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All-American Tribute
Chapter 1

by StrictSafeTop

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 20 Feb 2018

All-American Tribute Chapter 1

Gay authoritarian


This is a tribute continuation of the fantastic story All-American
. I’ve tried contacting the author, without success, and it looks,
sadly, as though he’s not going to continue the story (a real shame!),
so in all humility, I’m going to give it a try.

You will need (want!) to read the original before going on, which may
be found at

It’s written from the sub’s POV, so I’ve kept faith with that – despite
(or because of?! ;) ) that, I hope you enjoy.

The original sends out various signals that the developing story was
going to get progressively ’nastier’. Therefore, albeit at the risk of
stating the obvious, THIS STORY IS FANTASY. In real life, be as tough
as you like on your sub, but NOT beyond consensual!

Very many thanks to Master Mike who has effectively, Americanized the
story, to enhance the continuity with the original.

Apologies for the clumsy line-breaks here – this will be remedied for the next

Hope you enjoy the story.


All-American Tribute Chapter 1

I hesitated slightly. Now that I was down from my orgasmic high, the
sexiness of my humiliation wasn’t so hot. Jeff’s dick had just been
deep in my ass again, and I couldn’t help wondering whether there
was any shit on it. When I was on a high, it hadn’t occurred to me,
but I hesitated now.

Jeff looked into my eyes. There was no need to say anything; he
understood. He nodded, as if in confirmation, but in confirmation of
what, I didn’t yet know. He leapt off the bed, grabbed the cuffs, and
the belt from his jeans – turning back to me, he swiftly fastened my
wrists behind my back again, and looped his belt round my neck,
pulling it taut, pushing on my shoulders until I fell to my knees – the
euphoric post-orgasmic atmosphere was gone now, and Jeff’s mood
had darkened.

Y’know, he said, I was warned about this. They told me; keep
your sub hungry, and he’ll take anything. But once let him cum, an

he’ll start to get uppity’. I thought I’d be nice and let you cum, ’cos
you were working really hard. My mistake – I won’t be nice again.

I was worried at upsetting Jeff and started to speak, but– Slap! He
slapped me hard on the side of my face – so hard I’d have fallen over,
except he had a grip on the belt round my neck. I choked and righted

Shuddup! he hissed in my face. What the fuck d’ya think you’re
doin’ interrupting me? Just – shut – up!

I looked up scared into his face. He looked really angry. The side of
my face throbbed where he’d hit me.

He breathed heavily for a moment, clearly putting in some effort to
avoid losing his temper. Eventually, OK, he said, In a moment,
when I say go, you get across to your jeans and bring the belt from
it back to me as quickly as possible. If you take longer than you
should, I’m gonna get angry with you ... go!

Needless to say, I *scrambled* across to my jeans and tugged the
belt urgently from the loops with my cuffed hands and rushed back
to proffer it to him as best I could. Jeff grabbed the buckle-end, deftly
hefted it to swing and catch the loose end in the same hand, at the
same time yanking the end of my neck-noose in the other hand. He
yanked this so hard he cut off my breath, and at the same time
swung the doubled belt down – hard – on my butt.


If I’d been able to breathe, I’d have yelled in pain shock and hurt but,
as it was, all I managed was a croak. Struggling to breathe, I could
feel my eyes stinging with tears as I stared anxiously up at Jeff, while
my cuffed hands rubbed my sore asscheeks, which had blazed
into flame. Slowly he released the pressure on my noose, and I
rasped in air down my throat, his eyes glaring into mine as my
buttocks throbbed.

Now listen carefully, asshole. In a second I’m gonna say go, and
that same instant your mouth is gonna dive down on my dick and lick
it and suck it like it’s the most precious thing in the world to you –
which, come to think of it, it is. An’ if there’s any sense of a lack of
enthusiasm from you, this belt will hit you so hard, you won’t be
sitting for a week... go!

