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Has Anyone Seen Sebastian?

by Zyngaru

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Has Anyone Seen Sebastian?

Oh Cameron! Don’t stop! That feels so good.

Ya! Sebastian! Keep stroking dude! I’m almost there!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Awesome dude!

EEEEEEE! I can’t hold back any longer!

What the hell’s going on in here!

Both boys, right on the very edge of ecstacy, freeze in place.

Sebastian’s dad just walked in on his thirteen year old son and his just turned fourteen year old best friend laying head to toe completely naked, pumping each others boner. When Mr. Langley announced his presence, both boys stare up at him through glassy eyes of shock and fear. Even seconds later they are still laying in front of him froze in place holding onto the other boy’s hard bone.

Cameron! Get your naked ass out of this house now, unless you want some of what Sebastian is going to get.

Sebastian’s dad is pulling his belt free while telling Cameron to leave. Cameron wakes up from the shock of being caught masturbating with Sebastian and jumps off the bed, grabs his clothes and runs naked from the room and the house, not stopping to put anything on until he is far away. While exiting Sebastian’s room, he sees Mr. Langley grab Sebastian’s arm and begins letting fly his belt striking Sebastian wherever it happens to hit.

I am not having no freaking faggot living in my house.


Mr. Langley’s belt comes down hard onto Sebastian’s bare thighs, as Sebastian is squirming with all the strength he has to pull away from his dad’s iron grip.


I’ll drive every bit of your perversion out of you one way or another!

The leather belt makes contact with Sebastian’s rear, stinging horribly, so Sebastian twists to try and escape the belt.


When Sebastian twisted in his dad’s grip, he took his ass out of the target range and placed his now very soft penis and balls right in the line of fire. Sebastian screams in agony, as the belt strikes his most sensitive and treasured bits. The pain of getting hit in the balls with the belt, is so extreme Sebastian collapses on his bed face down.


Sebastian’s dad doesn’t let up, even after hearing his son scream out in agony. He continues to strike Sebastian’s backside. Sebastian is screaming in pain as huge red strips are covering his body from the middle of his back down to his knees both front and back.

I will not have a freaking faggot living in my house. I’ll beat your ass every day if I have to. Do you hear me you little pervert?

It is all Sebastian can do to squeak out a Yes Sir!


Mr. Langley beats his son, until his arm wears out and then storms out of the room, leaving Sebastian laying naked on his bed, writhing in pain. Sebastian has soaked his pillow with tears. His body aches so bad he can’t move. He just lays there crying until late into the night.

His dad caught him jerking with his best friend. It isn’t the first time Sebastian and Cameron have masturbated together. They discovered last year that jerking off with a friend felt so much better than doing it alone. It didn’t have anything to do with being homosexual. Heck Cameron has a girlfriend that he loves, but just doesn’t do anything like this with her, because they want to save themselves for marriage. Sebastian is pretty sure he’s asexual. Doing sex with anyone disgusts him. He can’t even watch it on cable TV, without getting sick to his stomach.

Sebastian knows that now that his dad caught him with Cameron that there won’t be any way for him to explain he’s not gay. His dad will always think of him as a pervert. His life is over. Looking down at the stripes all over his body, he also knows he can’t go to school, because the other boys in the showers after gym class will see he had been beat and want to know why. How can he tell them his dad caught him jerking off with a friend? There’s no way. Yes, all boys jerk off, but no boy admits it to other boys. His life is over. There’s no way out of this one. Not now that he had been caught.

Sebastian makes his decision. He drags his tortured body from the bed, packs a few clothes in his backpack and sneaks out of his room to the kitchen. He raids the fridge for some food and slips out the back door unobserved. Now he has to think of where to go? His first thought is to go to Cameron’s house, but he can’t go there, because Cameron’s parents would see his stripes and want to know what happened. Sebastian thinks about some of his other friends, but he can’t go to their houses either for the same reason. To many questions with only terrible answers. So Sebastian just wanders around the neighborhood for an hour before finally making a decision.

Sebastian takes off towards the edge of town where the railroad tracks pass by. He climbs up on the tracks and heads south towards the river. After a mile walk, he comes to the railroad trestle crossing Eel River and takes his time crossing the trestle hoping no train comes by while he’s still on the trestle. Once across, he makes his way down the steep bank and crawls up under the structure. This will provide him shelter from the weather. He pulls himself up high under the tracks and falls to sleep, only waking when a train rumbles overhead.

Since he didn’t grab his watch before leaving home, he isn’t sure exactly what time it is, but probably close to noon since the sun is high in the sky. That would mean that Cameron and his other friends would all be in school. It would also mean his mom would have went to his room to wake him up and found him gone. He can only imagine how glad his dad will be to discover that his perverted son left in the middle of the night. He really feels sorry about hurting his mom by leaving without saying good bye, but he knows he just couldn’t wait to leave. No telling how his dad would act if he had stayed, so it was the best decision to leave while his parents were asleep.

