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Dan and Joe
A Visit to the Boat

by Brhmsj

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Dan and Joe – A Visit to the Boat

That summer, after a school year of spankings and fun, the boys were free from the close of school until after Labor Day with Frank going off to college and the younger boys now seniors in high school. Frank and his friend Carl had summer jobs, Frank in a fast-food joint, which he hated. Carl was doing yard work for Mr. Schmidt, as we know.

Mr. Bailey’s boat made another appearance in the lives of Dan, Joe, Frank, and Tony. This time is not because of bad behavior on anyone’s part, but an opportunity to enjoy the boat in its proper setting – on water. Not that there weren’t red bottoms on the boat.

A few hours from home was a good-sized fresh water lake where Mr. Bailey liked to take his boat for the summer. Ocean sailing was great, but the lake was calmer and there were spots he could drop anchor and just relax. He was planning to go for a week or ten days after the July 4 holiday and thought it might be fun for the boys to join him. Since he now was comfortable with their fathers, he called all three dads and put forth his plans. The fathers had no problems with this. They knew they could trust Mr. Bailey.

That arranged, Mr. Bailey found a time to invite the boys himself. All four were thrilled at the idea, only made better when they learned that their parents were happy to let them go. Frank was glad to get a week off from his job, even if it meant losing the pay. His father felt the need to give a small lecture on responsibility, but in fact saw no reason that Frank should not join the other three. Just before the holiday all four dropped in on Mr. Bailey to get whatever information they needed about the trip. Mr. Bailey told them about the lake, where it was, and that kind of pertinent information.

The boat can sleep eight, ten if we’re packed in tight. It means, though, that you’ll have to double up while you’re here. From the reactions, or rather lack of reactions, of the boys, Mr. Bailey knew that this wouldn’t be a new experience. It should be warm the whole time we’re there, even at night, so no need to pack heavy. And no need to bring bathing suits, he added with a smile. He saw that the boys liked that idea!

This was sounding like it would be a great trip. It would be the first time all four had any kind of sleepover together, so that was creating excitement, too. When it came time to pack, Frank and Tony were a bit uncertain about no bathing suits. Not that they minded being naked around Mr. Bailey or swimming naked (they couldn’t wait), but what if Mom discovered they’d left their suits behind? So, they threw them in the bags, just for show. Dan and Joe teased them a bit when that was discovered. Those two did own bathing suits, but never were sure where they were, so hadn’t given it any thought once they’d been given the no bathing suit instruction.

Since he had four guests, and it was a special occasion, Mr. Bailey rented a van to carry all of them. The lake was in a different direction from the mountain retreat that Dan and Joe’s families went to every summer, though somewhat in the same direction as the resort that Frank and Tony went to. So those two recognized some of the route. It was about a four hour drive, so the boys had been told to be ready and at Mr. Bailey’s in time to leave at nine o’clock sharp. Mr. Bailey reminded the boys, as he would more than once, that he had permission to spank and made it clear that if anyone delayed the departure he, or they, would get the first spankings of the visit. Mr. Bailey had every intention of administering at least one spanking to each boy over the trip, even if there were no infractions. The boys definitely heard when he said first spankings of the trip. Being caught up in the excitement of the trip and time on the boat, they forgot about it quickly.

There was lunch at a place where Mr. Bailey usually stopped on his trips. It gave everyone a chance to get out of the van for a bit, too. After lunch it was about another hour to the marina where the boat was docked. Mr. Bailey could drive right up to the docks in order to unload. He guided the boys through the process of getting things onto the boat then parked the van, with instructions to wait for his return before doing anything. The boys obeyed, waiting on the dock rather than on the boat.

When he returned he showed the boys their cabin. It pretty much was just large enough for two double beds; their bags would be stowed outside the cabin. Mr. Bailey’s was on the other side. He had only one bed, but explained how a second could be brought in, if needed. The benches in the common area between the cabins could be converted into beds if needed, too. The boys stashed their things, helped Mr. Bailey put away the food and other necessities and he made ready to launch.

