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Jack Roman Slave Family Trilogy
Sins Of The Father - Chapter 10: More Drama

by PJ Franklin

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Chapter 10 – More Drama

The next few days after the completion of Kasey’s judicial punishment, the boy was well, more like a boy than a man. Or rather he was acting far younger than his real age. Almost more like a boisterous, bratty thirteen year old if you want the truth of it.

It was easy to know why and he even knew why and because he was older, could verbalize what it was, I’m free! I have freedoms I didn’t know existed, Master! he would say to me and to his brothers and of course that is all very ironic given that he is an involuntary slave, a veritable and legal piece of property, my property to be exact.

Many slave owners do not wish boys making such verbalized analysis of their situations or in some cases, predicaments. They forever believe even deep down that an ignorant slave is a good slave. That they should boil their lives down to simply barking like a good doggie at Master’s feet and command and in some cases literally. Bark that is.

That is all well and fine of course. A slave owner may do whatever he or she wishes and is permissible under the law with their girl or boy, period. End of discussion. That meant of course that I can do what I wish with and to my boys and allow them or not the freedom of self-expression. There are limits of course, limits when crossed that could result in severe corporal punishment of any of my boys’ bared buttocks including, of course, Kasey’s.

It is not well understood by many that slavery, voluntary or involuntary as the case may be has its appeal. No real responsibility save to keep one’s Master happy. Everything else is paid for. Even if the Master makes the slave work for a living, it is not really that at all and everyone knows this.

What they don’t often know is what I know. A boy who is in my family is there to please my sexual and many of my emotional needs. The clever thing there is that boys, slaves or not, all have emotional needs whether slave owners want to admit or act on it or not. And when my boys focus their needs on me and mine on them, well. You can call it slavery because that is what, by law, what it really is; but is it?

I have to tell you, even I envied Kasey some. Bouncing like a puppy now from brother to brother back and forth to me and back to them again. So much energy, all of it emotional. I envied some, but was more just happy for him and intended to make him and me happier yet.

In fact my plan to finally take my boy’s cherry in the rather showy and ostentatious way as was planned was kind of getting in the way of things just like right now. He was at my side, on his knees head laying quietly on my thigh as I worked in my office as I allowed my boys to do at their leisure most days anyway,

Please Master, I ... I wish you could fuck me now. Just do it and ... he suddenly said with raised head and then Kasey wisely caught himself from further un-slave-like verbal requests or worse, demands of what I should or should not do with or to him.

He blushed and then quickly stood up tall at my side, hands humbly clasped behind him as he had been taught and eyes carefully cast down, My apology Master for almost crossing the line, sir, he was properly very formal with his contrite confession.

I said nothing at first nor did I look at him at first save out of the corner of my eye to carefully note his proper posture and most of all I noticed his cock was hard as nails. His closeness to me and the tension that had suddenly evolved from his nearly unwise action affected him just in the way I needed it to affect him as it would all of my boys in similar situations.

I made him wait further to continue to make the point that the Master and not the boy controls the pace of any encounter no matter how small the matter. His job was to maintain posture and attitude and if possible, erotic stimulation.

Some Masters, many in fact, will then ignore their misbehaved boy indefinitely. In fact their punishment for them is non-sexual distance and prolonged separation sans physical interaction. In other words isolation. Fine for them. I believed no such drivel for myself.

I continued to stare at my computer screens doing my work, then without looking at Kasey, reached over and firmly grasped his scrotum and squeezed the living day-lights out of it and him. He groaned from the sudden pain and then I slapped his cock twice side-to-side and not nicely either. He groaned, but then let out a tell-tale moan that made me want to smile.

I wanted to praise him, but even I agree that sometimes too much praise goes to a boy’s head and Kasey’s head was already maybe a bit too full, so I did not. I did note just an extra little stiffening to his posture and then I furtively stroked his magnificent member.

So, he was anxious to get my cock into his ass? Very good as I was anxious for it as well. I was also having thoughts of bagging my elaborate show and scheme that I had devised and shared with Kasey of me deflowering my property, him, in public, at least a limited showing as was my right.

Every slave owner upon acquiring a new piece of ass of either sex for their chain or for the first time may arrange any kind of public taking of that slave’s sexual cherry. It is meant to demonstrate that the slave has no further rights to personal privacy of any kind. Some owners make it a policy that the first so many times of fucking are public, some not. In any case, the laws on these things are liberal and clear.

I finally turned and looked up to my boy, Are Tim and Cody around? I asked knowing Ben was out doing the business of our household, Yes sir. Both, he replied, Good. You are still a bit too loose with your tongue, Kasey. You need to think before you speak, I admonished, Yes Master! he said brightly.

I think he liked my admonishments. In fact I knew what he thought of them, that they were paternal and even fatherly. Many slave owners like the touch of parental energy. Others think it should be outlawed such is the diversity of thinking in the slave owning community.

Go get your brothers Kasey and take them and you and go downstairs to the dungeon. You’re getting a whipping young man, put you in your place, I ordered, Yes Master! Thank you Master! he said brightly without smiling, well too much.

Some would opine in one of the many online slave owner forums that I was a member that I am paying too much attention to this one boy. That he manipulated me for this time with him. Really? They think I don’t know all of this?

How about they shut up and let me teach my boys how to manipulate me how I want them to do. If they don’t like it for them and their property they should just keep it to themselves and stop starting threads about it with too many posts that get all politicized in the end anyway.

I watched my enthusiastic boy race out the door. I looked down at myself. Hard as a rock. I chuckled, Manipulated much there ol’ pal? I said to my cock and then sat back and sighed. I did want to carry out Kasey’s first deflowering as planned or I thought I still did anyway.

And also I didn’t. What a pain. All of the arrangements of what I wanted to do. Those idiots at the judicial center were a sour bunch. They knew that I had the right to ask for and get what I wanted of them there and I think they resented it. They were just too fat and lazy to want to schedule and arrange it properly. Assholes!

I made the boys wait a little just to test their ability to obey and to present themselves properly to me for a punishment. Then I took my time, stood and went to my bedroom to change into something more comfortable as in nothing, nakedness, my erection flapping about.

I walked slowly downstairs and then into the still open basement dungeon door. I was very surprised and pleased by what I found there, three boys of mine all lined up on the near wall, naked of course and hands on their heads, only one of them having been explicitly told to do so. I stood there a long moment pleased on several levels.

* * * * *

After he left his Master’s side tasked with orders to find his slave brothers and go down to the basement dungeon to face Master’s discipline, Kasey did so. Smiling not smugly, but brightly. Smug was no longer in the former rich boy’s vocabulary. Smug was an instant trip to the dog-house and not in any kind of pleasant way if sported in front of his Master and make no mistake, Master Jack Roman was HIS Master.

Well, Master Jack was also slave brothers Tim’s, Cody’s and Ben’s Master too, but being lawfully owned by a man such as Jack Roman was still full of bitter irony for Kasey. The man seemed a better and more skilled father to him than Vincent Oliver had ever been even at his best. The man had tried to ruin Jack Roman in business.

