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My Best Friend's Dad Spanked Me - A True Story

by Parallax

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Jimmy and I had been friends since nursary, we spent many afternoons at one another’s houses playing together. He liked to come to my house because we could disappear for hours exploring the streets and parks in my urban neighbourhood, and I enjoyed going over to his house because he was close to the countryside and there was always some action that we could become a part of, or at least watch from the background. The one rule at his house was to not go too far and not get into any trouble.

Well, as we got older, we naturally wanted to test our limits, and did so by following the road which took us in the direction of downtown. Sometimes we would just hang out at the shops and get a cola and buy action figures, and sometimes we would just walk around the streets and see what there was to see.

One afternoon, probably a little later than we should have been out for a pair of 12 year old boys, we were walking down the main street when a car pulled to a stop nearby. The look of terror on Jimmy’s face was all I needed to see to know that we were in big trouble. Jimmy’s father, a tall, lean, good-looking man with short cut greying hair, who worked as an engineer in a downtown office was getting out of his car and walking towards the two of us. I could tell from the look on his face that he was really mad, and couldn’t imagine what he was going to do, especially since it was in the middle of the crowded rush hour and there were people everywhere.

Jimmy looked at me, and whispered under his breath I’m in for it now and I noticed a tremble in his voice. I had never seen his dad get mad, but I could tell that he was a no nonsense type of guy who only liked to tell you something once, and after that, you would have to answer to him for whatever you got caught doing wrong. Jimmy had told me a few times at school that he had gotten a spanking the night before because of something he had done wrong, and usually made it a point of letting me know that his butt was still a little sore from the number of licks he had received. Usually around 15 or 20, enough, I imagined, making him think twice about what he had done, and not do it again.

As his dad got closer, I noticed that he was pretty calm, and when he asked what we were doing here at this hour, I answered we were just heading home, and were only walking around not getting in anyone’s way. Jimmy seemed frozen and remained silent, but his dad gently pushed him towards the car, and told us to get in and he would take us the rest of the way home.

In the car, after a few minutes of awkward silence, Mr McDouglas asked if my parents allowed me to walk around the city without supervision. I bravely answered yes, all the while knowing full well that if I was caught after being warned about how dangerous it was to be in the city alone, I would be spending a lot of time alone in my room, thinking about where I should have been instead. Mr McDouglas looked at me and gave me the kind of look that told me he was going to make sure it was okay with my parents just to be sure, and told me that Jimmy knows he is not allowed to go that far from the house without permission and then only with someone more responsible along as well.

I could tell from how quiet Jimmy had become that he was thinking about what was going to happen when he got home. I couldn’t imagine what would make him so quiet, and when we pulled into the driveway his father told us both to go inside, and into the living room to wait for him to come in so he could talk to the two of us together.

We went inside, and made our way to the living room, a cosy room with a long leather couch and a pair of leather wing back chairs. The room smelled of the rich dark leather, and as we sat down on the couch, I could feel the cold leather on my butt even through my cotton pants. We both looked at each other as we heard Mr McDouglas’s deep booming voice, and knew that he was on the telephone. We couldn’t make out what he was saying, but I could tell that he was reassuring someone that it would all work out, and he was happy to know that he was able to help.

Mr McDouglas came into the den, and closed the door softly behind him. He walked over to one of the big wing back chairs but before he sat down, he took off his suit jacket, loosened his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt cuffs. By now I could see that Jimmy was really scared, and I could even feel him shaking slightly on the couch next to me. His father looked over at us and shook his head in a disappointed way, then looked at Jimmy and said What in the world were you thinking?

