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You Will Learn

by Readbottom

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This is a purely fictional story with fictional characters. All of my characters are above the age of 18.

Go to my bottom left hand drawer and choose, Master Madloon’s voice was strong and self assured. Even though he was not the one about to receive the punishment, Prince Ciel felt all of the blood drain from his face. He looked over at his future advisor and current partner in crime.

Yes, sir, Niram answered. He stood leaving Ciel to sit alone on the leather couch.

Master Maldoon, Ciel felt his voice shake. His insides twisted in shame.

Yes, son?

Niram only wrote the report. I presented it as my own.

Enough, Maldoon cut his sentence short. You were punished for this already.

Ciel nodded remembering being bent bare bottom over his Master’s knees with his nose hovering inches above the report he claimed was his own. The same report would surely be placed under his friend’s nose during his punishment as well; just another way to humble and remind at the same time. Ciel unwillingly allowed his eyes to drift to Maldoon’s hand which held the shameful paper.

I will take Niram’s punishment, Ciel persisted.

Quit it, Niram said from behind Master’s desk. His neck was arched studying the contents of the punishment drawer. It will hurt less for me to receive the punishment rather than to watch you receive it.

Had I known it was you who wrote the report, you would have watched Ciel’s punishment, Master Maldoon assured him. Have you made your choice?

Niram nodded. He walked out from behind the desk holding the riding crop. Ciel felt his entire stomach drop. That was a harsh choice.

And how would you like me to apply that? Maldoon asked.

Bent over the arm of the couch, or over you desk, sir. Niram’s voice was steady. I deserve the cane for my actions, but there isn’t one. He wasn’t letting on any sign of fear or shame as far as Ciel could tell.

No, Maldoon answered simply. You will be bend over my knee for your punishment. Choose a different implement. Niram’s face grew pale.

Over your knee, sir? That is a punishment for a child, not a man.

You acted like a child and shall be treated as such, Maldoon answered solemnly.

Niram made no effort to move. Instead he stood totally still as if thoroughly contemplating his fate.

Bring me the hair brush, Maldoon said simply.

Niram’s face went from pale to flush. Ciel knew that the hair brush was possibly the most humiliating choice for Niram. A simple, unassuming implement most likely used by the women who owned them, not for discipline of fine young men, as Niram would put it. Judging from Master Maldoon’s expression he knew too.

Niram nodded, accepting his humiliation. He went to the drawer, put the crop back, and retrieved the brush. With slow steps he walked towards the man who was about to discipline him.

Maldoon sat in the middle of the couch and gestured to Ciel to stand. Ciel jumped up not knowing where to go. His shoulder brushed against his friends.

Calm down, Ciel, Niram said with a forced smile.

I can’t, Ciel answered with tears rising to his eyes. This is my fault.

Stop, Niram said. He pulled Ciel into a rough sort of hug.

Ciel, next to me, Maldoon gestured to his left. Ciel took a step back, then followed Maldoon’s instructions and sat next to him. Maldoon snaked his arm around Ciel’s hips and pulled him closer so their thighs were touching. He then put the report on Ciel’s lap. There, he said. Now we may begin. He looked to Niram with an expectant gaze.

Niram’s shoulders fell only a bit before he knelt before Master Maldoon with his cheeks burning red.

Sir, he began with a dry voice. I have lied to you. Please will you discipline me? He held out the brush.

Master Maldoon took a breath to deliver his usual soul crushing speech:

You are a good boy, he said to Niram. You are struggling to learn your place. I know you love Ciel, as you should. You cannot live his life for him. You cannot deceive for him and make it seem right in your mind. That is foolish, childish thinking.

Yes, sir, Niram responded.

And besides that, Maldoon continued with his voice soft and methodic. You have been getting far too prideful lately. I fear that with your pride you will stop learning. We cannot have an ignorant man advising our king in the future. You need to have a mind open to learning.

Yes, sir, Niram said with a cold voice.

Hearing Niram’s defiance made Ciel’s insides twist. Master would make sure to take away all traces of such defiance before he was through. And Ciel had to watch. He closed his eyed not wishing to see his strong friend pushed down to a place of humility.

Stand, Master Maldoon instructed. Ciel, open your eyes. Ciel obeyed.

Niram stood with his cheeks ablaze. Maldoon reached out to unbuckle his belt.

What? Niram jumped back. What are you doing? More defiance. Ciel’s head was beginning to throb. This would end in tears for sure.

You will receive a bare bottom spanking.

Niram closed his eyes. Please, not in front of Ciel, he hissed through clenched teeth.

