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A Count's best friend.
Chapter 25

by Torok

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Hours later, Jose walked into the sleeping quarters to wake Devon. He went up to his doghouse, crouched down in the doorway and looked inside. Devon was curled up on his bed, in a deep sleep. Jose tapped him on the shoulder a few times. Devon stirred but rolled onto his other side and started snoring. Jose put his hand on his shoulder and shook him. Hey, it’s time to wake up. He said.

Devon sleepily groaned and waved his hand at Jose. Five more minutes, mom...

After a few seconds of confusion, Jose spoke again. Dude, I’m not your mama, get up!

With a slightly startled snort, Devon sat up and opened his eyes. He looked a bit sleepy, but not nearly as exhausted as he was before. Oh, hey. What time is it? He asked, sitting up into a full sitting position.

It’s 8 O’clock. We actually let you sleep in for an hour. The others are waiting above ground. Jose replied, getting out of the doorway and standing up.

Devon crawled out of his doghouse and stood up, stretching.

We prepared a picnic for all of us to enjoy while we’re training, it’s nothing fancy, just a few items we had in the cupboards and the fridge. Gregory caught some squirrels that we roasted over the grill, he insisted that the meat be rare, extra rare. Jose said.

That sounds wonderful. Have you guys been craving raw meat too? Devon asked, starting to head out of the sleeping quarters.

Yes, well I have, I can’t speak for the others, but considering that yesterday Riley ate a raw steak by himself. It’s safe to assume. Jose answered.

We’re becoming less and less like dogs and more like wolves every day. Earlier today the prospect of moving our base of operations to a forest was more preferable than staying here. Devon said, walking out of the sleeping quarters and towards an elevator.

We need to stay relatively close to civilization, though. What about Wi-Fi? Jose asked.

We can make our own hotspot. And for power we can use solar and maybe even lunar. Devon replied, pressing a button on a wall to call an elevator.

Yes, that’ll work. Speaking of solar energy, Teen Ninja scientists invented a solar capturing device that they can shine on themselves and get their daily dose of sunlight and vitamin D without having to go outside. Maybe we can make a similar device that captures lunar rays. Jose said.

That’s brilliant! I bet replicating it and tweaking it to capture lunar rays won’t be that difficult. Get on that right away. Devon said, getting on the elevator when it arrived.

Jose got on the same elevator and pressed a button to head up to the surface. Will do. Ohhh, what if we take that solar device and we weaponized it, to use it as a weapon against vampires! He said.

I LOVE that idea! Let’s get started on that as soon as possible. IF Asenath gives us the go ahead. I doubt She’d mind the lunar ray capturing device, but the solar weapon. Devon said.

True. Jose said.

The elevator took them up to the surface and opened, they stepped out and saw the others, they were all dressed in more comfortable clothes. They were sitting on a large picnic blanket with images of bones, Frisbees and tennis balls on it. There were dog bowls instead of plates, platters of delicious food, dog bowls beside some beverages like water and soda.

Hey, Devon! Glad you’re finally here. Did you have a good day’s sleep? Fifi asked.

Yes, I’m really glad you guys did this. I could use a proper feast. Devon said, sitting down on the blanket.

I caught five whole squirrels as appetizers. The fat one is yours. Gregory said, sounding proud of himself.

Yes, emphasis on the word whole, you almost bit one in half. Riley told him.

Yes, and it was delicious, I had to stop myself from eating that one on the spot. Gregory said.

It’s been a while since I’ve had grilled squirrel. Thanks, Greg. You didn’t have to go through the trouble of hunting. Devon said, grabbing a dog bowl and plopping the hairless, fat, cooked rodent into it.

No trouble at all, it was fun. Gregory said.

They’re not seasoned, Fifi suggested a season it yourself appetizer. Jose said, taking a seat on the blanket as well.

It’s ok. Meat is good by itself. Devon said, putting the bowl in his lap, taking the squirrel by the head and tail and taking a bite. Mmm, we should have cat on Thanksgiving. A big, fat cat, stuffed with traditional stuffing. He suggested, as he was chewing.

Yes, I call dibs on hunting! Ohhh, and maybe squirrel pot pie for dessert? Gregory said. He started eating his own squirrel.