I know that you know you aren’t supposed to be as far from the house as you were, and you should know that your friend was also not supposed to go there with you. What would you have done if anything were to happen to the two of you? How would you have been able to get help? Jimmy just shrugged and sat silently. His father looked over at me and said I just spoke to your father, and asked him why he thinks it is okay for you to be roaming the streets without supervision, and do you know what he said? I looked down at the floor, at Mr McDouglas’s long legs and just shrugged my shoulders. I noticed that he was lightly thumping the arms of the leather wing chair with the palm of his hand, and thought this was going to be more difficult to get out of than I had imagined. Since you seem to have nothing to say, and since Jimmy knows the consequences of his behaviour, I think I will let him tell you what is going to happen

I looked over at Jimmy and could tell that his father had at some point really gone over this issue with him. He looked at me with what I thought was a tear in his eye, and said I’m going to get a spanking because I know I’m not supposed to go downtown without supervision. His dad looked at us, and then said to Jimmy, You know what to do young man

Jimmy got up from the sofa, and slowly walked towards his father. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. I had never really been able to genuinely imagine my friend being spanked, let alone been in the same room it when it was happening. I was feeling Jimmy’s embarrassment, and maybe a little of the fear that I was sure was going through his mind. He approached his father, and stood next to the chair. His dad took him by the arm, and said it was really a shame that he had to treat him like a baby, but if he acted like a baby, he was going to be punished like one. With that, he lifted him up, laying him across his knee, and propped his leg up on the ottoman that was in front of the chair. I could see the look of horror in Jimmy’s face, as well as the humiliation. Mr McDouglas looked over at me, and seemed to grin just a little before I saw him rub Jimmy’s butt a few times. Then he lifted his arm and laid on the first whack.

What a sound, as the crack of the palm of his large hand landed on Jimmy’s pants I could hear the echo against the walls of the room. Again, he raised his arm and again the crack of the contact as he met the target. I could see that Jimmy was uncomfortable, but I also could tell that he knew this wasn’t the worst of what was coming. Mr McDouglas seemed to find a rhythm to the rise and fall of his hand as he repeatedly spanked Jimmy’s butt. I could just imagine how the sting was building since Jimmy had described it to me in the school yard on more than one occasion. I could hear Jimmy begin to whimper, but it didn’t seem to slow his father down at all. Over and over I watched as Mr McDouglas landed his palm on the backside of my friend, counting more than 20 times. Jimmy was really squirming and began to cry like a baby. His father asked am I going to catch you where you know you’re not supposed to be again? as he laid another crack like thunder spanking on Jimmy’s butt. NO SIR Jimmy cried, I won’t do it again, I promise, sir and with that, another hard swat landed on his bottom, which by now must have been the colour of a stop sign.

Soon, it was over. I could feel my face flush and a strange sensation in my pants. This was the first time I had ever seen anyone get spanked, and I wasn’t sure what came next but did know I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out! Mr McDouglas lowered his foot from the ottoman, and put Jimmy back on his feet, and I caught him look over at me with a smirk on his face.

What did you think of that? he asked me. Do you think Jimmy will ever go downtown without having someone watch him again? I shrugged my shoulders, knowing real well that he would not, and sat there looking at the floor. Mr McDouglas then said to me, I spoke to your father a while ago, since you said he thought it was all right for you to travel alone in the city My heart sank, I couldn’t believe he had checked on my story, and now I had been caught in a lie. All I could do was keep my eyes fixed on the floor beneath Mr McDouglas’s shiny shoes. Seems as if you are guilty of more than one offence young man he said. Why don’t you ask Jimmy what happens to boys who lie on top of doing something that they know they aren’t supposed to do. I looked over at Jimmy who was standing next to his dads chair with his hand slowly rubbing his stinging behind. They get spanked he said. How do they get spanked for that young man? his father said. With their pants down, across your knee Jimmy said. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I never in a million years thought that a person other than my own father could punish me in such a way.

