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School spanking did not stop at age 16
Part 10 – Sport Spank

by SimonRed

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I left St Peter’s RC School in July and now it is late August and I am back to take a run around the school grounds. Boys, the sports facilities will be open through the holidays on Wednesdays, Matt the Sports Master had informed us as we packed up at the end of term, and I will be here all day if you want to play tennis, use the gym, or the athletics facilities. I can’t promise Cricket or Tennis, you would have to organise your own teams and turn up together if you want that. So I arrived to run the school grounds and the park next door. One of the appeals to me was the beauty of the run through the park, and the other was the availability of changing rooms and showers at a time when Sports Centres were not common and many were for private members only.

I had spent four weeks of the summer vacation with my cousin in his family’s villa in the south of France. On arrival I discovered his parents (my uncle and aunt) had taken taken Jason’s sisters to Italy for The Grand Tour (or at least the three historical cities). Jason was almost alone, except for my uncle’s solicitor who was left in charge; he was a single man of about 30 (which was old to our 17 year old eyes). My uncle regarded Oscar as almost a brother and often brought him to family events; this time Oscar had to check a deal in France and was rumoured to have a friend in the south of France so my uncle encouraged him to stay thus allowing Jason to remain in France and not go to Italy.

Jason and I slept in a the same bedroom, which was usual although I suppose in the empty villa I could have had my own bedroom. I knew that Jason slept in the nude, something I admired but dare not try in my own family; it would give me a good view of his lovely body fit from cycle racing. On the first evening Jason encouraged me to take a shower just before bedtime and in the sticky heat it was an easy decision to make. Jason went first and I stood outside waiting, and he didn’t close the door. Then he stood outside and watched me shower then slowly turned the temperature to cold encouraging me to stay and telling me it would be refreshing; it was. I went to put on my pyjamas but he told me to leave them and we went and stood on the Juliet balcony looking at the view fully nude but with our bits kept out of view by the balustrade.

It was as Jason walked to his bed I caught sight of several lines across his rather muscular bottom. He quickly got into his bed and pulled thin sheets over him. But I needed to know what happened so I asked about the marks. After some prevarication Jason admitted that he had been caned by Oscar. I was in the garden sunbathing and I needed to go to the toilet, and I didn’t want to bother getting dressed and going back into the house, so I just stood up, dropped my swimmers, and pissed onto the compost heap. Oscar caught sight of me doing this and caned me over the patio table; six strokes. Jason then told me that it wasn’t the first time that Oscar had caned him. If I let him cane me then my wrongdoings don’t get told back to my parents; he canes very hard but in a couple of minutes it is over. I was dumbfounded and wanted to ask more questions but I realised that Jason was wanking under his sheets so I remained silent, thought about wanking too but was too embarrassed to do it in front of my cousin.

Lazy days at the Villa. Trips to the beach, when Oscar would take us in the car on his way to meet his friend, the bus into the local town for some shopping and so on. But some days we just lazed at the Villa, and it was on one of those that we simply decided to bathe nude as nobody was about. Unexpectedly Oscar returned early and because he had left his car in the lane outside we never heard him come in. So he found us stark naked in the sun lying on loungers our bums mooning at the sky. A loud voice boomed out across the garden, Jason get in here now, and Simon cover up immediately. We both pulled on our swimmers and headed to the patio where Jason was carrying a fearsome looking cane. You know what I have to do now, Jason. Oscar began, and with Jason nodding acceptance he continued, Six of the best over the table for exposing yourself. Anyone could have come in and seen your teenage bums. [that was highly unlikely given we were at the bottom of the garden almost shaded from the Villa] Simon go and wait inside for me to contact your father, and spare the embarrassment of your cousin being caned in front of you.

But I didn’t just accept his command, and I argued that we had done no wrong, and whilst nudity may be viewed as bad in some ways, nudity in private didn’t seemed no worse than thinking of robbing a bank and not actually doing it. Oscar was insistent that Jason had to be caned and Jason certainly wasn’t going to resist this. I turned to Jason and spoke, If you’re going to cane Jason then you’re going to have to cane me as well because we both went naked and it was my idea to sunbathe naked [not true]. Oscar considered this, and then spoke, Very well, if that’s what you want, I will make the same deal as Jason has; he gets caned when he does wrong and nobody gets told.