Ceil, how were you disciplined? Maldoon asked.

On my bare bottom, Ciel whispered.

Maldoon nodded. Without further questioning he reached out once more. This time Niram didn’t object. Instead he lifted his chin and allowed his belt to be loosened and his clothes dropped to pool around his ankles exposing him completely.

Maldoon took Niram’s hand. Over you go, he said softly while gently pulling Niram’s hand to guide the unruly man over his knees.

Niram grunted when his head came down on Ciel’s lap. The report wrinkled under his face.

Master Maldoon kicked his right leg out and gracefully swooped it around Niram’s legs clamping his naughty subject in place between his strong thighs. Master shifted causing Niram to push his face even deeper into Ciel’s lap as his bare bottom was pushed higher into the air readying itself for punishment.

Ciel put his hand on his friend’s head not knowing what else he could do. He immediately regretted his attempt at comforting when Niram whimpered.

Hush, Maldoon said softly while he pulled Niram’s shirt up exposing most of his back. Maldoon took hold of Niram’s right arm and twisted it behind his back holding him securely. The only bit of freedom left was Niram’s left arm which was strewn over Ciel’s lap. Hold his hand, Ciel, Master instructed.

Ciel took a quivering breath and obeyed. Ciel knew that if he was in such a position draped helplessly over his Master’s knee with no hope of dignity or control he would be sobbing. Niram, however, remained composed.

Now, Maldoon’s voice was assured, are you ready to receive your punishment?

Yes, sir, Niram said into Ciel’s lap.

Yes, sir? Maldoon pressed.

Niram took a quivering breath. Yes, sir, please punish me.

Good boy, Master said. I will start with my hand.

Niram twisted uncomfortably at the even more undignified tool of punishment.

This session will last as long as it takes and I promise you, Niram, the first blow landed causing Niram to jump. Maldoon layed a strike with every syllable; You. Will. Cry. With each hit Niram’s body reacted with a jump.

Ciel clamped his hand tight around his friends. The indignant Niram groaned as Master’s hand punished his bare backside.

You have let me down by lying to me, Maldoon continued while laying more smacks on bare flesh. You have lied and allowed your pride to cloud your vision. More slaps echoed through the room. Is this how future leaders should act? The hitting stopped followed by silence. Well?

No, sir, Niram spoke into Ciel’s lap.

Should future leaders lie to their tutors? Maldoon persisted as he picked up the hair brush.

No, sir, Niram answered. His voice was beginning to glisten with threads of humility.

Now, with every hit I need you to say I will be honest.

Yes, sir. The first crack of the brush on bare flesh shot through the room. Ahh, Niram wheezed. I will be honest, he added. Another crack. I will be honest. His voice was beginning to show signs of cracking.

Ciel knew from experience that it wasn’t the pain which was pushing Niram over the edge; it was the pure humility and helplessness of the situation. Ciel squeezed his friends hand tighter as another blow landed.

Arg, please, Niram wheezed finally reaching his breaking point. I will be honest. Please, don’t do this. Not in front of Ciel! Master answered the punished man’s plea with another, even harder, smack. This time Niram shouted out a swear.

Excuse me? Maldoon’s voice was raised. What did you just say?

I-I’m sorry, sir, Niram was close to losing all of his resolve. I will be honest.

Such language is not for future leaders, not of my country. Silence. No response? More silence. When you are finished receiving your spanking you will be draped over the arm of the couch with soap in your mouth.

Ciel felt himself gasp. Maldoon was pulling out all of the most humiliating things he could think of in an attempt to crack Niram’s resolve. And it was working. Niram whimpered into Ciel’s lap. The report crinkled under her face. Ciel looked at Niram’s vulnerable position with his legs clamped firmly between Master Maldoons, his naked rear offered up for punishment, and his arm twisted securely behind his back. Ciel allowed his fingers to gently caress his friend’s neck.

Niram, Ciel whispered, it’s alright. He tried to make his voice as soft and reassuring. When I was disciplined for this I cried. I begged, too, he added. I felt so ashamed of myself and of my actions. And being bent over Masters knee... The room was silent. Ciel continued: If you received the cane I know you won’t cry. Remember when you fell off of your horse and broke your arm? You didn’t make a sound. This is...different. Niram made no attempt to answer.

Thank you, Master Maldoon said. Without further words he raised the brush again and landed it on Niram’s naked rear with a solid thwack. Niram’s body jerked in response. A whimper crept out of his throat. You may beg if you wish, Maldoon said while delivering another blow. The punishment will continue until I am satisfied that you have learned. The brush cracked against flesh filling the silence of the room with the sound of its work. More blows followed falling into a rhythmic pattern.