Mr McDouglas said young man, why don’t you take a walk over here looking like he was really enjoying this. Slowly I stood up, but felt my legs quiver as I walked over to where he was seated. I took the same place where seconds ago Jimmy stood, and was facing Mr McDouglas as I heard him tell me to drop my pants. I slowly began to fiddle with my belt buckle but the next thing I knew, Mr McDouglas was helping me saying he didn’t have all evening for this nonsense, and he would do it himself, since I was obviously a baby who couldn’t follow directions. Soon my pants were down around my ankles, and Mr McDouglas said you know what to do, you just watched Jimmy get a spanking, and you are in for the same thing, only you will really be feeling this one without your pants covering your butt

Before I could tell what was happening, I felt myself being pulled across his knee, then he raised his one leg back to the ottoman, and I felt his had brush my small quivering butt. His hand was hot, I suppose from the spanking he had just delivered to his son. The anticipation was about to kill me, and when I felt the heave of his arm I could only imagine what to expect. Only imagine was right! The sound of the smack as well as the sting I immediately felt on my bare butt was like electricity. A moment passed, and again I felt him rub my butt, this time tingling from the first swat. Again, the sound and the shock of his strong firm hand as it made contact on my butt. Soon there seemed to be a rhythm, and Mr McDouglas. was really taking his anger out on me. I was feeling each spank as it landed firmly on my bare backside and just had time to catch my breath before the next one landed. Over and over he spanked me, and I began to whimper and beg for him to stop. He wasn’t listening to me, and said this is something you have needed for a long time, young man, I guarantee you won’t soon forget why you are getting this one, and will think twice about getting Jimmy to go along with you when you know you are doing something you are not supposed to be doing

I looked over at Jimmy, and could see him standing nearby, still rubbing his sore behind. Knowing I would be feeling this punishment for a while myself. He gave me a look which told me that the worst was over, but the end was still not near. Over and over I could feel as the wind was pushed across my butt before the sharp sting of Mr McDouglas’s hand landed on my butt. Still squirming I begged enough, PLEASE, I’m sorry! and just like that, he stopped. That’s what I was expecting to hear, young man he said, as I felt him lower his leg allowing me to regain a standing position. I climbed down from his lap, and could feel the heat like fire coming from my backside. I looked at Mr McDouglas. and noticed a satisfied smirk on his face as he began to get up. He stood, and walked over to Jimmy who was now leaning against the arm of the sofa still occasionally rubbing his butt. He reached down, and patted his son on the rear and said, You know how much I hate to have to do that son, but you know it is the best way to get your attention when you do what you know you aren’t supposed to do

Yes, Dad Jimmy said, I’m sorry you had to do it too, and I promise not to go where I’m not supposed to be again. Mr McDouglas looked over at me and said, What about you? What do you think about what has happened today? I looked at him and said, I know for sure I won’t ever go where I’m not supposed to be, and if I do, I sure won’t lie about it again

That’s right, young man, and I guarantee if I ever catch either of you boys in trouble, you will find yourself in the same position again, only for a longer session, and maybe even with my belt. The thought of that alone was enough to make me shudder, and I reached back to feel my burning stinging butt thinking there is no way I wanted to go through that again.

Mr McDouglas left the room, and as Jimmy and I stood there, each too uncomfortable to sit down, I asked if that was the kind of spanking he usually got when he did something wrong. He told me yes, and as I still felt the heat coming off my own butt, I quietly wondered why in the world he wasn’t a perfect angel.

Several months passed. Before I knew it, it was a warm summer afternoon and a year had passed. One warm afternoon, my best friend Jimmy invited me to his house for an afternoon of fun and adventure. We sometimes would kick a football in his driveway, hopelessly imitating one of our favourite sports heroes, trying to master a new technique or improve what we already could do. Occasionally, his dad would join us and give us a real work out, kicking balls for us to catch, or working as goalkeeper.

Jimmy’s dad was a real athlete – very tall and lean, with dark hair touched around the edges with a little grey. He had long legs and could run pretty fast for an old guy! I used to admire the strength he showed as he would throw the ball across the plate, as I heard it sail past with a soft whistle. Sometimes when we were running bases, Mr McDouglas would grab the ball from us in an attempt to stop us from making the goal, and when it was me, I could always smell the musky odour of his sweat soaked shirt, and thought about what a real man he was.