You can both get naked again but this time you will each bend over that table for six strokes of this cane. Immediately after speaking these lines Oscar readied himself flat over the table, legs spread wide. It was a beautiful sight and I didn’t want the fabulous bottom to get marked again. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. Jason took it very well, although I could tell that he was hurting and the lines across his perfect posterior got angrier by the second. But whilst I was mesmerised (and aroused!) by my cousin’s caning I lost track of the fact it was now my turn. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. If I had thought that Jason might pull his strokes on account of me being a guest I was quickly aware this was a misconception. Indeed Jason may have been used to Oscar’s caning but I was unaccustomed and it hurt me very much and I found difficulty rising from the table. You cane very well Simon, Oscar commented, you’ll get it harder next time and will regret the agreement you just made. I didn’t really hear him because I had become extremely sexual at seeing Jason caned and then getting myself caned. I wrapped a towel loosely around me, as did Jason, because swimming trunks wouldn’t fit just now. Then we ran into the showers just beside the swimming pool and wanked facing each other. Jason commented that he found the sight of my bum getting caned made him very sexy. No good being embarrassed now.

The lazy days continued and about a week later Jason caught as naked again, although to be honest we kind of dared each other to do it in the knowledge that Jason would almost certainly return and catch us at it. We were caught, we were caned, Oscar was harder with me; harder even than with Jason. In the last week of my stay at the Villa my bond with Jason was getting really strong and as we lounged naked by the pool one afternoon I started to wank and Jason quickly picked up on this. We stood facing the walled garden with our backs to the house and began wanking to see who could spray furthest, longest in time, and who had the thickest cum. Oscar was in residence, but he had come back with friend and apparently they were having a siesta together [we didn’t really understand such things back in 1973]. Oscar’s room was on the other side of the Villa so our privacy in the garden was secure. Or so we thought, and unknown to us Oscar’s friend had got up to go to the toilet and had chosen to go onto one of the balconies facing the garden and caught us mid wank with our arses vibrating in time to our thrusts.

The next thing we knew was that Jason and his friend were stood at the patio, each wrapped only in a towel and we were called to the punishment table. Jason expressed his disgust at what we were doing, and how he had warned that our behaviour might be seen by others, and that his friend had been embarrassed by this spectacle [I doubt that, I feel more likely his friend fully enjoyed seeing two fit seventeen year old boys spanking their monkeys in the sunlight]. Six Strokes, declared Oscar with his friend backing this up, Six! CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. Jason was first and took the strokes very much as before; they clearly hurt him but he was prepared to pay this price. I was erect all the time Jason got caned, and became more so when it was my turn. Remembering how much Jason enjoyed watching me get caned I was determined to put a show on for him. I was animated, rather than just lying waiting for it to finish. Oscar too became animated, hitting me harder and then adding two extras for disobedience at the behest of his friend. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK.

But it didn’t calm my cock and as I rose from the table Oscar’s friend witnessed my cock and grabbed me by the balls and I started to cum and could not stop myself. The friend then wanked me off fully his own towel falling away and my cum sprayed onto him which caused his own cock to rise. Oscar came around the corner and saw my nude body appearing to convulse rhythmically again and without hesitation he ordered me back over the table, Six more. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. Oscar was more severe now, encouraged on by his friend and I didn’t need to falsely animate myself now and when I caught sight of Jason watching me I relaxed into the pain. We ran into a gazebo straight after and wanked very, very intimately and Jason fingered my asshole.
I left France a few days later.

Back at school at the end of August I entered the sports centre to change for my run. It was empty, apart from a couple of people playing tennis in the distance. Just as I entered, Matt the Sports Master came out of his office, and I enquired whether it was okay for me to change here. Yes of course, Simon, said Matt, then with a laugh he added, school rules, no underpants of course or you will get spanked. I became aroused at that information, having had a good spanking experience in France. I changed in front of Matt and very plainly left my underpants on, partly because of need as my cock would never have stayed inside my tight shorts [shorts of this period barely covered your arse and only just extended below your balls, no floppy knee length shorts of today]. Disobedient, said Matt, I will go and find my slipper.

