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You Decide My Punishments
Part I

by Super Conductor

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I had nothing options than to do what my new in charge, William, says me to do. Or else, yes or else he would make me to cut a switch by myself and whip my bare behind until I cry like a baby. No matter whether where we are, and if anyone was around watching, but I would be stripped naked and be beaten on my bare bottom so as I will not be sitting for a week or so. That’s how my in charge has been authorized and, of cause physically being powered too, disciplines me now. He became the stricter in disciplining me. He was encouraged by my parent to be the stricter and not to be lenient in punishing me. He was advised that I am not a boy who could be kept in a line without giving me hard punishments whole the day and everyday. My step parent said always to him Don’t let him be free any second and don’t hesitate to roast his ass for any little bit of his misbehaving, disobedient or anything offences. He was much like to hear his parent admires him whenever he punished me. In other hand he is physically developed than me even though he was fourteen while I am 16. And, true to be told, that he is decent, young adult teenager, who looked to be a boy of age seventeen in every aspects. This regular powers of his made me to be message me that I am much more little boy even than my real age 16. He has not only being authorized to do what he wants me to do but also he is well developed even than to his age of fourteen, and much stronger than me that I have had to submit to him now and for whatever his orders are.

Well, that is not all, even I have no rights to complain about what he does to me, how he would punish me, of cause, with or without reason, he can punish me and I should obey his orders. Whatever I did talkback or ague with him or my step parent I am defeated and earning the double what was I am going to receive before I argue. I was kept under the fully in charge authorities of my younger brother William.

Because I didn’t successes in OL last two shies and now I am out of the school, I was submitted to train work in the farm with my Grand dad few days in the week and the rest of the week I should work in the home what I am assigned to do. When should I wake up, when to the bed, where and what I should do, what are the rules for me, how should I respect my in charge and parent and their orders, and all the things regarding me are now decided by my in charge and in addition to by step parents.

Hang this on the wall in your room. That will help you to obey your brother

That was what my dad said when he handed the cane he bought for me. That was not less than one centimeter in the thickness, flexible and eighty five centimeter in length. It would hurt like a hell, and of cause it was. The six he gave me one week after the new cane introduced, for not cleaning his room well, on my bare bottom making me to be on my four on his bed, naked, was too enough to change my way not responds to his order.

Climb off the bed and begin to clean the room I still was squirming and want to rub my sore behind but he banned me rubbing and made me to go to the bathroom and bring the bucket and the wiper then to start working, just as the way I am that as the day I was born.

No rubbing and no clothes until you finish

I was scared of the cane after that day, and scared of my in charge that I knew will not lenient or easy when he punishes me in the future. Both my parent were happy to noticed that I have been become obedient little boy other than the sixteen years old bully after they demoted me under to my younger brother’s charge. Day by day, the rules were added for me that I should keep hold. Finally, the last thing I could do as my desire to wear clothes also was lost for me. I was supposed to be wearing only what my in charge prescribes to wear and nothing else. If I had worn anything other than what my in charge or parent had permitted me to wear, not only I will be caned, belt or switched, but also I will be remaining naked for a session as a reminder of my dress rule. No jeans and no underpants at all, and I was made to dress just like a little boy, and to cut my hairs in the kid haircut. Short were very short, and perhaps, he gave me his old very tight little short and his old little T shirts.

The next worse punishment I got from him was, on the day I was late come home because I had spent so long in the beach with some of guys, playing football. It was almost noon when I get home in that Saturday, that William was chatting with dad as I entered the front door. Before dad says anything or even before I apologize for getting late, William stood from the chair he was sitting and came in to me. He grabbed my left ear and twisted a complete circle. This was too embarrass for me but I really have known who is the in charge for me and what would happen to me if I didn’t submit to his in charge authority. I was blushed and my face went reddened as my younger brother was dragging me by my ear toward the kitchen where mom was there chatting with one of her friends and said very good, then I was followed toward the back yard shower. I was in my sport kit, shoes shocks and the nylon short and the skinner, and the underwear which is the strictly prohibited to wear. I was panicked as I know that he is going to see I am wearing underwear. He began stripping me, item by item without saying anything and no matter if the neighbors are watching and no matter mom and her friend are watching through the door way to the kitchen. I whispered I am sorry and please don’t strip me naked here but he soon signed me keeping his forefinger on his lips to me to be silence if I don’t want get the double.

I was soon in my birthday suit and my clothes and shoes were thrown into the basket and the final item I was wearing, the underwear was sent directly to the trashcan so as it wouldn’t be in use any more. How you did dare to wear them after I warned you not to? You think you are a big boy to wear underpants? Don’t you think that you don’t have anything to be hanging in an underpants and you don’t need to wear them? You think this tiny pee-pee of two inches needs to be covered with an underpants too in addition to the short? Do you boy?

