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Part 1 – Freddie

by Rat-tales

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But I’m not crazy.

Of course you aren’t, replied Doctor Detrick.

He keeps insisting on that, doctor.

Denial is an early symptom of this form of mental disorder, Mrs. Whitehead.

But I’m really not, doctor. I promise. I swear.

Of course not. But then why are you here at the institution?

Because mommy brought me.

Mommy? At fourteen you still call your mother mommy?

She brought me here because she don’t want me jerking off. That’s why.

Ah, so you’re into masturbation, Freddie?

No. I mean, maybe.

Maybe? Perhaps? Perhaps not?

See, he doesn’t even know if he masturbates, Doctor Detrick. I call that crazy.

Here at the institution we call that denial. You see denial is.

An early symptom.

That’s right, Freddie. You’re a fast learner.

He’s good at math.

Really now? Tell me Freddie what’s six times eleven?

What’s six times eleven? It’s you who’s crazy. Mommy, let’s go. He thinks I’m dumb enough not to know the multiplication table.


Let’ go. GO GO GO. Out of here. Quick!

With that the fourteen year-old stood and made for the door only to find it blocked by a tall male nurse with his arms crossed. He looked around to find a window. He sprinted over to it only to find that there were three crossbars that prevented anyone from jumping out.

Now in a frenzy he went from one corner of the doctor’s office to another and another as sweat built up on his forehead. All watched as he put his hand down inside his pants and took hold of his pecker.

That’s his answer to everything, doctor.

No it’s not. You’ve trapped me, he cried as he started jerking himself inside his pants. Now tears began to pool up in his eyes.

Ben, please usher the boy to a private room in ward M. I’m admitting him.

Yes, doctor.

As the tall male nurse led him away with his arm around the kid’s shoulder the boy continued to jerk himself inside his pants. In seeing this Nurse Ben slapped the crotch of his pants.

Bad boy. Behave.

— – – – – – – —


Into a small cell-like room Freddie was led where Nurse Ben had him strip and put his clothes into a basket. He gave him a white gown and white slippers to wear but before donning them he took out a small baby-blue pouch with a drawstring. Pack it up, Whitehead.

The kid looked quizzically at the tall man in his nurse’s uniform.

Your pecker. Your pecker.

Reluctantly the kid pulled the pouch over his half-limp cock and balls and drew the string. In doing so he realized that the string was a wire of significant thickness and strength. When he went to tie it off the male nurse waved his hands away and pulled out a small lock that accepted both ends of the wire. Freddie gave a shutter as he heard the lock click closed. Fortunately each exposed end of the wire had a soft plastic sheath.

Nurse Ben stood back with his hands on his hips and looked at the kid standing there naked save for the baby-blue pouch in which his privates were nested. Sequestered. In isolation. In solitary confinement.

Right. Now put on your gown and slippers and I’ll leave you for a little while for you to settle into your new home. Into your new room.

With that said he slid an elastic band over the kid’s wrist. Hit this button whenever you need to potty and someone will come to assist you.

Room? It’s a fucking cell. Wait till I tell my mommy. Just you wait.

You may poo; do a number two without calling us.

Oh thanks so much. That’s just great.

But be careful not to pee while pooping. Any peeing in your pouch will earn you demerits.

Demerits? What demerits? You’re going to spank me or something?


The kid watched as the man made his exit. Again he shuttered as he heard the door close and then lock with a loud click. The nurse made one last look at him through the small windowpane in the door before departing. Being a one-way mirror the kid couldn’t see him. Couldn’t see him with a broad smile. What a great place to work.

Freddie surveyed his cell which the institution considered to be a controlled environment. There were two narrow windows that ran up one wall from bottom to top which were too narrow for one to pass through. There was a cot with clean sheets and a blanket, a basin and commode. There was an exercise ball and two grip-bags to squeeze. Finally there were some old magazines like Field and Stream and Sports Illustrated in a stack beside a paper cup and a pitcher of water.

In abject dejection he sat down. That’s when he found the remote controller for an overhead TV screen. Its control function was limited to a single button. When he pushed it the screen lit up to see two men silently engaged in a game of chess to the soothing sound of a string quartet playing a lullaby. When he hit the button again the screen went dead as did the soft music. There was but this one channel. Great. Just great.

Moments later he ran his hand up inside his gown to his pecker only to encounter the pouch. It was only then that he fully appreciated that its outer surface was made of a coarse canvas material that was ruff on his hand. He searched for entry by trying to slide his fingers under the elastic band periphery of the pouch only to find that the bands elasticity was very limited, again by wires. Shit. Shit.

He put his hand over the bulge made by his cock and balls in the pouch. As he went to massage it its surface became prickly as it was even slightly compressed. Shit.

Shit shit shit.

Back out from under went his hand. He laid down prone and stared at the ceiling which was painted a light blue with a few puffy white clouds.

Fuck this. Fuck this. Fuck this, he shouted as he went to pounding the bed with his fists. As tears pooled up in his eyes he curled up in the fetal position in total defeat.

— – – – – – —


Freddie. It was the voice of that male nurse again. Slowly he opened his eyes to see the man leaning over him. It’s time.