Please, Niram begged. Not in front of Ciel. Maldoon continued his rhythmic strikes without responding. This is too much, Niram tried to squirm only to be held more securely in place. Let go, he gasped. The sound of the brush crashing against his upturned bottom was the only answer he received. Let me go! He tried to wiggle away but Master pulled him tighter. The strikes became harder, at least they sounded like they were louder to Ciel. Gah! Niram yelled struggling more.

Stop, Ciel pushed his friends head onto his lap with a gentle hand. Relax.

Ahh, Niram spat still tensing and squirming. This is not dignified.

Neither is lying, Master replied calmly, still landing firm blows to his pupil’s backside. Do you need to continue saying I will be honest?

No! Gah, just stop it!

Hold still, Master said gently. Or I will have to apply the crop you chose in the first place while you are over the arm of the couch with soap in your mouth.

N-no, Niram spat, his voice finally breaking. A sob followed. M-master, please. He stopped fighting.

Ciel gently rubbed his neck. It’s alright, he whispered.

Niram pushed his face deeper into Ciel’s lap. His back began to move up and down with sobs.

Maldoon put the brush down and continued to do his work using his hand. The slapping sound carried through the room as Master’s hand punished the already reddened bottom. The slapping continued for what felt like an eternity to Ciel. Niram had given up fighting and lay weeping as quietly as he could manage with his head hidden in Ciel’s lap. His tears soaked the report which had led to the situation at hand.

You will learn, Maldoon said in a firm voice while still delivering the punishment. You can behave better than you have. And you will behave better. His palm bounced off of Niram’s naked bottom as he spoke. Maldoon stopped speaking but the spanking continued.

Ciel shut his eyes to stop the tears from showing. It hurt to watch his friend humbled in such a way. Especially in such a position.

Are you going to lie to me again? Master asked while still delivering methodic blows.

N-no, sir, Niram choked.

And what will you be instead?

Honest, sir, Niram managed.

Good. The slapping stopped. Maldoon picked up the brush once more. This is so you don’t forget it. Loud cracks shot through the room.

Ahh, Niram cried out. Each strike made him gasp. Then it was over. Maldoon put the brush down.

You did well, boy, Maldoon said softly while rubbing his punished student’s back. That was difficult for you. You made it through, and hopefully you will learn from this.

Yes, s-sir, Niram managed through sobs.

Ciel, Maldoon looked up to meet his eyes. Your are to sit at the end of the couch now.

Yes, sir, Ciel gave his friends neck one last affectionate pat before moving to sit where he was told.

Up you go, Maldoon stood pulling with him the upset Niram. Would you like me to hold you?

Niram gave a broken nod.

Alright, Maldoon wrapped his arms around the punished man and held him tightly rocking from one side to another. Niram continued to shake with sobs. You did well, Master assured him. You did well, he said over and over while holding Niram. Niram forced his breathing to calm and pushed himself away from Master Maldoon.

Thank you for correcting me, sir, he said in a tearful voice.

You may thank me when we are finished, Maldoon said gently. Now, over the arm of the couch.

S-sir, please, Niram whipped his nose with his sleeve. Maldoon was already guiding him towards the end of the couch. Niram’s clothes were twisted around his ankles causing him to shuffle pathetically until he stood at the other end of the couch.

Over you go, Master said pushing gently on his back.

No, Niram resisted the push by shuffling to one side. The next moment he was face to face with his displeased Master. No, he repeated in a more uncertain voice. Maldoon looked down his nose at the disobedient man until Niram finally looked to the floor.

Maldoon placed a hand on Niram’s shoulder. I thought we worked through this. No answer. Are you really going to do this? Silence. I am going to give you one more opportunity to obey me.

Ciel’s insides quivered as he watched his friend shake his head ’no.’

It has been far too long since you were last disciplined. Maldoon let out a heavy sigh as if a long exhale and deep inhale would help him become a different person. His next words were spoken in a deep authoritarian voice: You have forgotten your place. No answer. What do you say when I speak to you? More silence.

Ciel began to shake. Master Maldoon never used that tone with him. He didn’t have to. Maldoon only needed to give him a sharp look to make his insides wilt with anguish. The same did not go for Niram, apparently.

Maldoon slapped Niram across the face causing him to sway. You say yes, sir!

Ciel shivered. Master never treated him that way. Seeing Maldoon act in such a way made tears begin to silently side down Ciel’s cheeks.

Y-yes, Niram gulped, sir.