Roman had blocked Oliver’s attempted take-over and then the law took over and severely punished the former high rolling businessman for other crimes in a way that took Oliver down to literally nothing overnight. Oh yes, Vincent had issued his last legal directive in his power and sold his own son into slavery to pay for his own legal costs and that is how Kasey got to where he was right now, standing in the kitchen in between Tim and Cody as the pair was doing a little cooking on their own sans Ben.

Are you guys sure you’re not going to kill the three of us with this swill? Kasey teased as he tasted the actually pretty good homemade chicken soup again. That little smug remark (because being a bit cheeky and smug with your brothers is OK after all) did not go unnoticed.

Tim up and spanked his new brother pretty hard one each on both of his naked cheeks. Kasey just grinned, Just kidding Tim, don’t get your shorts all in a knot, Kasey said but both Cody and Tim purposely did not give Kasey the satisfaction of acknowledging his pun. Just the spanks.

I need a favor, guys, Kasey said, Shoot, Cody said distracted by the soup just not quite what he wanted just yet, I screwed up with Master. I’m getting a whipping in the basement. He said to get you guys down there with me, Kasey said his arms about both older boys’ shoulders.

What did you do? Mouth off again? Tim asked bluntly as always. Kasey was now not only more used to Tim’s dry ways but liked them, Yea. Foot in mouth disease, he sighed, I’ll suck on your toes and chew it all off if you like. Maybe put it in this soup. Something is missing, Cody quipped and was answered by two face grimacing ewwwww!

Tim was not exactly in awe of Kasey as he was with their Alpha Ben, but it was akin. He respected Kasey a great deal for his journey to the present, OK, well. Let’s get going. Your ass is not going to get punished by standing here tasting VERY GOOD SOUP, I might add, giving his co-sous chef the evil eye.

I think I’m going to enjoy watching you get a whipping, Cody said out loud on the way down to the basement. Mere weeks if not days before Kasey would have scowled at such a publically verbalized sentiment from anyone. Now it actually was a turn on of sorts though not quite the same intensity as it automatically was for Tim and Cody.

You should get a whipping for not liking our soup, Tim cajoled his chain brother, And you should just for being a bitch, Cody replied. Kasey just grinned. He loved Tim and Cody’s good natured but still very acerbic backs and forths, If you both don’t shut up, I’ll give you both whippings myself! Kasey teased.

Promise? Cody quickly grinned as they now reached the basement dungeon front door. Tim said nothing, just blushed like hell because even more than Cody now, he would at all not mind Kasey lording over him like that even just for fun.

Kasey sighed, went to the wall and did as he was supposed to wait for Master’s appearance, hands on head, nose to the wall, well as closely as his erect penis tip would allow. Cody saw what Kasey did, smiled and looked at Tim. Tim looked at Cody and then they both shrugged, walked to the wall and did the very same posturing.

Why are you guys here on the wall with me? I’m the one that is in deep shit, Kasey said looking from one to the other, It’s just what we do. Master will be pleased that we want to share in your hind end punishment, Tim replied. Kasey smiled and nodded, Good idea, he said when what he was really thinking was that it was very comforting that his brothers would want to share something like this with him. Not possible if asshole Vincent Oliver had not been an asshole, he had to admit.

Well, well, what have we here? Not one, but three naughty boys? Master Jack said from in back of them and then quickly sidled up in back of his boy Cody and pressed his Masterly erection between the boy’s jutting bubble cheeks.

Oh, Master! Cody moaned and still keeping his hands on his head pushed back and skillfully used his buttocks to cuddle the hard lusting organ. Jack Roman then moved back and skipping Kasey in the middle did the same thing to in back of his boy, Tim.

Tim moaned, said nothing and then let his buttock cheeks clutch even harder at Master’s erection. Then Jack wrapped his big strong arm about Tim’s neck and cuddled closer, Maybe I’ll just skip punishing Kasey and give you a tanning until next Tuesday, Jack teased Tim out loud for effect to see Tim’s as well as Kasey’s reaction as well, actually.

Kasey’s heart skipped a beat. He should be wildly hopeful that he was not going to get a whipping even if it was just a tease. He should be praying that it was so, but he wasn’t! He felt ... well, he felt a foreign pang of envy or was it jealously of Master’s words to Tim! And Jack knew this. How did Jack know? Easy.

Jack grinned, half-evil of course as he observed Kasey’s deep blush and flustered look. This was excellent and Jack was inwardly proud of Kasey’s rapid progression from reluctant legal property to enthusiastic sexual dynamo in mere weeks, Have something you need to say, boy? Jack gave Kasey permission.

It was a test. Kasey knew it as did Cody and Tim, No Master, Kasey wisely replied humbly so. Jack then moved to his left and using his palms spanked all three naked jutting boy butts and then finally sidled tightly in back of Kasey and then the real other test, he pressed his upwards stiff erection into Kasey’s very deep buttock cleft.

Even Jack was a bit surprised as out of all three of the boys, Kasey’s clenching down on his shaft was the hardest for the longest. Kasey closed his eyes and swallowed thickly as he moaned, very, very loudly and it was not put on. Tim looked across Kasey to Cody who looked back, both of them turned on so much, both of them cringing as well.

Master Jack had by now shared his plan with all of his boys on how Kasey was to be officially deflowered for the first time and the plan had appealed to all and yet it had not happened yet. Then here was their newest brother kind of suffering for the lack.

This was not lost on Jack who sighed a little and then wrapping his arms about Kasey from behind he indulged Kasey, all three of them really, I promise that either the plan happens in the next 48 hours or I will call it off and do what I know everyone as well as myself wants. Am I wrong? Jack asked them, but especially Kasey.

Kasey’s emotions came right up to the surface causing him to lose patience, I want it now. Right now. Inside of me, please, Master, he said quietly. Cody grimaced. Tim winced. Master smiled so that none of the boys could see, Is my boy’s mouth getting him in a little deeper yet? Jack gently chided, but secretly he was proud and as frustrated if not more than his boys.

Yes Master. More punishment for being a bad boy, Kasey said not bitterly, but maybe hoping it would be a welcome distraction, Then I’m a bad boy too. I want to see Master fuck Kasey worse than anything, Cody said and not to be outdone, even Tim joined in, Me too, he said making Jack grin and now he openly chuckled.

All three of you, my good boys, my sexy-hot young studs. 48 hours or bust, OK? Jack offered a rare request for patience. Kasey sighed, Thank you Master. I love you. I love you Tim and you Cody I love you, his emotions spilling over.

The best cure for melancholy and impatience is to be put to work! Jack stood back now, Why should I have all the fun, hey? he quipped, Tim. Cody. You two will strap Kasey down on the table and then you will tandem strop his ass red and raw. Then you Kasey, will give both of your brothers the strop while I watch. Somebody is going to be chosen to ass-fuck me and Kasey, you are going to ass-fuck Tim and Cody at the end, now get to work! Master Jack barked out his lustful orders!