There were times when Jimmy and I would get a little carried away, either kicking the ball too close to a car, or the house, or throwing the ball a bit recklessly almost hitting a passing car or person, and if Mr McDouglas was around, he would snap like a twig and yell at us to watch it or be careful. When I heard the boom of his voice, I could tell he meant business. Mr McDouglas was someone who didn’t like to put up with foolishness or irresponsibility and when he said something, we listened. Until one afternoon.

Jimmy and I were in the driveway tossing the football to one another. It was a real warm day, and we were both in shorts and t-shirts. We had been having a contest to see who could kick the most number of goals. A few times the ball got away, bouncing out in the street causing a passing car to swerve to avoid getting hit. We were laughing and running around, not thinking about what we were doing when all of the sudden, a ball that I threw came landing on the hood of Mr McDouglas’s car, and left a dent the size of a pumpkin.

All of the sudden our mood shifted. We immediately knew we would have to come up with something good to get out of this one. We both looked at each other, and all I could think of was the way Jimmy’s father had spanked us only a years ago. I had received the worst of it; because I had been caught lying that my father said it was okay for me to be downtown. Mr McDouglas had checked my story and gotten permission from my father to take care of the situation, and I was the one who had to get the spanking in front of my friend with my pants down. How humiliating I remember that was, not to mention how uncomfortable I was sitting down over the next few days. Mr McDouglas gave me a hard spanking and it was one I would never forget.

Jimmy and I talked about what to do, and I told him I bet if we told the truth about what happened, his father would be mad, but wouldn’t punish us too badly. After all, we were 13 years old; too old to be treated like babies, so we assumed he might give us a lecture, and maybe keep us apart for a while. We decided to get it over with, so into the house we went, and found his dad out on the back porch reading the paper. He was dressed casually, wearing a pair of khaki shorts with a polo shirt, no socks and dark loafers. When we approached, he looked up and cheerfully asked if we wanted to go on an errand with him. We immediately thought about his car and the dent on the hood, and decided we had better tell him what happened.

There’s something we have to tell you, dad Jimmy said as he looked over at me. I could tell he was scared by the way his voice was shaking. What is it, son? he replied closing the paper and folding it neatly on his lap. I felt like it was my turn to speak up, so I said we were out front kicking the ball around, and it landed on the car in the driveway. He looked at Jimmy, and then at me, and I could tell he was beginning to get mad. What happened? he asked. The ball landed on the bonnet of your car, and left a dent I said.

I could see the anger rising in his face, and he quickly got up and said let’s go take a look at what you’re talking about. He said, as he headed to the door. We walked through the house, and out to the car in the driveway, As Mr McDouglas stood looking at the damage to his car, he shook his head, and just stared at the dent. I thought the two of you were more responsible he finally said. I could hear disappointment in his voice, but I could also hear the anger as well. How many times have I told you both that if you’re going to play football near the house, you have to be careful. Look at what you have done. This is going to cost a fortune to get fixed, and it’s going to cause a real inconvenience for me as well

Sorry Mr McDouglas I said, We were trying to be careful but the ball just got away

There’s going to be some real trouble for this one, boy he said. I was sure I caught a slight smirk on his face as he looked over at me. Why don’t you both go up to Jimmy’s room and give me a while to cool down while I think about what I’m going to do. I don’t want to hear a sound coming from up there. As a matter of fact, I want each of you to stand in a corner and think about how many times I have told you to be careful. I’ll be up in a few minutes

Jimmy and I quickly moved through the door and up the stairs of the quiet house. We reached his bedroom which had two beds in the corner, each having big cushions making them almost like couches. We silently looked at one another and each took a corner, facing in and not saying a word. I could tell Jimmy was scared. His father strongly believed in discipline, and Jimmy had suffered many times from the wrath his father could bring, especially the spankings which I heard about at school the day after when his butt was still stinging like a bee sting. We stood there silently, anticipating something bad, but not knowing what was coming next.