That would be more of a meal or side dish. What about pumpkin pie with dog treats embedded into it? Fifi asked.

Now you guys are making me excited for next month. Riley said, after swallowing the piece of squirrel he was crewing.

They ate their squirrels, they didn’t waste anything and ate every part, bones and all. Now it was time for the main course. They treated dog food pâté like a spread and spread it on toast or used it on a raw meat sandwich or mixed it with dry dog food and wet dog food meat chunks with gravy. Their meal consisted almost entirely of meat, except for the bread, and the vegetables sometimes found in dog food. They drank their favorite sodas from dog dishes. And for desert they had peanut butter cookie sandwiches in the shape of bones. By the end of the feast, they were all stuffed. They laid down on the blanket, looking up at the stars and the first quarter moon hanging in the sky.

THAT was the best meal I’ve had in ages. Devon said, letting out a belch.

Gregory chuckled at the belch. Nice one. He said, letting out his own burp. It was a bit louder.

Oh, come on you guys. Let’s not start a belching contest now. Fifi said. She then smirked. I’d beat you all anyway. She added.

Do I hear a challenge? Gregory asked.

Ok, everyone, that’s enough fooling around. Let’s get started on moonlight harnessing training before the sun comes up. Devon said and sat up, sitting cross legged.

The others sat up as well and copied Devon’s cross legged sitting position.

I was not relaxed at all when I first absorbed moonlight. In fact I was in a cage in pain after a caning, my hand was the only part of my body that was in moonlight, I had to reach my arm through the bars in order to get my hand in front of the window. But, perhaps it’s best to relax yourselves, your mind and your body. Absorbing moonlight seems to be a conscious effort, it isn’t automatic, at least for us. Devon said.

Are you supposed to feel moon rays? Riley asked.

No, they have no feeling when they shine on you, only when they enter your body through your skin. You feel energized, calm, a soothing feeling washes over you. You have to concentrate on the moonlight, think about it, and will it to enter your body. Devon answered, trying to explain it as best as he could. He wasn’t even sure if he was doing a good job, he was still new at this. Riley, Gregory, Fifi and Jose sat there in silence, trying to follow Devon’s instructions. Devon himself wasn’t absorbing any moonlight, it was like he was a little boy who was in trouble with his mother and was afraid to talk to her for fear that he’ll get yelled at and punished. Screw it... He eventually said after a few minutes and started absorbing moonlight, he felt a bit better when he took in the rays of the moon.

What? Jose asked. The rest of them looked at Devon, confused at his sudden swearing.

If I say anything in the next few minutes and if I suddenly experience odd changes in emotions, please ignore it. I’m going to talk to Asenath. I’ve been putting it off way too long. Devon told them.

Is this going to be some crazy religious experience? Are you going to start speaking in tongues or something? Gregory asked.

No, it’s more like a normal conversation that I’m having with a Goddess who is talking to me in my head. Yeah, this is going to be some crazy religious experience. Devon said. His friends didn’t bother him for the next few minutes and just focused on their own goals of successfully harnessing moonlight.

What. Have. You. DONE!? Asenath’s voice asked Devon, a small growl at the end of Her question.

What I’ve wanted to do for days! Devon thought.

Did you want to disobey me? Because that is exactly what you’ve done! Asenath said.

Was I supposed to sit there quietly and allow him to hurt me and everyone I care about?! Or did you command me to stay with him as punishment? Is that your version of Hell for me? Are you punishing me for my sins like my father’s god would!?! Devon thought, he was getting tense and angry.

After a brief moment of silence, Asenath answered. Don’t you EVER compare me to that monster again! I am NOT like him! There was venom in Her words. I didn’t ask you to go undercover as a punishment. It was because you were one of the best and I thought you were up to the task. Had I put my faith in the wrong wolf? She asked, Her voice taking on a somber tone.

Were? Devon asked, aloud, that single word cut him. Had his years of not practicing espionage affected him that much? The last time he was a real spy was when he was in the Kids Next Door.

