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Spanked Then Switched

by Readbottom

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If you are underage, please stop reading now. This story is 100% fantasy. All of the characters involved are over the age of 18. I love reading feedback!

But, sir! Ciel cried as he felt his body lifted from his saddle by his collar. The next moment he felt his body slammed bell down across Councilor Winston’s saddle with his rear in the air. Sir! He pleaded while struggling to grasp hold of something. The only thing he could find to hold was Winston’s leg which he grasped with nervous fingers. The horse beneath them shifted causing Ciel to hold even tighter.

Late for a meeting as important as this one? The man asked while laying the first hard spank on the prince’s bottom. The hit stung and sent searing pain through the tartly princes body. Ciel gasped in the morning air.

Not in front of the others, Ciel begged. Another hard slap followed. Though he couldn’t see the others he knew that his Father’s entire council and their horses were witnessing his punishment taking place in the open field. His cheeks burned though he wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment or from having his head hanging in such a way. He had no time to consider which the cause was. The hard slaps continued landing one after another. His entire bottom blossomed with pain. He wanted to kick his feet and twist away but the horse he was strewn across was a tall one and the fear of falling seemed worse than the spanking itself. For now.

The harsh slaps continued sending shocks of pain through his body one after another with no pause and no mercy. Ciel felt his resolve crack. Kicking and falling from the horse was no longer an item of fear, it was the only escape. He tensed his muscles ready to twist and flail. Before he could act on his desperation he felt his body lifted once more. A strong arm lifted him upright and carefully pushed him to the ground to leave him standing next to the horse with wobbling legs. Ciel stumbled forward and grasped Councilor Winston’s boot to steady himself.

No mount up, you are coming with me, Winston declared. Ciel looked up at the man sitting tall on his horse.

But sir, you just punished me.

For your tartness, not for galloping through the southern field, the man said simply.

How-how did you know? Ciel asked in desperation.

From your response just now, Councilor Winston said this voice still strong.

Ever clever, Winston, one of the council members commented with laughter in his voice. They thought it was funny! Ciel’s stomach churned and his lip began to quiver.

Go easy on him, another council member said earnestly. He is young yet, as we all were. Winston ignored the comments looking only at Ciel.

Mount. Up.

Ciel stumbled backwards towards his horse forcing his lips together to hide the fact that he was losing his resolve. When Ciel got to his horse he tried to get his foot in the stirrup. The motion pulled his skin tight and made him flinch with pain. Hands grasped his hips and his body was pushed into the air. He landed with a smack in his saddle. Fearfully he looked down to see Winston who had already turned away and was walking towards his own horse. Ciel closed his eyes and heard the leather saddle creak and then the man’s body ease into the saddle.

Come on, Winston said holding out his hands. Ciel blinked. Your reigns, he said in a tight voice.

Oh, Ciel tried to get the reigns over his horses head. The poor beast flicked its ears back as the leather reigns slapped across its neck. Winston leaned forward and took the reigns over the horses head with ease. He then led Ciel away from the others towards the familiar path.

Ciel didn’t dare look back to see the others watching him be lead away to the woods for further discipline. It was all too humiliating. Besides that his bottom still stung from the assault and the horses movements only served to further aggravate the situation. Instead of trying to reason his way out of the situation he starred down at his horses neck witch bobbed up and down with its movements.

He watched the ground change from a grassy field to a leave strewn forest path. The sound of the small water fall in the distance began to caress the morning air with its calming rumble. So that is where they were going, so no one would hear him beg. Ciel felt his stomach drop. His arms began to feel light as if they would float away. Thankfully Winston had taken the reigns.

When the horses finally came to a stop they were at the pool of water which was fed by the waterfall. Next to the water was a large willow tree which hung with branches swishing close to the water.

Winston dismounted first. He walked around to Ciel’s left side and held his arms up. With a small whimper Ciel subjected himself to being caught as he pushed his body form the saddle. Wordlessly Winston took hold of Ciel’s hand and led him to a rock next to the willow tree and close by the water’s edge. There he sat and looked to Ciel. Ciel rubbed his bottom and remained standing.

Do you know why I forbid you to go galloping through the southern field? Winston asked. His voice was not angry or disappointed; it was even like a teacher asking a simple question to a student.

Yes, Councilor, Ciel answered.

And my reason?

Because the field has too many dangerous holes and rocks it which could cause a horse to fall, Ciel answered.

Look me in the eye, Winston said. And why is it bad for your horse to fall?

It would break its leg, sir, Ciel said looking Winston in the eye.


And it would be killed.

Those are not the reasons I gave you, Winston said, his voice becoming more caring. What would happen if you fell?

Ciel shrugged, The Kingdome could lose its heir.

To Hell with the Kingdome, Winston stood up and put his hand on Ciel’s shoulder. I could lose my Ciel. What would I do without you?

Such kind words made tears well in Ciel’s eyes. So often he felt like nothing but a pawn. The only value he had was the fact that he was the son of his father. People only cared that he was safe to protect the future of the Kingdome. Winston didn’t see things that way.