Soon, after about ten minutes, we heard Mr McDouglas coming up the stairs. Instead of coming right into Jimmy’s room, he went down the hall, but not before we heard him look into the room and see us each standing in a corner. He was gone another minute, before we heard him coming towards the bedroom, and I looked over at Jimmy and could see he was shaking. It’s going to be okay I said, mostly trying to convince myself. All I could see was Jimmy shaking his head from side to side.

Mr McDouglas came into the room and sat down on one of the beds. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, he cleared his throat and said You boys really did it this time. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I tell you, you still find a way to do something you know you shouldn’t be doing. This time, you have caused some serious damage, and its more than either of you can do anything about. I have been trying to think about what is going to take to get through to the two of you, and all I can think is how much like babies you are acting. If you are going to act like babies, then I am going to treat you like babies

My mind was spinning. I clearly remembered the last time we had gotten this speech. How Mr McDouglas had called our behaviour childish, and him telling us almost the same thing. I remember him saying if we acted like babies, we would be punished like babies, and then he put each of us across his knee and delivered a spanking like none other. Somehow, I didn’t think he would do that again. I thought he would really ball us out, and maybe make us attempt to pay for the repairs with our allowance and maybe some extra work around the house, but I couldn’t believe he was giving us the same speech which could end up in the same punishment.

This time, since you two are almost adults, you will be getting spanked, but this time, I will be increasing the intensity, and using some implements to make my point more clear. I’m going to give you each three sets, one at a time, using something different each time. Jimmy, I’m going to start with you, so your friend will know what to expect. I looked towards the corner, and saw Jimmy shaking, silently with a tear streaming down his face. He looked over at me, and I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Both of you boys turn around and stand in the middle of the room. Drop your jeans and remain there until I tell you to come over here. One at a time you will be spanked. First I will use my hand on your bare behind. Jimmy, let’s go!

Jimmy made his way over to his father who was sitting on the edge of the bed. It was strange to see a well-grown teenager assume a position across a man’s knee, but he seemed to take the position like it was no stranger. Mr McDouglas looked over at me, and before I knew it, he was swinging his strong right hand laying one after another smack on his grown sons butt. The sound in the room was deafening. All I could hear was the repeated smack as one after another fell on Jimmy’s reddening ass. Jimmy took it in silence, but I could see the expression on his face, and knew that I would soon be suffering the same stinging pain. Again and again Mr McDouglas landed his firm hand on the target and I had the impression he would never stop, but soon he was looking in my direction and I knew it was going to be my turn.

Mr McDouglas stopped, and Jimmy stood up. His face was red, and I could tell he was crying. Not sure if it was the sting of the spanking, or the fear and humiliation, but I knew I was about to find out. Go stand in the middle of the room, young man Mr McDouglas said. You’re next he said looking in my direction. Let’s go, I don’t have all day for this he said to me. I made my way across the room over to the bed, and felt Mr McDouglas take my arm, leading me in the direction he wanted me to go. The next thing I remember is being pulled across his knee, feeling his hairy legs under my tummy, and the balance I was trying to maintain in order to stay in place. He wrapped his arm around my waist, and quickly laid into me. The pain was immediate. Scorching, burning, red hot, and delivered with such accuracy. Mr McDouglas was spanking me so hard that I didn’t think I could take it. Again and again his heavy hand landed on my butt only to land again quickly with the next searing blow. I was kicking my legs, and trying to escape, but Mr McDouglas had a tight hold on me. Again, the sound filled the room and was so loud I was sure anyone within a mile could hear what was going on. Silently, Mr McDouglas continued spanking me, building a rhythm causing my butt to tingle with pain. I looked down and all I could see was the reflection of my face in the shiny penny loafers that he was wearing. I could see the look of pain on my face, and wondered when it would finally be over. And then it was.