Yes, were. I give you one simple task and you failed me. I suppose I’ll have to come up with something else for you to do. You can’t go undercover again unless he trusts you, and I don’t see how he can put his trust in someone who’s tried to kill him. Your mother is doing a better job than you, and she doesn’t even know that’s exactly what I want her to do, she’s useful to me in that regard, so I’ll keep her as High Queen for a while longer. Asenath said.

Devon didn’t know what to say any more. Knowing that perhaps his Goddess had no use for him any more... There’s nothing worse than being a burden to the pack...

Do you know what you could have caused if you had succeeded in killing the Count? Asenath asked.

Another war? Devon thought.

Yes and worse... A werewolf genocide... Asenath answered.

Images began appearing in Devon’s mind. Starved werewolves locked in cells in a dark dungeon with silver chains and shackles on their limbs and necks, they were recently beaten and wounded. Another image of werewolf pelts being cured and salted and prepared to be made into rugs or whatever else they were going to be used for. To most, the last image would be a peaceful one, but to a werewolf it was the most disturbing one of all. A young vampire, about 5 years old, was playing in the snow in a castle courtyard. The vampire looked like a much younger Count Spankulot. He was wearing all fur winter clothing, werewolf fur... And the scarf he was wearing was a werewolf’s tail... When the images stopped, Devon screamed in horror and collapsed on his side, he continued screaming as if he had just woken up from a nightmare.

His friends gathered around him and started frantically asking their alpha questions, asking him what was happening, if he was alright. Fifi elevated his head and let him rest his head on her lap. Her touch seemed to have calmed him to a state where he was hyperventilating, but his breathing was slowing and he was calming down. He was drenched in sweat. Give him some air. Fifi said, and the others scooted away some. Hey, you’re alright. You’re alright. We’re here... She told Devon gently.

Devon calmed down until his breathing was somewhat normal.

What happen? Are you ok? Riley asked.

I know you told us to ignore you, but that was way too crazy to ignore. You sounded like you were having a nightmare while still awake. Jose said.

S-... She showed me something... Something horrific... What vampires used to do to werewolves... I saw starved werewolves in a dungeon, chained up with silver chains, wounded... Their pelts were being cured and... And salted... And I saw the Count, as a young child, playing in the snow, wearing clothes made out of the skin and fur of werewolves... He was wearing someone’s tail as a scarf! Devon recounted in absolute horror.

After a long moment of silence, Gregory spoke up. I think I’m going to be sick... He suddenly stood and ran over to a bush, it sounded like he was puking into it.

They... They’re monsters... Riley said.

And your mother thinks it’s a good idea to make an alliance with that... That thing!? Fifi asked.

Is she out of her mind? Does she know about this? Jose asked.

I don’t know... But Asenath wants my mother to go through with the alliance. Devon told them.

WHAT!?! Everyone seemed to say in unison. Gregory looked over at the group to express his disbelief, he had a string of saliva hanging from his mouth, which he spat into the bush. He walked back over to join them, still feeling woozy, and sat down, wiping his mouth with a napkin.

It’s part of Her plan. But, She informed me that if I had restarted the war by killing the Count, that horror that She showed me would happen again. Devon told them. With tears in his eyes, he turned his gaze toward the moon. Asenath... I will obey... No matter the cost... Anything to prevent THAT! No harm will come to the Count by my claws and jaws until you command it. What do you want me to do? He thought.

Whatever your mother asks. She is with him right now, drafting a treaty and talking about what to do with you. I apologize for having to show you that image of a gruesome past, but you required a wake-up call. Asenath said.

Did-... Did he ever skin a-...? Devon started to ask, he couldn’t even think right.

No, he was the Count’s son, he didn’t do that type of labor. It was beneath him. Asenath answered.

Devon took a few minutes to calm down, he really appreciated Fifi’s tenderness, she stroked his short hair from time to time. Riley showed his softer side when he turned into a weredog and laid his head on his alpha’s chest and looked at him with concerned puppy dog eyes. Devon started to absent mindedly pet Riley’s head with one hand while he rested another hand on his back. Even weredogs found comfort in petting furry animals, even when the furry animal just happens to be your pack mate.

Just to answer your earlier questions about this new feeling of nervousness around implements. It is by design. It won’t turn into a phobia on its own, I would never design something so detrimental. Asenath said.

