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Dreading Eton - Lent Half - Chapter Ten

by PJ Franklin

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Lent Half – Chapter Ten

In British slang a toff is a derogatory stereotype for someone with an aristocratic background or belonging to the landed gentry, particularly someone who exudes an air of superiority. For instance, the Toff, a character from the series of adventure novels by John Creasey, is an upper class crime sleuth who uses a common caricature of a toff, a line drawing with a top hot, monocle, top hat, bow-tie and cigarette with a holder as his calling card. – The Wikipedia

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Toff, a derogatory word for the rich, was perhaps all they needed, and it’s always been cruder and less subtle than posh ... More factually, it’s used to describe a certain type of person and often carries a hint of hostility.

Poshness can have a subtle connotation of vacuity ... A few years ago, somebody coined the phrase Sloane Rangers to describe the girls in Alice bands who haunt the Sloane Square area of Knightsbridge. They are rich, pedigreed, vacuous, and insolent: now they are posh. – The Victorian Web

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Little Lord Cuntleroy – A pompous spoiled cunt, usually male, who takes his wealth and privilege for granted. A posh cunt. – Urban Dictionary

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Eton mess (also referred to sometimes as an Eton mess tart) is a traditional English dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, broken meringue, and whipped heavy cream. First mentioned in print in 1893, it is commonly believed to originate from Eton College and is served at the annual cricket match against the pupils of Harrow School (at Lord’s) – The Wikipedia

* * * * *

Kevin was in a rare mood that tickled me, so rare it was that I was bound and determined to at least try and take advantage. Believe it or not he was actually miffed that Daws and Corby were not returned home as originally planned and that despite that they had agreed to call us twice each day away instead of the original once a day. They had instead chose to return home one day later than planned and that is what had him in his grumpy mood.

Oh, he would never admit it even as he stood with me out in front of the house anticipating their imminent return home that he had not wanted them to stay out the extra day. He wanted them home yesterday and when he caught me saying that to Corby over the phone the second time the evening before, Kev about bit my head off just with his disapproving look.

You’d think you were their mother, I could not resist commenting and then ran for my life into our back yard before he caught up to me and whacked my bum twice, Take it back, he hissed into my ear hugging me from behind as the sting in my rear settled, No, because it’s true, I replied instead,

What, that I think I’m their mother? he asked as I stayed very still in his tight hug from behind, No that you must admit that you miss them very much and that all of that bluster about you being left out is pure rubbish, I said instead.

The pause was just a fraction longer than it should have been for me to know that he knew that I was right, not that he was going to cop to it, You are an arrogant little OE is what you are, was the final proof and then his mouth molested the base of my neck on its way to give me a nice big hickey, something Daws and Corby might enjoy seeing the later result if it lasted until their return.

I thought that the hickey was the end of it, You need a good hiding for your mouthy little remark, he said next taking me by the hand and back into the house. As I followed I thought that I might be making more mouthy little remarks to Kevin into the future if this was going to be the result.

But me, an Eton old boy, arrogant? Not really. That’s not me but I can say that there is the thing of guilt by association. It didn’t help that by the time that I attended Eton College a number of high profile national political and other famous British personages had attended Eton and then went about causing mischief and other sour impressions of Eton educated boys to sully the British public’s image of anyone who then attended Eton forever after.

Oh, you are one of them. You must be this way or that way, and sometimes the taunts were not mumbled behind our backs, rather in front of us and occasionally had a distinctive name, posh toff. I’ll never forget my first encounter with that British phrase.

* * * * *

Within a month after the start of Barrett’s E-Block Michaelmas term, early October ...

It was generally enforced that we were to wear our distinctive Eton College uniforms, called School dress, during regular school hours during the week even if we were out and about and especially within the immediate area of the college, but also within the town of Windsor just south of the college.

This might hold true if we ventured to adjacent Clewer and Spital, but there was never much reason to venture that far away during the week as well as during school hours. Occasionally to Slough across the M4, but that might be for more official college business involving an Eton pupil as well.

In any case, a few people stare at you when you are out and about and especially so within Windsor. Well, the tourists do and believe me with Windsor castle there and all, Windsor does its fair share of tourism. Japanese people are the most obvious, always camera in hand and wanting pictures with those famous Eton College boys you know. We never much paid attention to tourists during our F-Block year which, by the way, felt like it had taken place years ago.

So much had happened to me that year not the least of which was my epic F-Block Summer term long leave when I spent the week of a lifetime with our then first VIII crew at Fulham nearly four months before, again, it seemed like an age of time ago to me. That last day I spent with Ollie Herford before I later finally returned to America, it still haunted me, but in a good way. The best way actually and now I was not afraid to brag on it to certain persons back at school for my E-Block Michaelmas term.

All of my bosom CHV chums, Aaron (Connaught), Wickers (Chadwick Burke) and Peppers (Thomas Pepperdine) thought that I was brilliant now. Not that they didn’t before, but when you’ve finally done it as I had. Well, that gives you an air of something special or we thought so anyway. I mean, how many fourteen year olds have done it, much less with whom I finally did it for the first time?

I never told or bragged about what I had done with Ollie back home in America. Might not go over and it was none of anyone else’s business anyway. After all, it magically made me into a self-contained confident Etonian, impervious to common meanderings didn’t it? God, I was starting to sound like my British Eton peers now. Imagine.

So it probably should not have come as a surprise when one day, a Wednesday school day, that we three ended up further south into Windsor than usual to check out the tuck shop there, Coglin’s. Not our usual haunt at Rowlands, Coglin’s was much larger and fairly well populated including some older boys from a local school, Windsor Comprehensive.

We bought what the menu had to offer (more than Rowlands did actually) and then the four of us crowded around to sit at a small table. Two tables over where three older Windsor boys sat, one of them spouted over the words directed at us, Posh toffs. I heard them and looked at Aaron and Wickers who rolled their eyes, Don’t pay any attention. They’re just envious is all, Peppers advised with Aaron’s and Wickers’ nodded agreements.

What is a posh toff? I asked expecting that it was some rude comment. Well, it was and it wasn’t. If anything it could apply to Aaron and his family, but certainly not to mine if just a little to Wickers’ or Peppers, Come to slum about with us lessor beings have you? another of the Windsor boys then said.

Ignore him, Aaron sighed, They’re too stuck up to answer. Usual shit from Eton. I’ve a good mind to stuff all four of them into a bin and let somebody take out the trash! one of the Windsor boys said standing up and talking a bit more loudly towards us.

Though I doubted that anything could ever really come of it, still the situation felt a bit intimidating until another much more booming voice interrupted, That’s going to be a problem to accomplish from your own head-down position in said bin, and there stood one of our school’s new Eton first VIII oarsmen by the name of Stephan Dewsbury.

Dewsbury was now a B-blocker, but I had known him a bit during my novice crew experiences, him as a then C-block member of the Eton 2nd VIII boat. He was standing with two other very tall fellow oarsmen both of which I had forgotten their names as there’s so many in the bee-hive atmosphere in the entirety of Eton crewing.

