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20 – Happy Birthday Mr. Morgan

by Spank master

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Happy Birthday Mr. Morgan!

Readers a special extended story finally bringing David and Darren together again after a long time. Aiden also joins the boys in a trio of misadventures that will continue in the following chapter.

A new character is introduced in this chapter, and is destined to leave a lasting impression!

Series references

David and Aiden, they shared some tender moments in Downed at the Mall and Again. Chapters 11 &12.

David and Darren affair, Chapters 2&3, and the big fall out happened Chapter7 (faking it) and the last confrontation between them happened in Chapter 13 David’s Sweet and Sour.


The boys are still on that long semester break however Professor Mansfield is getting the school ready for the new term and has enlisted his son Darren (16) and fellow students David (16) and Aiden (15) to get the school grounds cleaned up with a spot of gardening.


Okay boys I want the shrubs cut and paths swept for the new term. If you need me for anything I’ll be at the administration building for the general meeting, Harold said darting authority at three disconcerted, not to mention, disenchanted boys.

What about gloves and pruners? Darren asked scratching the dirt on the path.

In the boot of the car ... no one is to go in the car in their work gear!

Yes Sir, They replied in low unenthusiastic voices.

The boys took their gear and headed up to the studio to change into their overalls.

It’s too hot to wear these! Darren said as he stripped down.

Should we go naked in them? David replied as he also stripped.

Fuck yeah, and let’s cut the arms off! Aiden added with a grin.

What is wrong with you two? Darren said annoyed at their perverted sex drives.

What’s wrong with you? Aiden said as he approached Darren with his tantalizing turquoise eyes.

I’m not in the mood? Darren said wishing he was at home chasing Brook around the yard.

Do you need a spanking? Aiden said with a wry grin as he made Darren somewhat horny.

Ha ha! Darren replied as he jumped out of his shorts revealing his navy blue trunks.

Nice package, come on over here young man! Aiden said as he sat down on a chair spreading his legs. He patted his thigh whilst Darren got hard. He clasped at his package and eased the tension from his pressing cock by teasing it out alongside.

Meanwhile David was standing there with his mouth open, thinking why Aiden didn’t invite him to the party.

Yeah give him a real shiner, he deserves it! David shouted as he undressed to his boxers, fooling his tool ever so gently.

Not as much as you! Darren said as he couldn’t help to refuse Aiden’s sweet invitation.

Ha ha, I paid my dues thanks to you! David said as he came alongside bumping into Aiden’s thigh.

You need a spanking too? Aiden said when David got closer to Aiden, pressing against him more and more.

Geez you even have to ask! David replied with a smirk.

So, what’s it going to be? Darren asked as he pressed into Aiden’s other side.

Fuck me, you guys are so turning me on! Aiden said as he shook his legs rapidly.

David looked at Darren and then they decided to take affirmative action. Before Aiden knew it, each boy took one of his legs and threw him backwards. Aiden was rocking on his back, legs in the air, shorts down and getting swiped across his bare ass by both boys. Darren made the most of Aiden’s upper thigh and spanked it long and firm whilst David enjoyed spanking on the top round of Aiden’s bent ass.

Someone definitely needs a spanking, ha ha ha!! Darren said laughing with enthusiasm.

Spank Spank Spank

Oh yeah, you really need it badly!! David added as he enjoyed the spanking duo with Darren. Both boys looked at one another, and it was enough to confirm their feud was over and forgotten, and what a wonderful way to seal their friendship again.

Fuck man, stay on your side! Darren shouted as he wanted all of Aiden’s right cheek.

Okay already, we’ll take turns at the middle! David said with a smirk.

spank spank spank spank

Fuck off assholes!! Aiden whined at the nappy position he found himself in, getting two for the price of one.

Little wanker! You deserve this, since you never got it growing up!! Darren said as he made no apologies branding away with good strong spanks that got Aiden’s ass more attention than it ever got as it turned red hot.

spank spank spank

Fuck off you cunts!! Aiden screamed at the indisposition more than the pain.

Shut up man, someone might hear you! Ha ha ha!! David said releasing some pent up frustration over Aiden’s cute butt. He loved holding Aiden’s leg up just behind the knee. The sight of the back of his thigh just waiting for his hand to caress and tease along his cock and crotch.

What are you doing man! Darren said noticing David’s deviation.

Um, I’m not changing a nappy!