For a therapy session with Doctor Detrick. Get up.

The fourteen year-old rolled over and sat on the edge of his small bed.

Do you need to pee-pee?

No. I don’t need to PEE-PEE.

We need to tinkle.


Without a word Nurse Ben unlocked his baby-blue crotch pouch.

We pee-pee now, Freddie. Pee-pee time. Time to wee-wee.

The kid’s response was to lean over and put his hands over his face.




No. I don’t need to.

With that the tall male nurse took hold of the back of his neck and literally carried him over to the toilet where he lifted its seat and then lifted off the kid’s gown.



Do it!

Fuck you.

The nurse yanked the boy’s head back and put his face right in front of the boys. We tinkle now, Freddie.

I can’t. I have nothing.

Then we try, said Nurse Dan as he placed him in a standing but bent-over position over the toilet bowl.

Out of a corner of his eye the boy watched the nurse walk over to a window to the outside world and stare out.

I can’t.

You will.

But I can’t. In fact he really did need to but was determined that he wasn’t going to submit to this man’s demands.


Prolonged silence as Freddie fought to hold the dam.

Doctor Detrick doesn’t like his patients being late.

Really? What’s he going to do? Spank me?


Yes? You’re kidding me.

I never kid, kid. It’s unprofessional.

With that he reached inside his scrub pocket and pulled out a small, coiled snake whip. Freddie looked from his hand-held pecker to the whip and back again.

Thwick By God if the man hadn’t actually whipped his bare ass with the small snake whip as the boy stood bent over the toilet holding his shriveled up pecker.

Damn you. What was that for?


But I told you I can’t.

Oh yes you can. I know better.

Time passed as an impasse remained in place.


Why? Why?

Look around and the answer should come to you, Freddie.

The kid’s mind was doing double time. There he stood actually needing to piss but fighting to hold back in a show of defiance while his bare ass had just been whipped twice with that little dog whip of the nurse.

I’m waiting but more importantly Doctor Detrick is waiting.


That strike served to breach the dam as a stream of hot piss shot down into the toilet basin in bringing relief as his butt burned from the three snake whip strikes.

Upon finishing Freddie flushed, stood back up and turned around to face the tall male nurse.

So you didn’t need to pee-pee?

No response.

So you lied? Lied to me your own nurse who is here to nurse you back to good health? I’ll let it pass this time since it is your first day with us. Do it again and you’ll wish you hadn’t. Now lock up, he said as he tossed him back his crotch pouch.

Though it still felt good to have relieved himself he now felt as if his cock had only been out on parole as he replaced the pouch and pulled tight its drawstring.

Let me see, said Nurse Ben. Good. Now snap the lock closed.

Freddie looked down and position his hand to snap the lock through which he had passed the two ends of drawstring-wire. He hesitated. Lord he didn’t want to lock himself in. To lock away his beloved pecker which only it could bring lustful bliss. His head went up to see the face of his nurse staring down at him. While looking the man in the eye he pushed home the snap-lock.


A shutter went up his spine as he heard the horrid click. Goodbye for now, good buddy. I’ll be back.

Put this back on, instructed the nurse as he tossed him back his gown. Once on it did provide some welcome warmth and he was back where he had been just minutes ago except for the three lines of pain that remained on his butt from the little dog whip which he had seen his nurse curl back up before returning it to his scrub pocket.

— – – – – – – —


Doctor Detrick stood as Freddie was led into his office by Nurse Ben. Ah Freddie my boy, I hope your found your accommodations satisfactory.

No response.

We have so much work to do. Please lie down on the gurney and we’ll get started.

The kid did as told with his feet extended off one end of the gurney. The nurse then placed a pillow under his head.

Are we comfortable? inquired the good doctor.

I’m okay.

Good. With a nod to Nurse Ben the man swung a padded board with two spaced arches over his legs just above his ankles and locked it into place. He then took off the boy’s slippers and placed then in his lap as the doctor took a seat in a rocking chair beside Freddy’s head. The kid now realized that his bare feet were in stocks. A horrid feeling of vulnerability crept over him. His butt had already been whipped thrice. Now the tender bottom of his feet were an obvious new target.

The kid looked down at his trapped ankles and bare feet as Nurse Ben rolled a stool over and sat beside his exposed feet. Freddie looked to his side to see the kind and caring doctor sitting with a pad and pen as he gently rocked his rocking chair.

Are you some kind of a shrink, doctor?

I do use psychiatric aids and methods but I’m not board-certified in that field. Are you comfortable?

I’m okay.

How have you adjusted to wearing the pouch? Any problem with that?

How long must I wear that thing?

Depends on how quickly you react favorably to your therapy. Tell me. When was your last dream?

Dream? I don’t know.

Then what was your last dream about? Was it a wet-dream?

Wet-dream? You mean about girls?

Girls or boys.

Boys? About me liking boys? Like wanting to get in their pants? Are you crazy?

Ah, so you’re heterosexual.

Don’t talk to me about sex.

The doctor looked up from his pad and nodded at Nurse Bed.

