point. Devon said.

Maybe you can be a spy... The Dark Side of the Moon science and technology department and The Mariana underwater research facility have invented pretty sweet spy gadgets, including a microchip that works similarly to how our armor’s disguise feature functions. It connects to an app on your phone where you can take a picture of someone and you can disguise yourself as them, changes the voice and everything. You can also create a custom person with the app and become that person. Jose told him.

That is so cool! Yeah, I gotta browse some of the tech they have, cause I need an upgrade. Devon responded. And, thankfully, I just received a generous donation from BAH, they gave me all the money they received within the past two months. So, I’m going shopping later. He said, smiling. But I don’t think I’ll even consider going back undercover working like a dog for Count Spankulot. I’ve suffered TOO MUCH under his tyrannical hand. I WON’T go back! He stated. His friends nodded, understanding his decision.

What’s that? Gregory asked to change the subject, pointing at the screen that had the beginnings of the 3D model of the altar on it. Everyone else looked at it too.

Devon grabbed the drawing of it that he did. Asenath told me to build it out of malachite. It’s an offering altar. You place homework on it, put it under the light of a first quarter to last quarter moon, say the prayer written on the altar nine times and the homework goes to Asenath.

She wants sacrifices? Fifi asked.

It seems so. The best homework isn’t supposed to go to the alpha, it’s supposed to go to Her. Devon said.

What will She use it for? Fifi asked.

Maybe to recharge Her power for when She comes back, or rather when I open the portal to the afterlife and set Her free. Devon replied.

Free Her? And open a portal to the afterlife? You can do that? Jose asked.

There is a lot of information that we’re missing here, chief. Mind filling us in? Riley asked.

Devon recounted everything Asenath told him about Herself, Her vampiric history, the creation of werewolves, the importance of moonlight, and his role in Her plan to dominate the Earth.

So... We worship a vampire...? Jose asked.

As far as I know, yes. But She’s different. Devon answered.

Yeah, no kidding, She fights against the very thing vampires need to survive. Riley said.

And absorbing reflected sunlight from the moon has the same effect as eating good homework? Fifi asked.

An even greater effect. If I absorb moonlight I seem to feel fuller for a longer period, or at least that’s what I’ve noticed. I’m only now starting to feel the need for either moonlight or good homework, and it’s not as overpowering either. Devon answered.

Can you teach us how to absorb moonlight? Gregory asked.

Of course, we can start tonight. Though, it does come easier to me since I’m naturally a werewolf, but I’m sure when you become werewolves too, you’ll all be able to do this just as easily. Devon said.

There’s something we need to tell you, we’ve been experiencing changes, not just physical changes, but psychological ones. You might think it’s ridiculous, but... We’ve been feeling nervous about some things that are commonly used for corporal punishment. Fifi said, a bit embarrassed to admit their new phobia.

Fifi threw out the hairbrush and the bath brush because they scared her. Gregory said, in a kind of mocking tone.

You’re one to talk, Greg! You had to change pants because they kept sagging because you didn’t want to wear a belt. Fifi fired back.

That’s enough. I know. I felt the same nervousness about just holding my belt. I have to talk to Asenath about that, I hope it doesn’t turn into a phobia. Maybe it’s another feature of being a werewolf. Devon said. He then asked them a question. Has anyone felt rage in the past few days when hearing or seeing a kid getting a spanking? If you guys ever see stuff like that, it IS more common when you’re living with a spank happy vampire.

Not rage, but slight anger. My sister was threatened with a chancla, a slipper, by my mother three nights ago after refusing to eat her dinner several times. The threat was never carried out because she was smart and eventually ate everything on her plate. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt anger over that. Jose replied.

I suggest you don’t go home for a while, until we can control our violent rage, none of us should be near any family members who spank if we value their lives at all. My mother’s only called the Count, she’s never laid a hand or paw on me herself. Devon said.

The rest of you chew on shoes, in my house we dodge them. Ironic. Jose commented.

I can’t imagine living in a house where your parents are the ones who do the spanking. I got a taste of that when I lived with Count Spankulot, it was... Stressful, terrifying... I didn’t just get spanked once per night and that was it. Any time I made a mistake he was on me like that. Devon said, snapping his fingers for emphasis. I got extra punishments too, mouth soapings, corner time, he once put me in a magical cage overnight, he made all of my underwear have drop seats in the back so that he can bare my butt for bare bottom spankings. I had to borrow one of your pairs of underwear because of that. He added, pointing to Jose.

Wait, what? Jose asked, almost not believing what his alpha just told him.