I quickly stood up, and jumping around reached behind to feel my burning backside. It was hot, and I would have bet the colour of an summer sunset. That, my boys, was only the beginning! Jimmy and I were standing in the middle of the room me, with my hand on my backside, and him with his hands covering what I thought was a slight bulge in his underpants. While he was receiving his punishment, I felt a strange stirring in my own pants, but it quickly disappeared when I found myself across his father’s knee. Jimmy had an embarrassed look on his face, and also the look of fear, telling me that things were about to really heat up.

You boys have just received the first set of what I have planned for you. Think of it as a warm up because I am really going to do my best to get through to you this time. For the next phase, I want you each to lay across the edge of the bed with one of the cushions under your waist. I’m going to give you 20 licks on your bare behind with my belt this time. You will not move, and you will not make a sound, if you do, I will add an additional 5 licks for each time. This is going to hurt, but you are grown men, and I know you can take it

My heart sank. This was the worst thing I could imagine. Being spanked with a belt was something I had occasionally experienced before, but Jimmy had recently gotten spanked with the belt and told me that night on the phone that he didn’t think he would make it to school the next day because he wouldn’t be able to sit down. He said the pain was one which you dont soon forget, and the next day in gym class I saw the marks that were already fading, but still showed the intensity of the strokes he had received. How would I be able to get through this?, I wondered. It was hard enough for me to keep from crying like a baby while I was getting the first part of this punishment with my butt across Mr McDouglas’s lap, but now I was really scared, and my mind was spinning with the thought of being able to take more.

Mr McDouglas looked at each of us, and told us to turn around and put our hands by our sides. I want to see how red your butts are, TURN AROUND, he roared. We each spun around and dropped our hands to our sides, and Mr McDouglas stood up and came over to where we were standing. He reached over first to Jimmy and gave a rough quick rub to his backside. Then he came to me, and did the same thing, and I could immediately feel the heat coming off of his hand as it brushed my behind. Mr McDouglas made his way in front of us, and slowly unbuckled his belt. It was a black woven leather belt, about 2 inches wide, and as he slipped the end through each belt loop, he looked at each of us and said This is how my father used to spank me, and it didn’t take too many times before I figured out that when he gave me directions, he meant what he said. Looking at me, he said Jimmy will tell you that this is going to hurt, but I don’t want you to move while I am giving it to you, otherwise I could really hurt you somewhere I don’t intend to. Is that clear?

Come on, dad, Jimmy begged, We’ve learned our lesson. You don’t have to give us any more, we promise to listen to you and keep away from the car and do whatever you ask. He seemed to be running on but it was obvious that his father wasn’t ready to call it a day.

He sat there and looked at us with a wry smirk on his face, and shook his head. I know you think that you’ve had enough boys, but I think I am going to really drive my point home and be sure that you are clear about what I expect from now on. It is my job as an adult to make sure you are not disruptive, and I think you need a little more reinforcement just to be sure. Why don’t you come over here, he said looking towards his son.

Yes sir I said, and could begin to feel my legs getting weak.

Mr McDouglas stood there with his belt in his hand. He folded it in half and quickly took a swing into his open palm. The sound that belt made sent shivers down my spine, and as Mr McDouglas looked from me to his son, all I could think of was how we should have listened to him, and kept a safe distance from the car in the driveway. It would have been so easy, and would have saved us from what we were about to endure. Jimmy, go over there and assume the position he said. Jimmy walked over to the bed and took one of the cushions to go under his waist. He leaned over baring his already red behind and landed with his arms stretched in front of him over his head. As he was lying there he was shaking with fear, and as his father made his way over to him, I was sure I heard him sobbing.

Count ’em out boy he said as he raised his arm with the belt in his hand. ONE Jimmy said, quietly as the belt landed on his bare behind with a sweet crack. TWO he said, as another one landed on his butt. THREE I heard a little louder as the crack of the belt was laid into him again. Four he whimpered before it all became a blur. The snap of the belt became a repetitive sound, followed by Jimmy counting the toll. He barely moved. Each time Mr McDouglas raised his arm, I could see Jimmy’s butt tighten a bit, and after it landed I could see it relax. The sound of the leather striking Jimmy’s butt was all I could hear as my mind began to race and my head began to spin. Jimmy was really crying. I could hear his sobs muffled by the bed, but I could also see his shoulders heaving as he lay with his bright red butt in the air. Nineteen and SMACK, TWENTY smack I heard and then it was over.