Swish Thwick He had just given the kid a modest hit with his little snake whip on the bottom of his foot.

Hey! Don’t do that.


You are not to resist your therapy, Freddie. Your concerned parents have paid good money to have us help you with your affliction.


Believing that your life is bound up totally in your genitals. There is more to life than sex.

Good. Then let’s talk about something else than sex. How about surfing? Surfing the net?

Swish Thwick

Who is the doctor here and who is the patient?


Swish Thwick

HEY. That hurts. You’re supposed to be doctors and help me.

True, but we need your cooperation. Now tell me about your last sex dream.

The last one? I don’t know.

Because there are so many?

I suppose.

Then tell me about the last one you remember. Your privacy is assured. And believe me, we’re heard it all, Nurse Ben and me.

Well I had. I had Ely May’s hand down inside my pants on my. You know.

On your penis?

Right. On my . . . penis.


And; you know.
Not until you tell me, Freddie.

Hey this is personal. Private, you know.

Swish Thwick Swish Thwick.



More silence until the doctor gave a nod.


Freddie sat up and tried to grab his burning feet only to have Nurse Ben slap them away. So instead he grabbed hold of the footstock and shook it and shook it before lying back down in defeat.

Well I had her try to jerk me but she couldn’t with her arm there under my belt. So I pulled off my belt and zipped open my pants fly.




A nod to Nurse Ben and: Swish Thwick


I don’t remember any more.

We must revive your memory. Nurse, please help the poor boy out.

Swish Thwick Swish Thwick

This time the bare bottoms of both feet felt the sting of the little snake whip. The bottoms of his feet were now roasting in hell.

DAMN YOU, Freddie called out as he sat up again and reached down for his burning feet only to have the back of one hand hit by the little snake whip. Just as soon as he jerked it away the nurse gave his just-abandoned foot a hard strike of the little snake whip.

Lie down, boy.

You call this helping? Helping?

Swish Thwick Swish Thwick

STOP THAT YOU BASTARD! he cried as he grabbed hold of whip lash and yanked the whip out of the nurse’s hand and threw it across the room. In response Nurse Ben grabbed the back of his neck and slapped both of his face cheeks.

Slap Slap Naughty naughty.

As the nurse walked away to retrieve his little whip the fourteen year-old leaned down and twisted about in trying to come to the rescue of his whipped feet but couldn’t quite make it this time with his legs straight. So he leaned over to one side and tried an end-run around the foot stocks.

Nurse Ben returned with his little snake whip tucked under his arm and shoved the boy back down. A moment later he had a restraining strap drawn tightly over the kid’s chest. Having his arms and hands still free Freddie covered his face with his hands.

Please continue. You will find resistance to be useless here, Freddie Whitehead.

The kid looked at the doctor calmly rocking in his rocking chair with his pad and pen and a statoscope draped over his scrub. So this asshole always carries a stethoscope and his sidekick asshole a snake-whip. What a frigging team these two.

Silence as Nurse Bed retook his seat on the stool in position to continue to thrash the kid’s burning feet. As he saw the man about to give him another strike he managed to speak.

I. I shoved her head down.

To your penis?

Penis, prick, cock, john; whatever.


She slapped my cock and stood.

I see. And then?

That’s all.

I don’t believe you.


Swish Thwick

Shit. Well you see I still had my belt in my hand so I got up and swung it at her ass. Yes sir, I sure did.

So you hit her on her rear? On her derriere?


Prolonged silence.

Swish Thwick

No, I didn’t hit her. I had my pants halfway down so I tripped and fell and missed. There. You satisfied now, doctor?

Satisfied? Not hardly. You haven’t finished.

That was it, I tell you. She left.

Left you down on the floor with your pants half-off?

Like I said. Yes. I felt like a looser. A fucking looser.

So what did you do?

What do you mean what did I do?

With your holy penis. The idol of your life. Your raison d’etre? What did you do with it?

You know good and well what I did with it.

Don’t make me guess, Freddie Whitehead.

I jerked off, of course. And I thought you doctors were smart. What did I do? Shit.

In your dream?

In my dream? Not exactly.


I started in my dream but finished awake. Awake with my mom shaking me and telling me that it was time to get up. There now. Heard enough, doctor?

That was when she decided to bring you here?

Ugh. Just about.

Just about?

A little later she came in while I was taking a shower and saw me again.

Didn’t you have the shower curtain drawn?

Yes the shower curtain. See, it’s plastic and a little transparent.

You mean translucent?

I suppose. Anyway I had it drawn tight against me and.

You were fornicating?


He means fucking, explained the nurse. He was fucking the shower curtain.

Right. Well it’s good. It’s a real good feeling the slimy curtain pulled up and down your cock while you’re under a nice hot stream of water. And. And.


The cum simply slides down and off and washes down the drain. Sometimes you may have to pull the curtain under the shower head but that’s easy. You guys ought to try it sometimes, he said as he saw the doctor make a note.

Do you have any pets at home?


A cat?

Calico. What a pussy.

A pussycat?

She’s nice. Real nice, said the kid as his hand slid under his gown bound for his sequestered family jewels.

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