Jack felt like the penultimate circus master lording over his minions as he pawed at his pride and joy as Tim and Cody skillfully strapped Kasey face down on the long punishment table. Ankles and wrists were secured in the wide belt and buckle style leather restraints.

Jack smiled as Cody and Tim carefully chose two of the large collection of leather whipping strops and then positioning themselves on either side of the table at Kasey’s upturned pale cheeks commenced to stinging those buttocks harshly from the get go as expected.

Both Tim and Cody knew that Kasey was going to get the last word and plenty of revenge and they invited it, eyes wild with sexualized excitement as they forced loud hisses and then louder yelps of pain from their handsome newest and younger chain brother. They rapidly applied strop welt after strop welt from their shoulders in wide satisfying swathes of crimson coloring until Jack finally held up his hand, Stop! ... Release him ... and the boys went immediately to work.

Kasey was not sorry at all for the torrid harsh tanning. It helped him to focus away from his lack of his Master’s cock in his ass. Tim and Cody were right with him as he stood, craned his head around and their let his fingertips survey the thick throbbing welts, Good job, he said quietly, Is it enough? Jack then asked Kasey.

Another test? Well, of sorts; but only because Ben sometimes wanted more after a similar session with Master that he had enjoyed many times in the past. So was it? Kasey was amazed that he had to actually ask himself if indeed it was enough. Weeks ago it would have been more than enough. Weeks ago he would think himself insane and stupid for not thinking it was enough. How could it not be enough?

Over the knee a little, please, from you Tim? the words just tumbled out from Kasey’s lips. He did not mean to exclude Cody only that for him Tim held this special intrigue, even a special relationship between the pair of recent origin and besides, Cody loved it. He wanted to see this drama very much if it really happened.

Tim looked at his Master who nodded his assent and then Tim surprised even Master Jack by taking Kasey by his ear, mind you, This way bad boy, Tim growled for fun and took Kasey’s ear with Kasey following to a near-by chair, sat and pulled Kasey across his lap.

Kasey responded like a champ, put himself into proper spanking posture and waited. Tim’s cock was about to explode with a spontaneously rapture both at the thought that he was about to palm spank Kasey’s delicious looking stropped-welted bottom cheeks much less that there would be hell to pay for having done it at the end of the session.

Cody sidled up to his Master’s side and hissed with empathy as Tim spanked Kasey and spanked his already raw buttocks to even a further raw crisp. Kasey did get overwhelmed to a point, his hands flying back. Tim skillfully caught Kasey’s wrists and held them to Kasey’s lower back, You’re going to pay for that one brother, and to Kasey’s credit, his hips pushed up his throbbingly aching buttocks yet higher to face the music.

Tim grimaced now. His palm was smarting! His new brother was more resilient than expected. Tim stopped and looked at his Master who smiled, Good boy. Now, two fingers up his bum Tim. Hard and not nicely! Jack ordered.

It was not as if Kasey had no ass play at all for the past days and few weeks of time. Dildos and digits galore. It was not considered loss of virginity in any way. Only the human penis could accomplish that, Master’s of course.

Kasey howled as the burning path seared inside of his rectum. If only this were Master’s cock and yet he loved that his brother was on the other end of the rude, painful entrance. Dildos simulated the actual human penis quite well, but even he knew it would not be the same as when finally Master Jack’s erection burned a path to inside of him, effectively branding him as Master’s forever after in Kasey’s mind.

Kasey grimaced and groaned and even tried to get away from the rapid digital fucking, it hurt! And he sort of succeeded in sliding off from Tim’s knee. Tim glanced at Jack who motioned Tim to continue so Tim did.

Get in there with Tim, Cody. Punish that boy’s rectum with your fingers. Two as well, both of you! Kasey, you will take your punishment! Master ordered as he flogged his erection watching this more than satisfying sexual display of slave boy talents.

Then the thought occurred as Tim and Cody somehow had Kasey on his back on the floor now, ass high up in the air with legs widely splayed looking like a wanton slut. Jack moved to over Kasey’s head and chest and then said, Open. You’re sucking my cock boy, Jack said and then lowering himself, Kasey had no further memory of anything regarding getting fucked from behind as his Master’s cock was now fucking his mouth and throat and not nicely either.

Kasey was the focus of present attentions from both ends. Two pair of slave boy fingers taking turns rapidly down fucking into his high upturned hole and Master’s cock filling his slave boy cock holster from the other. Kasey’s eyes were tearing, his gagging music to all ears. His drools making Cody at least want to lean down and lap it all up into his own greedy mouth.

Both Tim and Cody were jealous of their mouths not being filled by Master’s big hard veiny erection and large purplish red pre-cum slathered head. Jack was cursing himself for having planned Kasey’s deflowering as he had, but kept his temper and decisions pristine on the matter, Enough. Stop everything and help Kasey up, Jack finally pulled his cock out of Kasey’s mouth and stood back.

Whoa, Tim, Kasey winced as he looked at and tenderly felt the results of his brother’s torrid hand spanking, Kasey, get a strop. Tim, Cody, bend across the table. Kasey you WILL wear their hind ends out with the strop and then you will hand spank both of them until your palms are red. Get to work! Master Jack ordered and his ears pleasured by three crisp, Yes Master!

It’s harder work than one thinks stropping one boy ass, much less two. A strop is really a physically awkward and clumsy inept device not given to easy use for punishment because it’s not supposed to be used for that. It is supposed to just sharpen up a straight razor edge.

But Kasey made do thank you very much and enjoyed it as well. Enjoyed it a lot. Jack could see the pleasing grin and fire in Kasey’s eyes as he tanned the two upturned boy bottoms. For their part, Tim and Cody just held on for dear life, but in doing so looked at each other’s red, tear stained faces and managed small smiles even before Kasey wiped those off into harsh grimaces of hissing pain.

Kasey even had changed hands and shoulders in the middle, so now they both ached, Enough, Kasey. Move on, Master advised and Kasey sighed and nodded, Get up brothers. I’m going to tandem spank you both over my knees, making Tim, Cody and his Master smile.

Jack was now fantasizing about sequestering himself alone with Kasey and letting Kasey work his ass over, so manly and fierce Kasey was. Ben could do the same, but it would not be the same. Ben was a bit dry and workmanlike. Kasey looked at little crazy doing it to Tim and Cody and Jack liked his dogged attitude. He liked that his newest boy set Tim and Cody to squirming and yelping, kicking and even some muddled swearing as Kasey’s palms mastered their strop-tenderized hind ends quite easily.

OK. Stop. Good boys all of you! Help them up, Kasey, Master Jack praised his boys. Tim and Cody stood craning necks and grinning at the results of Kasey’s efforts, Timmy? You’re with me, Master said and indicated it was time to fuck.

Tim grinned as he bent over hip-to-hip next to his Master, Jack indicating who was to fuck whom. Cody’s eyes widened as his Master bid him to fuck and pleasure his Master in doing so. Tim was ecstatic that he was going to be used by Kasey, the brother who had just tanned his needy hide. Better yet, Jack engaged Tim in a tongue-filled kiss as they were mounted from behind.