Sebastian’s body is so very stiff. The accumulation of being beat and sleeping out in the open, even though the trestle gave him some shelter, has stiffened his body to the point he can’t hardly move. Sebastian removes his clothing and slides down the steep bank and into the river. The water is cold, even though the weather is hot. He has swam in the river before and it is always cold, even during the hottest of summers. Even though the water was initially cold, after a few minutes it is feeling really good on his skin. Sebastian doesn’t skinny dip much, but now that he only has a few articles of clothing with him, he really can’t afford to get his clothing wet. So it will be skinny dipping for now on, while he’s living on the road.

After a long swim, Sebastian climbs out of the river, with the realization he doesn’t have a towel to dry off with, so decides to just walk around out in the sunlight to dry off. Even though his dick is right there swinging between his legs as he walks around, he doesn’t have the slightest interest in pleasuring himself. After the beating last night, jerking off is the farthest thing from his mind.

Eventually his stomach begins to growl so he heads back to where he has his backpack stashed and pulls out some leftovers that he scrounged from the fridge before leaving home. He realizes that he doesn’t have enough food to last for more than a couple days, so he’s going to have to decide what he’s going to do from here. But that can wait. For now he’s just enjoying being away. No school. No dad. No rules. Most importantly, no beatings.

As he daydreams the day passes by and the sun begins to set and Sebastian makes his way up into his little shelter under the railroad trestle to spend his first full night out on his own. Later when it’s dark, Sebastian hears voices in the distance. Climbing up from his shelter, he looks down the tracks to see a group of adults walking his way, swinging flashlights and calling his name. Heck, people are looking for him. He instantly gets sacred. If they find him, they’ll take him back home, and for sure, his dad will beat him again. Sebastian quickly jumps back under the trestle, and grabs his backpack, and crawls high up into the trestle, where he can’t be seen.

The group of adults have split up into three smaller groups. Two adults went down the other side of the trestle and are walking up and down the river back, shining their lights and calling his name. Two other adults have come down his side of the trestle and are doing the same thing. He freezes when they shine their lights up in his direction. Lucky for him, he is so tucked up into the framework of the structure they don’t see him. Two other adults have remained on the trestle shining their lights down from up above.

Hank! I don’t see any sign of him or anyone else down here. One of the men yells up to a man on top of the trestle.

Okay! It was worth a shot. Come on back up. It’s getting too late and too dark to be searching any more tonight.

With that the searchers down along the river bank climb back up and the entire search party leaves, heading back the way they had come. Sebastian takes a deep breath, not realizing he had hardly breathed the entire time they were there. Hopefully they are satisfied he’s not here and won’t return for another search, especially in daylight. Once their voices have receded to nothing, Sebastian lays back and falls asleep, after his nervous tension abates.

The next day he again wakes to a thunderous train passing overhead. His body isn’t as stiff or as sore as the day before, but his mouth tastes terrible. He forgot his toothbrush. He digs in his backpack to find the last of the food he brought and downs it, even though it tastes a little funny. He then disrobes and goes skinny dipping in the river. At least he has plenty of water to drink and a way to stay clean. He plays in the water for a long time, before getting out and laying on the grass out in the sunlight to dry and warm himself.

When dry he dresses and goes for a walk looking for anything edible. He finds some berries and picks them, removing his shirt to carry the extra berries in. Returning to his shelter under the trestle, he puts his berries away, discovering his shirt is stained by the berry juice. Again he strips off his clothing and goes to the river to try and wash the stains away. The water is cold as usual but he’s getting used to it. He’s in the middle of the river washing his shirt when he hears voices and before he knows it, sliding down the far side of the river are two little black boys that can’t be more than ten years old.

The boys haven’t noticed him in the river, because they are totally preoccupied with stripping off their clothing. Before long they are in their white briefs and then faster than you can say, get naked, they are both bare ass. Sebastian is staring right at their nakedness, surprised by how big their dicks are for so young of boys. They are easily bigger than him in length and maybe even thickness.

Hey! Look over there!

They just spotted him. They both wave with huge grins on their faces. Without even thinking, Sebastian waves back. Both boys jump into the river and immediately begin swimming his direction. It has been a dry summer so the river is down with very little current, so the boys have a relatively easy swim over to Sebastian.

Hi, what you doing? One of the little black boys asks.

Which seemed to Sebastian as a stupid question until he looks at his shirt in his hands and understands what they are asking about.

Trying to get berry stains out of my shirt.

Ain’t gonna happen. Berry stains stay in no matter what. Me and Jesse both got a whuppin last summer for ruining our shirts picking berries. The other boy shakes his head up and down indicating the story is true.

You got some berries? Me and Levon like berries. The boy, he assumes is Jesse, asks.

You’re Jesse right? Ya. I got some berries up there. Sebastian points to his little
shelter area.

Ya. He’s Jesse and I’m Levon. Can we have some berries?

