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Truckle Helps Mr Tetley Out

by Plagosus

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In the grounds of the school where Mr Tetley reigned supreme – well it would have been supreme but for matron – there was an ornamental pond which was out-of-bounds. One day a boy fell in and caught a chill. Matron insisted that a picket fence was put up round the pond and that Mr Tetley issued a threat of serious retribution against any boy going over the fence. The fence was put up the next day and at assembly Mr Tetley announced that any boy crossing the fence would have his bare bottom slippered extra hard – no exceptions.

A few days after the announcement Mr Tetley spotted a boy at the edge of the pond apparently stirring it with a stick. Exasperated, he approached and was surprised to see that the boy was Truckle. Truckle was a model pupil. He was sensible, always smart, always polite, top of his class in every subject except art and totally lacking in arrogance. Mr Tetley asked him what he thought he was doing. Truckle said he was trying to fish out his cap which had been thrown into the pond by a boy from the village trespassing. Mr Tetley stepped over the fence and saw that there was indeed a cap in the pond. Between them Mr Tetley and Truckle managed to get the cap out.

Given the circumstances and because it was Truckle, Mr Tetley was minded to forget his indiscretion. However, as he and Truckle stepped back over the fence he saw a group of boys. As Mr Tetley and Truckle approached them one boy asked if Truckle was going to get the slipper. That confirmed the boys had seen Truckle on the wrong side of the picket fence. Mr Tetley said nothing and conducted Truckle to his study. On the way there he said to himself that if he decided to slipper Truckle he was going to have slipper him half measures would not do. He knew an inspection would take place and if the boys saw he had gone easy on him it will be the same as if he had let him off.

As Mr Tetley closed the study door Truckle asked, Are you going to slipper my bare bottom, sir?

I’m not sure, Truckle, said Mr Tetley, who went and sat at his desk. He fiddled with a letter-opener. Two things are against it. One is that it is you are an exemplary pupil. The other is that the circumstances are such that letting you off could be justified. On the other hand I did quite clearly say that any boy going over the fence would be slippered bare – no exceptions. Looking back I regret the no exceptions part. Of course you know what you should have done.

Yes, sir. Gone and found someone in authority.

Quite. Of course you were bound to be upset by the boy’s action, so allowance can be made for that – the snag is the no exceptions.

I can see it would be difficult to make an exception, sir.

I think we can have exceptions to exceptions. No master will object. I can’t speak for matron. A boy or two may grumble. Mr Tetley tapped the letter-opener on his desk. What do you think? he asked, mainly to give himself time to think.

Well, sir, said Truckle assuming a thoughtful air. The very first thing is that you said that any boy who crossed the fence would have his bare bottom slippered. I crossed the fence and so cannot complain if I get my bare bottom slippered. It would be different if I was forced to cross the fence, but I wasn’t. I did so freely. If I’d thought a moment I probably would not have done. I’m not sure you should let me off for not stopping to think if you wouldn’t let off any other boy for not stopping to think. I think the bigger picture needs to be considered too. If you let me off then I can think of one or two boys who would throw their caps into the pond and say it was a boy from the village. Before you know where you are everyone would be throwing their caps into the pond and you’d have more boys around the pond than before the fence was put up.

Don’t ever think of becoming a defence lawyer, Truckle, said a smiling Mr Tetley.

And what’s more, sir, if you think I shouldn’t be slippered for going over the fence you can tell yourself I am bound to have done something sometime which merits the slipper.

I find that difficult to believe.

The Reverend Jenkins says we are all sinners, sir.

I prefer to leave sins I don’t know about to the recording angel. The way you’re talking I am beginning to think you want the slipper. Mr Tetley smiled indulgently, but then turned serious. You aren’t looking to get the slipper are you? No silly nonsense like trying to show you’re a regular boy? It wasn’t you who threw your cap in the pond?

Oh, no, sir! insisted Truckle.

At that moment there was a knock on the door. It was Mr Fountain. I just happened to be looking out of the window and saw a boy from the village snatch a cap off one of our boy’s heads and run off with it. I thought I ought to let you know so that if any capless boy says that’s what happened you know it’s true. Mr Fountain was thanked and the fate of the cap explained to him. His intervention confirmed that Truckle had not thrown his cap into the pond.