Kasey and Cody were further instructed to flog their fists on Tim’s and Master’s cocks, double work for them. Double pleasure for Master Jack and slave boy Tim. The sexual releases were intense and complete for all concerned, but Jack had one other chore to be done. He wanted Kasey drained one more time to take the boy’s mind off of his virginal condition.

Tim, Cody, one of you suck off Kasey, the other kiss and mouth munch, however you like and then you will all come upstairs and join me in my shower, Jack ordered and then left the room, Go ahead Cody, if you like, Tim said know that Cody would want to suck off Kasey.

Cody grinned and kneeled as Tim sidled up next to Kasey who smiled and pressed his lips to Tim’s. Cody even snaked his finger around Kasey’s hip to his ass and then into Kasey’s butt crack and started to push one finger inside of Kasey, Two, Cody, please, Kasey interrupted the kiss and then went right back to it.

It took a while, but good sex is never hurried. Kasey grimaced as being forced to come the second time hurt a little, but in a good way and it especially helped that Cody was double finger-fucking him. That helped a lot.

The shower shortly later in Master’s huge modern cubicle was nearly another orgy. It may have been until they were interrupted. Ben had rushed into the room and though he hated to say anything walked up to the cubicle where there was laughing and giggling, opened the door and said, Master, an emergency. Please, I must speak with you right now!

* * * * *

The emergent news that Ben had for me was indeed bad news, but not fatal as my attorney, Michael Davis, explained to me about ten minutes later. I had bodily left all of my boys save Ben behind to finish up in the shower as I asked as Ben got him on the tele-communicator in my office.

I had sent Ben out to do business chores for me that day. In the course of his travels about town Ben ended up at a government office that has to do with the slave trade business in order to renew a license that I needed to continue my ownerships.

It was a mundane chore, sort of like renewing one’s driver’s license or some other boorish subject. I had always had Ben renew this one in person for me to make doubly sure that it was done in person and on time. He did so as usual, but as he was leaving the building to return home he spied an old nemesis of mine.

He was a fellow slave owner, Henry McManus, the same one that bucked heads with me concerning Kasey’s contract. We had run into him during Kasey Oliver’s first excursion out with me and the boys at Abdullah Mohammed’s compound after I purchased Kasey’s contract at the judicial center (Chapter 4).

I quickly recalled to Michael what had happened. McManus was making a big stink that because of the judicial nature of Kasey’s forced indentured service because of his father’s legal maneuverings that Kasey’s slave contract should have gone through a bidding process open to all owners instead of Abdullah having purchased his contract from the judicial center and then sold Kasey to me.

As we, Abdullah and myself, had noted at the time of the argument with McManus, slave law was a bit loose concerning the subject and virtually nobody ever invoked the loop-holed law. I made sure to remind Michael that I paid McManus a cool fifty grand to mind his own business and then consummated Kasey’s contract electronically on the spot. Case tightly closed, right?

Apparently not so tight. Ben saw and recognized McManus huddling with two other gentlemen at the government building which essentially is our local center for legal dealings with both the national and international slave trade and ownership business. Ben wisely decided to hide himself around the corner of the three men who were talking animatedly with each other.

Ben then overheard the subject of the men’s somewhat apparently heated conversation, that it concerned Kasey. What alarmed Ben was that it seemed to be some kind of attempt to challenge my ownership of Kasey. That Abdullah had no right to have acquired the contract in the first place and that Kasey should have gone to auction.

While it is true that I could have out-bid most or all individuals in such a contest had it taken place before Kasey was released to me at the center, that was when Kasey was not considered to be a grade-A top shelf male-male sexual object as he would most certainly now be. This would be given his unusual history as a former heterosexual rich kid, whose father had gone through a very high-profile criminal court case.

Ben overheard the three men basically plotting that if they could get a judge to nullify my contract and get Kasey’s contract into a bidding process that they would combine monies to wrest him away from me and my family. The numbers being talked about among the three were some-something millions. Especially valued slaves can go for seven figures and Kasey might be worth that much to men like these much less to others should he come up for international auction instead of merely national.

Whereas I had millions to spend on Kasey should it come to that, such auctions can get out of hand. I am very wealthy, but not of the super-rich elite such as a Middle East oil sheik(s) who could get involved and run me out of the process.

Such was my rapid conversation with Michael, who like all attorneys do, ran me through the worst case scenario first, basically entirely losing Kasey in a crazy bidding war entirely to a rich oil sheik scumbag. Said scumbag would then find ways to legally abuse Kasey here in the states or worse, have him sold to some maniacal anti-white slave owner in some backwater ten-buck-two oil rich country on the other side of the world who would likely take his life after months of torture. Such things are legal over there and do happen.

Then Michael told me that such a dark scenario was not likely, but that he would take precautions and hire a private investigator to look further into McManus and his cronies to try and find illegal activities which would instantly nullify any claims that he might have and then after the shooting match was done, lock up my ownership of Kasey now and forever type of thing.

Government agents might be knocking on your door in a few days, Jack, if they carry it through and the powers that be issue an injunction to arrest Kasey and keep him in neutral custody at the judicial center. The very thought made my hackles rise and blood run cold. I thanked Michael and then quickly called Abdullah Mohammed, my good friend and slave trader to alert him.

This is not good my friend, but neither is it impossible. I will see what I can find out from my end. Have Ben keep in close touch with my alpha, Abaan, and we will go to the pyramids and back for you, Jack. No worries, right? he said.

No worries, I repeated back to Abdullah dead-pan which was, of course, bullshit on my part. I was very worried, but I thanked him nonetheless, ended the communication and then swiveling my chair about looked at Ben. Ben nearly never shows any emotion with such drama which is why I love having him around me at such times.

But even my Ben’s face was a tidy combination of worry, fear and anger. He loved Kasey, all my boys did of course, Go get everyone, Ben and meet me in the family room, as it was bright, cheerful and a place of gathering and family comfort, Yes Master. Everything is going to be all right, isn’t it? and that was the first time ever that I heard my alpha seem small and uncertain about something. I could empathize.

When you gather your family into a familiar space of happiness and comfort and then almost sternly tell them that in no uncertain terms that everyone is to remain calm and controlled, well, nobody stays that way for long. Tension in the room built rapidly and especially when I took Kasey aside and had him straddle my lap as I sat on the couch eye-to-eye with my good boy.

Tim, Cody and Ben were told to gather cross-legged at my feet and did and then I outlined my knowledge of the dire situation. I detailed to Kasey and boys the concern and the danger. I told them of Michael’s participation and plan and of Abdullah’s promise to try and trip up the evil doers’ plan to try and wrest Kasey from us.

Predictably, Cody finally lost it and stood up trembling with emotional indignation, his fists pounding at his hips, No! No Master! They can’t take our brother from us! tears falling from his eyes and down to his blushed cheeks.

To his credit, Kasey jumped up from my lap and quickly embraced his brother, tightly, Cody! No! Master will never let that happen. I will be OK, I promise! whereupon Tim stood and calm made the rocking hug a threesome, but I could see the strain of worry on even Tim’s usually stand-offish countenance.