He didn’t move, so I asked him. Matt, you didn’t ever spank me in the sports periods, not in the entire time at this school, and in fact I think I was the only boy that you didn’t spank. Matt replied, You are correct that I didn’t spank you, but you are not correct that you are the only boy who I didn’t spank. There was a pause and I felt that more needed to be told and gradually Matt opened up. Oh he’s gone now, so it won’t matter that I tell you. I was intrigued, and urged him to continue. Your name was on a list from Father Sebastian, and anyone on that list was excused punishment unless the offence was serious. Some masters ignored that list, but I couldn’t do that because that old priest had some information on me that I didn’t want known. I replied that I did get caned by masters but not often. Who caned you most frequently? asked Matt. After thinking for some time I replied, The priests, first Father Sebastian and later Father Patrick. Matt replied, Exactly. Almost as soon as you came through the door into this school the Priests had made their choices and the rest of us were told to stay away.

[The story of the Priests’ Punishments is told separately on Curate Caning

If you don’t remove your underpants I will spank you when you come back. said Matt. I replied, I want you to spank me, that’s why I’m leaving my pants on to give you a reason to do it. In some ways I miss the spanking I got at this school and I want to experience it one last time before I become an adult. Matt smiled, Oh, you’ll get spanked all right, and I’ll do it properly when you come back. I dropped my shorts to show my underpants then ran off out to the park for a couple of circuits. When I returned I was having second thoughts; getting a spanking seemed a good idea an hour earlier, now it just seemed rather foolish. Matt was waiting and told me to strip and follow him

Matt told me to follow him and bring my towel. We walked through the passages of the Sports Building until we came to a back door. This was really a fire escape door but in those days it was not alarmed so could be opened without problem. Outside at the back of the building was a court used for Basketball and Netball practice and around it some benches. Matt walked up to a bench and stopped. Lay your towel along the bench. I did as he asked, the bench looked almost as though it was made out of old railway sleepers that had been sawn down the middle then mounted onto simple legs. Not very comfortable to sit on for long periods. Matt continued, Now strip fully and climb onto the bench on all fours and grab the end with both hands and hold tight.

You wanted me to cane you, so now I’m going to give you six of the best; better ones than I could have given you when you were my pupil. Keep your head down and push your bum out. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. The strokes fell heavily and precisely and the pain was instant, intense and incredible. But he was right, this is what I wanted.

I made to get up and then I felt his hand pressing on the small of my back just above my bottom. Stay down, Boy. Matt commanded, You’ve got what you wanted and now I’m going to have what I wanted. Twelve strokes. I gulped, but realised that resistance was futile, and in a way he was justified since the Priests had denied him the chance to spank me all through school. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK.

Matt completed a very tough dozen during which I gasped, grunted, and groaned. Matt asked Was that good? To which I replied, No Sir. [meaning that it hurt too much] His response was Six more and I realised that his question had been Was that good ENOUGH? My mistaken reply suggested I wanted more, so I got them. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. My bottom was well blasted at the end but then I had that strange feeling of satisfaction which I recognised from previous tough beatings, as well as the same arousal. I stayed down half hoping for more and at the same time nervous in case they might be given.

Let’s go back to the showers, Matt said, and then added, You take cane very well, I seem to have missed out getting you when you were at school. I replied, Blimey you couldn’t have caned me like that when I was at school. Matt chuckled, Indeed not, and maybe it is better that I waited all those years. Come back next week and we’ll do 24 straight off, that’ll send you on your way with a good set of stripes. I was strangely interested in his proposal because it really would be my final spanking. We headed to the showers and in finding the Tennis players already under the water Matt suggested we adjourned to his private shower, but I declined and went in to join them stripes and all. Matt joined me realising he’d got less to hide than me. The tennis players soon left to dry and dress and we were able to shower more freely by which I meant wanking. As I walked away from the school I was glad that I had gone and that Matt had seen me even though I got 4 times what I expected. I began to think about next week ...

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