The Windsor boy who had stood to taunt us blushed and quickly retreated. In fact his other two Windsor chums stood with him and then all three quickly departed the shop as if a WWII air raid had just been announced. Our older boys watched them leave and then came over to us, And what are you three tits doing this far south of the border? Dewsbury asked and then focused on me,

You’re Campion, aren’t you? he asked recognizing me which gave me an immediate thrill as well as the starting of a shameless chubby in my trousers as I proudly nodded, Yes. And you’re Dewsbury, I said confidently and he smiled a little, Right. Well. So did the Windsor tuffs anoint you properly? he asked all of us.

Yes, quite, Wickers responded for all of us and I looked at him quizzically, Posh toffs, he reminded me and I nodded, Oh yes, that, I replied sensing that to be called a posh toff by an outsider though intended to be an insult was instead a bit of a badge of honour among us Etonians.

Good. Are you finished with your snacks? If so let’s get the lot of you back within bounds before somebody decides to try and taste the goods against wishes, he smirked and I tilted my head. Aaron leaned over and whispered, Get down and dirty, you know like ... and I quickly countered, Yes, I know what it means!

I expect you do, Campion, Dewsbury gave me an especially big smirk. Had Ollie kissed and told of it later? And what if he had? Ollie Herford was no more, worse luck or was it? At any rate, my confidence was firm even with Dewsbury now, Door’s always open you know, I smirked back to Dewsbury causing Peppers, Wickers and Aaron to all start to fake coughs of surprise.

Dewsbury but glanced at his fellow oarsman and returned with, Sorry old chum, but if any door is going to get walked through in that manner, it’s mine and not yours, now come on, we’ve got to get going back, he said. We got up and all I could think of then that it had been ages since I had any kind of worthwhile activity at all with anyone but my right hand.

Are you seriously going to do it? Peppers asked me a few hours later in my room, What do you think? I asked him back, Just give me the details later and I’ll be happy, he smiled, I shall, I said. Well, if one thinks one is busy with school work and school life as an F-Blocker, it only gets worse starting with E-Block.

It quickly became apparent that I had lived a life of relative ease in F-Block, a bit doted on because of newness, but that was now ancient history. More academic performance was expected and now you were no longer pampered if you ever thought you were.

It was not until Friday night two days later at around 21:00 that I took the chance and walked the distance to Dewsbury’s house, entered and asking about, found out where his dorm room was two floors up. I did not barge in on him, now a vaunted B-Blocker not in my house, CVH. I waited and watched and it only took a few minutes to observe that the last boy left the room with Dewsbury now alone in it.

I quickly spanned the distance and then did walk straight into the room closing the door behind me. He looked up from his seated position on the edge of his bed, bare chested and wearing only a pair of what looked like sports shorts, not even in his house colours.

Well, it’s about time, isn’t it? he chided me a bit with a huge smirky grin or was that a lovely leering stare? I was dressed down to a T-shirt and sweat pants with runners and socks. The skilled Eton boy does not pass by opportunity or miss the boat (or shell as the case may be) and so I did not hesitate.

I marched right over to in front of him and plopping myself down, straddled his big, strong knees. I wrapped my arms about his rather large neck and looked at him, Is a posh toff known to be forward like this? I asked him and then pressed my lips onto his before he answered.

As we immediately started to communicate our saliva back and forth via ample tongue, one of his big arms gathered me in rather tightly into his muscled body and his other hand slid effortlessly down my sweats and finding my nearly already rock hard cock, fisted it up and then broke the kiss, Depends on your skill set, he replied.

Oh, you mean this? I answered back, slipped back down towards the floor just enough to use my hand, pushed down the front of his shorts and extracting his erection, immediately went down on him, not an easy chore. How is it that all of the Eton oarsmen that I have encountered to date have huge dicks? Requirement of the position in the shell perhaps?

Dewsbury moaned even as his big hands clamped down onto the sides of my head, Very good Campion, he said slightly breathy from my surprise move. I made sure to then plant my feet squarely on the floor, raise up to stand and then bend over as I never lost my oral grip on his prick, bobbing up and down on it and I mean from tip to root each time, Keep that up Campion and I might have to give you a good, hard ploughing, that is if you’re into it, he said less breathily.

I stopped long enough to respond, If you go slowly. I’ve done it, but I’m not terribly experienced yet. Care to give a younger boy a hand with that lack? I asked and then went back down on him, I’m your posh toff for that one, Campion. What else you into? he asked as I went back down on him.

That’s when I came up and smiled at him, Thought you’d never ask, and told him about my interests in sore spanked bottoms where upon Dewsbury set about to demonstrate his agreement with me that a sore red bottom is much nicer to fuck than one that is not.

Dewsbury was not a prefect, so he didn’t have a prefect’s tools lying about in his room to get the job done namely cane and tawse, but neither did he really need either. Belt and hand do just fine thank you as laying naked across his big lap was perfectly adequate for me. That is when he could manage to ignore my arsehole long enough to give me a hiding and spanking.

Seems the wiles of my orifice never go unnoticed at times like this and Dewsbury was no exception to that rule. My loud moaning seemed to please him as his tongue fucked me quite thoroughly though we did not 69, well, not on that first occasion at any rate. The belting that followed after he spent a good five minutes the first round cleaning out my tight pucker was actually very sensual.

I could easily tell that Mr. Dewsbury did not wish to discourage any of my future visitations with him by being too harsh. It was just right and made me want more actually and I told him so, More Dewsbury! Lay it on good. Teach me a lesson, I begged him which made him smile.

Older boys love to be begged to spank harder, so he did. A little with the belt and then again with his hand, Harder Dewsbury, spank my naughty arse! I begged him again, If you wish it my little posh toff, he grinned and then did.

Then down his lips went once again and up came my hips to meet them as he pleasured us both with yet more oral-anal, Scatter over to my dresser. Top drawer. Lube. Get it Campion. I’m ready to give you a good using, he said after the last of his oral efforts.

To Dewsbury’s credit, he was patient and very considerate of my still neophyte level ability to take a big hard cock up my arse. Slow, patient and very sensual. I would find many boys later who are fast slam and bang men. They just want it done and over with whereas boys like Dewsbury want to savor and enjoy.

Not Dews, as I was soon thereafter allowed to call Steph Dewsbury. The first time with Dews was in the doggie position, perhaps my favorite over time but not by very much at all. Older boys love lording it over us youngers in that way I suppose. Dews seemed to.

But he kept asking me, Are you all right? or Is it comfortable now? as his big prick slowly at first entered me and then mastered me. Finally, after I was able to relax with his big sexy naked body looming over me as it was I looked back at him, Bugger me good Dewsbury. A good slamming! I offered and he took me up on my offer.

I could tell that he had done this before as he made sure that his fist was molesting my penis just right. We both exploded at nearly precisely the same moment. He even licked my semen off of his fist after. Imagine!

I didn’t tarry in his room afterwards. It was late and mid-week. Let’s just say that as I left his room Dewsbury asked, Tomorrow night then? and I grinned back to him, said nothing and instead gave him a thumb’s up. Tomorrow night was fine by me, any other night as well.

* * * * *

Right into Kevin’s office for some corner time, me naked and cock hard as nails as Kevin made me wait a bit while I contemplated my attitude as he had put it for me having confronted him over Daws and Corby. Then when it was time I was made to fetch cane and tawse and over the back of the chair was my lot then. Six of the best and another half-dozen of the tawse to well put me in my place.