I had Ben take Tim and Cody from the room then and then put Kasey back into my lap to talk to him one-on-one. He instantly clung to me and now he was trembling, They can’t can they, Master? his voice cracked at the end and then the boy started to sob into my shoulder.

I decided that Michael’s conservative legalistic approach to all of this was not suitable for my answer to his rightful question. I didn’t want to be cautious. I wanted what Cody and everyone else wanted, for this to be done and over in my favor. I wanted to keep my boy and my boy wanted that as well!

I will not let them take you from me Kasey, but you do have to understand that you may have to be separated from us for a short while and placed into in the state’s custody at the center. It’s common procedure when there is a dispute, OK? I instructed him. Kasey sniffed back some snot and tears, yesmaster, his voice low and unconvinced. I didn’t blame him.

The pall of the drama hit us all quite badly. We walked about our home for the next 24 hours as if waiting for a funeral and quite bereft of any desire for food, much less sex. Then when on the early morning of the very next day law enforcement officials from the government and judicial buildings showed up with a warrant for Kasey’s arrest (not technically a criminal thing, just a writ of dispute requiring sequestration of the property in question, in this case Kasey) causing more drama.

The officials agreed to patiently wait on the front steps of our home as I called my attorney, Michael. Michael rushed over to my home and examined the warrant papers, pronounced them legal and sound and then instructed me that I had to comply with the judicial order and let them take my Kasey away from us until the matter was settled one way or the other.

I was about to let them when a huge black sedan suddenly raced onto my property driveway and pulled up to just in back of the government and center’s vehicles and out of his limo raced my friend and slave trader Abdullah Mohammed with his Alpha boy, Abaan, by his side, Wait, wait please! I wish to petition on behalf of my client, Mr. Roman, that I be allowed under ... and then he turned to Abaan who elucidated, statute 97, A, subsection (b), that a licensed trader may house a property on behalf of the state’s interests so long as the owner agrees to terms.

Yes, yes, that’s it. I wish to ask to house young Kasey here until the matter is solved, thus relieving you kind gentleman of responsibility, Abdullah gave the men his sweetest smile. I would usually roll my eyes at Abdullah’s cheesy manipulations but in this case, I was grateful.

The officials huddled and then turned back to us, Mr. Roman must obey proper law on the matter. He will not be allowed contact with the boy under your care Mr. Mohammed just as he would not at the center. If all are agreed, then we have no objection.

I noticed a huge drop-off in my boys’ tensions, especially Kasey’s. At least he was familiar with the man as was I. As my attorney made inquiries of the officials when the tribunal would take place, Kasey’s brothers and I escorted him to Abdullah’s vehicle.

Even Ben was teary as he hugged his brother good-bye. Tim as well. Cody was openly crying. Kasey was trying to be brave. I got the last hug and he hugged me to tightly I thought he might break a rib, I’m very scared, Master, he whispered to me, I know. Stay strong for me boy, do you understand? I decided to present a calm, strong front, Yes my master, he said. I kissed Kasey’s temple and then released him to enter the vehicle.

Michael was able to get a short turn-around time on the matter, forty-eight hours which is a better than the usual three to five business days. Still, it would be the longest forty-eight hours of our lives.

I could tell how attached we all were to Kasey by the emptiness of the house after we all walked back inside. I would have taken us all to the docks and out to Isla Artista to try and get away from the tension, but I didn’t want to risk missing anything that might happen besides I was sure the tension would simply follow us and leave a bad taste for the place into the future.

* * * * *

So what could possibly happen in merely forty-eight hours to make any of this situation for Master Roman and his slave boy Kasey Oliver horribly worse? It turns out more than one might think and especially when Abdullah Mohammed’s supposed trusted Alpha slave boy, Abaan, was not nearly as trustworthy as his five long trouble free years with his owner Abdullah Mohammed should indicate.

It did not help or at least opportunity for mischief started when on the evening that Kasey was sequestered under house arrest at Abdullah’s compound, that Abdullah himself had to leave his compound on an expected business journey that was to last most of the forty-eight hours of Kasey’s stay. He left Kasey’s care to Abaan, no worries right? Abaan is trustworthy for the job, right? No, wrong.

The aftermath would later show that there had been no sign of anything untoward having ever occurred over Abaan’s five years with Master Abdullah as head of his Master’s large male harem to suggest or explain the crime that the older slave boy then perpetrated, then again Abdullah, though a very cautious and detail oriented business man had the wool pulled over his eyes by the boy he was closest too. Good sex can do that you know, lead to deceit in rare cases.

Had it not been for Abaan’s second in command, a boy two years Abaan’s junior named Josiah, the event may have been chalked up to one slave boy’s word against another and the unprovoked assault on Kasey while in Abaan’s custody just a fight between two boys who disagreed over something of no importance to Masters and administrators.

But it was deeper than that. It would turn out that Abaan had been illegally hired by Henry McManus even without the knowledge of his fellow suitors as a mole in many unsavory activities. Abaan had access to nearly the entirety of his Master’s vast business empire and if done discreetly, Abaan could advantage McManus and his small consortium.

Josiah would later testify before the tribunal what he had overheard Abaan plot with one of McManus’ agents that which was supposed to disadvantage Kasey as well as Master Roman at the tribunal. That the boy was violent and attacked Abaan. That therefore Kasey was unfit to be allowed to return to Master Roman who had obviously mishandled the boy’s behavior and not only be remanded back to Abdullah who would then likely sell Kasey at a vast discount to McManus, but that Roman had forfeited any claim on Kasey now and forever.

Abaan, greedy in unwise ways had paid for Josiah’s silence in several prior matters and thought nothing of engaging him in their Master’s absence, Do not worry Josiah. This one is worth a ransom. I will pay you triple, and this appealed to Josiah, at least on the surface. What was Kasey Oliver to him, anyway, right?

In the early AM hours after Kasey’s first night Abaan and Josiah entered Kasey’s room and quickly tied him by his wrists and ankles also stuffing a rag into his mouth to suppress screams. The marks that were to be left were to appear to indicate a fist fight about Kasey’s face and chest without breaking bones or doing any real damage.

There was to be no sexual assault as that implied some kind of rough consensual sex or attempted violent rape and not merely a slave boy out of control. Kasey was terrified beyond his imagination as Josiah held him steady and Abaan landed fist after fist about Kasey’s head, chest and arms leaving large bruises.

Then as Kasey wept on his side helpless and afraid, he watched horrified and confused as Abaan then bid Josiah to pummel Abaan nearly twice as bad and right in front of him! What was going on? What did these brutal acts mean? Kasey did not know that it was a plot to blame him for the assault on Abaan.

All Kasey knew was that he was alone and desperate to be with his Master and not here being brutalized and then having to witness the strangest attack of one boy bidding another to beat him. That is when Abaan made his fatal error and tried to cheat Josiah of his pay for the deed because Josiah had maybe gone a bit too far? But who knows the mind of a fiend?

