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Chad's Boys
Part 40

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 40

To the rest of the dorm, and really throughout campus, our quintet seemed to be a group of buddies who enjoyed each other and so spent much of their time together. Eric suspected that some of the guys on their floor had figured out that he and Greg were a couple and that Billy and Rob were more than roommates. No one, including Daniel, seemed concerned as to how Daniel fit in to all of this. Daniel, even with his crush on Eric, wanted a boyfriend of his own. There were some guys on campus who had caught his eye, other freshmen. Some had returned a look now and then, but he didn’t feel sure and felt unsure just how to go about finding out if any of these boys were interested in him. Some older boys had given him more significant looks, but Daniel was unsure of how he felt about that. It was all so new.

Eric and Daniel were quite enjoying keeping each other’s shaves smooth. It wasn’t long before the whole floor had walked in on them shaving each other at some point or another. There were looks of curiosity which made them wonder if some other shaves would show up. A couple of guys showed marked displeasure at what they saw, but things weren’t going to change, so they had to deal with it.

On their own, with no prompting from Professor Dyer, Eric and Daniel wanted Billy to spend some time with the Professor. They knew, of course, that the Professor felt Billy needed the sort of attention that the Professor could provide, but he had never enlisted them to bring Billy around to that way of thinking. It was simply that they knew what it was doing for them and felt that Billy would benefit, too.

In the meantime Greg found that seeing Eric and Daniel smooth and hearing their stories about Professor Dyer made him curious to find out what it was all about. He could not come up with any reason to see the Professor other than curiosity and finally decided that that was enough of a reason in itself. He met briefly with the Professor in his office, a time was set for two days hence, he displayed his bottom per usual, and now all that was left was for Greg to anticipate the meeting.

From all he’d been told he knew that he should be there on the dot, so at exactly the time appointed he knocked on the Professor’s door. As had the other two, he thought that the Professor must have been at the door waiting for his knock. He was welcomed in, coat and boots removed in the hall, and ushered into the office about which he had heard so much.

It was already the Professor’s strong suspicion that this lad was there mostly to satisfy his curiosity. This made him think about how he wanted to structure this visit. This was not a first, but still was a rarity. The Professor handled each situation individually. After quite a bit of thought he decided that he would have Greg undress immediately, spend some time in the corner, then come over and have the discussion about why he was there.

Once in the office Greg, as did every lad, quickly noticed the paddles hanging on the wall. He knew about paddles and paddling, but so far this had not been part of his nascent spanking life. Just seeing them made him start to stiffen which, in turn, embarrassed him, even clothed.

As you well know, boys getting spanked here are always completely naked, no exceptions. You now will undress and hand me your clothes. Now Greg was fully hard. Still, he wasted no time undressing, folding each item of clothing and handing it to the Professor. He took a deep breath and removed his briefs, unveiling his erection, which had been making an obvious tent in the briefs already. He went a bit red in the face. The Professor seemed to pay it no heed. He took Greg’s clothes and locked them in the drawer.

When you are here your clothes will be locked in that drawer. You will always be naked, even when others are here. Greg had heard this from his friends. Still, actually being there naked and knowing it could happen was a bit unsettling. Professor Dyer showed him where the key was, explaining that it was only for emergencies and detailing the consequences, which we know, if the key ever were used in any other situation.

Now, son, time for you to go into the corner. Stand there with your nose right up against the wall. Greg did as told, feeling foolish stuck in the corner like a five-year-old, his nose pressed up against the wall, a position that was a bit awkward, which didn’t help matters. Feeling like a child made him get restless sooner than his friends had. Professor Dyer felt it would be good for the boy to have a few minutes of that, so did not call him out from the corner.

When finally released, Greg was invited to sit on the couch with the Professor. There they sat, a naked teenage boy and the avuncular Professor. As was his custom, the Professor interrogated Greg on his life and needs, all leading up to why he felt he needed a course of spankings. Greg was forced to admit that it really was curiosity. The answer was fine with the Professor.