Explaining how everything was done Mr. Bailey had the boys help him untie the boat, he turned on the engine and expertly guided them out of the marina and into the open lake. There were a fair number of boats in the marina and quite a few had people living on them for all or part of the summer, so there was no move yet to take off clothing. On the lake there was a cool breeze, enjoyed by all. The boys sensed that it was not yet time to undress and no one asked if he could. Mr. Bailey said nothing about it.

His first year on the lake Mr. Bailey had discovered a small, quiet cove, deep enough for the boat yet easy to drop anchor and stay put. For some reason other boaters either had not discovered it or didn’t like the seclusion, so Mr. Bailey’s usually was the only boat there. It was about a half-hour’s ride. The cove was nicely sheltered so that the wind was not a factor and it was pleasantly warm. Without a wind it seemed that Mr. Bailey’s prediction that days and nights would be warm was likely to come true.

The boys assisted in dropping anchor and getting the boat settled. That done, Mr. Bailey, in mock surprise, asked why anyone still was dressed. Didn’t they want to swim? All said yes, and clothes were off quickly. Before they jumped in, Mr. Bailey had one thing to add to the various instructions. We can take water from the lake to drink, it’s that clean, but I buy fresh water anyhow for all the boat’s needs. There’s a limited amount, so when you want to wash, just jump in the lake with your soap. All four thought that was a great idea. Mr. Bailey showed them the best place to dive off the boat, having anchored so that the deepest water was there. Soon four boys were four fish and having a grand time.

When Mr. Bailey called that he was ready to fix dinner he said that he only needed one or two to help. Frank felt, as the oldest, that he should be responsible, so he told the others he’d help that night and they could stay in the water. Frank was sufficient help in the galley. When dinner was ready to put on the table, Mr. Bailey went and called the other three. He watched as they climbed up the ladder onto the boat and each got a smack on the wet butt as they grabbed towels to dry off. Everyone laughed.

Dinner was simple, but good, and the sort they would have throughout the cruise. It was enough. Mr. Bailey gave no indication of undressing, though after getting settled he had switched to a tank top and shorts. The boys were impressed at his physique. He was older than their fathers, they knew that. It also was clear why his firm hand could be so firm! Dan, Joe, and Tony were unconcerned about Mr. Bailey staying dressed. It was too much fun being naked! Frank, though, was getting his usual secret thrill about being seen naked by the older man, always enhanced by the fact that the man was clothed. Having the the other three boys there did not change that.

The boys were given the task of cleaning up the dishes and the galley with another reminder of Mr. Bailey’s permission to discipline. He never tired of reminding them, they were fine with it, and it became a bit of a game over their time on the boat.

The five spent the evening chatting. Not long after dark everyone showed signs of sleepiness – it had been a long day. No requirement for you to go to bed at any given time, though I would like us to have breakfast together, say nine o’clock. That work for you? They all said yes. I’m going to bed now. You can stay out here as long as you want. Whether here or in bed, though, keep the noise down. Yes, sir four voices said in unison.

After about a half-hour they felt sure Mr. Bailey was asleep. Joe, often the instigator, said they should have a jerk-off contest on the boat before bed. Everyone was in agreement. The one who held out the longest was the winner; first to shoot would get spanked before bed. The four spent quite a while straining to control themselves and not lose. Frank embarrassed himself by losing control and shooting well ahead of the others. He was the oldest, he felt he should do better than that. Resigned to his fate he decided to enjoy watching the other three. Dan managed to hold out the longest so, as winner, he got to apply the spanking. Frank went over his lap and Dan now was faced with the trick of spanking Frank, but not loud enough to disturb their host. Joe and Tony stood guard while Dan gave Frank a quick spanking, trying to give it as much sting as he could.

