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Chad's Boys
Part 41

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 41
Another Surprise

Tuesday naked study nights continued as the semester went on. At some point Zeke found out about this and was jealous of his friends being able to have such special time together. He didn’t want to join – it was their time. However, if there was someone who wanted to do that with him, he’d welcome it. How to figure that one out? For that matter, who was likely to have a house where it could be done? He thought it unlikely he could host such an event. Still, he did manage to get together with Nick and Keith most weeks, visits which always resulted in red bottoms and drained balls. A good time was had by all.

At least twice a week he and Rick would find their way to the secret spot in school where a lot of masturbation went on. It was amazing that no faculty got wind of this, but so far none had. Sometimes Zeke and Rick would walk in on other guys, always joining; sometimes guys arrived while they were at it, and they were always glad of more company. Clothes never came off, nor did boys ever touch each other. A few times Zeke and Rick managed to get there every day during a week, which required planning, but was fun to do. When they could get together at either one’s house they did strip naked and were experimenting with edging each other, with satisfying results for both.

Rick still hung out with Markie now and then. Zeke had said Markie was welcome to join them, which eventually he did. Zeke and Markie had been in the special room at school together so this was not new. What was new, of course, was the nudity together, which Markie embraced. He told them that he wished he could be naked a lot more than he was. They thought that was cool! There was no edging the first time, but on the second get-together Zeke and Rick broached the subject. Markie at first wasn’t sure how he felt about being touched or touching someone else, but after a bit went along with it, since his buddies were fine with it.

It wasn’t long before this fun led to this newly-formed trio joining Nick and Keith at Nick’s one Saturday. They’d all seen each other naked, at least after gym class, so no problems there. Nick and Keith didn’t know Markie well but were glad to have him join. Rick had long since let Markie know that the other guys knew about the spanking from Coach Riley. Markie thought was kind of funny, in fact.

Even though the spanking from Coach Riley was known by all, no one had told Markie about the spanking that went on among themselves. That being the case, the first visit was devoted entirely to edging, especially getting the new guys experienced at giving and getting. Nick announced that as host he got to do Markie, who was amazed at what an edging from a real expert was like. He was hooked now! Zeke and Rick had fun doing each other in turn. Keith invited Markie to try on him with Nick guiding him when necessary. Keith said he’d done a great job, which made Markie blush with pleasure.

It was later that same week that Nick and Keith found Markie catching up with them as they were leaving school for the day. They were happy to have him walk with them.

I know you guys know about Coach Riley spanking Rick and me, Markie said after a few minutes of small talk. Was there about to be a revelation? You guys promise not to tell anyone? Definitely a revelation coming. Nick and Keith looked at each other, wondering what it was about them that made guys open up. They assured him that there was no one they would tell.

Well, it’s kinda weird, but. . . I dunno. . . It’s just, well, I thought that getting spanked was kinda fun. I liked it! Is that crazy?

Nick and Keith resisted the temptation to laugh. Not to worry, man, it’s not crazy, Nick assured him. Markie gave them a heartfelt thanks. With that the rest of the walk was taken up with Nick and Keith telling him about some of their spanking activities and how much fun they had. Markie was wide-eyed listening to this. He never imagined anyone would be into spanking! Rick didn’t seem interested in it and Markie hadn’t felt there was anyone else he could talk to as they’d kept the Coach Riley spanking a secret until Zeke and the others were told. No one else ever heard about it, though.

This was unbelievable! After hearing all this he worked up the nerve to ask So, would it be ok if. . . I mean, could I, y’know, like, get spanked with you guys? Maybe give one, too?

Now the boys did laugh, but Markie could hear it was a friendly laugh. Of course, said Keith, that would be hot! They hadn’t gotten a good look at Markie’s backside, but had the impression that it would be fun to spank it.

Call me Friday night and I’ll let you know when’s a good time to come over on Saturday, said Nick. That settled Markie headed off to his house, the other two went to Nick’s where they had a couple of hours alone before Nick’s parents got home.

Man, this spanking stuff just is full of surprises, said Nick after they’d undressed and had some kissing time on the bed.