Well, then, son, it’s time you satisfied that curiosity. The Professor moved to the spanking chair, beckoned Greg over and set the boy in place over his lap. Greg’s erection had subsided during the corner time and had not, so far, returned. The Professor’s custom with the curious was to deliver a much more severe initial spanking than he did to others. This was effective in curing the boy’s curiosity yet, to his pleasant surprise, more returned for regular spankings than did not. Every boy that did return always had issues that needed a spanking to reveal.

This first spanking for Greg was no different from any other curiosity spanking. The first five swats came down hard SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Greg gasped in shock and surprise at the pain. Another five and he was yelping. The next five he was yelping and kicking. There would be no tears today, the Professor would make sure of that, but this boy would leave knowing what a real spanking felt like.

Another five and Greg was wondering if this had been such a good idea. His yelps now were yells and he was flailing about on the Professor’s lap. Suddenly it was over. Greg was allowed to lie over his spanker’s lap for a few minutes to get his breathing back to normal. Breath restored he felt one more hard swat to his bottom followed by instructions to get back in the corner and not to dare touch his bottom.

Obediently Greg went to the corner. Keeping his hands off his very sore bottom took a lot of self-control, but he managed, though he didn’t know how. The Professor made himself comfortable on the couch, enjoying the view of a nice round bottom well reddened, and reflecting on this boy’s possible future with him. His instinct was saying Greg would not return.

Professor Dyer let Greg squirm a bit in the corner. This boy needed it!

After he was satisfied, Professor Dyer said, you may come over here now, son. Greg walked over, his walk betraying the discomfort he felt behind. You may rub your bottom now if you wish. He did wish, and he did rub. Please, take a seat here on the couch, the Professor said in kindly tones. Greg gingerly sat down. The couch was surprisingly soft and comfortable which made it easier to sit on a stinging butt.

Now came the interrogation to gain reactions to the spanking and perhaps make plans for the future. This, too, Greg found hard to put into words. The Professor let the boy say what he needed to say, as best he could, of course.

As you know from your friends, if you do join me for a course of spanking it will be at the same time every week. Greg nodded. Also, as you know, your pubic hairs will have to go. You may shave yourself or wait until next week and let me do it. Your choice. Greg nodded again. Do you wish to return?

Greg hesitated. Could I have the week to think it over, sir?

Of course, son. Many boys need to do that. Whatever you decide is up to you and will never affect my opinion of you.

Thank you, sir. There was time for more visiting and the Professor steered the conversation in other directions. When he felt it was time for Greg to leave he retrieved the boy’s clothes and let him dress in the office. They went back to the foyer where Greg put on his boots and coat. With a see you next week the boy was off and back to his dorm.

When he returned to his room Eric was there, doing some studying. Greg didn’t hesitate now, but undressed, showed Eric his still-red bottom, and told him the whole story.

Good for you, man! said Eric with admiration for his friend’s decision. What do you think?

I don’t know, Greg answered slowly. He said I could have a week to think it over, so I guess that’s what I’ll do. That was that.

Greg made sure that the other three boys knew what had happened though his color had faded by the time he could show them. He was given a reprieve from any weekend spankings that week, otherwise life was normal. If anything, Eric found the tale of Greg’s spanking very exciting and that night Greg had Eric up inside his still stinging bottom. The sensation was startlingly good and satisfying to both. Nothing was said, but they knew they’d talk about this sometime.

The next week Greg returned to Professor Dyer’s house, knocking on the door at precisely the right time. As always, the door opened immediately. Greg handed over his coat, took off his boots, then was a bit surprised when ordered to hand over his clothes, too. He’d forgotten that his friends had told him about this aspect of it, but obeyed. Now naked, he followed the Professor into the study. Greg had no idea what to expect, but was relieved to be invited to sit on the couch rather go to the corner. Clothes locked in the drawer, Professor Dyer joined the youngster on the couch.

Have you made a decision, son?