Yeah I can see that! Spank the shit out of this fucker!! Darren said as he dished out heavier spanks to send more agony to Aiden’s ass.


See that, now I’ve broken the fucker!! Darren said in delight.

What a baby you turned out after all, ha ha ha! David added rubbing Aiden’s red ass all over. He also got some of Aiden’s pre cum and smoothed it around his butt hole ever so gently. He patted his crotch as well to give Aiden something else to think about.

Okay dude, fuck off now! Darren said easing up over Aiden’s belly.

What? David replied not amused.

Just fuck off!! Darren said as he got comfortable over the top of Aiden who was pleased the spanking was over and the loving was about to start.

But I — David muttered when he realized Darren wanted to do Aiden.

Yeah dude, just fuck off!! Darren said as he began to do his thing over Aiden. David stepped back and sat on the chair watching the scene unfold. He even managed to take some happy snaps of Darren’s cute ass.

Move your legs up dude! Darren said as he began to work his way into Aiden’s butt hole.

Oh man, fuck me!!

Yeah dude, working on it!!

Yes yes!!

You are so fucking hot!

Yeah, so I have been told! Darren replied easing gently up and down, gliding away.

David became increasingly aroused but for some reason he had to just contend with looking at the scene. Somehow he wished it was him doing it or getting it done but on the other hand he was also relieved to be where he was sitting in his shorts thinking about what’s going to happen next!

What the hell are you boys doing!! Came a stern voice that made Darren quit his motions but not before coming all over Aiden’s front as he retreated in excitement.

Aiden just looked at the guy with his eyes as he held onto Darren’s hips quivering away.

Fuck me!! Darren steamed before rolling off Aiden who was left exposed and in a mess.

Who the fuck are you? Aiden asked creasing his brow looking at a thirty something guy with a nice face, good medium body and brown hair similar to Darren’s.

Okay boys, I think we better take this up to my office! I’m Mr. Morgan! The guy said folding up his shirt sleeves.

Fuck me!! Darren steamed at the showdown whilst David couldn’t contain his enjoyment.

Just get into my office, all of you! Morgan said as he walked on ahead. The boys just scrambled looking at one another during their hunt for pants!

Ha ha, you wanted him all to yourself!! David jeered at Darren who couldn’t be bothered to respond as he jumped into his trunks.

Hurry up boys!!

All boys filed into the back office and sat down with worried faces except David who was so pleased he wasn’t caught with his pants down for a change.

Okay boys, I have been appointed the new school counselor for the upcoming term so, this has been an interesting introduction!

Please Sir, don’t tell my dad, I mean Mansfield!! Darren pleaded.


Yeah daddy!! David added with a smirk.

Professor Mansfield is your father, Darren, right, yes he has told me about you. He has scheduled some appointments for you next term, Morgan said as he sat behind his desk.


Yes, for the reasons I just witnessed?


There has to be some guidance set for the students, and Mansfield, I mean your father hasn’t the time to educate behavioral problems, Morgan said as he went to the side of the locker to pull out a four foot cane.


Yes, and that applies to you as well David!


What about me? Aiden asked.

Now you I don’t know about until today so I guess you will need some sessions as well!


Okay boys, this is how it works during a counselling session. When you are sent to me, you will come in, we will talk and then you will be dealt with!

WHAT!! The boys yelled in chorus.

You, come here! Morgan said pointing to David who was surprised at the turn of events.

Morgan sat on the desk and eased David against his thigh whilst Aiden and Darren couldn’t help but get aroused at the scene. There was David in his yellow silk boxers ready to get caned on his ass!

But I didn’t do anything!

You were there watching, you are a peeping tom!! Morgan said as he began to heat up David’s ass very quickly with successive swipes of the switch. This was a new experience for David and it did not take him long to discover the agony of a switch through rapid motion.


Yes you will not engage in this behavior!!


Waaaaaaaaa!! David cried, whilst Darren was apprehensive and Aiden just had a big smile on his face.

Morgan proceeded to giving David’s ass a complete makeover as he held him firm against his leg.



Okay, this was your first session –

Waaaaaaa ... fuck you asshole!! David cried as he ran out holding his ass, carefully.

Funny that, they all say that to me in the end? Morgan said as he swished the cane through the air.

Now what? Darren asked annoyed.

You two are going to get a swift reminder in behavioral conduct, Morgan said as he took Darren up from his chair.

I’m outta here!! Darren said but was quickly held by the arm.