Sure is, agreed Keith. I’ve never thought about Markie much, but I bet it will be fun to spank him.

No question! said Nick and they laughed. In the meantime, someone here needs a red bottom.

Yes. You, buster! With that they wrestled for a while on the bed, each trying to get the other in position to be spanked. A few random swats landed, though the final result was a lot of laughter. Finally Nick agreed to submit, promising that, in turn, Keith would go home feeling it.

That settled, Keith took the chair and Nick got over his lap. This would be the usual twelve. The boys would try to vary how they did these spankings, never announcing how it would proceed. So, today Nick got twelve in a row, fairly hard and definitely stinging. Nick was rubbing his butt when he stood. He gave Keith a look which Keith understood.

After a few minutes to let the sting settle, Nick took the chair and Keith placed himself, quite sure of what was about to happen. SMACK SMACK SMACK, no pause, right through the twelve, definitely harder than what Keith had given. Nick had the satisfaction of getting some good yelling out of his friend. Initially when he stood Keith was pissed about what he’d been given, but he knew that fair is fair and, more so, he’d have an opportunity soon to repay his buddy. The boys had fun with these unspoken competitions, keeping in mind the need to not inadvertently mix a serious spanking into the maintenance or other minor spankings.

Back on the bed there was the inevitable result that the spankings had them excited and rock hard. Another wrestling match went on, this time one of kissing and exploring, which never got old.

I should fuck you for doing that to me, said Nick in an evil tone.

Do we have time? asked Keith. He liked the idea.

Nick glanced at the clock. I think so. Quickly he gathered together what was needed and soon was firmly up inside his best buddy who was moaning in pleasure at being invaded. It didn’t take long for Nick to explode, but not before he’d stroked off Keith who shot very quickly in his excitement. They took a few minutes to relax before cleanup and dressing.

Awesome, said Keith. Both dressed, Keith gave Nick a kiss, and was on his way. Nick wasn’t sure why he’d gotten dressed, but figured he’d stay that way through dinner.

Friday night Nick knew his parents’ plans for Saturday. They’d be out all day, which was ideal. He called Markie and set a time, then called Eric, catching him before he and Greg were off on what sounded like a date. Quickly he filled in his brother on what had developed. Awesome, Eric said. He promised to let Nick know all about his doings, later in the weekend.

Saturday morning Nick’s parents were out early, even for them on a weekend. Keith had chores to do at home, but was at Nick’s and nude by eleven o’clock. Nick had told Markie to come over around Noon or so for a naked lunch and then some spanking fun. Shortly after twelve there was a knock at the back door. Nick checked to make sure it was Markie (in case he needed to pull on shorts). It was. Markie came in and quickly there were three naked boys in the kitchen. A quick lunch and then downstairs.

It seemed best to Nick and Keith that they find out more about Markie’s interests before just going at it, so a fair bit of time was taken up with exchanging stories and so forth. Markie, like the others, had been spanked at home right up through junior high, usually bare bottom. His mother did the spanking when he was younger, then his dad took over. So, like the others, he’d been exposed to his father after puberty. He didn’t know what he thought of that except that it did feel embarrassing at the time. Coach Riley so far was the only person other than his parents who had spanked him. He was hoping that would change today. Nick and Keith filled him in on their backgrounds and their current doings. Markie was amazed again and thrilled that he’d found guys with the same interests.

That done, Nick said, It’s time you got a taste of it. Markie agreed. They decided that Nick would do the honors as he was the host. Nick helped Markie over his lap, taking time to get him positioned just right. Yes, this was an enticing bottom. Perhaps not as round as the boys preferred, but still one worth giving some color to, which Nick proceeded to do. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Not too hard, but Markie needed to feel it. He did. Just the first few smacks were exciting and Nick felt a hardon pressing against his thigh. He gave Keith a look and a smile which Keith understood. This was going to be fun!

When twenty or so smacks had been applied Nick stopped, in part to give Markie a break (he was new to this, after all) and to assess the color rising in his new friend’s bottom. It was most gratifying. Keith gave his approval.

