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19 – Bathroom Blues

by Spank master

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Bathroom Blues


A Bathroom teaser story set in David’s household. Dad hold’s Andrew (15) and brother David (16) to account for their deviant notions in the bathroom.

Story guides: David’s application for his Mall job, this job has already come to fruition in Chapter 6 The Mall Cop (now there was a chapter set in the future)

:(Dad talks and wishes for slippers! That is something to explore in Chapter 10 Saints and Sinners. And whatever happened to that bath brush? Oh that was Chapter 15 Dad’s Fury!

:) The piss all over the floor can be traced all the way back to Andrew in chapter 8 May I Be Excused!

:>David’s fuck ups are long and wide and can be traced back to chapters 7 and 8 and if you wish all the way back to fooling with Darren in Chapter 2 and 3.

Dedicated to all naughty boys who got/get spanked in the bathroom, and to those who fantasies about it. Also to the cleaners, what a rotten job you all do, I mean have!
And of course to the spankers, what a fantastic job you all do!


Fuck me, this bathroom is like a pigsty ...piss all over the floor ... and what is this? Fucking little deviants! Dad said as he noticed spunk drippings in the shower drain and in the sink not to mention dad’s biggest pet hate apart from what’s already been mentioned —

Fucking pubic hair everywhere ... fuck me ... DAVID!!
What now? David wondered as he got up out of his chair after attempting to fill out his employment application for a job down at the Mall.

Are you deaf? Dad asked as David stumbled in the bathroom.

YES!! David shouted in annoyance.

Um, okay ... who’s on bathroom duties?



Do you have to be so loud? David said in annoyance.

I thought you said you were deaf? Dad asked with a snigger.

Yeah dad? Andrew said as he entered the scene wearing just pink trunks.

You see that? Dad said turning to David.

Nice pants?

Deviant! I’m talking about response time?

Oh right, yeah ...gotcha! David replied to dad whilst giving Andrew a wink.

And his bedroom is miles down the hallway ... whereas yours ...?

Yeah okay ... I was working on the application!

Why didn’t you say?

I just did!

Fuck me!! Okay ... Andrew, are you on bathroom duties?

Um ... no, David is’s part of his grounding punishment? Andrew replied with a slight smile to David along with a quick pinch to correct an itch.

You little liar!! David scoffed.

No, he’s right’s part of your punishment for all your fuck ups!! Dad said jabbing a finger at him.

OKAY ... I’ll clean it when you’re done ... I gotta fill out the form to take to the manager!!

You should’ve done that last night ... it’s like ...homework? Dad said with a tilt of his head.

But I don’t have homework any more!

Okay boys ... let me be blunt ... there is semen clogging the faucets is fucking disgusting!! Dad said cringing whilst the boys just thought about all their misadventures during their long spells in the shower and over the sink.

Are you boys even listening to me? Dad asked as David got embarrassed and Andrew, well he just got hard in his trunks.

May I be excused? Andrew said getting apprehensive that a spanking may be looming.

Um ...we’re already in the fucking bathroom? Dad said shaking his head in disbelief.He points to the toilet and Andrew wanders over to take a pee. Naturally due to his erection he was finding it difficult to aim into the bowl so ...

Fuck me!! Stand further away from it!! Dad shouted as piss just jetted all over the lid and back wall instead of the bowl. Meanwhile David was chuckling away thinking how often that happened to him ...but he did have the sense to step further away. Dad on the other hand thought how he could never pee with a hard on, at least not until he had several minutes to send the signal down to his cock ... I gotta fucking pee!!

Get your ass over here! Dad shouted giving Andrew and David shivers a spanking was just around the corner.

Dad took Andrew to his side ... pulled down his pink trunks down his thighs. He bent Andrew holding his side and started to spank him.

Daddd noooo!!

You filthy little animal!!

spank spank spank


Andrew started to sob and shuffle about whilst dad let him have it good for messing up the floor and for ...

Little wanker ... I told you boys to use a fucking tissue, toilet paper, flush it down the fucking toilet!!

spank spank spank


And then you’re wasting all this time in here!


Others have to use the bathroom too!


Pleaasse Daadddyy!! Andrew cried trying to shield his little butt from the fury of Dad’s hand.