March! Into our room where you will satisfy my urge for hot sex! he ordered me next, Yes mother, I cheeked and then had to run like hell to keep ahead of him and into our bedroom where I finally met my fate for that fun little remark, I’ll show you mother you little mother, he smirked as he pulled up our chair in there, sat and pulled me across his lap.

The hand spanking that followed upon my already seared hind end was slow, but thorough during which Kev’s other hand molested my cock to full hardness and kept it hard. It’s bloody difficult to complain when one part of me was stinging with hot pain and the other on the other side from it singing with delicious pleasure.

The oral arse eating that he did after the spanking made my mind up for me. Best to suffer to gain that kind of result each and every time. Then Kevin did what he seldom does and did not bed me to fuck me. No. He made me stand up and then bend over the back of the chair, ate me out a bit more and then gave me the dickens with his cock in our traditional caning position.

After Kev’s cock gave me an especially rather violent arse slamming and deposited his load in me, there was more corner time after that as well. Unusual, really. Him pretending that it was all punitive in nature. It worked too! I would beg for him to do it to me again and again like that. A whipping and then a fucking over the back of the chair followed by corner time to contemplate my attitude.

That was all then but this was now and the boys’ car finally came into view. I watched Kevin watch the car roll down our driveway and then stop right in front of us, Do you wish it in the garage now Kev? Corby leaned his head out of the driver’s side window and then Kevin did something I’ll never forget.

He rushed down the steps and right to the window and kissed Corby on the lips, paused to say, No darling. This is just fine, leave it right here. Now get you and that other little hottie next to you out of this car and into the house before I molest you both here in the driveway, and then kissed him again.

I felt nearly jealous of his attentions to the boys. He had never done that for me. Rushed down to my car and kissed me through the open window. Then again, I was glad that I had been wrong about Kevin and speaking of attitudes, he had changed his completely.

Both boys quickly complied and then we all four of us stood there by the open driver’s door hugging and kissing back and forth like they had been gone for weeks or months rather than two days, Come on. Let’s gather your things and get them inside. I’m not letting either of you out of our sight for a month, Kevin said for me as well.

Corby looked a bit stunned, but pleased if his blush meant anything. Turns out Kevin (and I of course as well) weren’t the only ones that were glad to be home. Once inside the front door, belongings dropped to the side and the real fun began.

Dawson hugged me closely, his arms wrapped tightly about my neck and Corbin the same with Kev. My hands quickly found Daws’ delicious arse and squeezed it tightly through his trousers, Kev’s doing the same with Corby’s. Lips smacked. Tongues parried. And then palms spanked over trousers and Corby finally said it,

Did we upset you that we stayed away an extra day? he asked Kevin, Yes. You made my husband cross, I quickly answered for him, Are you going to discipline me for it, Kev? Corby asked him, Of course he is. And Barrett is going to give me the hiding of my life for it, aren’t you? Daws asked me.

It’s cane and tawse for you boy, I gave Daws my best smirk, Sound hand spankings over the knee as well? Corby asked Kevin, High over the knee you naughty brat, Kevin replied to which Corby hugged my husband tightly to himself, Oh thank you, thank you. I missed you both, Corby said with a big smile.

We missed you both, Daws said hugging me, We weren’t sure to take the extra did and then when we did, wished we had not, he added, Yes, but it will be worth it. Punishment and hot sex with hot men teaching us our lessons I expect, Corby grinned.

I looked at Kev and he at me and I knew what he wanted to do, On your knees, the both of you and start showing some appreciation, Kevin barked and the boys were down and pulling our erections out of our trousers a short moment later.

I managed to sidle up next to my husband hip-to-hip, the boys on their knees, Daws at mine, Corby’s at Kev’s not missing a beat, their heads bobbing to and fro on our erections. Kevin leaned over and pressed his lips to mine and I opened my mouth inviting his tongue to dance with mine as our hands directed the boys to keep giving us oral pleasure.

But our young OE guests were not passive. Their hands commenced to undoing our trousers and soon both Kev and I had trousers and shorts about our ankles and then off. To my surprise if not Kev’s, as he sucked me Daw’s hand snaked around my naked hip to my arse and he slipped a finger right up my bum hole! I could tell that Corby had done the same with Kevin when his head threw back breaking his kiss with me.

I moaned and enjoyed Daws’ aggressive digital invasion and worried a bit that Kev might not. I was very wrong it turns out as quite suddenly he slipped his cock out of Corby’s mouth, turned and putting his hands onto the foyer wall jutted out his bared buttocks quite lewdly, Eat me out boy. Thoroughly, Kevin growled at Corby, Yes sir! came his answer.

This was even more surprising to me than Kevin’s rushing down to the open car window to kiss Corby out of the blue because I sensed things may not go as expected between Kevin and Corby, but just then it didn’t matter. Daws swooped his finger out of my arse hole and then his palm spanked me, once on each cheek as he had expelled my cock from his mouth and looked up at me, I’m dying to take you in hand Barrett, please may I? he asked politely.

There’s never a need to ask him that Dawson. You simply do it day or night, Kevin said and he wasn’t smirking, just looking at me with confidence, What he said, I replied getting a bit pent up with lustful expectation now.

Excellent, Daws said stood, took my hand and I simply followed all the way into our bedroom. Without letting go, he took me to our dresser where he knew we kept our spanking implements. He didn’t ask my opinion or for me to choose. He chose.

My eyes widened and my piss slit started to ooze pre-cum when he proffered the hairbrush in front of my eyes, but just then into the room zoomed Corby pulling my husband inside of the room behind him, I was going to use that, Corby said to Daws, There’s another in there somewhere, Kevin said and it was true.

It was then that I realized that Corby meant to hide my husband in concert with my hiding from Dawson! I looked at Kevin wondering whose idea that was even if it mattered. Well, how often is it that I am upended, arse straddling a knee, Dawson’s, my head turned and staring into my husband’s eyes as his arse is similarly upended, straddling Corby’s knee, two hairbrushes immediately going to work on our upended back sides?

The stings were harsh and rapid, and that was all well and fine for me. I was much more interested to see a funny crooked grin on Kev’s face as Corbin was giving him the business, I’ve been wanting to do this for two bloody days. Finally! Corbin hissed.

Ah, that was it. My husband now knew that he was deliciously and most definitely sexually desirable to the boys, in this case to Corby. The younger desiring to dominate the older. I winced and smiled at the same time so very glad for Kevin who had worried needlessly over his desirability with the boys.

It’s my turn next, Dawson said to Corby meaning that he wanted to hide Kevin as well. Funny, I didn’t care that they were fussing over my husband. I was glad for him. I never worried that they liked him better than me. That’s pure rubbish.

And sure enough, about half-way through two very long and deliciously painful paddlings the boys changed places. I went up over Corby’s knee and Kev’s over Dawson’s. More hairbrush mayhem, but now liberally interrupted by arse-eating during which Kev and I leaned over and started to kiss and tongue.

Two younger tongues now were molesting our arse-holes, Kev’s and mine, and two older tongues were wrestling with each other. For quite a while all one could hear were desperate moanings and sloppy slurpings, saliva all over the place around mouths and anuses.

