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Taylor and Tyler Meet the Discipline Master

by SpankyDom

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Taylor and Tyler Meet the Discipline Master

I went to visit a friend in his apartment, but he wasn't home. As I was leaving a boy in the hall stopped me. This 12 year old boy (turned out to be identical twins), got me to play a game with him, and tricked me into losing my money. Their names were Taylor, and Tyler, but I would find that out later. He took my whole wallet to be exact. So I agreed to play again, on the condition that I could not lose anything more. So the next time I won.

He refused to give me my money back. So I tried to reason with him, for about 15 minutes it turned out that I tried to reason with a combination of the 2 twins, they kept switching. At that point Taylor went out into the hall and hid behind his dad. I talked to his dad, and told him what he did, and told him what I do for a living. I told him I am a Discipline Master. It is my job to spank all of the students that misbehave at the High School I work at. After getting their dad to understand what Taylor did to me, their dad gave me permission to spank the truth out of them to get my stuff back.

At first I started spanking only Taylor. I made him lay on his bed and started in easy. I gave him 5 strokes over his pants with his own leather belt. Then I seen a picture of him and Tyler together, and I asked him if his brother was involved too. At first he lied, so I gave him a extra hard stroke and he told the truth. I found Tyler and put them next to each other, and gave him 5 strokes over his pants with the leather belt.

Neither was in the mood to tell me the truth yet. So I took off their jeans and got my school paddle, lucky for me I had it with me, I guess. I gave them 10 hard swats each over their underwear, but they were still being stubborn. I told them I was going to spank their bare asses next. They protested, but still did not tell me what I wanted to hear.

Next I pulled their underwear off, and made them lie down on the bed, almost naked. I proceeded to give them 20 really hard swats on the bare ass with my school paddle. The stubborn brats were crying but would still not tell me what I wanted to hear. So I gave them 20 more even harder swats. They still were being stubborn.

I got 2 tall back wooden chairs with no pads, and brought them into the center of the room. I made them sit with their bare asses on the chairs. Then I handcuffed them so they couldn't get up. I told them I would let them up when they told me where my stuff was. They sat there for 15 minutes crying, but not telling me anything new.

I got some capsaicin cream (Capsaicin is an active component of chili peppers, which are plants belonging to the genus Capsicum. It is an irritant for humans, and produces a sensation of burning in any tissue with which it comes into contact. It can open up the pores, and start the intense burning again for up to 12 hours.) and rubbed it on my paddle. I said last chance.

They did not tell me where my stuff was. I uncuffed them and bent them over the chairs. Then I used the paddle to rub the capsaicin cream all over their butts, not missing an inch, I even got some in between the cracks. I told them they could sit back down for half and hour, or until they decided to tell me what they did with my money and wallet. They sat there, cuffed to the chairs for 30 minutes crying their eyes out, but still did not tell me what I wanted to hear.

I brought out 2 matching razor straps. I gave one to their dad and asked for his help. The boys looked scared, as if he could do any worse than I had already done to them. I told their dad/ the twins that we were going to beat them with the razor straps, and not stop until they tell the truth. I bent them over the chairs, and cuffed their hands to the bottom rungs, so they couldn't move. We both gave them 1 really hard stroke; they acted like they were almost at the breaking point. We gave them both 1 more really hard stroke and they were pleading for it to stop, and said they would tell us where it was. We waited a minute and didn't hear it. 1 more full force stroke as hard as we could for each boy.

We finally broke them. They told us where my stuff was. I put their underwear back on just far enough to cover up their penises. I took pictures of the end results for evidence. Then I took the handcuffs off them, then took their shirts off, and made them go get my stuff naked. When they gave me my wallet back, I checked to make sure everything was there. It was.

I asked them if they scammed anyone else. They started to say something but I cut them off and told them that if they lied to me we would go another round. They admitted they had scammed some neighbor guys. I told them to give everything back right now.

They pleaded with me to let them get dressed. I said no, they will see how well you have been punished for what you did. I went with them to every neighbor until they had returned every last one of their ill gotten goods. They were crying the whole time, but managed to give apologies to everyone. I gave them each my Discipline Master business card, and told them to contact me if Taylor or Tyler ever tried to scam them again.

I told their dad to keep the strap, and tell me if he needs any lessons on using it effectively. I told him I would come back and check on them the next day. We worked out a plan to help them stay on the right track.

I came back the next day with a large framed print of the picture I took of the end results. It showed a nice view of them bent over the chair handcuffed to it, and looking back at me, as well as their well spanked butts. I put the framed picture on the wall in their bedroom to remind them what happens when you scam people and lie about it. I gave their father instructions to use the razor strap on them if they took it down.

I told Taylor and Tyler to pull their pants and undies down to their ankles and bend over their bed. They protested. I tapped the paddle on my hands and asked if they wanted another round. At the sound of that, they leaped up and obeyed immediately! I approached them, then set down the paddle, on the bed. I examined their marks closely, and took more pictures for evidence to put in the files I now had on them. I picked up the paddle and they cringed. I gave them each a light smack with my hand on their well spanked butts, and told them to get dressed. They were relived and gave me a hug.

I told them that their dad hired me to make sure the change lasted. Then I told them they were on probation, and I would be checking in on them from time to time for the next year.

I showed up the next week, not with a paddle but with Boy Scout uniforms. I explained to them that we had decided to enroll them in Boy Scouts so they can learn some good skills for life. They did well in Boy Scouts and learned a lot of good things. I never had any major problems with them again.

As promised I checked up on them over the course of the next year. They started doing better in school. I even got reports that they were helping people instead of scamming them. The picture remained on their wall to remind them what would happen if they fell back into a life of crime.



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