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School spanking did not stop at age 16
Part 9 – Curate Cane

by SimonRed

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Just after I left left St Peter’s RC School I bumped into Matt the Sports Master and he seemed interested in spanking me, even though I was no longer a school pupil. But Matt had never spanked me in all the time I had been at school, so I questioned him on this point.

[The story of the Matt the Sports Master is told separately on Sport Spanking

Matt opened up. Oh he’s gone now, so it won’t matter that I tell you. I was intrigued, and urged him to continue. Your name was on a list from Father Sebastian, and anyone on that list was excused punishment unless the offence was serious. Some masters ignored that list, but I couldn’t do that because that old priest had some information on me that I didn’t want known. I replied that I did get caned by masters but not often. Who caned you most frequently? asked Matt. After thinking for some time I replied, The priests, first Father Sebastian and later Father Patrick. Matt replied, Exactly. Almost as soon as you came through the door into this school the Priests had made their choices and the rest of us were told to stay away.

I started to remember. During the first week at St Peter’s RC School I was asked to be an Altar Boy when Holy Mass was held in the school. Altar Boy’s enjoyed a few privileges and had a bit of standing in the school, so I thought it an honour to be considered; I never realised it was because we were sex objects. Before Mass we had to change in ante room next to the Altar. In the main hall there was the church part with the Altar, organ, choir stalls etc which was closed behind shutters when not in use but could be used as a chapel even then. The Priest had an office and some other rooms behind there. We were always told to change into sports shorts, no underpants, and t-shirts and then he would come out with our cassocks. Matt told me, Did you know he watched you getting changed? A kind of Camera Obscura was discovered which he could look through and watch you getting changed [This was in the days before CCTV]. I didn’t know.

Nearly every week one boy got spanked, and that was by the Priest’s own leather belt which he removed from his person and administered over a table in front of all the other Altar boys. I described to Matt, The boy to be punished had to go to the back wall, remove his cassock and sports kit and walk up to the table nude with hands on head and bend over. Cane was only given to Fourth Form or above and was usually six strokes. Strap was given as rapid flicks which were not counted, but often around a dozen. Matt said that he had heard similar accounts. I got my first spanking after about four weeks for lighting a candle which quickly went out and I failed to re-light it. TTHHWWWAAAAPPPTTHHWWWAAAAPPP, TTHHWWWAAAAPPP, TTHHWWWAAAAPPP, TTHHWWWAAAAPPP, TTHHWWWAAAAPPP. After that it was about 4 or 5 times each term. I got used to it, and as a 12-year old it hurt a great deal, but the pain became more bearable with time, although he did scale it up as you grew older. Matt told me he didn’t realise that the Priests spanked so much. Nobody did, I replied, It was never recorded. But I didn’t know that I was a victim. Father Sebastian was our Religious leader, and my Religion was important to me. He taught Fire and Brimstone faith in that every bad thing should be punished and would be punished. Each punishment gave us stronger blocks of faith, put us nearer to God. I believed it. I wanted to go to Heaven, and before that I wanted to join the Priesthood; Father Sebastian would help me get into Priest’s College, I believed.

During the last term in my Third Form I asked Father Sebastian to give me the cane instead of the strap because I wanted to feel more grown up; the strap was something for kids. I continued, I would be getting the cane in the Fourth Form anyway if I continued as an Altar Boy. Father Sebastian was happy to oblige and the very next Mass found me deficient in some way, and consequently caned in front of the younger boys. Senior Altar Boys were usually caned in private, and sometimes got more than cane, so it was unusual for the younger boys to witness a caning from Father Sebastian. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. Boy did he hit me hard. He frightened the younger boys. I got caned three more times that term.

In the Fourth Year I was not chosen to be an Altar Boy. I told Matt and he interjected, Yes and I can explain that. He then told me that Father Sebastian had been posted to a country Parish after some rumours of impropriety. I knew about the sudden disappearance of Father Sebastian from the School but not the reason. Matt continued, You stopped doing Sports at that time as the School wanted you to concentrate on Art as you were going to be an exam candidate. That’s correct, I responded, and probably that’s how I kept out of your spanking way! He laughed. In fact the school did not replace the School Priest that year at all, they brought in local Priests as required and found Altar Boys as necessary.

