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Ten Strokes of the Strap for Gross Indecency

by Mark Trumpe

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In the faint moonlight, the policemen peered through the cab windshield at the cavorting youths. Officer Brown rubbed the smeary glass to get a better view of the youth nearest the darkened squad car parked up under some overhanging bushes. A pair of muscular male buttocks pumped slowly up and down over a darkened form bent over the low dark brown hood of the old Crosley.

The officers decided matters had progressed far enough and quietly slipped out their car. Taking care not to tread on any sticks lying on the ground, they advanced slowly. Officer Brown watched as the youth paused and impatiently pushed down his jeans further. Then the round hairy backside resumed its rhythmic motion with greater speed. The squeals of a female person underneath could be clearly heard. Emboldened, the officers pressed on, now unafraid of being heard. Brown grimaced in distaste as he heard the youth cursing and grunting, as the wide buttocks pounded with vigorous urgency. At the signal from Brown, the officers flashed on their torches and pounced.


A few weeks later Officer Brown read his Tribune with satisfaction. He already knew the fate of the youth he had caught having open-air sexual intercourse on the edge of the town golf course. Having given evidence at the trial and conviction of 19-year old James Parker for gross indecency with a 16-year old girl, he had also been present to hear the sentencing. Brown had been pleased that the judge in this case was noted for enthusiasm for corporal punishment, almost invariably handing out strappings to male offenders whenever he had the option available. The officer was not disappointed and Parker had received a 6-month jail term and been sentenced to be strapped twice: with a direction for 15 strokes of the strap on entry to jail and a further 10 strokes 2 months later.

Brown scanned through the newspaper article, where the names of all the youths caught that night of the raid were listed together with their sentences. Over thirty officers had been involved together with Brown; 14 youths, ranging in age from 16 to 21, had been caught and charged with various indecency and lewd and libidinous behavior felonies. Over twenty teenage girls had been involved and three had received police cautions. Of the male offenders, 3 ringleaders had received prison terms and corporal punishment of 25 strokes of the strap, to be administered in two whippings.

Particularly satisfying to Brown, however, was that each and every one of the other 11 boys involved were also going to get the strap, with 2 sentenced to 15 strokes and the remainder to 10 strokes. These youths had not been sentenced to a jail term, and hence would be escorted to the penitentiary by local police officers to receive their sentences of corporal punishment. Officer Brown felt a surge of excitement, knowing he had a good chance of being assigned this duty.

Another reason for Officer Brown’s sunny mood was that since the day of the raid the golf course had been quiet and peaceful at night, with local residents had not been disturbed by revving cars, loud music and obscene behavior. News of the sentences had been well publicized and Brown had heard a number of conversations about the punishments when out and about in the town. Some boys whom he had caught riding mopeds on the sidewalk downtown had even mentioned it to him, half-jokingly. Yes, he felt the sentences had been noted particularly by the younger male population. The strap was a very good deterrent.


When Officer Brown took custody of his charge he had seemed slightly dim, not even seeming to know exactly what corporal punishment was when he had asked about what was going to happen to him, in the police car on the way to the jail. Brown had been about to explain, but the car had already arrived at its destination. The driver edged the car through a stone archway marked with the shield of the state penitentiary and brought the car to halt next to some uniformed guards. Officer Brown and the youth got out and stood handcuffed together for some time while forms were filled in and telephone calls made. Brown learnt that the youth’s name was Blaine Fraser and that he was seventeen. Quickly after this, Officer Brown was instructed to take the youth down a corridor to use the toilet, as Fraser’s corporal punishment sentence was to be inflicted straightaway.

The policeman pushed the cuffed youth through the door ahead of him. A long stainless steel urinal ran along one wall and in a corner a solitary WC stood on a wooden pedestal. Fraser said he did not need to use the toilet but eventually agreed to use the urinal if he was uncuffed. Brown, however, knew he was not authorized to do this. Despite being initially reluctant to do so, Fraser moved over toward the trough and unzipped his fly. Seeing the youth struggling to lower his jeans with one hand, Brown helped ease them down, to reveal a pair of tight gray undershorts. Fraser pulled them down at the front and stood awkwardly so again Brown assisted by reaching into the waistband and yanking the garment down over Fraser’s backside. The officer looked at the revealed pair of wide muscular buttocks, and noted that they were covered in a generous dusting of hair. Brown moved to stand to the side of Fraser standing in front of the urinal.

Did you get the strap at school son? Brown asked the youth, who was now standing holding his released penis in one hand. Brown eyed the large member and the hair at it base as Fraser flapped it around over the urinal. Rather surprisingly to Brown, Fraser shook his head.

Or from your father? queried Brown.
Fraser looked confused as he finally managed to release a long stream of urine from his thick penis. Steaming urine sprayed and splattered against the stainless backing of the trough. Looking reluctant, he admitted to having been spanked by his dad.

He took his belt to my arse a few times, he admitted.
Well it will be a bit like that then lad, Brown told him, except with a longer and heavier strap.

The stream abated and Fraser shook his penis.

You will have to strip off, of course, Brown added apologetically, it’s given on the bare arse.

Fraser looked a bit startled as he shook of the last drops of urine from his manhood.

Perhaps a bit harder than you father as well... the cop ventured.

Fraser was lead into the medical inspection room, along with two other men who were also to receive sentences of corporal punishment. A group of about half a dozen prison officers were in attendance and Brown was ordered to uncuff Fraser. He was ordered to strip down along with the other men and did so rapidly, dumping his sweaty clothes on the bench indicated. Brown watched as the men stood awkwardly, with bare backsides facing the wall, one of the older men standing with hands cupped in front of long dangling penis and testicles. Fraser ran one hand down his penis and rubbed the other over his furry hindquarters. Brown could see nervous sweat glistening on his hairy chest.

