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'Have Butt Will Spank'-The Memoirs of Russell's Stepdad
Part #63 – Whipping the Skimpy Tight Seat of Danny's Leopard Print Swimsuit

by Bunbuster

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I temporaryly separated from my wife when Danny was 26 and Russell was 25.

About 3 months into the separation the old the mice will play when the cat is away adage kicked in with my stepsons.

My wife didn’t need to beg me to come by to punish blond blue eyed Danny for being an insufferable little brat.

I had on my well worn belt. The belt was both feared and respected by Danny, Russell and my own boys, aside from the other naughty stinky boy bottoms that it had lashed.

He’s in the pool with 2 of his brat friends, I was told when I walked into the house.

I went out the back of the house and walked up tp the pool. The 3 smirky but good looking brats were unaware that I was approaching.

All 3 pups had on very skimpy swimsuits. Danny’s suit was leopard print.

Red-haired creamy skinned Bobby’s suit was black and delectable dark skinned Cuban American Carlos had on a white suit. Both boys were Danny’s age, in the throes of extreme boyish brat hood. I had never seen these 2 rascals before so they they were unaware of the many spankings that Danny had received. My paternal radar told me that neither pup had ever gotton his bottom spanked.

Do you brag to them that you get your bottom spanked when you act like a brat?, I said loudly, interrupting Danny’s cocky talk.

Dad!!!!!!!!!!!! redfaced Danny wimped as bubbles snapped out of his butthole, which I called a strawberry, into the water.

It took Bobby and Carlos a few seconds to realize what was happening but eventually the word spank and Danny’s reaction to it made bubbles come out their tight little buttholes too.

I remembered the earlier time that I had took Danny out of the pool to spank him. Danny remembered too.

No dad, come on dad, not in from of Bobby and Carlos, Danny begged, proving that he had gotten spanked before and he wanted privacy for his next bottom warming, which was now.

I pulled the soaking wet young blond beauty out of the small pool. I walked Danny a few feet from the pool and stopped to lecture him with my hand on his smooth boyish shoulders and his hands tenderly stoking his soon to be hot bottom.

This lecture and scolding time gave Carlos and Bobby time to climb out of the pool. What young beauties!!!!

Danny’s blond bush, Bobby’s red fluffy mound and Carlo’s black curly bush were visible in their skimpy cuts as were their abundant crack bushes.

I thought how the water in the small pool was filled with young male farts and not just what I called spank farts but the farts a young guy lets loose from hearing the S word. There also had to be the casual farts that bubble out of young guy butts in the course of conversation

As I marched Danny, with my right arm lovingly yet firmly around hid shoulder, to the front of the house I had an idea. Danny relaxed into my firm loving hand on his pink shoulder. Bugger knew that I loved him so much that even my spankings were acts of love. Tough love that is.

Carlos and Bobby were following and rubbing their hardened cocks as they sniffed Danny’s farts and looked at his bouncing buns which Danny was furiously rubbing.

A small crowded watched the unusual sight of a blond beauty marched along by a man as his ’erect’ budding followed. I’m sure that most, if not all, of these people had spanking on their minds.

The idea that I had became reality. I had spanked Danny once on the front steps and decided to do it again

Dad, don’t, please, dad!!!!!!!!!

Before I sat on the steps lovingly I patted my stepson’s buns as he begged me not to upend him over my lap which is what I did.

Being bent over my lap made Danny’s leopard print bathing suit tighten and look almost like a thong.

Some things never change. When I wrapped my right arm firmly yet lovingly around Danny’s firm pink upper body to keep him in spanking position he relaxed into my hold. Though the scene was outrageously mortifying Danny felt secure in my paternal love for him.

Danny’s tight healthy rosy red strawberry exploded boyishly as I did my pre-spanking daddy thing patting his little pink muscle tush as I lovingly lectured the young cutie. Danny’s baby soft abundant crack hair was wet from the pool and young guy sweat

Dad, no, I’m sorry dad, no dad, awwwwwwwwww, not, awwww, so, hard, ahhhhh, ouch, wow, awwwww, wow dad, ahhhhh. damn.

I spanked that hiney rapidly, bringing my hand down rapidly from cheek to cheek and down on the tender upper thighs.

Ow. ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, my butt, ow, ow, ow, ow, oh man, ow, dad, ow, you’re, ow, killing, ow, me.

Son, I’m only killing your ability to sit comfortably for awhile, I lectured as I spanked that firm but tender little muscle rump.

It was comical watching Bobby and Carlos. The shocked cuties had boners as they looked down at Danny’s rapidly reddening rump but when they looked at me and caught my eye they blushed and farted. They kept a safe distance away from the action so that they didn’t wind up over my knee.

After spanking Danny to tears I stood the weeping pup up and hugged him.

We’re not done yet son, I’m going to take you in the house for 20 licks to the behind with the belt, I said.

Dad, no, please!!, Danny begged and farted again. He’s a gassy baby.

Bobby and Carlos, both with major boners, watched with shocked looks as they sniffed the airy essence of Dany’s succulent tight bottom hole. That fragrance producing young strawberry was a much sought after hole among Danny’s buddies.

I have whipped Danny in several different ways through the year.

I whipped him on his thighs and legs as he stood in a thong or skimpy tightie whites, always including whipping his bum, and sometimes lashing his firm but tender shoulders and arms.

I have put Danny on his bed bare ass up over a pillow tower to whip his hiney.

I have also whipped Danny’s bare fanny in the diaper position. This was a delightful position form me as I not only was able to better whip the tender walls of Danny’s deep crack but I got to see Danny’s tender puckered strawberry as it tooted out a don’t whip me daddy message.

The diaper position was very therapeutic to both Danny and Russell since neither boy had had a dad to spank him or even diaper him.

When I put Danny on his feet he was weeping copious tears and rubbing his butt. He farted and moaned when I told him that he had a whipping coming as I marched him into the house and stood him, ass out, in front of the big picture window as Bobby and Carlos watched through the open window.

No, sob, please!!!!!!

Danny sobbed when I whipped off my belt.

I wrapped my arm around the blond beauty’s hot young body to hold him in place. Danny’s buns were trembling in the seat of his bathing suit.

I decided to not take Danny’s swimsuit down. The skimpy garment was no real protection from the belt and it was a real cute target.

Owww, sob, awwww, sob, ouch,dad, owww, ,ouch, sob, ahhh, man, owww, awwww, sob, ouch, ouch, sob.

Danny’s asscheeks bounced each time my belt hit hit the delightfully spankable butt.

Sob, owww, awwww, owww, damn, sob. awwww, ouch, awwwww, ahhh, ahhh, awwww, ouch, sob.

I put my belt back on and hugged my stepson. I could see envy in the eyes of Bobby and Carlos who probably never had the proper spankings or the proper daddy love.

I tenderly helped Danny to lay down on his tummy on his bed. I delicately removed his swimsuit and then kissed him on the head and told him that I loved him.

I love, sob, you too dad, sob, Danny responded.

When I walked out the front door Bobby and Carlos, both in grey Speedo riding shorts, were sitting their beautiful asses on their bikes.

Those pants are so tight that you guys wouldn’t be able to walk after a spanking, I yelled to the 2 pups and they blushed and farted their way up the driveway.

He’s still sleeping like a content baby, Danny’s mom said when I called her when I got home.

He still is a baby, I said.

He looks so cute after a spanking, mom said.

Yep, his little muscle butt looks great in red I said.

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