You will follow protocol from now on Master Darren!!

Fuck you!!

Oh no, you do not get to say that before your session! Morgan said as he swung Darren over a mini jump vaulting horse. Darren couldn’t move from the position, his arms and legs dangling in midair and his ass just sprawled over a massive round vinyl cushion.

You can’t do this, the school is non corporal punishment!!

You know those rules, but you don’t play by the rules Master Darren, and guess what, neither do I ! Morgan said as he lowered Darren’s trunks down. He played the switch against Darren’s bare ass several times before letting it fly effortlessly through the air to bounce onto Darren’s creamy bottom.

Waaaaaaaaa!! Darren screamed at the sensation rippling through his ass.

That’s one sir, thank you sir! Morgan said in a stern voice.

Meanwhile Aiden was mesmerized by the scene. How cute Darren was bending over the pommel horse. He couldn’t wait till it was his turn as he shook his legs in anticipation.

Swiftly swiftly swish, whack

Fuck me!!

That’s two sir, thank you sir! You will learn how to conduct yourself on school grounds from now on!

swish whack


The heat from the switch was something new to Darren. It was a thin streak of lightening across his ass. The heat grew from each strike and brought him to a whole new level of pain.

Swish Whack

Okay man!! Darren cried in agony.

That’s four sir thank you sir! Two to go!!

Swish Whack


The sting was too much and Darren howled much to Aiden’s amusement. What a baby he thought. It was almost comical.

Swish Whack


Ha ha ha ha! Aiden roared with laughter unable to contain his delight.

Okay Darren I think that will be enough for you today, but make no mistake there will be more in store for you when term starts and I will make you count them next time or you will get extra!

Fuck you cunt!! Darren said as Morgan helped him back to his feet.

Unreal !! Aiden said as he jumped to his feet whilst Darren just shook his head thinking what was wrong with this dude?

What is wrong with you man? Darren sniffled.

God only knows bro! Aiden said as he gave Darren a quick kiss and a finger wipe to dry his tears before addressing Morgan —

Yes sir thank you sir! He asked with a flashy smile, whilst Morgan also wondered what was up with Aiden who decided to bend length ways along the vault horse.

Darren left and was met by David at the door who tried to look sympathetic but failed miserably at it.

Let me see you butt? I can smooth it? David asked with wide eyes.

Fuck off!! Darren said ignoring him as he hopped about holding his cheeks carefully easing the trunks away to cool his ass and to stop them from sticking to his stripes.

Meanwhile Aiden was getting a little more than he bargained for from Morgan’s cane as he perspired under the rush of fear and heat to his ass.

You will learn the error of your ways!! Morgan said as he held Aiden’s back to give him many short whips of the switch bouncing all over across his upturned stretched ass that Morgan decided to leave covered since Aiden only had thin hipsters on.

Whack Swish Whack Swish Whack


Yes, not so enthusiastic now?

Whack Swish Whack Swish

Fuck meeeee!! Screamed Aiden at the experience of getting his ass striped with the rounding of the thin switch. Morgan kept the switch going rapidly and evenly, giving Aiden’s ass the full treatment for his cockiness.

Whack Swish Whack


Okay Master Aiden, I will be seeing you a few more times for your conduct review!! Morgan said helping a sore Aiden from the saddle. Aiden was in all kinds of unreal pain as he stretched and lowered himself in all directions.

Fuck you man!! Aiden screamed as he ran out the door, his ass stinging hot. His mood though changed when he saw Darren bending over the desk with David inspecting his ass.

Fuck man, just get these trunks down! Let me see!! David insisted.

Fuck off!! Darren protested thinking how many times he got into trouble showing David his bare ass when Aiden came alongside him lowering his undies.

Wow, you boys really got it good!! David said as he smoothed both bottoms ever so carefully. Aiden relaxed to the touch of David’s fingertips and being close to Darren.

How the fuck are we going to survive the next semester with Morgan all over our asses? Aiden said easing against Darren’s side.

Fuck me, I gotta talk to Dad about this guy!! Darren steamed.

Don’t you dare! I love these, and these and these!! David said as he gentle played his fingertips over the many tantalizing red striped contour marks that seemed perfectly lined up.

Don’t touch me dude! Darren complained.

Come on man, these are hot to touch!!

Fuck me! Why are you such a pervert?

Can’t help it bro, your butts look so fucking hot!