In my Fifth Year the school appointed Father Benedict as the School Priest and tried to recreate the Altar Boy pool again. I was asked to be a Senior Altar Boy along with 3 other boys from my year. Father Benedict was very young, straight out of Priest College, but he had been to a very strict College and it showed. I related to Matt the beginning of this year, and continued. In the third week a First Year named Oliver was on the Altar and at the end of Mass as the great doors were closed he knocked the Communion Wine off the altar and it smashed to the floor. Father Benedict was furious and ordered the boy to strip and bend over. He then got out the cane and caned the First Former Six strokes, before ordering the boy to stay down for a further six. The boy was in distress and he couldn’t take any more. In my view a First Former should not have been given cane, and I was certain that the School had a limit of six strokes for anyone lower than Fourth Form. You can’t give him twelve strokes, Father, that’s not fair and its not allowed by the school. Then I argued with the young Curate until he ordered me to Strip and bend over. I can certainly give you one dozen cane and that’s what I’m going to do. I bent over. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK.

He was savage. Young and slight though he may look he swung the cane with brutality. After twelve strokes I was bleeding and I stood up awkwardly. The boy Oliver had composed himself and watched with astonishment the caning I took on his behalf. He was full of adulation. I took three more brutal canings from that Priest over the next few weeks and Oliver grew more interested in me, almost in an unhealthy way. With exams coming up I decided it was time to hand in my cassock and I gave up all Church duties.

Twelve years later I went into a Catholic Church in the city centre to give my confession; I was not known at this Church and I could confess with impunity. I confessed some homosexual thoughts and some unnatural desires and asked for forgiveness. The Priest told me to say ten Our Fathers and twenty Hail Mary’s [quite a large penance] and come to visit him at One O’Clock for absolution. I did as he told me and reported to the vestry. He told me to sit down and then told me that we had to discuss my impure thoughts and unnatural desires. There is one certain way to cure these desires and I am in a position to do this; it is punishment, good old-fashioned corporal punishment. I was shocked, thought I had left all that behind me. Then the young Curate came clean. I am the boy Oliver from St Peter’s RC School, and you took a caning on my behalf. I looked carefully and began to recognise him. It is I who should cane you, I offered, I think I got caned at least twice instead of you. Father Oliver responded, In some sense that may be true, but now we are dealing with your behaviour today, and it is time to change it. I am in a position to give you twelve strokes of the cane each week until Easter and then I will be able to absolve you. I received this with both incredulity and fascination.

Oliver led me into a locked room which was full of old furniture and church equipment. He guided me to an old pew and told me to strip and kneel on it so that my back was arched over the back rest and I could hold onto the arms of the pew behind. Twelve strokes today, twelve next week, and so on until Easter [6 weeks away]. said the young Curate. But I can’t come next week as I am out of the city on a training course. Oliver was silent and the next sound was a swish through the air and then the loud sound of stick on skin. CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK.

The pain was colossal, and how I regretted helping the young boy out all the years ago. I knew he got beaten many times at school, and it is likely he got more than beaten at his Priest’s College. He had become the replacement for Father Benedict with bells on! His strokes were delivered quickly and with precision and it was quite amazing how each stroke seemed to find fresh flesh. But I survived the twelve and considered the next 5 sets I would need to take before Easter; could be interesting I thought. The pause lasted a couple of minutes and I started to massage my bum to push out the soreness. You can’t come next week? Father Oliver asked, in that case you’d better take those strokes now. Bend Over! CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK, CRRAAAACKKK. I cried out a few times, but the speed of his strikes hardly allowed me that luxury, and the good thing was that his caning came quickly to an end and I began to recover. Oliver seemed pleased with his punishment and became warmer towards me, and at the same time I became more comfortable with this extraordinary turn of events; I had submitted and I couldn’t claim to have been an unwilling victim. See you in two weeks, said Father Oliver, and if you like I can give you 24 next time as well and then give you a week off. I dressed slowly and considered this proposal, it strangely had some appeal ...

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