You can have them back when I buy new underwear, the spell he placed on mine is still there. Devon replied.

You can keep them. Jose replied. He was not planning on asking for them back.

What about the rest of you? What do the discipline regiments in your households look like? Devon asked the others.

I did get spanked as a kid by my father, but my parents just ground us now. The Count rarely gets called, and when he does it’s only for my brother. Riley said.

Same as Riley, basically. Except it was both of my parents who did the spanking. Gregory said.

My parents haven’t called the Count on me in years. I think the last time was when I was twelve. Fifi said.

Be careful with your cousin, Fifi. She has no problem calling the Count on you when you eat her homework. Devon said.

That was her? That bitch... Fifi commented.

I have some ideas of getting PETC and the GND to help out, they may hate us, but they can’t refuse to help your siblings and get them out of spank happy households. Devon told them, after they all agreed with a nod, he continued speaking. I’ve already messed up Asenath’s plan and I think I should wait before going through with anything else. Can one of you finish up the altar design? I wrote the dimensions in this notebook. Devon requested, setting the notebook down on the desk. It needs to be made out of malachite, just order a small cube of malachite, we’ll make it bigger with the reverse function on my shrink ray. If you need money, hack only evil companies and organizations. We’re not stealing from Toys for the Toyless, Orphanage for the Parentless or any other organization like that, we’re not evil any more. Devon told them before standing up, intending to go to the sleeping quarters. One more thing, I know about that. He added, pointing to the article on the floor. His friends looked really nervous when they saw what he was pointing at.

We-... It’s not that we doubted you. We just wanted to make sure that what you were saying was in fact true. Riley said.

That’s almost the very definition of doubt. Gregory said.

No, that’s fact checking. Riley replied.

I tried to pick it up but I touched it and passed out for an hour, so if there was any doubt it’s gone. That article is full of lies... Spanker propaganda. Jose said.

I’m not mad that you fact checked. That’s good. Blind faith is not healthy. Really, I should have done the same before committing myself to Asenath’s mission for me. Devon said.

We’ll fry that horrid thing with a laser and dispose of the ashes. Fifi said.

No, not yet. I want to show you all what Asenath has taught me to do with my own powers and the power of moonlight. But if I fail and pass out, drag me over to my bed so that I can recover. Devon said.

You mean, you can touch it? Gregory asked, sounding amazed.

Can you eat it? That’ll save on the cleanup. Jose asked.

I can probably touch it with enough concentration and moonlight stored in me. I don’t want to test whether or not I can eat it yet, I might get violently ill. Devon said.

How does the moonlight storage thing work? Fifi asked.

I’m guessing it’s like nocturnal photosynthesis and recharging a battery. You have to be in moonlight to absorb it, you can absorb it through windows and possibly any transparent material, and each spell costs a certain amount of power. Think of it like your magic pool in video games. Devon said.

So, we’re magical werewolves? Riley asked.

Yes. Ironically, our kind relies heavily on magic. Devon answered.

I love playing hybrid classes, except this is real life. Gregory said.

Devon nodded. Any other questions or concerns will have to wait, unless it’s life or death. I barely got any sleep last night and I’ve already overworked myself. Wake me when the moon is out. He said, practically trudging off to the sleeping quarters.

Wait. Riley said, standing up. What about the Count? That seems like a pressing matter. He said.

Devon stopped, one hand held the door to the sleeping quarters open, and looked back at his friend. Count Spankulot already beat me... He got his revenge. I don’t think he’ll attack us without reason. He said, raising his shirt a little to show the marks on his back. His friends gasped in shock.

He WON’T get away with this! We promise, we will destroy him! Riley said, eyes turning red as he made a fist, an audible growl was heard in his throat.

No! Devon said, pulling his shirt down. We wait for Asenath’s orders. If She even wants me as Her champion any more... Get some sleep as well, tonight I’m going to teach you all how to absorb and harness moonlight. He added before walking into the sleeping quarters and closing the door. He didn’t bother to change into his pajamas as he laid down on his bed to get some rest. He wondered what Asenath would say to him. He knew She would be disappointed. She WAS trying to stop him on the night that he tried to kill the vampire. Could he even do anything to make up for what he tried to do? And what would the ramifications be for his pack?


(Well, this chapter is a bit shorter. Look at where we are now, I write a 6,000 word chapter and call it short. I can remember when a chapter like this would be long. I hope you all don’t mind the length. And I hope you don’t mind that I only mention spanking in this chapter. There will be actual spanking in later chapters.
Some things to note: SAGA is an acronym for Sexuality and Gender Acceptance, it’s the LGBT of this world.)

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