Josiah at any rate saw the handwriting on the wall and sensed that he had been unwise to trust Abaan against their Master’s wishes. That is when behind Abaan’s back, Josiah called their Master during his absence and confessed all that he knew of Abaan’s illegal activities and confessed his own participation in the assault that early AM on Kasey Oliver.

Abdullah wanted to fly into a rage at Josiah over the phone but did not. Instead, he coolly told his second in command to keep all to himself and that later he would be severely punished, but then rewarded and even told Josiah that he would be the Master’s new Alpha boy if all he had told his Master about Abaan’s nefarious deeds were true. Abaan would not only be severely punished, but sold to the tortures and deadly fate of any slave boy who was sold to the heartless demonic dark-skinned slave owners in the Middle East.

* * * * *

When a slave boy up and crawls into your heart, even as the owner of said boy, there is this sense that though you are legally his owner and he is your property, that the relationship expands in ever widening concentric circles so that eventually the center appears small and then goes unnoticed.

Such it had been with my boys, Ben, Tim and Cody. The circles of my relationship with each of them had enveloped me and my boys with me slowly over time. Not with Kasey. If the evening of that early morning that we four had watched my boy, their brother, be driven away under the custody of Abdullah Mohammed had proven anything it was that those circles had wrapped their tight grips about each of our hearts in record time.

The house was a mausoleum or felt like one. We went to bed knowing that likely we would have to endure the entire next day and into another before we could finally get to the damned tribunal and even then had no guarantee that we would win the day. No sleep was to be had. I had gathered us into our family room to lay about like slugs. Maudlin, depressed, distracted were only a few of the words to describe our moods.

Ben was especially moody, Tim as well. I was both glad and sad for them both. I expected Cody to act out more and he did. At one point he picked up a (thankfully) worthless drinking glass and hurled it as hard as he could against a wall in the kitchen shattering it into a million pieces and then burst out crying on the spot.

Ben rushed over to him as Tim watched and hugged Cody who bawled like a baby in Ben’s arms, tears of empathy streaming down his face. I heard the violent commotion from near-by and rushed in only to witness the end of it as Ben and Tim helped Cody to clean up the mess. We were all a mess.

I shall never forget the time on my bedside stand clock when my phone rang, all of my boys in my bedroom. Tim and Cody with me in bed. Ben more comfortable but still very near-by trying to sit up in a recliner and sleep, a fruitless effort save for short useless naps.

At precisely 05:33AM the phone’s loud chime about made me throw it across the room, What the hell? I cursed and picked it up. The voice on the other side,

Say nothing Jack. It’s Abdullah. Sorry to wake you, but you must make haste and take you and your boys over to my compound. A crime has been committed. Your boy is the victim, my boy the criminal. Kasey is hurt, but OK. Move quickly. Officials have been alerted as has been the police. I am in transit and will be there in a few hours, and then the phone went dead.

It took me a moment to realize what I had just heard, Get up! Kasey needs us! I shouted and you would think that a nuclear bomb was ticking down to zero hour near-by. Nobody said a thing, just hustled as if that bomb was about to go off right there in the house.

Master, what’s going on? Ben finally asked as I was driving our fastest sedan across town risking a traffic ticket for speeding, Tim and Cody wide-eyed in the back seat, No time, I said not wishing to take my eye off of the road and too angry to talk.

As we approached Abdullah’s compound we saw the flashing red, blue and white lights of multiple government, local law enforcement and an ambulance inside of Abdullah’s compound. I did not stop my some fifty mile an hour speed until I had to and came to a skidding halt right beside the cluster of official vehicles.

I and the boys burst out of the car and caught the attention of the gathered officials and emergency personnel, Ah, you must be Mr. Roman, come this way. Your boy is OK, but he is badly shaken. He has been asking for you for quite a while, and I nodded as tears started to gather in my eyes as I followed the concerned man into the house and there was my boy on the other end of the entryway’s longish corridor being attended to by three EMTs.

MASTER! Kasey burst up from his kneeling position on the floor in the middle of the three medics and flew across the gap towards me. Kasey is nearly my height and I am a very strong man, but the momentum he carried as he wrapped himself around me off of the floor nearly knocked me into next Tuesday.

I tried to stand my ground as my boy burst out bawling burying his head in the crook between head and neck. Thankfully Ben, Cody and Tim backed me up from behind into a large emotional group hug before I finally had to set the boy onto his feet so that I could inspect him, It’s nothing Master but I was so afraid and didn’t understand why they attacked me! he said.

I listened to him as I didn’t count a shiner and other facial blemishes as well as multiple purplish bruises about his neck and chest as nothing. Still, he was less harmed than I had feared at least on the outside,

Who did this? Cody asked as I had explained nothing. I was about to explain when one of the Judicial Center’s officials intruded, Mr. Roman. Mr. Mohammed is on the phone and wishes a word, and I nodded, Don’t let him further than two inches from ANY of you! I needlessly threatened my brood not that they would have.

What the fuck Abdullah!? I said very tersely into the phone receiver before he could say anything, Indeed Jack. I will not offer useless whimpish apologies. Abaan it turns out has been deceiving me for months behind my back. The gain for you my aggrieved friend is that he was in league with Henry McManus and his cronies who I just found out have been illegally selling flesh to avoid tariffs. His claims upon your ownership of Kasey are forfeit my friend. I am guilty of ignorance and will repay you. How is Kasey? he finished and I had calmed.

Kasey is shaken, but OK, thank God. I am sorry about your boy, Abdullah, I offered, Thank you Jack. You are welcome to stay until I return, about two hours. Use anything. Eat and drink. Have a party with alcohol if you wish including your boys if you like. When I return, there is hell to pay. Josiah was involved but saved the day for all of us. I am going to give him a whipping he will never forget, but retain him as my next Alpha, but that is for later, and I sighed, Very well my friend. I shall stay. See you soon, and that was that.

Very soon thereafter law enforcement removed Abaan in full custody manacles in front of us all. He looked like he already knew of his eventual fate, death at the hands of the unsavory slave trader lords of the hot desert lands on the other side of the planet.

Officials also took Josiah into custody, but only to the center for further questioning. Other of Abdullah’s less officious boys took over and were gracious to both myself and my boys as we could finally relax and celebrate our or rather Kasey’s hard fought victory over deceit and conspiracy.

When I found their gloriously naked bodies in Abdullah’s large outdoors swimming pool soon thereafter, I divested my clothing and jumped into their midst. I was instantly inundated with boy flesh on all sides, Kasey placed at the front, grinning at first and then he looked at me and became emotional again but did not beg or ask, just with his eyes,

Don’t worry my good boy. You are going home with your family later today and not even God can stop that now, and then he smiled again and crushed himself into my hug as Tim, Ben and Cody wrapped into us very tightly again. We kissed lips to lips each other and then more chaste than sexual and the odd thing was that none of us sported erections, not entirely surprising then anyway.

Shortly after I sat in Abdullah’s outrageously appointed giant kitchen and read my smartphone’s messages as Ben, Kasey, Tim and Cody prepared us all a meal. My boys laughed and horse-played, Tim, Kasey and Cody anyway as Ben mostly just looked on with big brotherly pride.