Asenath told me that our nervousness will not develop into a phobia and that it’s by design. Devon told his pack.

Can She hear us too? Jose asked.

Yes, but I think She’s only able to speak to me. Devon replied.

Jose cleared his throat before looking up at the sky and speaking in a meek voice. Asenath, ma’am, when will we become werewolves? He asked.

You have an opportunity to talk to basically god, and that’s what you ask Her? Fifi asked.

Well, we kind of already know the meaning of life, don’t we? Jose asked her.

The changes are already happening, I estimate that the full transformation back to werewolf will be, perhaps within a month. Asenath said.

She said within a month. Devon said.

Is my grandfather in Heaven? Or wherever you are. Gregory asked.

Yes, I took over the Abrahamic god’s Heaven. So, a lot of the human race and all werewolves are here. Those who I don’t annihilate for being evil, that is. Asenath responded.

She said he is. And She conquered the Abrahamic god’s Heaven... Did not expect that. She also favors annihilation over Hell. Devon said.

If I could destroy Hell and free the innocent from there, I would. The god Yahweh has control over it... But I took his kingdom, barred him from entry, and destroyed the souls of the men who he made prophets. Asenath said.

She’s apparently in a holy war with Yahweh... Good, I never liked him anyway, his followers have hurt the SAGA community so much. Devon told his friends.

I have fought and made alliances with many gods and goddesses. Werewolves were not a product of my own design. Asenath said.

She said She didn’t create werewolves Herself. Devon said, that really piqued his interest. His friends seemed interested too.

Fenrir, the Norse Lord of Wolves, gave me the gift of lycanthropy in exchange for freeing him one day. I was the first werewolf. Asenath said.

She got the gift of lycanthropy from Fenrir, the Lord of Wolves. She was the first werewolf. Devon said.

I said I would free him when I eradicated the vampires, that day has not come yet, and he still waits. Asenath said.

She promised to free Fenrir when the vampires were dealt with, but we can see how that turned out. The vampires are still here. Devon said.

I am partly to blame for what you tried to do to Count Spankulot. Asenath said.

What?! Devon asked, picking his head up.

What? What did She say? Fifi asked.

She said She’s partly to blame for me wanting to kill the vampire. Devon said. What does that even mean? He thought.

Fenrir didn’t just give me the lupine form, he also gave me the instincts, the behaviors, the dietary needs and the rage... Asenath said.

Fenrir is responsible for our rage. Devon told his friends.

Then how is Asenath to blame? Riley asked.

I never told you how to manage it. I should have... Asenath said.

Then why the Hell were you yelling at me for? That is unfair! Devon yelled.

I thought you could control it. Asenath said.

She never taught me how to control my anger. Our anger, because you’re all going to feel it too. She thought I could control it. Devon told his friends.

’I’ll make up for it now, the answer is moonlight. Absorbing moonlight, practicing calm meditation under the light of the moon for a few hours will grant you control over Fenrir’s rage for a few days. Asenath said.

She said all we have to do is meditate under the moon calmly for a few hours, that’ll stave off the rage for a few days. Devon told them.

But, we can’t absorb moonlight yet, or I don’t think we can. Jose said.

Stay far away from any spankers for the rest of the month, like Devon said. Asenath said.

Huh, so something I said WAS correct. She said to keep away from any spankers for the rest of the month. I’m guessing you can learn to absorb moonlight when you all become werewolves. Devon said.

Their heads all turned in the same direction instinctively as they heard a few distant howls, it was Devon’s mother. Devon, to House Rover, now! Said the howl.

Go to her. Asenath commanded.

We have to go to House Rover. Devon said, they all stood. Devon let out a howl of his own. We’re on our way! He howled. Riley turned into his human form again and they all dawned their Teen Ninja armor, except for Devon. I didn’t put on my tank top this time. I don’t want to go below ground to get it, can one of you-?

I got ya, chief. Riley said and easily scooped Devon up into his arms. He activated his jet boots and flew into the air, the others followed him.

Devon wrapped his arms around Riley’s neck and got as close to him as possible. The height and weight difference between them was significant in their human form. Devon was five feet tall while Riley was six feet tall. Riley was 100 pounds heavier than Devon was. He wasn’t afraid of Riley dropping him, he trusted him.