My mouth sucked in that dick like it was the bestest lollipop in the
world. I was in such a panic that he could’ve covered it in dog-shit, and
still I’d have licked it like I was dying of thirst and this was the only
source of water in the Sahara. And if there was any temptation to let
up, my throbbing butt was reminding me how stupid that would be –
and Jeff was tapping the belt warningly on my back as a helpful

Thank God, I must’ve done a good job because that belt stayed clear
of my ass, and eventually Jeff smacked the side of my head – more
affectionately than angrily – saying,
OK, you’re done

I sat back on my haunches while Jeff sat back and looked down at
me, a knowing grin on his face.
Look at you – I’ve just smashed your ass with a belt, treated you like
shit, and made you lick the dick that’s just been inside your ass – an’ I
bet you’re still turned on.

His foot slid forward while I looked down at my groin. Sure enough as
his foot came into contact with my dick, it was already semi—

Jeff grinned again. Yup – thought so. You know what’s so hot? The
worse I treat you, the more you take – that’s really hot!

I smiled back nervously, relieved that Jeff was back in his good mood,
but I glowed at his telling me (so I thought) that I was hot. I rubbed
my sore backside – and discovered a strange thing. Now that the
initial sear of agony had gone, I was getting a pleasurable feeling
from rubbing the welt. I experimented further by pinching the welt
gently, and I caught my lower lip between my teeth as the pinch
caused a delicious pleasure-pain.

Of course, this didn’t pass Jeff by, and he narrowed his eyes
calculatingly. Yeah, you’re re-living it even now, ain’t you? Let’s
explore this further – here, turn around.

He got me positioned head and neck on the floor, butt in the air,
lower back supported by the foot of the bed, legs swung over my
head, and my half-erect dick pointing down at my face. Jeff looked
down at me curiously and scratched a fingernail over the belt-welt,
laughing at me when I moaned in pleasure, my dick throbbing in
response. He tried a quick spank and laughed again when I gave the
same response, my dick lengthening further.

Jeff ran a finger – just one finger! – down my dick, and I moaned and
thrust my hips.
He laughed again. You’re such a slut, ain’t you? You’d do anything
for me to run my hand down your dick wouldn’t you?!

I moaned and grinned, Yeah, I think I would!

Jeff gave me a curious look. Really? Anything? D’you mean that?
He ran a finger down my dick again.

I moaned in response, brain clearly out of gear Yeah, Jeff – please!

Another odd look. OK, bud – ask me to give you a smack with the

I stared up at him. I was nervous, scared ... and excited.

Uh, how hard are you gonna hit me?

Jeff smiled grimly, shook his head – and ran his finger down my shaft
Uh, uh, bud, no negotiation on this. Do you want it, or don’t you?

...... Well, no prizes for guessing how this panned out – it didn’t take
long for me to ask,
Please Jeff, would you hit me with your belt.

I screwed up my eyes as the whack descended, but just as he hit me,
he slid his other hand down my shaft.
I moaned, Oh God, do that again, please, Jeff.

With pleasure, bud.

Ouch. It felt to me as if this whack was slightly harder, but even I
didn’t know whether my resultant moan was from the pain or the
pleasure of Jeff’s hand on my erection. I thrust through his hand to
try to get extra friction, but of course he wasn’t having any of that.

At the same time, I felt something on my nose – I opened my eyes
and looked up, to see pre-cum dribbling copiously out of my slit. I
was about to move my head out of the way when Jeff hit me again.
This time I was *sure* it was harder, but somehow it didn’t matter; I
certainly didn’t want him to stop!

After just a few minutes of this, I was getting frantic. The sting in my
butt was both distracting me from cumming and simultaneously
driving me to the edge, while I was desperately writhing to thrust
through Jeff’s hand. He’d stopped moving his hand up and down by
now, just holding it steady for me to push through, but it was no
good my trying to get more than one stroke per belt-hit – Jeff just
loosened his grip so there was no more friction!

More pre-cum was drooling over my face, but I’d long got past the
stage of worrying about that – what I *was* worrying about was
trying to cum! Jeff was hitting me quite hard now, and the sweat was
running down me as I bucked and writhed to try and get more
friction through his hand. My butt was hurting so much, I was
thinking it might prevent me from cumming.

Please, Jeff, I panted, lighten up on the belt would ya?

Uh, uh Jeff shook his head admonishingly, New rule, bud – you can
ask for harder, or for more, but unless I give you the choice, you can’t
ask for lighter, or to stop.