I was deeply blushed as my younger brother yelling me fondling my little penis with his fingers. Embarrassment was doubled as I heard my step mom and her friend were giggling and whispering each other. I muttered I...m...sorry....sir

Well, my boy, you have the consequence. Lie on your back on the bench and raise your legs. I will give you a good reminder whenever you take off or on pants that you are the little boy who don’t need to wear underpants

Both my step mom and her friend were seeing the scene that my younger brother in charge shaving my little pubic hairs. There was nothing I could do about that I am naked and being shaved by my in charge while they are watching. If I disobeyed I knew that my in charge would invite some neighbor kids too and then would began shaving me again after give me a caning or a switching.

I was dying and dying of shame, as I was made to stand as the day I was born in front of parent keeping my hands on my head after I was shaved by my in charge. But still, the worst was to come. I am deserved to be punished for two reasons. I have been late getting home when I have told to come early and have disobeyed to my in charge’s order to not to wear underpants.

I cleared his little bush so as it will be easier to find his tiny pee-pee when he needs to pee said William with laughing and pointing his forefinger toward my little and shrunken penis. I wanted to find a hole in the floor to be hidden as my parent admired my in charge about spending his time to correct me and to teach me my lessons.

Today I am NOT going to cane him said William making me puzzle. You like it boy because I am not caning you today? asked William rising my chin from his forefinger making my reddened face toward his. Who isn’t like? Who don’t like to hear that he is not going to be caned with that nasty cane? I nodded my head with blush and said thank you sir.

Good boy. You like I am not caning you this time?


But you know you deserved to be punished?


What for that?

I... was late get home ..... and .... I have disobeyed to keep your order to not to wear underpants sir...

I did nothing have any other choices that I knew I will not be sitting easy at least for a week, if he canes me. My in charge then took a knife from the kitchen table and handed it to me.

You know where the coffee bushes at the side of the front road are. I want to go there and cut a good ripe young coffee plant which not less than the cane hung on the wall in your room and to bring it here now. Keep in mind, the switch I mean is not a branch but a plant of young ripe and rigid straight ones. If you don’t bring the right switch you are going to cut the second switch after you are beaten until the first one you are bringing is broken. You understand little boy?

I looked at my parent’s face for mercy, but they nodded their head giving the enthusiastic approve to William. Naked, shaved, I was deserved to go to cut a switch toward the coffee bush at a side of the front road about two hundred yards away from the home. When I hesitate, dad looked at the wall watch and added what the last minute I could save my ass from another beating before the bed. It’s 11.40 now. You have only ten minutes to do what your in charge says. Every minute you get late coming back with the proper switch you get three cuts from the cane by me before the bed

I didn’t notice that some neighbor brats were already to welcome me in the coffee bush areas – that seemed to be my in charge has arranged them before I get home – and they were began to hoot and tease me. Hooting and teasing me by them were echoed and got louder as I was finding the proper switch, naked, and with the knife in my hands, and made all other neighbor men, women and kids got attention to notice what is happening around and began to peek their heads from the windows and some little kids began to run toward the where the hooting comes from. This must be much planned punishment by my in charge and dad and that must be they were talking as I got home today.

Not only will I not be sitting on my behind so long but also not able to come out of the house of the shame for months. I never wanted to go to cut a switch again. I begged my in charge to make the kids who were followed behind me to go away before the punishment begin, but he said to them to get closer and watch what will happen to the naughty little boy who doesn’t responds to his in charge’s orders. Then I was tied to the column of the woodshed as my wrists above my head and then given four dozens with the switch I had cut. I forgot that I am naked but began to whimpering like a little boy of six as he giving me the switching on my bottom and the back of the thighs.

I was the good and obedient boy after that day, and did everything what I am told to do by either my parent or in charge younger brother. In the every weekend, at the Friday night, dad summoned me into his study with my brother in charge. He asked my in charge that how was last week my behaviors and if he said bad that I am getting the proper punishments as he suggests. I could hardly remind that a day I was let off of the maintenance punishment in any Friday.