Can you come up with a good reason why you shouldn’t get the slipper? asked Mr Tetley, wishing he had not sought Truckle’s opinion.

Not for the moment, sir.

Not even if I remind you that if I slipper you it will be extra hard like I said in assembly.

I’m afraid not, sir.

A pity. I have to keep to what I said. I am well aware that a boy has to show the effects of the slipper and the boys will know if you get less than very thoroughly slippered. If I’m not going to make a proper job of it I may as well let you off.

Mr Tetley reviewed the arguments. He felt they came down on the side of slippering Truckle. In the end it was not really as borderline as he had at first thought. If it had been anyone else he would have been slippered by now.

If I slipper you you will make sure everyone gets to hear about it?

Yes, sir.

And you won’t be shy about showing off your freshly slippered bottom?

No, sir.

Good. Everyone needs to see what a bottom which has been slippered extra hard looks like.

Of course, sir. It will be a deterrent, sir.

We can live in hope that more than a few will be deterred.

Mr Tetley stood up.

I don’t suppose you’ve had your bare bottom slippered before.

No, sir.

You won’t like it, especially extra hard.

I should think it will be frightful, sir.

I fear it will. You will take care to think before you act in the future, won’t you?

I’ll try to remember, sir.

Shall we go over to the old armchair in the corner?

When they reached the armchair Mr Tetley reached under the seat cushion and removed an old slipper. It has been squashed quite flat. Truckle noticed that the sole was leather.

Take your shoes off and leave them in front of the chair.

Truckle was a bit puzzled why he had to take his shoes off, but being Truckle obeyed the command without questioning it.

Now stand at the side of the chair and let your trousers down.

Truckle did just that.

Mr Tetley took the scatter cushion from the seat of the chair and placed it on the arm in front of Truckle.

Gather up your shirt and everything and pull it all right up and bend over the cushion.

Truckle followed the instructions wondering if Mr Tetley had forgotten to tell him to take his pants down.

Mr Tetley took hold of the bottoms of Truckle’s short trousers and pulled them off. That explained why Truckle had had to take his shoes off. Mr Tetley folded the trousers in half lengthwise and laid them across the back of the armchair. He then in one smooth movement swept Truckle’s pants off. Obviously Mr Tetley had not forgotten about Truckle’s pants. Mr Tetley dropped the pants on top of the trousers.

Be sure to mention that your trousers and pants had to come off, won’t you?

Yes, sir.

They’ll be impressed when they hear that. They’ll know you were slippered extra hard when they hear that.

Yes, sir.

Now get your bottom up so that I can slipper it properly.

Truckle was not quite sure what was required, but pushed up on his toes.

That’s it. Be sure to mention I said to get your bottom up so it could be slippered properly. They’ll know I meant business when I said that because it’s not often I tell a boy to get his bottom up so it can be slippered properly.

Yes, sir.

So you know when it’s coming I’ll count to three and on three bring the slipper down hard on your bare bottom. Don’t get up until I tell you to. Understood?

Yes, sir.

Mr Tetley raised the slipper. One, two, three. On the count of three he brought the slipper down at speed on the lower part of Truckle’s bottom. That quite took Truckle’s breath away and before he got it back again the slipper landed again in the same place. Two whacks were applied to the middle zone and two to the top.

Truckle thought that that was it. He certainly felt he had already been slippered extra hard. He did though stay down as he had not been given the order to stand up.

Just turn towards me, said Mr Tetley. About a quarter turn.

Truckle rolled towards Mr Tetley who delivered two whacks to the right dimple.

Now the opposite direction.

Truckle rolled away from Mr Tetley and received two whacks on his left dimple.

Now as you were when we began, but into the chair a bit more.

Truckle shuffled forwards.

Mr Tetley brought the slipper down hard twice on the very lowest part of Truckle’s bottom.

Do you feel as if your bare bottom has been slippered extra hard?

Definitely, sir! Very hard indeed!

Be sure to mention you got four low down.

Yes, sir.

I have to say you took it all very well, Truckle. Hardly a sound and barely moved at all. You should see the fuss some of my regulars make when they get a routine slippering.

Truckle was gratified to hear that he had done so well.

Was a good long extra hard bare bottom slippering anything like you imagined?

I had never imagined what it was like, sir. Until a short while ago I never imagined I would get any sort of a slippering.

Now you mention it, Truckle, neither did I.

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