Absorb moonlight and calm your mind while you travel. Maybe he’ll still be there, maybe he won’t stick around to confront you, but it is best that you do not attempt to attack him. Asenath commanded.

Devon closed his eyes, started to absorb more moonlight and took deep, calming breathes. Inhaled through the nose and out through the mouth.

Chief, you ok? Riley asked, thinking that he was trying to calm down because he was scared of falling. Which was odd because he didn’t sense any fear to begin with.

Yes, I am meditating. The Count is in House Rover. We may meet him. Devon told him.

Riley growled. He better pray I don’t get him alone... He said, his claws coming out.

Devon flinched a bit as he was poked by his friend’s claws. Riley, watch the claws!

Riley retracted his claws and they turned back into fingernails. Oh, sorry. Did I hurt you? He asked, anger turning to concern.

No, I don’t think so. Devon said. The rest of the flight was done in silence. It took thirty minutes for them to get to House Rover, Devon was absorbing moonlight and trying to calm himself. He felt much more at ease, perhaps he can get through this encounter without spilling blood.

Riley landed in front of House Rover’s entrance and set Devon down.

When the others landed, Devon walked inside with his friends right behind him. He saw that all the other weredogs were here and they all looked nervous, none were in their weredog forms, and they were all looking at the stairs. His mother was probably up there... With him... All of you stay down here. I’m going up. He told his friends and started to head towards the stairs. The weredogs made a path for him, stepping out of his way. Bradly and Boyd were standing near the stairs, they looked very nervous when Devon approached. He stopped and looked at the two kids.

Prince Devon we-... We’re sorry... Bradly said, lowering his head.

Sorry for what? Devon asked.

The Queen made us tell her about... About Bord... She’s very angry. Boyd answered.

What!? Devon asked, shocked. Of course, what he did was not subtle, not at all.

We’re sorry, we had no choice. Bradly said. He was right, whoever wore the amulet could take control of their subordinates.

I understand. I just didn’t want to deal with that on top of everything else... Devon said.

There’s also something else, Count Spankulot is here. Bradly said.

Devon sighed heavily. I know. He said and started to head up the stairs, he stopped when a female adolescent weredog addressed him.

He spanked those two pups, right in front of us! With their butts bared! On your mother’s orders. He was ordered to do the same to me when I spoke out... She said.

Devon inhaled and exhaled deeply and squeezed the railing hard. He better not stick around, or Goddess help me... He said and continued up the stairs. He walked down a hall to his mother’s office and opened the door. While he was opening the door, he saw dark purple mist swirling in front of his mother’s desk before vanishing, indicating that the Count had teleported elsewhere when he heard the door open. Coward. Devon thought as he entered the room.

Lilith was sitting at her desk, a few sheets of paper in front of her, it was most likely the treaty. Nice of you to come... She said, looking at her son.

Mother, I... Devon was cut off when his mother let out a snarl.

Sit! She said, pointing to the chair in front of the desk.

Devon went up to the desk and sat down in the chair, it was like he was having a disciplinary student teacher meeting and not a conversation with his mother.

Lilith took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to calm herself. What I want to know is why you thought it would be a good idea to TRY TO ASSASSINATE OUR ALLY! She said, eyes turning red.

I didn’t want our kind to become slaves! Devon said, getting angry as well.

Getting a little spanking for doing something wrong is not slavery. You’re blowing this all out of proportions. You’re being ridiculous, Devon. His mother said.

Devon stood up and turned his back to her. Is THIS ridiculous? He asked, pulling his shirt up to his neck, exposing the cane marks.

Lilith gasped and stood up slowly. What did he...? She asked in shock. She walked around to the other side of the desk and gently turned her son around so she can get a better look at the damage.

He ordered that capsaicin cream be put on my back and butt before he started caning me. You don’t know the agony I was in... Riley had to carry me to the house. Devon said. He made it sound much worse with that final statement.

And I made you sit down... Honey, I’m so sorry... Lilith said.

If he can do this to me, what more can he do to the others? Devon asked.