Spanking over, the boys went to their cabin, laughing a bit louder than they intended. Frank gave a warning shh and everyone went about their business quietly. The first night the brothers shared a bed and Joe and Dan, as usual, shared a bed. After the first night they decided it would be fun to switch, so the second night Dan slept with Frank and Joe with Tony. The next night Tony was in with Dan and Frank with Joe. The third night they switched back to Dan with Frank and Joe with Tony. Dan and Frank particularly found it pleasant to share a bed. Joe and Tony were fine with their arrangement. So, those pairings held through the rest of the stay. Tony thought it was fun seeing his big brother in bed with Dan, too.

There was one surprise for the brothers. The first night they switched partners, Dan and Joe gave their bedmate a quick peck on the cheek before sleep. Frank vocalized his surprise. Dan said that he and Joe had been doing that for as long as they could remember, so it felt natural to do it with Frank and Tony. The morning after that the brothers tried giving each other a good morning brotherly kiss and found they enjoyed it, so that remained part of their lives.

The first morning the boys did make it for a nine o’clock breakfast. Mr. Bailey had been up since around seven. When the first of the boys appeared around eight, he suggested a quick dip to wash off and wake up. In short order four naked teens were in and out of the water – a bit cool and bracing that early in the morning – and ready for coffee and breakfast. Over breakfast Mr. Bailey did say he’d heard some noise that night, but said no more.

The first full day was spent moving from swimming to sunning to swimming, back and forth all day. The boys had brought books, so had some other pastimes as needed. Mr. Bailey had brought a goodly supply of sunscreen and happily helped his charges apply it. In the afternoon he took a nap after lunch, something he said he liked doing on the boat. The boys quietly read under the canopy that Mr. Bailey had pulled down to keep part of the deck covered and the boys out of too much sun. By the trip’s end all four were showing very good all-over tans. They wondered if anyone would notice in the locker room after gym class when school resumed!

It took only until the second full day for a round of spankings. Behavior was not out of line, but Mr. Bailey had felt the need to call down the boys when they started to run on the deck. There wasn’t all that much room to run but they were getting rowdy nonetheless. Mr. Bailey had warned them that that could be dangerous, knowing full well that youngsters will go with their instincts and forget such instructions.

It seems you boys need a reminder, Mr. Bailey said, after he told them to slow down. Four faces fell. They knew what it meant. They also had noticed when given the tour on the first day the paddle hanging on a wall in Mr. Bailey’s cabin, as he intended them to see. He sat them down on the bench on one side of the deck and sat himself in the middle of the one on the other side. Frank, let’s go, he said. Frank crossed over, got into position over Mr. Bailey’s lap, and was given twenty good hard swats which had him crying out by the end. He was returned to his seat and Dan was summoned to receive the same treatment. Followed by Joe and then Tony. I don’t have a good corner for you boys, or rather four good corners. So, there will be no swimming for the rest of the afternoon as part of your punishment. Long faces, as the swimming was one of the best parts of the trip so far. Books were gathered up and they read all afternoon, sometimes in the sun and sometimes under the canopy.

Before he started dinner Mr. Bailey took some time to bathe in the lake. This was his first swim so far. Like the boys, he swam nude, giving all four their first look at a naked man older than their fathers. They already knew that he was in good shape, so his nudity only confirmed it. He made no effort to hide his nakedness from the boys and was aware that they were all taking advantage of getting a good look. Nor was he showing off. Seeing him out of his shorts impressed all four. He had the biggest package any of them had ever seen. Not huge, but imposing, in keeping with Mr. Bailey’s overall physique. They would see him naked every day after that, sometimes joining them in their swims, other times to bathe or otherwise swim by himself. By the third day all five jumped in together for a wash. This new intimacy with the older man was enjoyable for all, especially for Frank who was finding Mr. Bailey a second father, though a quite different kind of father!

Their time continued in much this fashion. When the bed pairings had been set, the boys had fun stroking off their partners before sleep each night, the other pair watching. A couple of ejaculations were loud and by Mr. Bailey’s demeanor in the morning they knew he had heard.

