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The Talbot Family
Part 90 – Big Badaboom!

by Jkher and Trixie

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As always, we would like to recognize fellow MMSA author, John Boy, for the loan of his characters in our joint story universe. His families and ours continue to be great friends.


Big Badaboom! Clarkie tells our older cousins and friends. Jay, Artie and Sammy scratch their heads and shrug at each other. You tell them, Conner! Clarkie turns and tells me.

Big Badaboom! I tell them too. They shake their heads again.

Guys, what happened?

Jay points past us at our other friends and cousins in the next room. They are cleaning up the messy family room with bright red bottoms. Uncle Jason will come back soon and see if they need any more spanks to help them clean the mess, or tell them that they did a good job and to put on their pants. Ricky, Greggie and Jason are older than Clark and me too, but they are ten and younger than Jay, Artie and Sammy as they are fourteen; they talked Andy and Reece into taking them to the mall, but now they are all back.

BIG Badaboom! Clark repeats and waves his hands over his head to show how big.

BIG Badaboom! And I wave my arms too. It was very big!

Clark nods, The biggest! Clark assures them.

Not making sense, Sammy complains.

Okay, I will splain, I sigh.

No! No! Artie interrupts. Ask Clark, Conner’s explanations are too long! I cross my arms and make my frowny face, and so does Clark. Jay and Sam look at Artie, but then at me and they nod. Fine, Artie surrenders. He rolls his eyes and puts his head on the counter with a big sigh.

C’mon Artie, Jay tells him. It can’t be that bad. Artie just moans.

Go ahead Conner, what happened? Sammy ignores Artie.

Okay! Okay! I tell the others. I smile at Clark and stick my tongue out at Artie It all started this morning... Artie moans again, and I think of the best way to splain!


Andy! Andy! The rain has stopped!

I am very excited. It has been raining forever, since the end of the school year, raining real hard! Andy said it was like a monsoon, which is a very rainy thing, and I haven’t seen my friends at all! Well, Reece brought Clarkie and Greggie in his car one day, and Ricky came from across the street, but that was only one day. Mommy said that it’s only been three days since the rain started, so I should not complain, but three days is forever! Besides, I have something new to show my friends, especially Cassie. She will be very surprised and happy.

Hold you horses, squishie! Andy calls back, and I frown. Andy is the best big brother, but sometimes he is just so slow! I sigh and look at my surprise, and realize that it is cold outside!

Suzie! We must get you a warm coat that will also keep you dry. Andy will take us, and you will meet Cassie! She really wants to meet you too! I tell her.

My little cousin looks up at me with her big blue eyes and nods happily. She is only four years old. Suzie’s mom is Mommy’s cousin, so she is my cousin too, I guess. Mommy said that we met when she was just born, but I don’ remember. Suzie and her parents are moving to our city now though, so Mommy is very excited, they will live close. I am happy to have a new cousin to be my friend too. Suzie is very cute, a little bit shy, but I love her already. She has ponytails that move every time she moves her head. She likes Hershey and Frodo and Dash, and they like her back – I can tell!

I heard Mommy ask Auntie Mary if Suzie can come to their house, like I do, while our parents are working. Uncle Jason and Auntie Mary really like kids, they adopted so many and all of us are friends! They even have little ones like Eliot and Cassie, they are only one year older than Suzie, and our friend, TJ, is also just four. He also comes to Uncle Jason and Auntie Mary’s while his parents work. Suzie runs to the mudroom and comes back with her jacket for me to help her. Her ponytails bounce back as she runs.

Remember to bring Polly Dolly, I tell her. She nods and runs again to get her soft dolly. Cassie has lots of stuffies to share, but maybe they will take naps, and Suzie will want Polly Dolly. Andy! We are ready! Andy! Hurry, Daddy is coming to take Dash to the pet doctor before lunch and I hafta go with him!