I’ll deal with him. Just let mommy heal this. Lilith said, her hand glowed green and she placed it on Devon’s shoulder. The marks on his body disappeared. She pulled his shirt down, turned him to face her and embraced him. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that he’ll never hurt you like that again. She said, kissing his forehead. She then let go of her son, turned toward the door, her body was tense as if ready for a fight. She let out a growl, eyes turning red. COUNT!!! She roared.

Count Spankulot reappeared in a plume of dark smoke. Yes, Lil... He didn’t get a chance to finish that sentence as he was rushed by the angry werewolf queen and pinned against the wall, one of her giant paws was on his chest while the other was pressed up against the wall, claws digging into the wood. He stared up, frightfully, at the enraged werewolf mother who was baring her canines in his face.

What did you do to my son!? Lilith asked, staring down at the vampire, towering over him while on her hind legs.

I-... I punished him for trying to kill me... The Count stammered in terror, he was trembling.

He also spanked Kevin with a belt. I tried to stop him. Devon told her.

YOU HIT MY BABY WITH A BELT!?! Lilith asked, snapping her jaws in the Count’s face and snarling, murder in her eyes.

He and his friends were attacking me... They-... They had to be punished... The Count said, shutting his eyes, turning his head and whimpering.

Listen and listen well... If you leave marks on one of my babies again... I’ll finish what he started... Lilith told the Count in a frightfully calm tone, gesturing toward Devon with her head.

I swear I won’t ever leave marks on your childrens again... The Count said.

Lilith turned back into her human form again, releasing the Count. Good, now wait out in the hall, at the far end. I have to speak to my son alone... She said, pointing to the door.

The Count disappeared without another word.

All was dead silent in the room, until Devon started to laugh nervously. For a second there, I actually thought you were going to kill him.

Lilith spun around to face him. You are not off the hook! She said, pointing a finger at him. She walked back over to her desk and sat down in her chair, putting an elbow on the armrest and laying her forehead in her hand. She sat like that for a moment before picking her head back up and looking at Devon. Devon, do you know why nations form alliances? She asked, going into teacher mode.

To gain more wealth, power, and for protection. Devon answered.

Lilith nodded. That’s right. Sometimes nations must build tough alliances with nations they don’t like. We have no use for wealth or power. But what we need is protection. She explained.

Protection from what? Who? Devon asked. The only threat he saw was the Count.

Have a seat. This is going to be a hard story to tell. Lilith said, when her son sat down in the chair on the other side of the desk, she continued. Before we moved here, we lived in California, in a town called Endsville. It was a haven for supernatural creatures. You were just three years old when it happen... She said, sounding like she was starting to cry.

When what happen? Devon asked.

I had a reasonably sized pack of weredogs then, much like this one. They... They died so that we could escape... Lilith said, sniffling a bit and trying to keep the tears in. He killed them! He killed them without mercy! Most of them were just pups! She said, crying freely now.

Devon went to his mother’s side and hugged her, trying to comfort her.

Lilith hugged her son and sobbed for a few moments before she was able to continue. A monster hunter came to town and started harassing the supernatural residents. At night and even in broad daylight, he attacked them and even murdered them. He attacked the abandoned house I had made into a weredog house. I took a few silver bullets while escaping the house with you in my jaws. I’m an alpha, so I was able to heal my wounds. I convinced your father to move our entire lives over here, across the country, where we could be safe. She told him.

Devon had to wipe a few of his own tears from his eyes when she finished the story. I’m sorry, mother... I didn’t know. You’re afraid that the hunter will find us and we’ll be defenseless again? He asked, letting go of her.

Yes, I have nightmares about it sometimes. Now you know why I want what we are to be kept secretive, and for this alliance to be cemented. There’s strength in numbers, but there’s also strength in differences. Vampires are powerful creatures and we should use that to our advantage. Lilith said.

While that is true, vampires have also killed our kind before. Who’s to say they won’t try again? Devon asked.

Vlad is the Count, his word is law to other vampires. They have to listen to him. And thanks to my work here and this treaty our kind can unite and be stronger than ever. Lilith said.

That makes sense. Devon replied. He felt he had to bite his tongue to avoid saying anything else, he still didn’t like this one bit.