There were two more spankings before the visit ended. In both cases they were because Mr. Bailey felt it was good for the boys to remember who was in charge, even given the casual atmosphere. The first of the two involved the paddle and four tearful faces. Being spanked to tears all together was new, embarrassing, yet a form of bonding, too. For a change of pace, as it were, there was no hand warm up, it was all paddle. Mr. Bailey started with a different boy each time he spanked. Dan went first, getting twenty-five good whacks with the paddle, watched by the others who now knew exactly what they were in for. The worst part for all was that while Dan was not crying outright, he had tears in his eyes which was embarrassing for him and caused justified trepidation in the others.

The next paddling went to Tony. He received the same twenty-five and stood up with a tear-stained face, too. Frank followed, with the same results. By that time Joe was in an agony of anticipation, which Mr. Bailey knew full well. His nervousness proved justified as he received thirty smacks, in part because he started crying out at around number fifteen and Mr. Bailey was enjoying the boy’s response. Again, no crying, but tears were evident.

We know I can’t send you to the corner as I should, so down to your room until I call you. If I hear a peep out of anyone the paddle will be put to use again. Silently all four went down, lying on their stomachs until called for dinner. Mr. Bailey enjoyed seeing that all four were walking in that special way boys do after a good paddling. Behavior was exemplary the rest of the trip.

The last spanking was light, just a reminder, even though behavior had continued to be good. Bottoms were red, but not particularly sore. There was no punishment beyond the spankings, but the spankings were just enough that the boys felt it when they jumped in the water.

For all the masturbation that was done on the boat, for the first few days none of the boys masturbated in front of Mr. Bailey, either alone or collectively. All four were hard at various times, as teens are, but being naked on the boat all day made it felt natural and no one commented. Mr. Bailey enjoyed watching all of this: the boys’ enjoyment of having them there, the occasional teen erections, and just the pleasure the boys were having. A couple of days they motored about the lake, pants at hand. These were the only times the whole visit that they boys had on any clothing, and only because other boats would occasionally pass close by. More than once, though, everyone had the impression that folks on another boat also had hastily covered up. Something to explore if ever there were another visit.

Every afternoon that they weren’t cruising the lake, Mr. Bailey went to his cabin for a nap, never more than two hours. The day after the first cruise the younger boys went out of the deck to read under the canopy. Frank was helping with the last bit of cleanup after the meal. That task done, Mr. Bailey said to Frank, Come into my cabin. We both know what you want. Knowing exactly what Mr. Bailey meant had Frank immediately hard. Mr. Bailey led the way and was amused when he noticed that Frank’s erection also led the way.

Mr. Bailey shut the door. Little likelihood of the boys noticing your absence. Go ahead. Frank had been cumming at least twice a day since they were on the boat which wasn’t at all unusual. The boys stroked off each other every morning before breakfast, so he’d already given up one load. This helped him stretch out the process now, both to his pleasure and Mr. Bailey’s. By the time he was ready to let go, it was all Frank could do not to cry out in pleasure. He knew the others would hear that! Mr. Bailey had a couple of towels ready, quickly mopped up the floor, then took a clean towel and cleaned up Frank. This was special attention that never failed to give the boy a thrill. It was something he and Mr. Bailey shared that was their own. Frank had no idea if Mr. Bailey did this with the others, nor did he want to know. He just reveled in his times.

By the trip’s end it was difficult for all five to face the inevitable, but it had to be done. The four boys were very helpful in getting the boat ship shape both before they set back for the marina and once the boat was docked. Mr. Bailey timed it so that a late lunch was had at the same spot they had stopped at on the ride out, and the boys were delivered home in time for dinner. Dan and Joe’s parents saw that evening that their boys were now tanned all over as the boys were naked in the house as usual. Frank and Tony’s mom and dad suspected that such was the case, just by looking at their sons, but never had visual confirmation. Later, snuggled in Frank’s bed, the brothers talked about their lack of tan lines, and how much they liked that. You’ll get razzed at school, Frank said. So what, said Tony, they’ll just be jealous. They laughed and fell asleep.

All four boys would get back-to-school spankings from Mr. Bailey before the summer was over, but that’s another story.

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