I don’t think so! Darren said pulling his trunks back up, much to David’s dislike.

Man, you are such a bitch sometimes? David said when he turned his attention to Aiden who was most appreciative of David’s attention, however all this had to come to a close rather abruptly when Mansfield approached from the distance.

Damn, what do I have to do to get a little action!! David said as he raised Aiden’s undies to get him presentable again.

You could try the garden? Mansfield said wondering why the boys were not yet in their overalls?

Hey dad, what’s up with the new counselor? Darren asked with a glum expression telling Mansfield all he needed to know.

Ahhhh, I see, so you’ve already had a meeting with Mr. Morgan? Splendid!

Yes, satisfied? Darren said shifting his hips about.

I don’t want to know about it! Get out and do the job you’ve been asked to do? Mansfield ordered.

But Sir, that guy can’t hit us, we’re at school !! Darren whined.

School’s out for summer!! Mansfield shouted.

Ha ha ha ha!! David roared at the connotation.

I see you have not been inside? Mansfield asked with a frown.

Yes Sir, but I only got a sampler?

Then you better get to the gardening, unless you prefer a longer session with Mr. Morgan?

Yes Sir, I mean no Sir! David said sheepishly correcting himself when Mr. Morgan came out of the office his arms folded smiling at everyone.

I was just coming to wish you a happy birthday Mr. Morgan and invite you to the cafeteria! Mansfield said extending a hand whilst ignoring the boys who had miserable expressions on their faces as they got on their overalls.

Thank you Professor, I didn’t even realize? Happy birthday to me, I suppose? He said eyeing the boys’ agonizing steps into their overalls. He caught Darren’s frown and gave him a quick wink. And there was Aiden in a world of his own but also managed to give Morgan a hint of a stare and an ever so slight smile from the corner of his mouth. Whilst David, well he was already waiting at the door waiting for the other two to join him so they could compare notes, maybe even dart off to the toilet block.

Fuck did we give that guy the best birthday present ever? Darren said annoyed to Aiden who just smirked thinking what else Mr. Morgan would have liked by way of cock action.

He has no right to whip us!! Darren shouted in annoyance before adding quietly to Aiden in passing – Happy fucking birthday Mr. fucking Morgan!

The garden!! Mansfield said causing Darren to grudgingly catch up with David whilst Aiden was still not entirely pleased with his whipping especially now that Mansfield knew about it.

Sir, I’m sorry bu ...

I expected more from you Aiden? Mansfield said shaking his head.

Yes sir, sorry sir, but that guy whipped my backside!! Aiden yelled darting a stare at both men. Morgan however stood his ground and gave Aiden a stare that made him realize he was going to pay for his indiscretions.

Okay? Why would he do that? He’s the counselor? Mansfield asked with a chuckle.

Oh forget it!! Aiden said realizing it was best to leave before all the finer details emerged that would probably see his ass expelled from the school for the gifted! He stormed off to catch up with Darren and David outside comparing notes —

Luckily your dad didn’t spring us with me checking your ass again, ha ha ha! David said bumping Darren’s shoulder.

Yeah, and then we would’ve been right back to the second chapter.


Fuck me!! Why can’t you ever be on the same page as me!! Darren sighed when Aiden came alongside of him —

Happy birthday can you believe that? Darren added with a frown.

Fuck, many happy returns!! David chuckled.

Fuck man! How’s your ass holding up? Aiden asked, ignoring David.

Hot man, so fucking hot! Darren said out of his mind.

Mine too! I want you to love me! Aiden said easing into Darren.

Yeah good song that! Darren said with a slight chuckle.

What about me? David asked feeling left out.

You, you ... Darren started to say annoyed when Aiden did the honors.

You have to earn your fucking stripes!!

But I got whipped! David protested.

Um, show me? Aiden asked looking at David intently causing him an instant erection.


No, fucking Christmas! Aiden said as he ripped David’s overall buttons.

David turned and lowered his overalls to reveal a pink bottom.

Yeah dude, that hasn’t even cut the surface! Aiden said smacking David’s bottom gently before gliding a hand down along his crack to his front. A tingle and a long slow retreat along his shaft followed by another smack to his soft butt.

Swell that, real swell! David muttered, whilst Aiden and Darren kissed passionately on their way to do the gardening however Aiden did manage to give David a flash of his smile and a wink from the distance.

Fuck me!! David roared in frustration as he was left to fumble away in his big baggy overall pockets.

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