Oh, c’mon, Jeff, if you keep on like this, I’m not goin’ to cum!

Jeff had the belt raised, but now he relaxed his arm down. Well, you
see, bud, you’re looking at this the wrong way round – you’re gettin’
selfish again. We’ve already talked about this – you should be
thinking about my pleasure, not about yours. If you’re thinking about
you rather than me, then you know you’re gettin’ it wrong – savvy?

I groaned – my butt ached and my balls ached! OK, Jeff, what do I
have to do to get to cum?

Jeff looked down at me, considering. Hmm, interesting – I’d have to
think about that. First, from now on, you understand you don’t cum
without my say-so – OK?

I hardly understood what he meant. You mean, not ever?!

Jeff just nodded in a matter-of-fact way. Sure, only when I say so,
an’ it won’t be every time *I* cum – I wanna keep you hungry and I
want to be in charge of thiiiiis, OK?
, giving me a loooong stroke at
the same time.

I bucked and moaned – just a little more of this, and I’d cum!!! There
was something very exciting about Jeff overseeing my orgasms, and
in my chaotic state of mind, I wasn’t thinking that clearly, anyway.
Uh, OK, Jeff, it’s a deal, does that mean I can cum now?

Jeff nodded, not giving me any clue that I’d just given him an
enormous hold over me.
OK, I’ll make it easier for you, but you have to pay for it. I’ll grip my
hand really well to give you a really good rub, but you have to say
harder, please for each belt-hit, OK?

I swallowed nervously – I didn’t like the sound of where this was
going, but it didn’t sound as though I had another option.
Uh, OK, Jeff – but go easy, will ya?

Jeff’s eyes narrowed in irritation. Now, what rule have we just
broken, bud.

Shit. Shit, shit.

Uh, I’m sorry, Jeff, I’m havin’ difficulty remembering all this. I guess I
shouldn’t have asked you to go easy on me.

Jeff nodded. Dam’ right – and that means I’m gonna haveta punish
you, bud. I’m gonna be kind, though, since you’re new to this – I’ll let
you choose what punishment you get; what do you think is fair?

Shit. Shit, shit, shit. What to say? The obvious one would be to give
up my chance of cumming tonight, but I was so close, so *close*!
Another obvious one would be take an extra whack of the belt – but
my butt was hurting!

But I couldn’t think of anything else that would go down well.
Uh, Jeff, do you think an extra hit with the belt is fair?

Jeff nodded again. OK, sounds fair – are you ready?

I gritted my teeth. Uh, yeah, I guess so.

Jeff slammed the belt into my butt with a whack that echoed round
the room. It didn’t look as if it was the hardest he could have hit, but
on my sore butt, it certainly felt like it! I yelled with pain, and I could
feel my eyes watering. I found I was scrubbing my ass with my cuffed
hands, vainly trying to rub away the hurt, panting with the pain.

And yet – and yet ... how strange was this? A few moments later I
was still rubbing with my hands, but the pain had inexplicably
metamorphosed from ’non-sexy’ to definitely sexy; I was now
teasing the welts which were transmitting a delicious itch

What the fuck was wrong with me?!

Of course, nothing was hidden from Jeff. He was laughing at me. Is it
bad? Is it good? You just don’t know, do you, you sick fuck?!

And if I wasn’t sure before, I got my answer when he
slooooooooooooowly ran his hand down my shaft again. Oh wow,
that was so good! I was soooooooooo close!!! I moaned like a slut,
and tried to buck through his closed hand, but –
Ah, ah, bud, no good. If you want more, ya know what you have to

Shit. The asking seemed even more humiliating than the taking, but I
was too desperate to care.
Uh, hit me harder, please, Jeff.

Shit!! Jeff’s hand closed on my shaft, the belt slammed into me again,
driving me through his handgrip. I was ready to cum! All I needed
now was just a couple of good strokes...
Harder, please I panted urgently.

Fuck! It was harder indeed, but I got another wonderful stroke. Any
minute now!

Harder, please I panted urgently again.