Now that you’re on board with this alliance, there’s also something else we need to discuss... Bord... Kenneth Bord! Does that name ring a bell? Lilith asked. When her son didn’t answer, she became irate and stood up abruptly. Why did you attack the human?! She asked.

For the same reason you attacked the vampire! He was beating children with his paddle collection! Devon answered.

Because it’s his job! And it’s not your responsibility to protect children from paddlings! I’d even say it’s not even my responsibility to protect my subjects from paddlings. It’s their responsibility not to get into trouble in the first place. Lilith said.

Kevin was paddled too! By Bord! Devon told her.

I know, he came into my classroom after it happen and cried to me about it. I checked him and he was fine, he was just a little red back there for a day. Lilith told him.

How can you shrug that off while just minutes ago you almost took the Count’s head off for caning me? Devon asked.

Because Kevin wasn’t bruised, nor did he have any marks on him. There’s a difference. Lilith told him. That’s not the point of this conversation! What do humans do when faced with a threat? She asked.

Fight or flight. He was definitely a flight kind of guy. Devon answered.

Or they hire someone else to fight for them! Someone like a monster hunter, or even a werewolf hunter! Do-... Do you even realize what could happen, Dianne!?! She asked.

Devon just stood there, silent, a knot in the pit of his stomach. What? What did you just call me!?! He asked, eyes changing to red, claws and canines coming out. He uttered a loud and aggressive growl which slowly turned into an open-mouthed snarl. It was like he felt threatened.

I-... It just slipped out... Lilith said, even she was shocked that she used that name.

I told you to never to mention HER name in my presence! She is dead, mother! Devon said, pointing a clawed finger at her.

She never died for me, Devon! She was my princess... Lilith said, starting to sob again.

I am your prince, your first born! Not her! She never really existed. Devon said.

Lilith turned away from him, put her face in her hands and sobbed uncontrollably.

Devon turned away from her and walked across the room to a nearby window. He stood by the window and started breathing deeply and absorbing moonlight in an attempt to calm himself. Within two minutes, his claws turned back to fingernails, his canines reverted back to human teeth and his eyes turned brown again. He turned back around to find his mother standing behind him. He was about to say something when he was suddenly pulled into an embrace.

You are my child... My pup... And I will always love you... I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you. Lilith said.

I know... Devon replied as he hugged her back.

They stayed like that for a moment before letting go. Listen, sweetie, Bord is a threat to our pack. With just one phone call or email he could destroy us... I’m not losing another pack, I’ve already lost two... Lilith said.

What do you propose be done about it? Devon asked.

If he hasn’t called someone yet, he will. Either way, he needs to die... Lilith said.

That can be arranged. Devon said, holding his hand in front of himself palm up, fingers spread out and hooked, his claws appeared. He had a wicked grin on his face at the thought of gutting that man.

Lilith took his hand in her hands, gently. No. No wolfing out, no evidence that you were even involved. Her eyes glowed red and she made Devon’s claws retract. Make it look like a break in, an accident, poison him, whatever. Your finger prints, claw marks, teeth marks, fur, paw prints, or whatever else, none of that must be present at the scene. You do this like a trained assassin would, do you understand?

Yes, mother. I understand perfectly. Devon said.

Good boy. Lilith said. She let go of his hand and went back to her desk, she pulled out a folder and placed it on the desk. I grabbed this the day you attacked Bord.

Devon walked over to the desk and opened the folder. His address is here. Perfect! That just saved some time.

Remember, dear, that paper copies still exist, the internet can only give you so much. Eat everything there so that there is no evidence that I have this. Except the staples, here, let me take these out so you don’t hurt yourself. Lilith said, pulling out the staples in the folder.

Devon spent a minute shredding, chewing and eating every last paper in that folder, he even ate the folder itself. Every last bit of information there was correct, according to his taste buds.

Now, be off with you. Remember, not a bit of evidence that you are the perpetrator. Return here when he has been eliminated. Oh and you left one of your jackets in the house, take it with you, it’s getting chilly out there. Lilith said, giving him a kiss on the cheek as a farewell.