Then when younger tongues finally did fatigue, two palms spanked two grateful bare bottoms as we stared at each other grabbing up four handfuls of bed top to wince and grimace-out the stinging reprovals. Then down they went again and up came two grateful spanked boy bottoms for more oral-anal. I could relax now and so did Kev.

I smiled across to him and him to me. His hand came over to gently touch my face and I his, both of us enjoying that our young OE guests were enjoying us as pleased them, I need to fuck arse now, Daws finally said, I as well. Up you go boys, up on the bed and present properly for buggering, Corby said.

Kev and I said nothing and obeyed. Up on the bed top edge on all fours and presented our two well beaten and eaten arses up for using. No more oral-anal either, On three, Dawson said and on the count of three Kev and I howled side-by-side as our exceedingly well-endowed guests took what they wanted just then, our boy arses.

I should say grateful boy arse. I could tell that Kevin was in a special heaven that he may not even reach with me and if so I was not far behind. There’s just something about a man as young as Dawson giving your arse a good buggering and by the look on Kev’s face he would never disagree.

The best part if there was a best, was that the boys did not fill our arses with their juices. No. They pulled out, grabbed our ears and made us quickly kneel on the floor side-by-side and then then simultaneously shoved their pricks down our throats and then emptied their full balls down into our tummies.

They were not done, I’m all messy. Let’s shower all together and my boy and I will show our appreciation to you men, our hosts, in the shower, Corby announced and he, they were as good as their word as it turned out to be table-turning time.

Kev and I even spanked the boys standing up in the shower after we lathered them up. I fucked Daws up his tight boy pussy arse and Kev fucked Corby with the hot running steamy shower water cascading endlessly around us all.

That little act in the shower, it turned out, set the tone for the rest of the evening. We all stayed naked, prepared snacks in the kitchen and then piled up all in a naked heap together on the couch in front of the T.V. in the family room to snack, cuddle and watch a movie.

The younger boys laid placidly across the older boys’ laps. Our hands constantly strayed, spanked and fondled younger bottoms and genitals during the movie while young hands petted and kept older penises at least half-hard throughout.

Then it was bedtime and hand spankings given to the younger boys, they were given two hard cocks up their arses before bedding down all together in our bed. Later that early morning the boys left the room and the bed to Kev and I who before we fell off into more slumber said to me while spooning me tightly back into himself,

May have to send them off alone for a few days again if last night is always going to be the result. I said nothing, just felt nice and warm in my husband’s arms as well as uncommonly smug. I just silently enjoyed what he had said, closed my eyes and clutched at his wrists about my tummy before I finally fell off.

* * * * *

If anyone should ever doubt that the Vikings ever existed on British soil at any time of the planet’s history, I shall be the first in line to confirm that indeed, Vikings did raze the Isles with their magnificent selves. Well, at least the Shiplake College Vikings did even if they did not exist until 1959.

The Shiplake College coat-of-arms logo is a handsome shield bearing two tiny Viking-like ships atop what is best described as a carat mark below which is a symbol of the scales of justice. A boy who has successfully left their school or a staff who has retired from Shiplake college is termed an Old Viking and right at the moment, two sixth form Shiplake Viking crew were giving a young Etonian, me, a run for my money.

All at the behest of my Eton VIII handlers of course. Eton coxswain, Ollie Herford, had remanded my use that fifth day of my Summer long leave over to the Shiplake boys early on at the Thames Rowing club erg-training facility. Specifically to their cox, Miles Lakeside and his stroke position oarsman, Tristan Barksdale.

Whereupon Barksdale immediately sequestered me off to the smallish erg facility facilities to give me a test run one-on-one that seemed to well, last and last and last nearly all of it with his tongue buried up into my nether orifice searching, I supposed, for lost Viking treasure or some such.

He kept me otherwise busy humping his very skilled fist on my prick with one hand, the other reaching up to test whether my nipples had anything to offer the examination. They did in the form of my moans and whimpers of pleasure, So, I have been told that you are amenable to a nice red arse? he asked upon finally standing up behind me.

Only as he did inquire, he entered my well wetted hole with his longish middle finger, right to the hilt as well. After letting the lovely burning path settle a bit I nodded, I am. Very much so, I panted for breath. Out swooped the finger, A trade then. I’ll see to it later that you are given an official Shiplake prefect’s welcome via my cane and tawse if you will do something for me, the older boy offered.

My response in standard Eton tart-speak, Always, I said where upon he smiled, Good. Now. I require the services of your very nice hard prick, and of course I thought that meant that I should present it to him to molest with his fist or some such.

Well, I was quite mistaken as it seems that Mr. Barksdale is equally as liberated from the usual sixth former behavior just as a few of my Eton VIII boys were or are. He turned himself about and slapped his hands up on the wall, No use to be gentle. Give it to me nice and hard, Campion. Show me that Etonian spirit I’ve always heard about, his said pushing his naked arse out towards me.

Pressure. I had to not only now represent my school in a way that one never expects to represent as well as find a way to get up on tip-toes to match Barksdale’s overall height advantage. That latter was easy, I finally used my hands on his hips and lowered his arse down a bit to my level. Perfect.

Now as to the other, no problem. I shoved it in, rather hard, my hard prick that is into Barksdale’s quite tight bum hole right there in the small facility, That’s it. A good hard fuck the first thing in the day, perfect, he said flogging on his own prick until I said, Let me do that for you Barksdale, and he did and then I did.

Most crew I hear eschew sexual activity right after arising on crew training days. Others don’t care. Whether Barksdale cared or not was not my concern. My concern was delivering the goods to him as he wished. The goods in this case was my hard prick and profuse early morning boy juices filling up his very nice arse.

I wished he were shorter or nearer to my height, I would have engaged his mouth with mine at the same time, but that would be accomplished later. It was fuck and erg in that order, the former not to be done slowly. So I fucked him fast and efficiently. I was rewarded with a peck on the temple and then ordered out of the room to follow him to erg training. You know, of the non-sexual type.

The morning and afternoon that I spent with the Shiplake VIII that next to last day of Summer term long leave was, to be blunt, probably the most fun on water of the entire week’s leave. Not to bad mouth what I had done with our Colts that one day or with Ollie and the vaunted Eton first VIII boys either. It’s just that to me the Shiplake VIII had this air that day of a comfortable and relaxed intensity about them.

It was as if they already knew that their place in school boy crewing world would never really change and that they were OK with that. They may enter the Royal Henley regatta just up the river from their school in a few months or Nationals at our Dorney Lake facility a few weeks before that and never really do as well as the more advanced or experienced high school level crewing schools such as Eton and Abingdon. And they were OK with that.

I even got to row with them all in their eights shell and after they dunked me into the Thames water at the end just as if we had won something. I think we did. They won my heart and respect and I think me, theirs. At any rate, after getting permission they whisked me off to their hotel room a short distance away for a bit of after-training fun.

A room filled with Lakeside, Barksdale and three other Shiplake crew the names of which I never quite got because I was quite busy playing the role of a naughty posh toff Etonian who was about to get his arse punished for being so damned annoying or that was the plot.

Is getting one’s Etonian arse hole Eton-out while having to bend over the back of a chair while boy after Shiplake crew boy takes a turn while another boy keeps his cock filling said Etonian’s mouth, punishment? I say it is. They broke off of that after a while as Barksdale then made good on his promise to me to demonstrate his prefect’s ability to punish with cane and tawse.