Meanwhile let’s not forget about David who was standing there taking it all in. Was he in heaven or hell? He heard the loud spanking sound of dad’s hand all over Andrew’s butt whilst he was trying to avoid the blows? Or his howling away in anguish ...and then there was the probability of getting a spanking as well? He wondered, he pondered, he twitched away at his shorts and at a certain point he thought maybe he could just sneak out to wank in the hall —

Do not move’re next! Dad said stopping David in his tracks ... no wank time instead he was next he was in hell ...well almost as the prospect of getting it whilst Andrew still was – in the form of a nice sunburn via Dad’s firm hand ... was still so damn exciting!

The application ... David urged.

Can wait!! Dad said as he kept multitasking all over Andrew’s quivering butt.

spank spank spank


Okay fuck off to your room ...hands on the back of your head! Dad said.

At one point Andrew wasn’t sure what to do ...he was just running around shaking his red ass, he wanted a hug, he wanted relief —



That did the trick, sending Andrew sobbing away as he held his hot ass. Naturally he jumped straight on the bed to wank it off.

If you’ll excuse me one moment, dad said as he walked out, but turned at the door – Don’t just stand there ...take your shorts off and start cleaning up this fucking mess!

Andrew was rocking away on the bed smoothing his hot ass with one hand whilst the other had a firm grip around his hard pointy cock —

Oh god, yes, yes, yes!

Um ...that is not the corner!! Dad shouted causing Andrew to —

Fuck nooooo!! Andrew said as he spunked out all over the bed with no tissue in sight. Dad took the boy paddle from the door and walked over to Andrew who was crouching over his dilemma.

Sorry daddy!! He whimpered.

Oh you will be!

whack whack whack

Dad held Andrew down by the neck and began paddling his ass with regular even swats of the boy paddle all over the top of his ass sides left to right.


You could have spared yourself an all-rounder!

whack whack whack


You are a stupid, stupid boy, never do as you’re told !!

whack whack whack


Your mother turns a blind eye to your little sheet messes but from now on expect to be spanked for it!

whack whack whack

Waaaaaa ...can’t help it!

You’re old enough to know better ...use a fucking tissue and do not sleep with downed shorts!!

whack whack whack

Meanwhile David was leaning, bending and cleaning his cock over the basin. He was hot from Andrew’s little ass getting dad’s hand over and over, a sight and sound he won’t forget. He will definitely file it into the archives! The tap was running, his cock was hard and wet, he added more water to soothe his cock and hot body —

Oh man this is so fucking hot!!

Fuck me!! David said as he throbbed and exploded sending him into an uncontrollable spin of his senses.

Dad stood there and decided to just let David finish when enough was enough —

When I said cleaning, I didn’t mean your cock or ass?

Jesus how long have you been standing there? David said with a shudder.

Long enough ...stay where you are, you little whore!! Dad said leaning David against the sink. He so was not in the mood to be spanked, he should’ve known this was going to happen ... it’s as if he set himself up for it. Dad held a hand around David’s hip and then began to paddle him ... long wet and hard ...

whack whack whack

Fuck no daaaddd!!

You will get it just like Andrew did!!

whack whack whack

Pair of deviants ... I do not want to see this time wasting mess in the sink ever again!!

whack whack whack

Shhhitttt!! David cringed under the pressure, his body swaying into the basin from each whack of the boy paddle.

Fuck these paddles are just not right for you ...where’s the fucking bath brush?

God knows? David replied.

Dad took David over to the bathtub he sat down and hauled David over his knee for a very long wet hand spanking session.

Fucckk meeee daddddy stop!!

Um, I will spank you like a little boy!


Others have to use this bathroom as well!

spank spank spank

Please no more sir!

Where’s the brush?

spank spank spank

Clean this bathroom!!


Do it in your room and use a fucking tissue!!

spank spank spank

Dad I gotta pee?



How old are you?


Fucking figures ...go on then you little deviant! Dad said as David rushed to the toilet
he stood there wanting to pee but unable as he felt Dad’s prying eyes so instead
grew a stiff instead.

Fuck me!! Dad sighed as he got up to help David with his dilemma —


That did the trick and David peed everywhere.

Thank you sir?

Jesus David, careful ... you’re actually getting a drop in the bowl! Dad sighed as he walked out shaking his head muttering away – Fucking filthy animal!

Yes sir, sorry sir! David replied with a grin as he corrected the flow back to the bowl.

IN YOUR CORNER!! Dad shouted to Andrew who had his head propped from his doorway

I need slippers ... God, get me some slippers! Dad added, eyeing the ceiling and rubbing his hands over his head and face. He shook his head and stumbled off to get a well deserving beer.

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