A prison superintendant sitting behind a wooden table ordered Fraser to stand in front of him and explained that Fraser had been sentenced to corporal punishment of ten strokes of the strap for gross indecency and this penalty was now going to be inflicted. Fraser confirmed his name and sentence and was asked if he knew of any reason why he should not be strapped. In the silence that followed this question, the superintendant indicated to a white-coated doctor who had been standing to one side to examine Fraser. Brown watched as he briefly held a stethoscope to Fraser’s chest.

Fine, yes all fine! proclaimed the doctor. Two guards moved the inmate to a low stage at one side of the room where Fraser was peremptorily pushed such that he was forced to bend down, exposing his backside for inspection. The doctor cursorily passed a hand over the rounded flesh, briefly roughly prising the two sturdy cheeks apart and bending down to conduct an examination. Brown waited, wondering what the outcome of the inspection would be. Talking with other police officers at the station, he had been told that sentences of corporal punishment could theoretically be remitted for medical reasons, but that in practice this rarely occurred. For youthful offenders it was almost unheard of.

Passed! All fit! confirmed the doctor. Just the punishment he needs!

A burly prison officer, stripped down to rolled-up shirt-sleeves was holding the penitentiary’s instrument of correction as Officer Brown led the youth into the adjoining punishment room. Brown had not seen the penitentiary strap before and was immediately surprised by its large size. The main body of the strap, consisting of a long solid leather striking surface was about three feet long, Brown judged, and about four inches wide. Brown knew that the punishment instrument was made from tanned steer hide, usually with two thicknesses sewn together. Brown looked at the prison officer holding the rounded wooden handle fixed to the base of the strap, ready to mete out justice, penitentiary-style. He saw that the dark brown leather was sufficiently thick that it did not sag down when held out, instead arching down gracefully. Feeling stirrings in his trousers, Brown was glad that he was wearing his police-issue jockstrap with the heaviest duty elastic to hold himself in place.

Men to receive punishment with the strap were restrained over a wooden strapping table in the penitentiary and Fraser was now led over to this device. Four prison guards surrounded him and forced him to bend over the leather padded wooden table, which was about 8 feet long. Two officers secured his ankles in wooden manacles jutting out at the base of the short end of the table. A thick leather strap was tied around Fraser’s naked torso lying over the top of the apparatus, securing him tightly in place. Leather cuffs attached to the table top were used to secure the prisoner’s wrists. Once Fraser was restrained over the table with his bare backside jutting out, one officer reached between his legs and pulled them apart to reveal a pendulous scrotum. Another officer pushed a piece of brown padding between the offender’s legs and secured them round his thighs to protect Fraser should the strap stray from its target. Brown felt his penis rapidly swelling uncomfortably in his jockstrap.


One! shouted the superintendant.

The officer took a couple of steps forward while swinging the strap in a wide arc from behind his shoulder. The leather blade sliced through the air and smacked down, making solid square-on contact with Fraser’s backside. The force from the leather flattened the flesh and the crack of the impact echoed round the small cell.

Brown was shocked by the severity of the blow, but reminded himself of the necessity for this type of punishment. These were not teenage schoolboys being punished, like he remembered from his own schooldays, but adult males and needed a degree of punishment an order of magnitude greater than that of school punishments. Correction by means of the extreme pain of this strap was the most efficient method available for men such as this. He surreptitiously reached down to try to arrange his now fully erect penis into a more comfortable position, trapped as it was pointing down one leg, but found it impossible in the constraints of his tight jockstrap.

Two! The punishment continued after a 30 second interval, timed by the superintendant. Again the strap sliced through the air and detonated with a resounding clap against the already reddened flesh on Frasers’s buttocks. There was a gasp of pain and then a deep groan from the man restrained over the strapping table, now feeling the excruciating sting of justice from the penitentiary strap.

The superintendant continued to increment the count as the penalty was inflicted methodically and remorselessly. All the men around the room witnessing the penalty remained expressionless. The sound of the impacts varied somewhat between strokes: on the third and fourth strokes, the leather landed with a rather wooden sounding thud, which produced no reaction from Fraser. At other times the strap landed with a much louder and sickeningly loud crack. This occurred twice in a row on the fifth and sixth strokes. Brown imagined that the latter type of application was the more painful, and the theory seemed to be backed up the grunts of agony emitted by Fraser as he writhed in pain on the table after these blows.

The seventh stroke made a different noise again and Brown saw that the leather had landed between the legs and the buttocks of the restrained offender, who jolted forward on the table and yelled out in pain for the first time. The superintendant signaled for the punishment to be paused and asked the doctor to check the prisoner. Officer Brown saw that Fraser’s backside was criss-crossed with overlapping red strap marks, and bruising was developing in multiple locations. The doctor, however, seemed unconcerned and indicated that the punishment should continue.

The flagellator took great care with the next two strokes and each smacked into the target with enough force to flatten the entire buttocks and produce a reverberating crack in the chamber. Fraser, obviously in terrible pain, grunted loudly after each stroke and moaned and murmured in a low voice. Brown smiled in satisfaction at such a fitting and efficient punishment. Fraser would think twice before engaging in such disgusting behavior again.

The strapper decided to make his final stroke inflict as much suffering as possible, taking an elaborate run up while wielding the strap. His arm swung round in an impressively wide arc and the strap flashed through the air, pounding the waiting backside with a deep and drawn out loud slap. Brown’s manhood pulsed and ached for release. Feeling a tingling and then spasm at the base of his shaft Brown felt a series of three long squirts as his erect penis discharged its load of hot semen into his jockstrap.

Justice had been done.

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