Dash is my doggie with the floppy ears, and he needs a shot. There is a sick raccoon around, and everyone is taking their doggies and kitties to the doctor to get shots so they don’t get sick too. My friend Clark told me that he went with Greggie, his older cousin, and their other cousins – Jay, Tommy and Trevor, to take all the doggies and kitties from their two houses. My cousins, Ricky, Ian and Artie, from across the street, took their Westies and Wendy Cat yesterday. They took Frodo and Hershey, our kitties too, but Daddy wants the doctor to look at Dash’s leg too. He hurt it the other day when he fell running in the backyard.

I decide to check on Dash. He is lying on his bed on my room. I run there while Suzie gets her dolly and Andy comes to take us. Dash looks at me and whimpers.

Don’t worry Dash, Daddy will come take us to the pet clinic soon. They will know how to make your leg better!

He puts his head down and closes his eyes. I decide to let him sleep. I look over at Frodo the kitty too, but he is also sleeping in his basket. I run back to the mudroom. Suzie is waiting for me with her dolly. Polly Dolly has ponytails just like Suzie! I help her with her jacket and put Polly Dolly in her backpack.

Conner, I’m coming too, Mommy says. She appears with her coat and checks Suzie. She smiles at me, as I did a good job helping her.

Andy! Andy! You are so slow! I complain, but he comes too, and rolls his eyes at me.

I can take them, Lia, Andy tells Mommy.

I know, honey, but I want to talk to Mary and thank her for agreeing to look after Suzie too, Mommy says. Can you get the brownies I made? Andy nods and gets the pan from the counter. I nod at Suzie, Mommy makes the best brownies!

Let’s go! Let’s go! I remind everyone. Suzie nods happily, she is quiet, so I will speak for her.

I like the smell outside after it rains. It rains a lot here in the winter, but it is summer now and school is finished for another year. I take a deep breath, the neighbourhood smells like earth and trees and flowers. I take a big sniff, Suzie looks up at me and sniffs like me, and smiles. She likes the smell too! I like her a lot. Then I have an idea!

Wait, wait! I stop them all with my arms. It’s too far for Suzie to walk! I will ask Ricky for his wagon!

Mom is shaking her head, It’s less that a block, Conner.

But Mom... I sigh, then I take her hand and Mommy takes her other hand, we have to cross the street! Once on the other side, Mom lets Suzie’s hand go and we skip towards the Talbots’ house.

Slow down, squishie! Slow down, Suzie! Andy calls out from behind. Wait for me and Lia!

I sigh, but slow down. Suzie covers her mouth with Polly Dolly, and giggles. She doesn’t want Andy to know that she is giggling at him. I roll my eyes, and she giggles again. Hurry up, slowpokes! I shout behind us. Suzie giggles yet again, and I giggle with her.

Hello there! Come in! Come in, Auntie Mary greets us at the door. She looks up suspiciously at the grey sky, as if it might rain again. You must be Suzie! she bends to hug her and greets her especially. There is someone who will be very happy to meet you! She stands aside and reveals Cassie! Eliot, her twin, and our little friend TJ are behind her.

Hello, my name is Cassie, Cassie says shyly. Suzie ducks behind me and looks up at me. I nod and urge her to come meet Cassie.

Hello, she says just as shyly. Cassie smiles, and then turns and signals to Eliot and TJ. She waves at them urgently. That is when I notice that Eliot and TJ are wearing their church clothes and their hair has been combed!

Cassie made them clean up and dress up! I jump in surprise, but it is only my younger friend, Clark. He is a cousin of the Talbots from next door. He snuck up on me!

Hey Clarkie! I greet him and we bump fists, just like our older friends do!

My name is TJ, our smallest friend tells Suzie. Please have a cookie. He offers a plate with a cookie on it that he was hiding behind his back. Suzie looks up at Mommy, and Mommy nods back.

Thank you, Suzie says and giggles.