Do you need me to stop? Nick asked his victim.

No! was the emphatic reply.

This is going to be fun! said Keith.

Shall we switch? Nick asked. Keith said sure, he’d be glad to lend a hand, the turn of phrase making all three laugh. Markie stood, revealing his firm erection which caused him no embarrassment – this was all too exciting for him to care. They’d seen him hard and edged him anyhow, so no need for anyone to care. Keith took the chair and enjoyed his turn to guide Markie over the lap, this time with the added pleasure of getting his hardon in place, which Keith made sure took a while. Another pleasure was that even the little manipulation of his cock was getting Markie breathing hard.

His victim in place, Keith applied his twenty or so, no one keeping a real count. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK over and over. Markie now was arching a bit to raise his bottom to meet the blows. A glance passed between Keith and Nick again. This guy might prove to be the most fun. He craved spankings! Markie now was responding vocally to each smack, but showed no sign of crying, which was fine. If necessary, that could come another time.

Spanking done, Markie was allowed to stand again. He was panting a bit from both the pain and the excitement of the spanking. Seeing him hard of course got the other two hard.

I think someone needs a reward for taking it well, said Keith with a sly grin.

Oh, definitely, Nick agreed. Markie wasn’t quite sure what was up and waited to find out where this was going. Up on the bed, said Nick. I hope you can lie on your back with that sore bottom. By the way, you get good color. Markie blushed with pleasure. This was the best! He did as instructed. Nick and Keith then set out to torture him with erotic pleasures, taking turns edging, playing with his balls, and other touching to get him stimulated. All of which was working. If Markie had made noise during the spanking, now he was moaning and groaning in excitement, pleasure, and agony.

After what seemed to Markie both to be forever and too fast he heard Nick say to Keith shall we?

Yup, I want to see, Keith replied. Without picking up the pace Nick now worked their new friend to a climax. With a yell Markie let go, shooting right up his chest in his most exciting orgasm ever. When it was over he went limp on the bed, savoring it all. Nick and Keith gave him some time then gently did a cleanup which Markie was finding also very exciting.

Guys, that was fucking awesome! Markie said when he’d recovered.

Glad you liked it, said Keith. You should know, though, that bad language leads to punishments in this house. If Nick’s dad heard that you’d be getting a serious spanking right now.

He’s right, said Nick. When Dad’s not here we have to spank each other for it. We’ll let this one go, but next time you’ll get a spanking which will make this feel like kid stuff.

That was all Markie needed to hear. The next visit he’d be sure to say something that would earn him a good spanking. Maybe even from the hairbrush he’d heard about earlier. He asked if he could take care of one of his pals in thanks for all he’d gotten so far. Keith said that he should watch a spanking first. Nick got one from Keith, with Markie watching carefully. It was nothing more than maintenance, but as they were putting on a show, Keith made sure that Nick gave out with a few grunts.

That spanking done, it was time for Markie to give it a try. By the time he was in the chair he was hard again with excitement. Keith got into place. Markie did his best to imitate what had been done to him and what he had just witnessed. It seemed to work as Keith was giving out with a few grunts and the color was coming up. Spanking done and Keith released, he complimented Markie on a fine job the first time out. Markie again blushed with pleasure.

The two-on-one edging had excited all three, lasting right through these two spankings, so now Markie joined Keith in working on Nick. Nick put on a good show. After a break it was Keith’s turn. Markie couldn’t believe his luck – helping to edge two guys! Keith also responded well. Markie was hard again through all this. He and Nick were on the bed on their knees to work on Keith. Nick reached over and with a few quick strokes had Markie shooting for the second time that afternoon, this one all over Keith who now was covered in his own cum and his new pal’s. Again, all-around agreement that this was hot. Nick and Markie worked together to clean up Keith.

Edgings done the three were lying quietly on the bed and soon dozed off, spent from all the excitement. Fortunately they woke up well before Nick’s parents returned. It was agreed that this needed to happen often. Markie nor his friends knew it, but soon Markie would receive his second spanking from an adult not his father. That is another story.

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