Not a lot mind you because well, everyone wanted a run at punishing this young willful, smug Eton posh toff to teach him a lesson. That meant hand spanking after hand spanking, me jumping from one lap to the next to the next until everyone had a turn at making an Eton mess of my buttocks if you will.

The real Eton mess is a wonderful confectionary dessert and treat, but apparently so is this kind. My arse red and puffy, so are puffy the wet, warm wet tongues that invaded my posterior hole after and during each spanking over the knee. The manual molesting of my hard prick and full balls not bad either.

Then, drat it, having to sit in laps and trade spit with each boy in turn, sometimes two or even three at a time as they used their hands to keep my prick hard and my scrotum well squeezed and properly tortured. Fingers in my bum hole one after the other, none of them ever asking to fuck me either which was nice.

They had been told that my virginity was never to be given to a Viking and they never suggested it once. Polite and sexy they all were, but I did not get off lightly either. That did not mean that I did not suck cock. Oh, I sucked cock, enough by the end of it that I could probably pick each one out blindfolded in a line up later using just my tongue and lips.

No, I mean it was like with Barksdale. I had a hard prick and I was told to use it to fuck arse, Viking arse. Even coxswain Lakeside had a go and I gave him a proper Eton pounding, the last one actually of the day with them.

Unlike with our own Colts, I was very sorry to leave my new Shiplake friends behind. I knew I would never see them again and that’s always sad. They did give me one of their Shiplake crew T-shirts as a souvenir. That damn T-shirt would get legs and walk away from me about six months later, but still. Nobody could take away from me the fact that I spent a whole day having fun in many ways with the Vikings of new, if not of old.

That night there was an odd melancholy back at the Fulham flat with my Eton first VIII mates. It was decided that we would not train or crew on the last day of our long leave sojourn. We would find something else to do outside of the usual. Long leave was coming to an end.

Maybe it was just me. I realized that what I had done that past week was special and likely never to happen again. Not like it had with whom it had and that was the thing. The boys themselves. Not the boats or even the sex. Oh, the sex is grand.

But it was how they treated me and accepted one so young into their midst when they didn’t have to. Maybe it was because I was an American and exotic to them all for that. Maybe not. You certainly don’t go around asking that kind of thing, you just accept it at face value and do what you can to make memories that do last.

So there I lay stretched fully out horizontally and buck arse naked across three naked laps at around 21:00 on the old couch in front of British television in the Fulham flat watching something I didn’t care about as three pair of hands molested every square inch of my body fore and aft. Ollie Herford in the center. Isaac Patterson to Ollie’s right and Jonathan Broussard to Herf’s left.

I had cock in my mouth most of the next ninety minutes or so unless I had tongue in it as they lost interest in the television. I slid back and forth across their muscled thighs and pointed myself in both directions sucking on the other side of the trio. Then others got involved as well, eating out my arse or poking it with their long fingers or giving me spanks with their big hard palms.

I was invited down to the floor in front of the three into several combinations of 69. I was put over the back of a chair for a while for target practice with cane and tawse, but playfully so. I even got to wield the stick and leathers too on a dare from one older boy to another.

That was fun. I had to eat arse like that as well, the older boy over the back of the chair and that became popular for a while. Finally though the night became long. I bade others good-night and then Ollie took me to bed in our small room. Ellie and Hendy were as they had been laying together across the gap as naked Ollie spooned me into himself,

Did you have fun with the Shiplake boys? he asked me lips at my ear, Yes, I did. Thank you. They were terrific, I replied, Good. They are a good school and I’ve always had friends there. So tomorrow Camp, we’ll gad about and then go back to school on Sunday. End of leave, he said.

I know, my voice said a tad sullenly I knew, After we get back to school, crew things ramp up quickly. Lots of training as usual and then the year’s regattas. Nationals. Dorney and then Henley royal, he said. I nodded, Yes, I replied, Campion, I want you to come about as often to Lake training as you can. I want you to be near to the VIII this season until the end. It’s important, OK?

I felt my forehead wrinkle up. Why could my presence possibly matter and be important to Ollie and the VIII? I didn’t know and finally had to decide that if Ollie thought my presence near to the VIII for their final push to Henley was important to him or them then I was in no position to argue or ask why. My role was to obey and enjoy that he thought me important, Yessir, I said and then felt a warm tingling all over.

Good lad. Did you have fun tonight being everybody’s boy toy? he asked. I grinned, Yes. I loved it. Thank you Herfs, I said solemnly, Well, let’s not be too presumptuous now. After all boys are boys and we all know what they like, he said.

Suddenly I saw an opening with his remark and twirled in his grasp and hugged him close so that I didn’t have to look him in the eye, Herfs. Can I ask something of you? I said, Of course, he said, After it’s all done and before I go back to America for summer holiday. I don’t ... that is, I don’t wish to return home without ... well ... I don’t want to be a virgin any longer by then and well ... I want ... that is ... and I just could not say it. It stuck in my throat.

It would be an honor young Campion, he said softly. I sighed, Thank God. I didn’t want to presume upon you but I wanted it to be you Herfs, and I finally looked at him, You know we’ll likely never see each other again after that, he commented. I had thought about that long and hard,

Yes, I know. It’s better that way and bedsides, if you go on to be somebody quite famous one day, well, I’ll be able to say at least to myself that I had him once, you know, I smiled and even giggled a little.

He smiled, Me, a somebody? That’s rubbish, but what if it is you that goes on to be a somebody? he smiled and I understood. I felt so much better now and just sighed deeply and even considered consummating myself with him right then, but decided against,

Say. I didn’t have a go at your arse tonight, did I? I asked as truly it was difficult to remember who I had fucked and who I had not, No you did not. Wasn’t sure you were interested, he replied. I felt a little taken aback, Not interested in the great Ollie Herford, coxswain of the Eton first VIII that is a lock to win Nationals, Dorney and Henley Royal, this his last year at Eton? I replied, Perish the thought. I’m yours if you want, I quickly added.

Careful. Too much boasting about winning races will jinx us, but I do want. I want a lot really, he said and set about to get it despite the noise that it would inevitably make for Ellie and Hendy as if they would mind. They did watch from the other bed as hairbrush in hand (put there by Herfs himself by the way) I gave the cox a right good paddle-hiding to his specifications as hey lay across my lap.

It was to be brisk, thorough, and interspersed with a lot of oral-anal. Spanking the first Eton VIII coxswain was in and of itself a treat not ever to be thought small or forgotten. It was huge, like my hard dick while I did it and no, I would never forget these moments.

I asked Hendy and Ellie if they wanted a taste of cox-arse, but they politely declined. So much the better for me. Ollie wiggled, whimpered, moaned, groaned and shimmied his nice arse about, but also kept it up well-presented and took his crimson medicine like a good crewman should.

The position he chose for me to fuck him surprised me a little. It was the girl missionary position on his back. I did what he wanted, but wondered over it until I saw the look on his face as I fucked him from that position. He looked up at me and that look told me that when it was my time with him, that this was the position that we would use when Herfs would take my cherry like a boy takes a girl for the first time. Somehow, it felt as if it would be good that way.