The boys would bring me over tidbits to sample and upon my approval Ben and Kasey put the meal together and then we dined outdoors with it all. A nap overcame me resistance of it until Abdullah finally flew into our midst, his face a picture of humility and apology now,

Let me see this angel of yours! as we gathered around and Abdullah indulged each boy in a big hug and kiss, Kasey at the last. Abdullah’s discerning hands searched all of Kasey’s naked body and especially of his wounds,

Well, in my day we boys pummeled each other just to see how far we could provoke each other until our parents beat us all. You look like many of my days back then young Kasey. Still, I wish to apologize to you for Abaan’s criminal behavior towards you, a rare thing for any Master much less one of Abdullah’s stature to say to a mere slave boy.

Kasey wisely, if naturally now, blushed and meekly replied, Thank you Master Abdullah, keeping it simple, Jack, a word? he asked of me and we sequestered out of slave boy ear shot, Jack, I seem to recall that you may have not fucked Kasey’s virginity as yet. You were waiting for a special time, perhaps? and I filled Abdullah in on the details, That is genius my friend. I’ve a proposal, and then he told it to me and I liked it,

Let’s make it happen very soon Abdullah as I am sickly tired of waiting, I confessed, I’ll pull some strings. Abaan’s trial is tomorrow, quick and fast. How about the day after that perhaps? he offered and I nodded, Yes and not one minute more, I replied grateful nonetheless for his machinations this go around.

I left my host’s presence and rounded up my boys, all FOUR of them this time. I had Ben drive and Tim ride shot gun with Ben. I sat in back between my Kasey-boy and my Cody-boy. Our cocks had been out of the picture under duress for hours now, too many hours and now were rebounding.

I sensed the beginning of an hours long orgy between us all when we got home and by golly, I was going to place no limits save that still one very annoying one concerning Kasey of course, but felt that it was worth the wait given the plans afoot.

As I allowed Cody on one side and Kasey on the other side of me to horse-play a little across my body, the vibe spread to the front seat. Uncharacteristically, Ben started to taunt Tim by reaching over and tweaking on Tim’s nipple as Ben drove. Then when Tim reached back across the gap to tweak back, Ben slapped Tim’s hand away,

Not allowed buddy boy, I’m driving. You should be spanked! Ben smirked, Yea and so should you be spanked on your big butt, Tim answered with an annoyed snarl.

Then Kasey did something which made my cock ache with need. Having heard the exchange from the front seat, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, I need to be spanked too Master. Over your knee, nice and hard like a bad boy, and then sat back down looking so pleased with himself.

I looked down. Was it my vision or was my good boy’s penis which was already quite hard appearing, even harder still after his hot little tease? Was that little droplet of pre-cum from that or just pent liquid sexual energy finally let loose after hours of suppressed feelings?

Just then the boys in the front seat got a little too boisterous once again. Ben was not prone to such behavior and certainly not while driving but I determined to give him a lot of rope because of circumstances. Even rope has limits, however, That’s enough up there. You both are going to be spanked when we get home, I said, Yes master! they both replied even cheerily. My secret plan was to have Kasey and Cody do the honors, but I was still jacked up over Kasey’s secret confession to me.

Oddly enough Kasey getting roughed up at Abdullah’s made me feel reluctant to get very physical with him at the moment. Despite my very physical sexual kinks, I am not by nature a violent man. I don’t go around using other humans as punching bags. The thought of Abaan fist-punching my boy made me angry and a little queasy as well; but that is not what Kasey’s request was all about and I knew it.

I also knew that he seemed over it better than me. I admired my good boy for that and on that account alone he deserved a reward, a good reward. I already had my arms slung about Cody and Kasey. I leaned over and kissed the top of Cody’s disheveled mop of unruly hair, I love you my Cody boy, I whispered in his ear.

Cody blushed and turned his head, I love you Master! he replied. Then I turned my head and did the same with Kasey who also blushed, just not as much as Cody, I love you my Master, he said, his face mirroring a serious look that I don’t think I’d seen on his face before, I am a lucky slave boy to be owned by you Master, he said with even more emotion.

I did not say it aloud, but my next thought was No boy, I am the lucky man to have found you in my life. I reached down to either side and found two erect penises and pleasured myself and them by drawing my fists slowly up and down on their stiff shafts.

I was rewarded on Cody’s side by a loud sighing closed-eyes moan and on my left by a gaped mouth, lip biting moan and then Kasey up-thrusted his hips in a most pleasing lewd manner. I couldn’t prevent myself from leaning over and slurping up Kasey’s erection into my mouth and suckling it, Master! he gasped and as he did I knew why as a rather large gift of pre-cum shot into my mouth.

Pleased with myself, I sat back up and just looked at him. He looked back, his forehead wrinkled up with obvious need, You just wait until we get home young man. You are going to be used for pleasuring including your own, I smiled, Oh yes Master! and then looked to my other side, You too young buck, and Cody grinned, Yes Master!

What about us up here? Tim craned his neck around pretending to look perturbed. I reached forward and gave Tim’s young face a firm slap and then pointed to him, Punishment for you two bad boys, I smirked and then Kasey covered his mouth from too much of a loud laugh as Ben and Tim high-fived each other for having successfully provoked me. Slave boys will be slave boys after all!

It was by now early afternoon, the energy in my home completely different now as we entered the foyer, Let’s see where were we? I asked my boys mostly rhetorically, In the shower last night having fun, before you know what happened, came the dead-pan answer from Tim.

This is the same Tim who never actually admits to having fun all that often. I nodded, First, Kasey. You are going to spank Ben. Cody, you are going to spank Tim. Wear your hands out on their butts, my good boys. To the bedroom! I motioned and then quickly swatted all four fannies one after the other down towards the hallway.

I heard nothing but joyous taunts and laughter as they all trotted off. I took my time, closing my eyes and thanking my lucky stars for how everything had turned out and the proceeded. By the time I reached my bedroom Kasey and Cody were sitting at my bedside doing what often happens when boys are bid to spank other boys in my home.

Deep thorough inspections of the two upraised bared buttocks of Ben and Tim over Kasey and Cody’s knees, Get those mouths down there boys. Pleasure those boy holes and then spank them, I said pulling up one of my room chairs to set, watch and pleasure my hard cock.

This was more like what I had envisioned for this day compared to the last. Loud slurpings. Gigglings. Moanings. Writhing and finally, the joyous sounds of palms spanking and slapping bare boy flesh, buttock flesh and rapidly too. Cody’s face was grinning fiercely as he spanked Tim’s bottom. Kasey was very intense as his palm danced across back and forth spanking Ben’s highly placed buttocks.

Both Ben and Tim were up on their elbows and because Kasey and Cody had put their knees towards the middle, Ben and Tim were kissing, passionately while they could before stinging pain overwhelmed and distracted and they had to pay attention as their brothers lit them up each to a bright cherry red behind.

When I said to wear out palms, Kasey and Cody did just that. Even Ben’s face mirrored the punishing slaps as well as Tim’s, Enough, I said to my boys, I want you boys in my shower. I want those spanked butts ass-fucked, hard, I said next. All four boys moved like swift felines towards their goal, the looks in each boy’s eye of determination to obey.

