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"For What's Going to Happen to You, You Need No Clothes"
Part 1

by No Name

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Wes was in the shower one afternoon after gym class, enjoying the feel of hot water on his skin and the general air of camaraderie in the locker room, when Loomis walked by, turned, and gave him a swat on the ass. The guys showering nearby laughed. It is always a yuk when a guy gets his ass smacked.

An ass slapping in the showers was nothing unusual. Happens almost every day. But this particular ass slap was a bit unusual, on account of the fact that Wes is one of the biggest and strongest guys in the class and Loomis is one of the scrawniest. Usually it would be somebody like Wes who’d be slapping the ass of somebody like Loomis. So this was an affront to the larger boy’s dignity, his dominant standing in the community.

I dare you to try that again, he said. Nobody who heard his tone of voice could think he was anything but serious.

Sorry, man. Loomis scuttled away. But when Wes wasn’t looking, he sneaked up behind him and gave his bare butt a second slap – a feat of heroics that won him not just laughter but applause from all the guys who had been watching.

You little fucker! Wes exclaimed, and went charging at the smaller boy. Loomis might have gotten away, except that two of Wes’s toadies were in his way. They grabbed hold of him and held him so that Wes could get at him. Wes pulled him over his outstretched leg and started slapping away at his unprotected butt. These weren’t mere butt slaps, delivered in fun. These were serious spanks. Spanks like you’d get from an authority figure for being a bad boy. Soon Loomis was howling. All the other guys were laughing.

In came Coach Gonzalez, the gym teacher. Of course, he did not know who started it. All he saw was a larger boy beating the butt of a small boy, with two henchmen assisting and maybe a dozen naked class members watching and cheering him on.

Into my office, all of you, he shouted, in a booming voice that brooked no dispute. No, he said, realizing there were too many miscreants to gather in his office. Go to the gym. All of you. Except you, Loomis. You get dressed, and then join us in the gym.

Can we put on some clothes, Coach? asked one of the boys. The gym was not exactly private. Most likely there would be no one there, but it had big windows opening onto the school courtyard, and there was nothing to keep people – girls, even! – from coming in.

Not on your life, Edmonson, Coach Gonzalez answered. You boys won’t be needing clothes for what’s gonna happen to you in the gym.

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