What if your horse fell and you managed to break your neck? You wouldn’t be able to move. It would be difficult to find you in the long grass. You could lay suffering before you died. Winston’s eyes were full of concern. The horse could fall on top of you and pin you, or you could fall in such a way to be kicked to death. Look at me when I am speaking. Winston slipped two fingers under Ciel’s chin and lifted his face. Ciel, I would rather have you late than dead.

But you spanked me for being late, Ciel said quietly. In front of the counsel, he added with his voice full of shame.

This morning I told you several times to ready yourself and you neglected to. You had ample opportunity to be responsible and on time. Had you been late from riding around that dangerous field you would not have received such punishment. You were irresponsible and were treated accordingly.

Ciel nodded.

You need to be punished. Would this lesson resonate more in your mind if you were to cut the switch?

Ciel felt the tears rising in his eyes even more. Winston still held his chin and studied his face. With a sigh Winston dropped his hand releasing the prince’s chin.

I’m going to switch your back, not your bottom. That way you can ride and be a part of this meeting.

Thank you, sir, Ciel managed.

Now, do you need to cut the switch? Winston reached down and pulled out the hidden dagger which lay hidden in his boot. He held the blade and offered the hilt to Ciel. I think you do.

Ciel took the blade. An indignant tear slipped down his cheek but he brushed it away hopefully before Winston saw it. With heavy steps he made his way towards the willow tree. Though tears blurred his vision he managed to find a low hanging branch which seemed up to the task at hand. He cut it to the right length; nearly the length of his arm. It felt thick in his hand but not too thick. He took the switch and bent it into a circle to make sure it was flexible enough. It was. With shaking hands he began to cut the switch smooth. A sob escaped his throat.

That’s enough, Winston said. He took the switch and the knife then began to whittle smooth leaving Ciel to compose himself. Go find a tree, Winston said in a soft voice.

Ciel went to take a step but stumbled forward. Winston fell in line beside him and took hold of his arm gently guiding him closer to the wooded area.

This tree will do, Winston pointed to a fairly thick tree which Ciel could hold during his punishment. Ciel wiped the tears from his eyes. Bare your back, Winston said calmly. Ciel did as he was told. The morning air caressed his naked flesh but that was not why he shivered. Here, Winston took his shirt and hung it on a nearby branch. Now, Ciel, you know why we are going through all of this?

Yes, sir, Ciel said in a small voice.

All right, Winston gestured towards the tree. Go ahead.

Ciel stepped forward and wrapped his arms around the tree pulling it into a tight hug. His face rested on the rough bark and another unwilling sob crept up his throat.

A soft hand touched his shoulder causing him to jump.

Relax your grip a bit. It will be over soon. Ready?

Yes, sir.

A sharp pain cut across his back.

Ah, Ciel cried out.

Oh, Ciel, I barely even touched you with it.

Ciel grunted in response.

Another stroke of pain seared through his back. Ciel pushed his face into the rough tree bark swallowing his cry. More pain was sent across his back in a line which connected with the other two which made the burning sting travel wider. More glowing lines of pain followed crossing over the previous thrashes.

Ciel imagined his back cut up into fierce red X marks. The truth was that Winston was hardly even leaving welts, Ciel knew as much. Winston was too gentle in nature to do such damage.

More slashes seared into his back. And then it was over.

I hope this doesn’t happen again. Ciel didn’t want to let go of the tree. He didn’t want to look at Winston’s face. But he knew he had to eventually.

It won’t, sir, he said turning to face his punisher. This was the worst part. He looked up at Winston to see tears glimmering in the man’s eyes. I’m sorry, Ciel whispered. He stepped forward and pressed his body against Councilor Winston’s.

Winston sniffed and rubbed the tears from his eyes. He took in a deep quivering breath.

You make this job difficult, he said taking in another deep breath and squeezing Ciel tighter in his embrace with his hands carefully placed around the punished princes shoulders. The two men held each other taking in the sound of the water falling and the breeze which soared through the trees causing the leaves to brush and rub together.

Ciel felt his heart begin to beat in a peaceful rhythm. In the entire world he loved two men the most: Councilor Winston and Master Hector. Of course he adored his future advisor Niram with all of his heart, but not in the same way he loved the other two. He wished deep in the secret confines of his heart that he could be Councilor Winston or Master Hector’s son.

I love you, father, Ciel murmured softly into Winston’s chest. The wind carried his words of desperation away and blew them amongst the tree tops leaving them unhead.

Come on, Winston said. He kissed Ciel’s forehead. Let’s get your shirt back on. We will ride to the others.

Ciel pushed himself away from Winston only to rush back into his arms.

Hold me longer? He asked.

Of course. Once more Winston wrapped his arms carefully around the prince’s shoulders and held him in a safe and warm embrace. The rest of the world melted away. All that existed was the peaceful forest and the loving embrace of Councilor Winston.

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