Yes, sir. Greg hesitated a bit. I. . . Well, I think this isn’t for me, at least maybe not right now. Maybe later. I don’t know. . .

That’s fine, son. It’s your decision. If you ever need my help this way you will know when the time is right and you know where to find me. Professor Dyer gave Greg a warm smile, which made Greg feel good about how this was going.

But, sir. . . Could I ask. . . Well, one thing. . .

Certainly, my boy.

Could I. . . um. . . he reddened. This was terribly embarrassing. Finally he just blurted it out. Could you shave me?

Professor Dyer chuckled. This was a first. You want to be like your friends?

Yes, sir, I guess so.

I am happy to shave you, under one condition. Greg said nothing. You will have to be spanked. Greg went from blushing to blood draining from his face. This wasn’t the answer he ever expected. Again a hesitation. After a moment Greg took a deep breath and said that yes, he would accept the spanking in exchange.

Good. Now, let’s go upstairs. The Professor led him up to the bathroom we’ve seen before. He went through the same routine as he had with Eric, Daniel, and many boys before them. The Professor had a small box ready, as always. This time, though, he wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to keep souvenir pubic hairs of a boy who wasn’t getting regular spankings. He was impressed enough with Greg that he decided to keep them. Greg gave his full name, which was inscribed on the box.

That done, he was given the thorough shave. Pubic region done, he instructed Greg to lie face-down on the bench. Given that this was his last spanking, for the time being, and at that a special one in exchange for the shave, the Professor felt that a smooth bottom was in order. There wasn’t much to remove, but he enjoyed doing it. Greg showed every sign of enjoying it, too, letting out quiet moans of pleasure at the Professor’s touch.

As did every boy, Greg became hard during the shave and remained that way through the shaving of his bottom. He could not remember Eric or Daniel saying that Professor Dyer had touched their hardons beyond what was necessary for the shave. It seemed to him that his erection was getting some attention along with the shaving. Not that he minded – the Professor had a nice touch.

Shaving done it was back to the study, Greg following the Professor, his erection bobbing in front of him. Professor Dyer was pleased to see that Greg was still hard and took a bit longer than necessary situating the boy between his legs. Now Greg received a spanking which was a replica of last week’s. The only change was a finale of five good hard smacks with the wooden paddle. As the Professor intended, Greg was right on the edge of tears by the end of the paddling and his face did show slight signs of tears when he stood and faced his spanker.

Through all this he had remained hard. Unusual, but not unique in the Professor’s experience. It was rare that he had a boy masturbate for him and rarer that he masturbated a boy. The temptation was strong. Here was a handsome teen with a fine looking erection, shaved, standing in front of him. Feeling quite sure that the news of his spanking would stimulate both Greg and Eric, the Professor resisted the temptation, leaving Greg to his appropriate passion with Eric.

With a smile the Professor asked How was that?

With a sniffle Greg replied It hurt!

It was supposed to. Now, time for you to get back to your dorm, son. Enjoy your shave and I hope you choose to keep it for a while. Would you be so good as to report to me about it? Greg said he would.

Dressed and out the door it was all Greg could do not to run back to the dorm. Eric had purposely stayed in the room so he’d see Greg on his return. Eric, of course, was already naked. He’d touched up his shave that morning, so both of them now were quite smooth, though Eric didn’t know that yet. Greg hung up his coat and told Eric of his decision not to go further with Professor Dyer, at least for the time being.

I did get spanked though, in exchange for this, Greg said as he removed his briefs to be fully naked. The site of his boyfriend shaved gave Eric an instant erection. The red bottom only added to his excitement.

Wow! Hot! He grabbed Greg and pulled him onto the bed where they enjoyed some hot sex, both entering the other. This made them almost miss dinner, but they did get there in time. Later that night Daniel was delighted to see that Greg, too, was shaved, though a bit disappointed that Greg was not joining the Professor’s spanking fraternity. Greg and Daniel told Eric that they would stay shaved as long as he had to, a gesture which greatly impressed Eric. They kept their word.

Attention now would turn to Billy.

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