My name is Eliot, Cassie’s twin tells her. Please have a kitty. He holds up Berlioz, the grey cat. Tiger, his brother, comes out from behind Eliot, looks up and meows.

I told Cassie that Suzie likes kitties, I whisper to Clark. He nods there are plenty of friendly kitties in our neighbourhood.

Thank you. Suzie is very polite. She pets both kitties and they rub up against her legs.

I like your dolly, Cassie beams. This is Daisy Doggie. She is my friend.

This is Polly Dolly, Suzie introduces her friend.

Do you want to see my room? There is a castle, and there are toys and dollies and stuffies. We can try on dresses and have a tea party. Suzie looks at me and Mommy again, but we both nod. She nods at Cassie. Cassie smiles and reaches out to take her hand, and they skip away. Bring the cookies and juice! she tells Eliot and TJ, and they hurry after the girls and Suzie’s bouncing ponytails.

Is Reece upstairs, Auntie Mary? Andy asks. Reece Talbot and Andy are best friends. They are always hanging out doing boring teenager stuff.

Yes, Andy. Go on up, Auntie Mary tells him. I’ve got a pot of coffee on, Lia. Let’s have a cup, she invites Mommy.

Ricky, Greggie and Jason are in the basement, Clarkie tells me. I nod and we go to the stairs to find them.

Greggie! Ricky! Jason! we shout ahead of us into the dark. The lights of the basement are off.

Shhhh! Jason shushes at us.

We are spies! Ricky explains.

We are sneaking into the enemy headquarters! Greggie briefs us. Clark and me nod... that is why the lights are out. It only makes sense.

Clarkie and me join the spies for their mission. Daddy will come soon to take Dash to the pet doctor, and Clark and me will go with him. Clark is also a friend of Dash, he went the other day with Greggie for the vaccines, but he wants to see what it is like to go to the pet doctor in case Hoppy the Bunny gets sick and has to go too. He wants to know how he can help if that happens. I hope that the pet doctor will help make Dash’s leg feel better, but in the meantime, we have to be spies!

We hide behind doorways and tiptoe towards the enemy base. Sometimes we have to dive and roll to stay hidden! It is good that there are plenty of toy chests to hide behind. Sofas are good for hiding too! We all meet under the pool table and Jason makes lots of hand signs. I am not sure what they all mean, but Rick and Greggie nod, so me and Clark nod too. Soon we are almost at the enemy, they are hiding in a pile of pillows! They are the pillows! Our reinforcements arrive... the big Newfie dogs and Tramp come for pets on the head. We shush them and point at the enemy pillows! They look at us and follow quietly.

Get them! Jason orders at the last minute. We jump and attack. The evil pillows don’t stand a chance!

Yay! we all cheer. The doggies bark and lick us. We have saved the world again!

We save mankind three more times before Daddy comes downstairs with Uncle Jason. It is time to go to the pet doctor. They have good timing as we have just finished defeating the pillows’ latest evil plot!

Dash is in his crate in the car, Daddy tells me.

Will the pet doctor make him all better? I ask.

I think so, son. I can’t feel anything broken, but he’s still limping, so we’ll have it looked at, Daddy assures me.

Let’s go, Clarkie, I call to my friend. Is it okay if Clark comes too, Uncle Jason?

Yes, if you’re okay with the wait, Clark, Uncle Jason warns.

Clark nods his head. I will keep Conner company and help with Dash! he promises.

Okay, off you go then. You have an appointment to keep.

Dash’s crate is strapped in the middle of the back seat in Daddy’s car. Clarkie and me sit on either side. I peek inside and Dash lifts his head and wags his tail. Don’t worry, Dash. You will feel better soon, I promise.

Is it going to rain again, Uncle George? Clarkie asks Daddy. I look out the window, the grey skies have turned black. I did not notice, because I was thinking about Dash.

Well hopefully, we will get back before it pours, if it’s going to, Daddy peeks at the sky too.