Devon left the room, but didn’t close the door. He saw the Count was standing at the far end of the hallway that he didn’t have to go down to get to the stairs. He started walking towards the stairs, he stopped and jumped back when the Count appeared in a plume of smoke in front of him. Ugh, I don’t have time for whatever you have to say. Get out of the way, I have an errand to do for my mother. He told the vampire and tried to walk past him. His arm was forcefully grabbed and he was stopped in his tracks. He looked to see the Count’s gloved hand grasping his arm. If you want to keep that hand, you will release me... Immediately... Devon said, partially through clenched teeth.

I heard your mother crying. What did you do? I do not tolerate those who make their parents cry. The Count said.

There was a lot of emotion in our conversation. That’s all. And it’s NONE of your business. Devon said, trying to wrench his arm free, pulling the vampire forward.

The Count pulled him towards himself, turned him slightly, and raised a hand. He paused in his attempt to spank Devon when he heard a few footsteps coming down the hallway.

Riley, Gregory, Fifi and Jose were walking down the hallway, snarling with canines showing and eyes glowing red. Let him go! Now! There won’t be another warning! Riley warned the Count.

The Count immediately released Devon from his grasp and backed away.

Devon walked up to his friends. Thank you. Let’s go downstairs, leave the vampire. He said, walking past them and heading downstairs.

Everyone but Riley followed, he took the opportunity to really drive home his point by letting out a vicious open-mouthed snarl that made the vampire shrink back in fright. That made Riley grin in satisfaction, and he quickly followed after his alpha.

Devon got to the bottom of the stairs and saw every weredog looking to him, as if they were looking for guidance. The instructions I gave you all at the dog park still stands. Scavenge for homework in garbage cans and recycle bins, there’s bound to be something edible in there. This is going to be a tough time for us all, but we’re a pack and we must lean on each other. If there are disciplinarians who spank bad children at your schools, stay away from them, as you will get the urge to kill them. This urge is in our nature. If your parents or other relatives spank you, just try not to give them a reason to and keep your distance from them if you value their lives. As for Count Spankulot, don’t get him called on you and when he’s here, don’t upset my mother and don’t even look at him funny, and you should be alright. Try to meditate under the light of the moon, if you feel soothing energy flowing through you, that means you’re doing it right, that’s how we control our rage towards spankers. You will all go through some changes in the next few weeks, don’t worry, it’s a natural thing. He told them.

The weredogs all started to murmur to each other, confused. What kind of changes, Prince Devon? Said a female weredog.

This isn’t related to the talk is it? Goddess, it was embarrassing having the talk with my parents last week... Ugh... A male preteen weredog said.

No, no. It’s not those kind of changes... These changes are less awkward, maybe. You’re all going to become werewolves. Devon said, he waited for any further confused murmuring to cease before he continued. Along with the werewolf form, I’ve noticed these following changes, aggression towards spankers, a nervousness around implements used for spanking, and a craving for raw meat. On the last change, if you have vegan parents... Good luck... Hunt small animals in your neighborhood, root around in trash cans, ask your fellow weredogs for meat, steal meat without getting caught, do whatever you can. I don’t know how bad the cravings will get.

I thought we were going to fight the vampire, not avoid him. A weredog barked softly.

Avoidance and... Obedience... Devon said, it almost looked like it hurt saying that last word. Is the best we can do for now. Now is not the time to start a war. He said. He turned back to his friends. Wait here for me to return. He ordered and started to walk out the door.

Wait, where are you going? Fifi asked.

I’m going to assassinate a disciplinarian. Devon answered, exiting the house and walking off the property. He started heading in the direction of a store that catered to thieves and assassins alike, he needed some things from there.

Consider yourself lucky that revealing the aftermath of the vampire’s abuse did not sway your mother’s plans for an alliance... Rather than spend time and money running off to a store, might I suggest an alternative? One where you’ll get to use your new spell, which leaves no evidence of your involvement in the human’s death. Asenath said.

Go on, my Goddess. You have my attention. Devon thought.


(Well, this was an emotional rollercoaster of a chapter. Started off lighthearted and then it got dark.
Sorry again that there was just mention of spanking and corporal punishment in this chapter. There’ll most likely be actual corporal punishment in chapter 27.)

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