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Rob's Summer Adventures
Part 11

by Brhmsj

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Rob’s Summer Adventures, Part 11

The boys watched TV downstairs. Around eleven they went upstairs. Dad wasn’t there, so he must have gone to his room already. He had said he was tired after his early flight back. Upstairs, Dad’s door was closed and the boys heard no sounds of radio or TV, so assumed he must be asleep now. Billy had visited enough times to know that Rob’s dad slept nude, just as they did. In fact, a couple of times the door had been partially open and Billy had caught a glimpse. He saw his own father naked sometimes, but there was something about seeing a friend’s dad naked that gave him a tingle he didn’t understand. Oh well, having Rob there, he didn’t think much about naked adults.

Since it was just Billy, they were sleeping in Rob’s bed, per usual. They used the bathroom together. After all these years, this was their normal routine. In bed, without prior discussion, they had their first session together using the techniques Jay had taught them. It was easily two hours before they were done, both feeling a glow at having given and received delicious pleasure.

Lovemaking done, neither felt ready for sleep. Holding each other, Rob quietly told Billy what Jay had said about romantic love. Billy listened closely; Jay had told him the same, but it was special hearing it again from Rob. Rob could feel him nodding in understanding more than once. When Rob finished, Billy said He may be right about us, but I do know this: no matter what I will always love you. That was quite an admission from Billy! Rob whispered, I do love you, Billy, and I always will, no matter what. That out in the open, they hugged closer, then fell asleep until late the next morning. Dad had very quietly opened the door and looked in, guessing (correctly) that the boys were still sound asleep. From the way they were lying together he had a good idea what had gone on last night. He smiled, happy for his son having this long solid friendship. Despite some of Billy’s wise-ass behavior, Dad liked him a lot and liked that he and Rob were friends.

It was late enough in the morning when Rob and Billy woke up that breakfast was long past. The boys were pretty messy after their late-night activities. Not caring if Dad saw them, they left together for the bathroom. Dad was downstairs, heard the shower going, and made sure coffee would be ready. The boys showered together, still spent from last night, so neither shot again. Feeling fresh they went back to the room, pulled on t-shirts and gym shorts, and went downstairs.

Sleep well, boys? Dad asked, with a smile. The guys glanced at each other and said yes. Good. Coffee is ready. It’s basically lunchtime, so get whatever you want. I’ll eat lunch in an hour or so.

Thanks, Dad, said Rob. Yes, thanks, echoed Billy. Dad went out to do some things in the yard.

Sometimes I think your father suspects things, said Billy.

I know, Rob answered. It can be weird sometimes. But, he never says anything, so I guess we just let it go.

Yeah. They enjoyed their coffee, then made sandwiches. While they were eating Rob’s cell phone rang. It was Jay, asking when he could come by. Rob said any time.

Jay arrived as Dad was finishing lunch. He now was comfortable enough to come to the back door. Dad let him in, asked if he’d like anything, and said he hoped Jay wouldn’t mind him finishing his lunch. Jay asked for some seltzer, told Dad to enjoy lunch, and asked where the boys were.

To be honest, I’m not sure, but they’re around here somewhere. They know you’re coming, so they’ll show up soon. In the meantime, we have time to chat. Jay enjoyed his talks with Dad, so was glad to use the wait that way. The two men shared some of their biographies, talked about their jobs, and generally got to know each other better. When the boys did show up, both adults felt good about what seemed the start of a friendship, one that would continue beyond Rob’s departure for college.

About twenty minutes later the boys showed up, having been visiting a friend of Rob’s nearby. After greetings, Jay asked Dad OK, if I take these guys?

With a smile, Dad said, for as long as you want. Keep ’em all night! Everyone laughed.

I just might, Jay said, with a broad grin. The guys looked at each other. Let’s go, guys. I heard you slept late, so likely don’t need lunch. They said yes, and left with Jay.

Jay took them directly to his apartment. If nothing else, you can stay for dinner, he said when they arrived. Rob and Billy gladly agreed. You boys can strip down if you want. I’d prefer it if you did, Jay said with a warm smile. The boys needed no encouragement, went to the bedroom, and returned naked. Jay had opened up the doors to the deck. I’ll get drinks for you. Make yourselves comfortable. The guys went out and did just that.

A few minutes later Jay, now naked himself, joined them, with glasses of seltzer on a tray. Once everyone was settled, Jay turned the conversation toward the upcoming start of college. As the afternoon went on he learned quite a bit new information about their life at prep school, and some of their hopes for college. He also enjoyed watching the boys go up and down a few times as boys that age do.

Sam and Hank found their way into the conversation, with Jay learning a lot about them including, eventually, the play time the four enjoyed together. Seeing the boys at ease with having shared this, Jay asked, has there ever been any spanking among you? Somehow I don’t think I’m the first one to spank you two.

Some slight blushing followed by admission that yes, they did spank. Now stories of two other roommates who had a spanking relationship were told. Jay found this all of great interest, putting together a picture of what had been going on for quite a few years now.

After this weekend you’ll be going to college and probably I won’t see you until the Thanksgiving break, at the soonest. Well, no matter, we can enjoy this time together. I think maintenance spankings before and after dinner as a send-off. Billy and Rob looked at each other, unsure of what to make of this. Billy had not come to share Rob’s desire to be spanked by Jay, but decided to accept this farewell.