You need to learn your place, boy, Maldoon continued in a loud voice. And you will. He slapped Niram’s face again. Bend. Over. This time Niram did as he was told and crawled over the arm of the couch to display his punished bottom.

Maldoon marched towards his desk and began shuffling through drawers. He returned to Niram with a bar of soap in his hand and the riding crop tucked under his arm. Maldoon took a fist full of Niram’s har and jerked his head up.

Open! he commanded. Niram accepted the soap into his mouth. If this is what you need to learn, then this is what you will get. Maldoon grabbed the back of Niram’s shirt and used it to jerk his body into a better position to receive yet another punishment. You are setting a deplorable example for Ciel.

Hearing his name used in the angry tone made Ciel’s tears fall all the more.

Master Maldoon twisted the back of Niram’s shirt in his hand and pushed down hard on his body pinning him down. Then, the riding crop swished through the air to find its target.

Ahm! Niram cried through the bar of soap held in his mouth.

If you drop that soap out of your mouth we will start this all again, Maldoon promised.

The crop landed again. Niram’s entire body jerked as tears slid down his face. The crop cracked against his bottom. Niram began to weep with the soap muffling his cries. Master Maldoon swung again.

Disappointing, Maldoon declared. The crop sliced through the air. Niram’s hung his head fully submitting to weeping with the soap between his lips. His body melted over the arm of the couch. Maldoon let go of Niram’s shirt to stand at a better angle. The crop slid though the air again crashing onto the punished bottom as the owner of the bottom shook with despair.

Argg, Niram cried through the soap.

Ciel pulled his knees to his chest not caring that his boots rested on the couch. His buried his face into his knees and covered his head with his arms. Though he blocked out the sight of the once mighty Niram being humbled he could still hear the crack of the whip against Niram’s upturned back side and the hysterical weeping which was muffled by the humiliating bar of soap. Ciel felt himself begin to quiver, and then he heard himself sob.

The cracking stopped.

You stay where you are, boy, until I tell you to move! Maldoon’s voice was harsh.

Ciel crumpled his body into a tighter ball and tried his best to stifle his sobs. An arm draped across his shoulder and then he was pulled into a tight hug.

I’m sorry, Maldoon whispered sitting down next to him. I didn’t think it would have to be this severe. Maldoon pulled Ciel onto his lap cradling him in strong arms. Ciel wrapped his arms around Maldoon’s neck and buried his face into his Master’s chest not sure if he was upset about seeing his friend broken or from seeing Maldoon act in such a seemingly callous manor. Maldoon squeezed him into a tighter embrace. Calm yourself, he whispered. Ciel took one shaking breath after another.

There was a knock at the door.

Maldoon, a voice came through the door, it’s Jasper.


The door opened. Ciel buried his face in Maldoon’s chest to hide is face. He couldn’t imagine how embarrassed Niram was feeling with his naked and thoroughly punished rear exposed for the world to see.

Jasper gasped presumably looking at the scene before him.

Umm, Maldoon hummed in his throat. One needs a strong arm and the other needs a soft touch.

I can see that, Jasper said in an uncomfortable voice.

What’s brings you here? Maldoon asked as if having one student crying on his chest and the other bent over the arm of his couch for punishment was completely normal.

I was going to go over the English curriculum with you, but it seems this is a bad time.

If you put it on my desk I will attend to it the first chance I get. For now do you think you can take this one?

Ciel imagined he was the this one Maldoon was speaking of. Papers rustled and then footsteps drew closer. Maldoon pulled him close for one last hug.

Go now, Master whispered. Jasper will stay with you until you are composed.

Ciel pushed himself away from Maldoon’s chest sniffing. He didn’t dare look up at Jaspers face. It was all too embarrassing. Jasper held his hand out for Ciel to take.

I heard the library has some new books, Jasper said in a strained voice. Care to take a look?

Ciel nodded and took the man’s hand. He stood taking Jasper by the arm. Together they walked slowly towards the door. When they got to the door Ciel stopped and looked over his shoulder.

Master Maldoon was sitting on the couch next to Nairam’s head whispering words which were too soft to hear. Niram’s head was nodding submissively. Niram pushed his body up to stand then shuffled over to where Maldoon sat and put his body over the man’s knees without any coaxing. Instead of raising a hand to spank Maldoon rubbed Niram’s back in slow circles while leaning forward to whisper in his ear causing more submissive nods.

Let’s go look at those books, eh? Jasper gave Ciel’s arm a gentle squeeze.

Alright, Ciel whispered. Together he and Jasper stepped out of the room leaving Maldoon to teach and Niram to learn in privacy.

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