My grand parent knew all the detail about how I am disciplined and they have been told by my step parent that what the only way in which I may be kept behave well was beating my ass and they never hesitated to whip my bare bottom in the farm in front of some workers and their kids whenever I didn’t do anything I am told or misbehaved. Whenever my grand parent meet my step parent they remind them that the sever punishments for me would effected well when if it added some humiliations. Because I have nothing to hide, and because I am shaved, and not looked like a big boy, they suggested them to punish me in my birthday suit in front of some little kids and men and women. There I had to behave well, and to work hard, and to be the good little boy. My dad had informed grand dad that to keep me shaved and out of the pubic hairs always so as I may remind that I am not a big boy whenever I see my bold tiny penis and balls without hairs around them. Grand dad was stricter in the matter, and I was ordered to sleep sharing the Roger’s bed and sleep naked so as Grand ma could check both little boys in the bed and to ensure no pubic hairs around there like Roger’s. If I am caught with any little pubic hairs around my penis or balls or around my ass, I am supposed to be nestled, that my Grand dad warned me after that. Nestle is not easy punishment like caning or switching of cause, that I have seen my grand dad gave the punishment to a little thief around the farm oneday. It was a harsh and severe punishment for a boy, and as well as a too much humiliating punishment. It is much worse when you are given the punishment in the morning or noon and in public. The nestle-bush is applied on the boy’s nude body, especially in the very sensitive places such ass on your genital, ass, and inner thighs. You may run all over the farm area, with the burning and the unbearable paining, forgetting you are naked, but crying, hollowing and whimpering but the burning will not last at least for some hours. If you jumped into the water, the burning will be doubled. I didn’t want to be nestled and I shaved my pubic hairs twice a week and slept naked with Roger in his room.
Roger was ten years old cousin, my step dad’s elder brother’s only child, who was growing with grand parent after his parents were divorced. The another embarrassed thing for me I noticed in the first day i slept naked with my younger cousin Roger was, that he has a big penis bigger even than to mine. He began to tease me about that and promised he will bring some of his friends to stay nights and to show them tiny pee-pee boy of age sixteen. He showed me his penis holding with his forefinger and the thumb to see it, and I to know that not less than four inches in flaccid state and it would be about six inches when erected.

Once I and Roger were caught to grand dad in fishing in the lake, that was soon one fishing rod were cut down to the three pieces and he choose the thinner and end part of the rod for our beating. There was no forgiven that both my grand dad don’t agree with killing animals. Neither of our parents approves such miserable activity from their sons and we both were submitted for the punishments, for a good beating with the thinner piece of the fishing rod.

We were in our shorts, and wear nothing else except Roger had worn underwear that, he is not banned, and the grand pa’s command was to take our shorts off. I was the one who most begged and pleaded not to whip us naked in there while some men, women and kids are watching but he said that we did fishing was while they are watching and the punishments should be in the way as they can watch.

But sir... you know I am not wearing underpants .... At least can’ we do after we get home?

If you have worn them I would have told you to take them off too. Simon, you are the one who supposed to be an example to your younger cousin but the reciprocal is what you are behaving. You behave like a little boy and as well as you have nothing to hide in your pants that we have seen many times before. Take both you your shorts off now? Roger can keep underwear on because he is not a little boy like you

Roger didn’t hesitate because he had worn the underpants at least, but I was soon in my birthday suit. We didn’t have much time to be wary about our completely and half nakedness but there were dancing of the painfully whipping began to fall on our bottom and back of the legs. He grabbed one of us randomly and one after one then gave the beating of our young lives.

After ten or so minutes of the beating were taking place, while the audience is gathering and hooting, finally the beating was over. We were crying for another minutes. I was happy to hear that grand dad says to take your short on and I jumped toward my short.

I said not to you but to Roger. He is not a little boy and no he needs to walk in his underwear. Simon, you are walking naked to the home with him and both you are going to be kneeling on the front yard until I say you may get up

It was humiliating to walk naked while grand dad beating our behind when we hesitate to walk but it was too humiliate at age sixteen you are walking naked while the ten years old younger cousin walk wearing his short for the same offence. When I began to cover my poor naked with my hands, grand pa took his big handkerchief and tied my hands at my behind. Then I had nothing to do about my poor naked is revealed all the neighbor people and some gang of kids began following us and hooting.

We both were made to kneel on the sands in the front yard, I am naked and my cousin brother of ten years old is wearing shorts. Grand ma was happy about the way grand pa punishes us, and she encouraged the kids who were coming behind us to make some loud hooting so as the other neighbor kids too would hear and join with them to watch the show. I was dying of shame and wanted to be hidden in a hole in the ground but the audience was lager and larger in the every minute.

This was how I was begun to be treated and disciplined in the very humiliating way and somewhat severe as well. I was punished in the farm by my grand parent while I am punished by my in charge brother and parent in the home.