At any rate, I give Herfs a right good buggering sending my sperms far up where I knew that they would never ever be again. I then went down on his cock and drew out as much juice from his balls as I think I put into him. We hit the sack and slept well.

The next day, our last of Summer term long leave, the boys took me around to nothing all that important to mention. I was with them out and about and that’s all that mattered. That evening, more sex and fun, this time primarily with Isaac and Jon Broussard. The works back and forth.

We slept well and the next day, the mini-van ride back to Eton College with an extra day to spare until the term resumed. I felt glum after arrival, but I coped and later met up with fellow CVH F-Blocker and house crew, Thomas Pepperdine, Peppers, in his room.

I told him all that I had done over my week long Summer term long leave with the first VIII and he told me all he had done as well, I’m envious. Not of you getting sex from them, but you having your way with them, he said, I didn’t have any way. They wanted it. I just did as I was told, I smirked to Peppers,

I had no such sexual fun in any manner. I’m horny. Treat me like a naughty crew boy, will you Camps? he requested, Of course dear boy. Get naked, I instructed and I did as well. Peppers insisted on the belt with him over the back of a chair, That way you can do like you said you did with your VIII chums. Belt, eat and fuck, he concluded.

It was great fun doing this with Peppers in part because it could be a regular thing with him being my age and in my house rather than the older boys trying to fit me into their busy school and crew lives from other houses distant to mine. Swipes of the belt across Peppers’ hot little arse, then a bit of the tongue-licking of his boy parts from the rear. More spanks and more belt licks, a few more anyway.

More tongue in arse and then it was time for cock in arse. I so do love pounding boy pussy with the boy over the back of the chair, his arse having been freshly hided. My thighs and pubes feeling the heat from his red welted and spanked skin. His whimpers and moans as I slam myself in and out of him again and again, Want it in your arse or in your mouth, I asked.

Whatever the older boys liked the best, he replied which meant that I could choose to do anything that pleased me as he would not know or care about the difference. I kind of enjoyed the oral route, so I pulled out when I was ready,

On your knees boy! I commanded and Peppers was on his knees in a flash at my feet, hands clinging to my hips as I had the older boys during Summer long leave in Fulham and he stuck out his tongue like I had for them. I jerked myself off into Peppers’ mouth and he finished the job by going further down on me. Then I stood him up, kneeled in front of him and after jamming my finger up his fucked bum hole, got Peppers off very well.

Yes, my F-Block Summer long leave was over and done; but I’d never forget the good times with the older boys training at the famed Thames Boat Club and living at the Fulham flat. It was better now I think that I was back with Peppers at school, a boy my age not to mention old friends Wickers and Aaron.

None of them would be shortly leaving school forever as the older crew boys not to mention my beloved fagmaster, Nathan Fisher, would be. We four would enter into our E-Block term in a few months hence with more years to come after that.

* * * * *

One thing about my Kev. Once he figures out a thing that is better than another thing, he sticks with the better thing. Not as intuitive for many as one might think. I was even getting a little worried over his thesis project as he was spending more and more time with me and the boys away from it for longer periods of time.

I said not one word. He knew what he was doing and he seemed so much happier. We all four were now erg training together in our garage and had taken out a coxless quad shell twice now at the Tidewater boat club. Talk about fun. Quad shelling is fun with boys that you like or even love.

So, did Kev and I love Daws and Corby and-or they us? Yes to both. It was not as if we were going to all shack up forever. Didn’t need to, but by the same token while they were with us for their gap year and living in our home, why not develop a close relationship? Crew was helping to do that and even quite quickly I thought.

We would spend a few hours out on the river, come back to the club dock, stow our shell and then have a snack or three at their little café bar and then go home and shower off the sweat and grim all together. Have some hot sex and then the evening could mean anything. I was getting up earlier to work and so was Kevin to work on his projects and the boys stayed clear most mornings as they were confident that we all would eventually meet in the garage or at the boat club once again.

We were back for the fourth time to the Tidewater that week. Randal, the young man manning the front rental desk, knew us all on a first name basis by then, You boys should train for a sanctioned quad race perhaps, he commented on our possible interests, Well, don’t know about that. We’re not that proficient, yet anyway, I opined and then I noticed through the window in back of Randal somebody standing out on the dock by himself staring out at the river.

The young looking man was of short stature and reminded me a whole lot body-size-wise of the coxswains that I had known over my years at Eton and particularly one in my F-Block year, Ollie Herford. Just thinking about Ollie so many years ago, those were the days indeed. My week of Summer long leave with ol’ Herfs and the Eton first VIII.

All that had happened between that week and the weeks before I went back home for summer hols in America as well. I missed Ollie, Randal, who’s that standing out on the dock? I asked. Now I was not friends or knew that much about Randal other than he was always very friendly and talkative, but suddenly even I noticed that Randal’s mood seemed to shift a bit towards solemn,

A good friend of mine. Hard times. He was a coxswain in high school and for a while in college. Then he got ill and had family problems galore. They found out about him and his father threw him out of the home, Randal said, He’s staying with another friend and I invited him to the club the other day.

Found out about him? Dawson asked suspicious. Randal nodded, He’s gay. His family is very religious and took exception, which naturally put a frown on all of our faces, He looks ... displaced, Corby said, Yes, Kevin agreed, You say he knows how to cox? I asked,

Yes. He used to be pretty good if I remember, Randal commented, Mind if we talk to him? Kevin asked, Of course not. He could use some paying attention to I think, Randal replied, His name is Jonathan Stevens. He likes just Jon, Randal advised.

I knew what Kevin was thinking perhaps as I was already. We four went out back to the dock, Are you Jon Stevens? Kevin said from behind as we approached. He turned, Yes, he said quietly, his face pensive and a bit drawn,

Your friend Randal inside told us a little about you. You’re a coxswain? Kevin asked, Yes, I am. Or I was. I haven’t coxed in a couple years, Jon replied and looked at each of us in turn, I’m Corbin, but my friends call me Corby, Corby offered his hand to shake first, Hello Corbin, Jon replied and then Dawson was next.

Kevin went after Dawson and I went last. He smiled, I knew a Barrett in high school. He was a good guy, Jon commented, Well listen ... um Jon ... we’ve just started to crew a quad shell. Randal said you were at loose ends and also suggested we might wish to start training for competition only ... we don’t have the faintest idea what to do. Have any suggestions? Kevin asked.

Jon gave us all a little shrug, Um well. I used to love coxing quads. More intimate and fun than eights. I could give you some pointers I suppose, but I could see a fire building in his eyes, I think what my loving husband means to ask you Jon, I said turning my head and gesturing towards Kev,

Would you perhaps like to help us transition into coxed quads? I think we could all use an experienced hand and more fun that way too, I asked him having actually found it fun years ago at Eton. You should have seen his eyes light up. His whole countenance brightened, but then he also looked at me and then at Kevin seemingly with great curiosity,

He is your husband? he asked as if he was seeing an apparition, Why yes. We’re gay, Jon. All of us. Is that a problem? I asked being the clever boy that I am. Kevin nearly rolled his eyes at me, so did Daws and Corby but none of them really did.