I finally got my lazy ass up from my chair and dropping off clothing as I walked entered my large glass lined steamy shower cubicle. Already, Ben’s and Tim’s hands were up on the far wall, their spanked behinds sticking far out. Kasey and Cody were presently on their knees doing what any good boy should do prior to ass fucking and that is ass eating, That’s it. Get those tongues deep and busy, I said as I luxuriated under my own shower head stream of running hot water.

Now it was the loud moanings and slurpings, the sounds nearly all drown out by the profuse multiple shower heads streaming out hot steamy water. Then in tandem Kasey and Cody stood, lined up their stiff phalluses and stabbed into the center of their targets. Then hands on shoulders, Kasey and Cody pounded and slammed.

Oh how I wanted to get back of Kasey just then and enter him for a three-way tandem boy fuck, but I knew I would soon and felt patient. Instead I got back of Cody and entered him as he fucked Tim. I reached over and spanked Kasey’s ass hard as he fucked Ben, You’re getting an especially good spanking soon my good boy, I leered at him. Kasey actually leered back at me,

A hard tanning, Master? he asked, Yes, a very hard tanning my good boy, and he grinned and then slapped his hands hard onto Ben’s hips, Harder Kasey. Pound me harder! Ben urged him on, Slam me more, Cody! Tim urged Cody as I continued to thrust in and out of Cody’s ass end.

Make sure you come into mouths, not asses boys, I reminded Kasey and Cody so that when the time came, that is exactly what they did. I pulled out of Cody. Cody and Kasey pulled out of Tim and Ben both of whom fell to their knees and then Cody and Kasey shoved their hard poles down the boys’ mouths and then raptured filling my ears with their glorious shouts, Suck me off Kasey, I growled after Ben finished him off and Kasey was on his knees a moment later at my feet and doing his job on me and exceedingly well at that.

Leave us for now boys, indicating Ben, Tim and Cody as I wanted Kasey alone in my bedroom after we had excited the shower and dried off, but not without a great deal of fun horse-play snapping towels at each other’s naughty bits and butts. Ben and the boys left, closing the door behind.

Kasey was right there nose-to-nose with me. There was this moment of still and silence and then he spoke, trembling a little actually, I never felt so alone, Master. I did not feel hopeless. Just very scared. Then when Abaan and Josiah ..., and then his voice caught and as tears started to roll down his cheeks, Kasey started to crumble.

I brought my good boy into a hard, even painful hug, Just let it out, boy, I said gently and he did, but not for long. He wrapped his longish arms about my neck, I knew you would come and save me and you did, his voice almost bitter and I thought I knew why as well, Can a slave boy think of his Master as a hero, Master? his voice cracked, Yes Kasey. Of course, I reassured him allowing myself the rare opportunity to bask in his adoration.

All I wanted was to be with my brothers and with you again. I wanted to be pleasured with spanking and sucking cock. Eating ass, yours Master. Getting spanked over your knee and obeying your lusts on my body. I tried to envision myself finally getting my Master’s cock up my ass. What it will feel like and all of that got me through hours of isolation and fear, and then he heaved a great sigh.

Up to that point, my hands were gently caressing his face. Then he reached up and more like a lover volunteering his body rather than a slave boy who had no such right of choice, grasped my wrists and brought them down and around to his ass. He cuddled his lips up to my ear, A hard spanking, Master? Please? he asked humbly.

I kneaded and squeezed his hot, sexy bubble cheeks. I fingered his anus and not gently. He moaned and tightened his hug around my neck. I swatted his ass, hard, on both cheeks. I spanked him right there standing up. I felt his cock further stiffen and press into his. How was I going to spank him and then not fuck my beautiful good boy? But I would still be patient.

I wore my palm, nearly both of them out on Kasey’s ass cheeks shortly after, his arms clinging around my waist as he straddled my knee. His cock remained rock hard, quite an accomplishment for a straight boy who had learned to love to please me and himself with his Master’s sexual kink.

So if I was going to be patient and not fuck my Kasey, he was going to be made to fuck me and did. I even lay on my tummy and bid him to spank me hard and he did that too. He spanked me and ate me out and by golly, I needed to be fucked after all of that.

Kasey mounted me from behind, shoving his hard prick in to the hilt just as I demanded, That’s it boy! I gritted my teeth, Now you show me what you want me to do to you when that special time comes between us, Kasey. SHOW ME! I said almost angrily letting the emotions from the last day finally come out.

Yess ... Master! he growled a growl that I had never heard from him before and then started to pummel, slam, pound and basically turned animal in his efforts to please. Ben knows how to fuck me that way. Cody and Tim do not, but neither do I expect this of them. I do of Ben and now there’s Kasey.

Don’t come in me boy! I want your prick shoved down my throat! I said when the time was right, Now, Master! he finally shouted, pulled out and I flipped onto my back just in time for my vision of the room to be entirely ablated by the looming figure of a boy intent on pleasing his Master, me.

I gagged and coughed as he shoved his juicy prick down my throat, my fists grasping his undulating hips and brought him into me ever closer, his cock head feeling like it was reaching my anus and then hands up on the wall, Kasey screamed his rapture only it seemed more than that.

* * * * *

Being put over his Master’s knee for the spanking much less the fierce stinging pain that it caused was not only needed, but craved. Kasey knew he needed to feel pain from his Master to block not so much the physical pain from having been assaulted by Master Abdullah’s slave boys, but to entirely block out the loud memory of the fear of the separation and isolation from him.

The harder and longer Jack spanked Kasey, the closer Kasey felt to his Master. The more painful, the more focused until it was just him, an owned piece of property with its owner, just the two of them. Being asked to fuck his Master actually felt painful to Kasey. He wanted his Master’s cock in him, not the other way around, but hence the strong irony.

A slave boy is said to be happiest when he is doing his Master’s bidding no matter what it is. Fucking a Master is no different than licking his boots or doing Master’s laundry or sitting by his Master manipulating the stock markets to Master’s benefit. So Kasey did fuck his Master with all of his heart and will and when Kasey raptured into his Master’s mouth he had what seemed like a vision of sorts, maybe it was an epiphany.

It was as if beings from another realm, maybe angels, had seemed to gather around him, looking down at him. Urging him to realize that he was finally home with the one person in the universe that he called Master, but also could call Father. The son doing the father’s bidding. The paternal energy enveloping Kasey in a warm blanket as semen drained from the boy’s penis head and down into Master Jack’s grateful stomach.

After the needful act, Kasey was allowed to lay with his Master for a nap. Some sleep. It didn’t last long, neither was it needed in that way. Master Roman took Kasey by the hand after and found his other boys and they wiled away the hours of the rest of the day in each other’s company and comfort. All knew that there was but one more step in Kasey’s journey that must be completed in order to move forward and that step was now just mere hours away.

Sins of the Father-Chapter 10 – More Drama, © Copyright PJ Franklin, February 6, 2018.

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