Going to the pet doctor is a lot like going to the human doctor. We have to sit in a room and wait while Daddy talks to a nurse at a window. Every once in a while, other ladies come through a door and call names. The big difference is that everyone has a pet with them! An older man is sitting in the row in front of us, and there is a very colorful birdie sitting on his shoulder. It looks at me and Clark, and Dash on my lap, and then walks away on the man’s shoulder, and comes back to look at us again.

Look at this, Clarkie whispers to me.

The birdie comes again and Clark puts his thumbs on the sides of his head and spreads his fingers like he has moose antlers. The birdie stops and stares at Clarkie. He cocks his head, and then walks away on his owner’s shoulder again.

He noticed you! I tell Clark and giggle. He nods and giggles back.

He’s coming again! This time we both make faces.

I think birdie thinks that we’re funny, I decide. Clark nods and nudges my shoulder, birdie is coming back again. We get ready for more making faces!

Boys... Daddy warns, but he is smiling when I look up at him. I nudge Clark to tell him that it’s okay.

Dash? George Campbell? a lady calls from the front. It is our turn anyway. Clark and I wave bye-bye to birdie, and I pick up Dash.


You will be all better soon, I tell Dash. The nice doctor lady said that you have a sprain and swelling. You have to take your medicine and rest.

The pet doctor said that Dash didn’t break any bones or tear any liga-thingies, but he twisted his leg when he fell. We have medicine pills to put in his food and Dash has to sit still to get better. Daddy will put his bed inside his crate in my room, and I will carry him up and down the stairs for a while. She already gave him a pill to help with his pain and to calm him for the x-ray machine, so he is mostly sleeping on the way back home. It helped with his injection too, he didn’t really notice.

I am glad that Dash isn’t hurt too bad, Clarkie tells me and I nod back at him. Clarkie has a pet bunny, Hoppy... and he likes him very much! He would not like it if Hoppy had a sore leg like Dash. Oh! It’s raining again! Clark points at the window.

I’ll stop at home and we can leave Dash in his crate to sleep, Daddy tells us. I’ll take you back to the Talbots as Mom is still there with Suzie.

Okay! Clark and me agree.

It is raining hard when Daddy pulls into the drive at that Talbots. He reaches behind to the pocket in the back of his seat and gets an umbrella. We huddle under it and rush to the door. Auntie Mary must’ve seen us, as she and Mommy open the door and wave at us.

Come on in! Auntie Mary calls to us. It’s going to pour harder. There is a flash! There is a crash! Thunder and lightning, it is a storm now! We hurry inside and take off our shoes.

How is Dash? Mommy asks us.

The leg is twisted, we have medicine and he needs to take it easy for a little while, Daddy answers

Dash was very brave when the vet gave him his medicine, I tell Mommy, she hugs me and checks if I’m wet from the rain.

Good, were you brave too? Clark and I nod, we do not like injections, but we held Dash to make him feel better. Mom’s telephone bips, she looks at the screen and tells Dad, Andy and Reece took Jay, Artie and Sam to the mall. They’ve just messaged that they’ve arrived. I’m going to tell them to be careful driving back.

See, moms worry about you, even if you’re a teenager, Daddy tells us.

You’ve been warned, Mommy agrees with him. Daddy kisses her. I look at Clark and roll my eyes.

Dad remembers that he has to do something for his work and Mom decides to go with him and check on Dash. Auntie Mary and Uncle Jason go to the living room to clear the coffee cups and cake plates, but just then, there is another big flash! Boom! Crash! We can feel that the house shake! The thunder is right on top of us!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Eliot and TJ come screaming around the corner. They see me and Clark and run up to us. Emergency! Emergency! We have to find shelter! they warn. They wave Huggy and Flopsie Bunny at us.

When we need shelter at the Talbot house, there is only one place to go! That is under Kenny’s bed! We take Eliot and TJ’s hands and run. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! we scream with them all the way up the stairs and into Kenny’s room.