No! Not at all! his jaw dropped, To be fair Jon, Randal filled us in on the nature of your troubles. We’re very sorry that all happened to you, Kevin brought us all down to earth. Jon’s chin dropped a moment before it came back up, Thank you. Hasn’t been easy, he said and then brightened up again, I want to cox again very badly. It was always the best time of my life, he said smiling wistfully.

Well boys, what do you think? Kevin asked us all, Where are the coxed quad shells kept again? Corby grinned. And that is how we met Jon Stevens for the first time. We had just finished a pleasant, but still quite fatiguing few hours in one of the club’s coxless quad shells, but given Jon’s enthusiasm and anxious-to-please demeanor our energies returned, at the least enough to go back to the barn and watch as Jon quickly found a suitable shell.

We actually ended up into the water with it sans any rental fee. Randal was so grateful that we had effectively taken his friend under our collective wing that he waived all fees that day for the coxed shell and rigging. Yes, we did not go far in the coxed-outfitted craft, but enough to divine that having Jon directing our efforts with coxed quad shelling to hopefully actually race someday would be well worth the effort on both our parts.

In fact as we finally stowed the shell back into its place back in the Tidewater’s barn and prepared to depart the premises for home, Jon just stood there like a boy yearning for more. He looked lost again. Kevin, bless my husband’s heart, took action before I was sure I or certainly the boys might have,

Jon. Would you like to come over to visit our home and relax with all of us? he asked. Once again he perked up, though cautiously, I don’t want to be a bother, he offered, Nonsense. Come on along, Jon! Dawson threw in as did Corby and hustled him along snugly as I looked at Kevin bursting with pride for his offering the lad.

Yes, it didn’t hurt that Jon was twenty-two, a bit older than our gap year guests, but younger than Kev and I and was very nice to look at and yes, his arse was VERY nice to look at. At any rate, he did not have transportation, so that he took his leave of Randal who when I glanced back to him behind his counter at the last gave me a big grin and mouthed wordlessly, Thank you Barrett.

Jon like Kev and I was an American and was instantly charmed by Dawson and Corbin’s British nativity and especially so after they told him of their Etonian origins. Jon waxed very intelligently as well as eloquently over British crewing in general and especially of the British school boy crew levels which he had followed quite closely over his own high school and later college years.

By the time we arrived at our home Jon was laughing and seemed very happy and then got happier when we insisted that he get naked with us all in our hot tub to relax. Kevin and I made a strategic retreat to our kitchen as Daws and Corby corralled the excited young man into the hot tub to sit right between them.

Kev and I watched from the kitchen window while preparing snacks as it seemed that Jon’s hands under the hot tub waters were quite busy. Then any doubts that way were quickly dashed as Dawson engaged Jon in a long lovely kiss and then turned and engaged Corbin in the same way.

Kevin grinned at me, Well, what do you think? Do we have yet another young man in our family? he asked me and I nodded, Yes. Thank you Kev. You’re doing you know, and he nodded, came over to me, pecked my temple and then fondled that which had remained hard throughout us looking at the three boys in our hot tub. I moaned and sighed,

Later, he smirked and then we took our snacks and drink out to the patio and set them on the picnic table, Bits, nibbles and beverages whenever you wish, Kevin said out loud and then took my hand, me and my erection as well as his into the swirling hot tub waters.

We plopped on the other side of the tub and right away both Daws and Corby whispered something into both of Jon’s ears. He grinned, Are you sure? he asked them, Yes, yes. Go on over now and just do it, Corby insisted. I turned and smiled to Kev and we parted our hip-to-hip positions and there came over Jon, but instead of sitting, he kneeled at our feet.

Right away I felt a searching fist under the surface that gobbled up my erection and by inference Kevin’s as well. In fact Kev scooted back to snuggle back into me, Wish to try something else, Jon? Kevin asked for us both, Sure would, Jon grinned so Kev nodded at me and we vaulted ourselves to sit up on the decking, knees widely spread.

Not only did Jon go down on Kevin next to me with his fist still on my erection, but then Corby and Daws came over to me and just like that, it was a spontaneous if also somewhat expected fivesome. An odd number of fellows always seems awkward, but that is only appearances.

I was more than happy to watch as Jon bobbed his mouth happily up and down on Kev’s big hard cock because Kev’s head was turned to mine and we were kissing with tongue, Dawson bobbing up and down on my cock. Corbin was busy fingering up both Dawson and Jon’s backsides and in fact engineered Jon getting his arse up and out of the water and somehow managed to be eating Jon’s arse out as Jon continued to suck on Kev’s dick.

Corbin then was going back and forth eating out Dawson and then Jon, managing to finger the other boy’s pussy hole as he multi-tasked. Then the boys all switched. Jon went down on me while Dawson and Corbin changed jobs, Corby sucking on Kev and Daws eating out Jon and Corby while Kevin and I kissed passionately and everyone’s hands going everywhere to do lovely things to boy flesh.

Then more exotic things, things concerning spanked boy bottoms. I was ready to accept that Jon certainly might not be into having his attractive boy bottom spanked for sexual fun, but by golly, he did. Corbin and Dawson led the way as they had bent their torsos over the tub edge, bottoms high up and then Kev and I firmly spanked them as he watched, Please may I too? is all Jon said and then squeezed himself into the middle between our lads literally hips-to-hips.

Now Kev and I had three, count them, three bared boy cheeks each to make red with our palms and make them red we did. Well, that and eating out three lusty boy holes. We traded off fingering Jon’s hole when one of us was not eating him out, two free hands fingering the non-orally treated boy actually.

Neither later was Jon simply a spectator inside of our House Captain’s punishment room as Kevin and I utilized cane and tawse on two willing rumps, Dawson’s and Corbin’s, over the backs of two chairs. We left Jon to just stand there at first pawing naughtily on his erection as he also quickly started to lick his lips staring at the cane welts that were appearing on the younger boys’ rumps. I glanced at Kev who finally broke the ice,

Stop touching yourself young man or do you need a hiding like these boys? leaving it up to Jon if he wished to partake with Daws and Corby. Jon’s body stiffened up to attention, hands at his sides, Sorry sir! I should be hided sir! Thank you sir! he blurted with very good and very sexy enthusiasm.

Hands on your head boy or better thought. Make yourself useful. Get over here on your knees and eat Dawson’s arse out, quickly now! Kevin ordered him. Jon shot over and quickly down to his knees went right to work. Dawson had been whimpering and writhing about as usual under Kevin’s always efficient use of cane on bare boy rump, but as soon as he heard and then felt Jon’s fingers on his arse and then Jon’s tongue rimming and penetrating as he had at the hot tub, he moaned like a greedy whore.

I paused caning Corby’s bum and licking my finger, gently rimmed his hole as I watched Jon turning Dawson into a moaning little whore as well, OK, enough. Stand up, stand to the side, hands on head, boy, Kevin instructed Jon who quickly obeyed.

Kevin and I finished off our boys with our canes leaving a trail of well welted boy bums, Up you two. Hands on heads! Mister ... Stevens. Six of the best for you. Over, Kevin tapped the top of the chair back that he was using. Jon’s eyes grew wide, but I was careful to note that his cock head was now reddened and starting the familiar ooze that always signalled excitement, I don’t know how, sir, he said and then Kevin directed Jon’s positioning.