I’m sort of saving those, but I can take you to where I got them and we can pick more, if you want?

Sure let’s go!

Instantly both naked boys climbed up out of the river and sure enough Sebastian’s first evaluation was correct. Both boys are longer and thicker than him. Sebastian climbs up out of the river with his smaller dick dangling between his legs. Both boys look but don’t laugh.

You got hairs! I knew you was older than us. Jesse remarks.

Sebastian is surprised that the boys are more interested in his pubes than his dick.

Who gave you all those stripes?

Ya, I’m Sebastian and I’m thirteen, almost fourteen. My birthday is next month. My dad whipped me good the other day. How old are you two?

We’re both ten. Jesse just had his birthday and mine was last month. We get whupped really bad sometimes, but not as bad as you.

You’re the first naked white boy we’ve ever seen. Jesse announces.

Are we the first black boys you’ve seen naked? Levon asks.

No. I see other black boys naked at school, when we take showers for gym class.

You gotta get naked and take showers at school? Levon asks with surprise all over his face.

Yep. When you get in Middle School you will. I assure them.

Both boys stop talking as we continue along the river bank to the berry patch.

When we get to the berry patch, we start picking berries and putting them in my already stained shirt. When we have stripped the vines of their ripe fruit, we head back to the trestle with our cash of berries. The boys are eating them just as fast as they can as we walk.

Sebastian, does everyone have to get naked and shower at Middle School? Even girls? Levon asks.

Yes. But not together. Boys only shower with other boys. No girls allowed.

Praise the Lord! Jesse shouts.

We was so afraid we’d have to be naked with girls. YUCK! Levon adds.

Once back at the trestle, the boys jump back into the river.

Come on Sebastian, come swim with us.

Putting what is left of the berries down, I jump into the river with the boys and we swim and splash and play together. Slowly as we play we cross over to the other side of the river.

What time is it? Levon asks.

I don’t know. I don’t have my watch with me. I answer.

You think it close to 3:00? Jesse asks.

Could be, but not sure.

We’d better be going then. We gotta be back before school’s out. Jesse states.

Both boys climb up out of the river.

Why? I ask, as I climb up right behind them.

We skipped school so unless we wanna get our ass whupped, we gotta get back so we don’t get found out. Levon explains.

You gonna be here tomorrow Sebastian? Jesse asks.

Probably, but not really sure. Why?

Well, we could come back tomorrow. We can play sick for another day. Jesse says with hope in his eyes.

Okay. I’ll be right here tomorrow then.

The boys get dressed and all three of us climb the steep bank up to the railroad tracks. I tell them goodbye and they tell me they’ll see me tomorrow, and I decide to walk across the trestle to get to my side of the river instead of going back down and swimming across. It feels really weird walking out in the open totally naked. I take my time sliding down the bank and getting my clothes. I have to get a clean shirt from my backpack since the berry shirt is ruined.

I’m up under the trestle as darkness falls, when I hear something coming down the bank behind me. I quickly slide up high in the structure and see legs go by on their way down to the river bank. It’s an old man carrying fishing poles and a lantern. I watch him from my vantage point as he lights his lantern, baits his hooks, and throws the lines out into the middle of the river. He then sits down and waits for a bite. He fishes for hours with only a few small bites and doesn’t catch anything. Then to my surprise he stands up and begins undressing. He takes everything off until he’s naked. In the lantern light I can see he has a really small dick. He then slides into the river and goes for a swim.

I can’t believe what I am seeing. An adult is skinny dipping. I never knew adults did that. I thought only us kids did it. He didn’t swim long, probably because it’s not really much fun to swim alone. He gets out of the river and sits by his fishing poles, still waiting for that elusive bite.

You know it isn’t polite to watch someone without introducing yourself.

Who’s he speaking to? No way he knows I’m up here. I haven’t made any noise at all.

I know you’re up there. I’ve known ever since I got here.

How? How can he know?

You left your berries down here, in your shirt.

Heck. I forgot all about those berries.

You that boy who ran away from home?

I don’t know what to do. Is he just guessing I’m here or does he really know?

Come on boy, come on down here and let’s talk. I’m not going to try and grab you or force you to go back home. I just want to talk.

If I don’t go talk to him, he’ll probably tell my dad where I am and he will come drag me home. Not seeing any way out of this, I speak up.

I’m coming.

I scramble from my hiding place and slide down to where the old man is sitting.

Sit and let’s talk. I’m Glenn Krockett.

I sit down next to Mr. Krockett and notice he’s still naked and I’m looking right at his small dick. He doesn’t seem to be concerned so I just ignore that he’s naked, as much as I can ignore looking at an old naked man.

I’m Sebastian Langley. Yes, I’m the kid that took off from home.

So you been here all along?

Yes sir.

Sebastian, no need for the Mister or the sir. Call me Glenn. We’re friends just having a talk.

Okay Glenn.

So Sebastian, you want to tell me your story