Some more conversation, then Jay announced it was time. Let’s do it right here. No one will hear. Rob said nothing but was secretly excited about being spanked on the balcony, outside right in the city. Jay went inside for a couple of minutes, returning, now clothed, with a kitchen chair and, in plain sight, the hairbrush. Rob wasn’t happy about it, but had been there already, so could deal with it. Billy went white. Jay took in all of this as he set up.

Billy, let’s start with you, he said firmly. Billy looked at Rob somewhat questioningly but went over to Jay. Jay helped him into position. As he looked at the floor, Billy asked nervously, are you going to use that hairbrush?

Jay chuckled. Yes, before the evening is over. We’ll save it for the second round, after dinner, but it’s good for you to know it’s there. Rob can tell you all about it, but I assure you it is only another form of maintenance. With that, he gave Billy fifteen stinging, but not painful, swats. That’s enough for now. Get up. Billy did. Rob, your turn. Rob duly took his place, easily getting over Jay’s lap. He received the same, noting that this set wasn’t all that hard; he knew that meant that the brush would hurt.

Spankings done, Jay returned to the kitchen which allowed the boys a few minutes to chat. Billy was nervous about the brush. Rob did his best to tell him what to expect. In the long run, you’ll not regret it. I don’t know why, but that’s how I feel, said Rob. Billy wasn’t sure.

No sooner were they done but Jay called them to come in and get plates and silverware to set the table. When the boys got to the kitchen he had them show him their bottoms, which he looked at with approval. No sooner had they set the table but Jay emerged with dinner. He still was dressed, as he would be through dinner and the next spankings. Rob knew well that Jay always stayed dressed when it was spanking time.

Even with the hairbrush getting closer as dinner went on, they still enjoyed the meal immensely, complimenting their host on yet another great meal. Jay enjoyed cooking and always was glad of compliments. This wouldn’t change the spankings, though! Rob, again, knew this well.

Plates cleared and ready for the dishwasher, Jay announced that it was time to take care of business before dessert. Neither boy felt this would improve dessert, but knew there was no choice.

Rob, you first this time. Jay knew that it would add to Billy’s anticipation to watch his friend get the hairbrush. Rob got himself into position for the second time that night. Now fifteen good, firm, stinging smacks from the hairbrush landed on his bottom. He couldn’t help but cry out as the spanking went on. Billy had been hard when Rob went over Jay’s lap, but now he was quite soft with nerves. Faster than Billy wanted – at least for himself – Rob was done, was standing and rubbing his butt.

Jay beckoned to Billy who reluctantly took his place. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Not hard, but just hard enough. Billy yelped through most of it, making Rob feel sorry for his best buddy, even though he knew it was good for Billy – very good, in fact. Jay could sense that Billy was feeling emotional about the spanking and when it was done he had Billy shift to sitting on his lap. Forgetting Rob was there, Billy put his arms around Jay’s neck and, as he had before, gave vent to tears, Jay holding and comforting him. Rob knew, from his own experience, that this was good and was glad for his friend.

Tears done, Billy stood up, saw Rob and said, sorry man, I just lost myself I guess. Rob smiled and said that it was good he did. Jay beamed at them, pleased by this sign of maturing on both parts.

OK, boys, time for dessert. Jay proceeded to remove his clothes – he was wearing only shirt and pants, no briefs – and led them into the kitchen. Dessert came out of the refrigerator and soon was on the balcony. As they tucked into it, spankings quickly were forgotten, at least for the moment. That done, they talked for a while before clearing the plates.

Billy, how do you feel about maintenance? Jay asked.

I. . . I’m not sure yet.

Rob smiled. You’ll come to understand it, Billy. Trust me. Billy looked doubtful, but did not argue.

Let’s clear up, said Jay, then we can relax on the couch. Both boys knew what that meant and did a quick cleanup. Jay settled on the couch so that he could have a boy on each side, an arm around each. The boys snuggled up close, feeling safe and secure in the older man’s arms. They reflected on their summers and talked about the semester to come. Soon Jay could tell that two youngsters were getting tired. You don’t have to work tomorrow, so no need to take you home. I’ve already put in for the morning off.

Thanks, man, Rob said, with Billy agreeing. Rob and Billy used the bathroom together, waited for Jay to take care of his evening ablutions, then climbed into bed on each side of him. What followed was a couple of hours of three-way lovemaking unlike anything the boys had yet experienced. Jay expertly gave each attention, made himself open to their attentions, and happily watched the boys pleasured each other.

Before they went to sleep, they debated over who had shot the furthest, laughter all around.

The next morning Jay was up first. It was the smells of cooking from the kitchen that woke up the boys. They kissed for a while. We’re pretty sticky, said Billy, let’s get in the shower. Jay heard the shower running and timed things so that breakfast was ready when two naked youngsters emerged from the bedroom. Breakfast done, Jay said he needed to get ready for work, but that the boys were welcome to stay naked until it was time to leave.

Billy would be going home that afternoon, but they knew they’d see each other again soon at college. They chatted for a while, reliving some of the summer’s events. Jay returned, dressed for work and announced it was time for them to get ready to leave. In a few minutes all three were dressed, down to the car, and the ride to Rob’s.

Rob’s dad had left for work, leaving behind a note saying he’d be home for dinner. After lunch, Billy’s father arrived. The boys said good bye, eager for their reunion at college.

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