Even I felt just a tad envious as Jon took his first cane cuts, Kevin backing some off from his usual powerful arm stroke I thought. Still, Jon’s face mirrored what all well-caned boys’ faces show during a good thrashing. Wincing grimaces, hissing through clenched and gritted teeth. Writhing tortured buttocks. Knees that flex and want to raise. White knuckling the chair seat. Head thrown back and eyes alternately opened and closed and of course the all-important guttural growl from his throat.

Kevin paused at cut three motioning me to his side to keep Jon’s flagging prick interested and I quickly complied, You’re doing incredibly well, Jon. Do you wish Kev to stop now? I leaned over gently rubbing his exposed back, No. I want a good full punishment just like Daws and Corby, thank you though Barrett, he replied.

I smiled and stood up keeping his mostly erect penis occupied a bit more as Kevin resumed the last three cuts. Once given Kevin released his charge, Stand up Jon, have a good rub and we’ll inspect! he said jauntily and just as many boys throughout history might have done, shot up from his position, palms quickly to his beaten cheeks to have a good rub and feel.

He even rose up and down on tip-toes and then craned his head around, Wonderful! he then smiled, Up for a bit of leather with Daws and Corby, Jon? Kevin then asked already brandishing our two-tail devil. He nodded, Yes please!

Are you sure? Corby smirked, The tawse after cane will put you in your place and you’re liable to find a cock fucking your well punished arse hole, he teased, I thought with good effect, the question quite cleverly asked I thought.

Oh wow. I haven’t had a good using for a long time. If it’s all the same, I want to join in anything offered, Jon replied, I would not advise the tawse this go around for you Jon. Instead I want you to watch me leather up Daws and Corby and then ... you will be taken over Barrett’s knee for a sound hand spanking and then, then he is going to give you the arse fucking of your young handsome life! Kevin pronounced jauntily.

I blushed a bit, proud of my husband’s confidence in my abilities, Yes that sounds wonderful. Thank you! Jon replied. I stepped to in back of Jon as Kevin started in leathering Dawson and Corbin who were bent over the backs of the two chairs in tandem.

Jon took the initiative with me then maneuvering himself right in front and then pressed his caned bottom right into my hard willy as he watched my Kev start to leather Dawson, Good boy, I whispered gently into his ear as his hands reached back and pulled my hips even harder into his arse cleft.

Then the little naughty bugger’s cheeks went to caress my hard shaft, Careful boy or I may have to bend you over right now and pound you senseless, causing him to turn in my arms and he looked at me, Promise? he smiled and I chuckled, You’re much more than you seem, aren’t you, and he shrugged and turned back and resumed his bum cheeks molesting my rabid erection as Kevin gave the boys cut after cut, alternating.

About half-way through Kev motioned me to get busy with Jon. I took his hand and he followed me to the spanking chair. I sat and patted my knee, Over you go, Jon, and he went right over. Up came his hips as enthusiastically as any of us and as any of us might do, I stared longingly down at what popped up into sight, Jon’s tight young pucker of course.

No dallying about over there Barrett or you shall have to be disciplined, Kevin’s vocal threat causing me to wince, but not for what you might be thinking. I looked up feeling like a boy caught with his hand about to reach into the cookie jar. I loved the feeling. The dare. Would Kevin stop everything including what I was doing with Jon and give me the dickens in front of them all?

I should have known, but more likely I am glad that Kevin is most times two steps ahead of me. Go on now! Give him good hard spanking, boy, Get to it, Kevin chastised me. I decided that it would be more fun to see what might happen if I disobeyed him, so I did and instead of spanking Jon, I commenced to eating him out.

Kev of course came right over and stared daggers down at me hands on hips as I stopped and gave him an impertinent little shrug, Get up Jon, will you please? And come over here alone with me, Kev said. Jon got up and I started to shiver with excitement as Kevin took Jon aside out of my hearing and whispered things into Jon’s ear as Daws and Corby grinned back and forth at us all.

Jon then nodded. His whole countenance changed and then I realized what might be happening. Jon came over to me, Show me to your bedroom boy. And find me your hairbrush. You’re naughtiness with me has gained you a hairbrush paddling and then YOU are going to get a good hind end ass fucking, not me, he said with a very nice coxswain’s authoritative tone.

My mouth flew open but mine was the only one momentarily stunned at his words. Kevin stood rocking back and forth rather pleased with himself as well he should for reverse engineering the situation, This way, I said to Jon and he followed me to our bedroom where I fetched our dreaded hairbrush and handed it to him,

Don’t worry. I’m a cox. I know how to use this thing. Many a crew boy I’ve disciplined in my day, Jon said with confidence, Yessir, I even stammered a bit for my excitement at the turn of events. Jon even surprised me some after he sat on our bedside and I straddled down on his offered knee, his thumbs immediately went to prying my raised up bum cheeks far apart.

I could feel the cool room air wafting on my always ready fuck hole, Is this what you had in mind back in the House Captain’s room? he said and did it. He started to rim and tongue me, Oh yes it is! I replied as Jon then quite skilfully gave me one wet-tongue penetration after another as his other hand throttled my anxious hard prick to distraction until he finally sat up, worse luck.

Kevin advised that I should paddle you severely for your behavior and then give you a sound arse slamming. Did I say arse correctly? he asked me, but I was still mesmerized by the notion that I was going to be Jon’s first disciplinary victim much less severely, the word he had used, Yes, perfect annunciation, I replied.

Now get this pretty hind up nice and high for me, boy, Jon’s voice commanding as a good cox should be and I did. I presented as they say, Perfect. Punishment for you boy, he said next and punishment I got from Jon. Up and down my arse cheeks. Side-to-side, the business flat of the brush stinging and burnishing. Then down to my achingly tender sit-spots where Kevin always spends way too much time and effort.

Jon did himself and me proud. He paddled me raw just like I liked. How did he know? Turns out Jon was far more experienced in such matters than he had yet time to tell us. He was initially bashful until Kevin took him aside and gave him permission to strut his stuff. On me it turns out.

Jon expertly multi-tasked the arrangement, his other fist keeping my cock rock hard, slathering my pre-cum up and down my needy shaft as the brush finally finished me off. My cheeks and sit-stops were throbbingly sore by now, Oh Jon! I was forced to whimper and moan as he re-commenced some oral-anal, Good then. Come on Barrett. My cock is aching to get inside of you, he said next, What position? I asked.

Any you like. I’m quite versatile, he said confidently. Let’s see, doggie or on my back? Or my real favorite, on my tummy on the bed lengthwise, him on top like Kevin and I most often do. I chose the last one, Come on, this way Jon, and I lay down flat on my tummy, head up on the pillow.

Yes! I like this too, Jon said and mounted himself on top of the backs of my thighs and then lay himself forward. I pushed my hips up and shortly his hard cock was inside of me. Jon then rabbit-fucked me very nicely, even knowing to lay further forward and we locked lips. The man is skilled, I’ll say that much and much more than any of us expected.

That was just the beginning. Two new beginnings actually. Jon Stevens as our new friend, frequent visitor and fuck buddy as well as also the leader of our new Tidewater club sponsored coxed quad crew bound and determined to one day enter into an actual regatta to compete in a real coxed quad race.

Colleger Stories – Dreading Eton – Lent Half – Chapter Ten, © Copyright PJ Franklin, February 3, 2018.

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