Fuck, fuck! That was really hard! Bastard! I paused for a moment to
let the pain move from non-sexy to sexy again. I took a breath –
Harder, please, Jeff.

Oh triple fuck. That was SO hard! The trouble was, he was hitting so
hard, it was interrupting my rhythm. I needed just a short series (just
a few more was all!) of rapid strokes, but I was having to pause to
process the pain. I said through gritted teeth,
Harder, please.

I screamed through my teeth. Oh fuck, that was vicious. I panted,
twisted, trying to breathe through the pain.

Suddenly, I knew this wasn’t going to work. Each hit of the belt was
hurting so much now that I had to wait before asking for the next
one – and waiting just wasn’t helping me to cum!

I lay there, panting, while Jeff smirked down at me. He knew exactly
what was going on, the motherfucker.
Want another? You realize this is the only way you’re gonna cum
tonight, right?

Fuck, fuck, fuck. I *needed* to cum! Give it one more try.
I screwed my eyes up tight, gritted my teeth.
Harder, please, Jeff.


A second later I realised I was writhing on the floor in a Uetal
position, my cuffed hands rubbing at my butt, my mouth biting into
my knee to distract me from the fire on my ass. Oh. my. God.

Breathing hard I looked up at Jeff. He had a strange look on his face,
a mixture of amusement, calculation – and curiosity. I guess a sort of
how much more is he going to ask for? And why would he ask for it
in the first place?
sort of look. What I couldn’t see was compassion –
looking back, that should have warned me then and there.

Then I noticed his erection – it was bobbing! He was getting off on

I shook my head – I was going to have to call a halt.

And then something about the glint in his eye warned me.

He nodded in confirmation.
That’s right, bud. It’s the rule – you’re not allowed to ask me stop.

Shit. Uh, J-Jeff, please, I – I ...

He shut me up with a shake of his head.
Uh, uh, bud. Careful. Begging counts as asking to stop. Don’t get me
wrong – I *like* you begging; it turns me on. But if you break a rule,
ya know you have to be punished, right?

I shut my eyes, nodding. I could feel tears forming behind my eyelids
— where was this going to go?

Jeff spoke in a gentler tone, ruffling my hair affectionately – the way
you might a pet dog. If I gave you the choice, bud, I’d guess you’d
say stop wouldn’t you?

I paused for a moment, then nodded, trying not to sniff the tears
back too obviously.

In an even gentler tone, Jeff went on, But you know I’m gettin’ off
on this, right? What if I tell you *I* want to go on?

I’m starting to panic now – I’m in a situation I just can’t get out of.
And Jeff can get really scary when I make him unhappy. But my poor
butt just can’t take any more. I don’t know what to say.

I look up at him again, and in an act of desperation I twist over and
shove my mouth over his bobbing dick and suck hard, simultaneously
running my tongue round it. I don’t think I was calculating, but
somewhere inside me, there was an instinctive feeling quick! find
another way of making him happy

Certainly, it seemed to be turning out OK. Jeff was stroking the back
of my head – almost purring. Encouraged, I kept up the effort, and he
started thrusting in response.

But then it got worse. The more excited Jeff was, the rougher he
became. I could feel his hands on the back of my head, shoving me
down on his dick. I was choking, coughing up phlegm, trying to lift up,
but my neck muscles weren’t strong enough to counteract his hands
pressing down. I twisted my head, trying to escape, but those hands
weren’t letting me go. As I struggled, my teeth scraped against his
throbbing erection.

No teeth, you bastard, he snarled. I felt one of his hands leave my
head, only to feel in the next instant the belt snapping down once
again on my poor butt. I groaned – and that was lucky. He obviously
liked the vibration of my groan on his dick, and snapped the belt
again. I groaned louder – and that was enough!

With a yesssssssssss I felt his dick spewing cum into my mouth yet
again, and then his snarling Lick it all up, motherfucker – don’t you
dare waste a drop.


Later that night, when Jeff had fallen into a sated sleep, I was lying on
my front with wrists still cuffed behind me (I hadn’t had the courage
to ask to be released). I gently rubbed the welts, enjoying the rush it
gave my pulsing dick, but you can bet I was careful not to cum.

I didn’t get much sleep, though.



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