Stay in the corner until William gets home Perhaps, my dad or mom said when they see that I need to be punished something embarrassing than they do it to me. Waiting in the corner until my kid brother gets home is not a normal corner time like you do in your room until dad or mom comes and punishes you. That I should bring the cane from my room and should keep it on the TV in the living room and the short I was wearing is to be supposed to keep under the cane on the TV. Some neighbor kids, those most of them were workers’ sons are invited by my step mom to watch TV in that period to add some embarrassment to my punishment. The kids like to watch TV in such a session even though they didn’t interest in the program broadcasting in that moment but they wanted nothing but to tease me. Even if they were interested the program in a moment, soon they see the cane and the short I was wearing is laying on the TV that made their aware about naked me in the corner. Waiting for my in charge in the corner is, as I am instructed, was I should be kneeling and keeping my wrists at the behind of my neck, straight, and the more embarrassing thing is looking at the living room but not the wall. I should face toward the sofa as my front side revealed toward who are sitting on the sofa. Because I have to be kneeling in the same place facing the wall with keeping my wrists behind my neck after I was punished displaying my sore and welted bottom to the audience this time, the waiting time until my in charge gets home, should be facing the living room. Both the corner times, before and after the whipping, there for was too humiliating. I never wanted to go to play with neighbor guys in my age or even the kids after that because all they began to tease me.

If I had been very bad and needed to be punished something harder as my mom or dad thinks, this waiting for my in charge period is become a very humiliating session. Soon my mom would send, Mary, who was the mid aged lady who has been serving for our family for her age, to summon some visitors, whom I most dislike to be seen in my birthday suit to them. Women in the around and or may be some little kids or to worse that may be some of my friends or to much worse that it will be some of my younger brother in charge’s class mates too. No matter I knelt there in the morning or the noon or 3 or 5 pm but this period of waiting for my punishment is not end even after my in charge brother got home. More prober he would say that he is busy now or tired, or may be saying that the around the dinner time would help me to have a good lesson, and then I have to stay until the dinner. Some ladies mom summoned to watch my punishment were the most I hate them were escorting were their little sons or daughters.

Whenever I am asked by any visitor in that waiting period about why I am naked and what for I am going to be punished I should answer them or my mom count the number of times I had disobeyed her orders to answer them and make William to give me the number of extra canes before the dinner so as he could give me my main punishment after the dinner.

This was something different when I am waiting for dad to punish me. Waiting for dad, in his study or in my room was, I am completely naked but less humiliating than waiting for my in charge. But of cause it was scare and terrible even to think how dad would punish me. It is severely, and it is hard. Twelve of the cane across the buttocks, and six of the best on back of the each thighs, and the best of another six in each front inner thighs and then the belting in the same way. And then I would be sent to the corner for an hour then would be caned the final twelve of the cane on my swollen and sore bottom before I am sent to bed.

I always was kept prepared to be punished. Parent or my in charge brother searched my groin and ass whether I am shaved and smooth, my cane is hung on the wall in my room, I am not wearing underpants, and whether I am maintaining my punishments book. This was much embarrassed when doing by my younger brother in charge instead of either mom or dad. Of cause he was the one who wanted to check me than my parent doing it. Sometimes, I complained that I didn’t have done anything to be punished but then my in charge would laugh. May be you didn’t have done anything but the little boys are always behaving naughty. So the elders should be ensure that little naughty boy’s bottom is already always for a beating

Next time I catch you disobeying my orders, I will make my readers to suggest how that want you to be punished, believe me boy, you are punished in all the ways how my readers suggest. You understand little boy?

Y-Yes sir.....

Well, now beg my story readers to suggest some good, hard and humiliating punishments for you

I was surprised as my in charge on his computer and entered the Male-male spanking story site. He also logged into his own account named Super Conductor. OMG, my younger brother in charge is a story author there. He copied a story he has written in a word document and pasted it in the new story counter. Then he stood up and took the cane into his hand.

Sit on the chair and write your beg to my readers to suggest some hard, humiliating punishments for a naughty, little, shaved, sixteen age and tiny pee-pee boy like you now boy

I began to type. But he caned me in every mistake, and made me to delete some phrases and to write again. Finally, I wrote what he wanted to write as my begging.

Dear reader, I am sixteen years old naughty boy. I have to learn many lessons from my great and big in charge William for me to be a good and big boy like him. I need to be punished severely, and of cause very humiliatingly so as my lessons wouldn’t forget for my age. Please suggest your ideas how I should be punished. My in charge is going to punish me in the way of each of you suggest and I promise that I will write you back after each punishment explaining how I felt the punishment and what I have learnt – Regard, naughty Simon – The tiny pee-pee boy


Will be continue as the readers suggestions.......


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