Jimmy laid there sobbing. His father dropped the belt on the bed beside him, and gently rubbed his son’s bottom. You really took it like a man, my boy, and I’m proud of you. It’s too bad that this is what it takes to get through to you, but as I have told you in the past, if you are going to act like a baby, you will be punished like one. Are you okay? Jimmy slowly turned his tear stained face towards his dad and nodded yes. He sniffed, and looked over at me with a look of hopelessness in his eyes. He really did take it like a man, and I hoped I would be able to do the same and not embarrass myself in front of him. I have to say, I was terrified, and could only imagine what that belt would feel like as it landed on my bare behind.

Okay young man, your turn Mr McDouglas said looking at me. Remember, you are to lie still, in place, do not move, or else I will add more licks to your punishment. Is that clear?

Yes sir I said, and I stood up and made my way to the bed, and to the spot where Jimmy had just been laying. Let’s go said Mr McDouglas. Get down across the cushion with your arms stretched out over your head, and remember, DO NOT MOVE once I begin, IS THAT CLEAR?

Yes sir I replied. I found myself in a position with my waist raised on the pillow and my legs stretched tightly behind me. With my arms over my head I could really hear my heavy breath rise and fall. I heard Mr McDouglas reach over and pick up the belt, and a moment later, heard him say count em out boy. Before I knew what happened, the first searing snap rang out through the room. A moment passed, and I waited for the next one, but instead heard Mr McDouglas say I told you to count em out. I guess we will have to keep it up until you get it right. Let’s start again. With that, another stinging snap was delivered to my backside. One I shouted. That’s better boy, let me hear it

A third stinging snap and my butt was on fire Two I shouted, thinking I would never be able to get through 20 of these. SNAP Three, sir I said, hoping to make this end, but feeling as if it would go on for days. Four I cried as another stinging blow landed on my backside. Five I cried, thinking my butt was feeling like a pin cushion. Six as the next swat landed on my butt. I could hear the whistle of the belt as it sliced through the air. The sound was unforgettable, and the sound as the supple leather made contact with my skin was equally unforgettable.

Ten I remembered to count. Eleven, twelve, and thirteen I continued trying to take it like a man the way I had seen my best friend get his. By now my butt was on fire. Still tingling from the over the knee spanking I had already received, this was too much.

I began to raise myself from the bed, but I felt Mr McDouglas’s firm hand on my shoulder push me down. We’re almost through young man, he said, you don’t want to have to start over from the beginning do you? he said.

No sir I said, my voice shaking as I tried not to burst out in tears. Please, I promise we won’t do it again I begged, hoping that my appeal would be answered with a reprieve.

I’m sure you won’t Mr McDouglas answered, with no indication that he was going to let up. Keep counting he said before the next stroke of the belt landed on my butt.

Fourteen I said, now reeling with the painful sensation running across my backside. Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen I cried as the next stinging swats came in rapid succession. N..nni..nineteen...

I was crying, and not just quietly, but shaking with tears coming down my face. Please, Mr McDouglas, PLEASE, I’m so sorry, PLEASE stop. I promise I have learned my lesson I begged. One more time I felt the belt land on my butt, squarely in the middle, leaving a ringing in the room as well as in my ears. Before I realized it, I had been laying there for a few moments and Mr McDouglas was rubbing my aching bottom with the palm of his hand. I just stayed there thinking I had survived the worst whipping imaginable, and the feeling of Mr McDouglas’s warm hand rubbing my backside was all I wanted to remember.

You can get up now, young man, he said, and I felt him stretch out his leg as I gently tumbled down and onto the floor. I think I have made my point with you, and I have no doubt that you will think of this the next time you are facing a challenge. I looked over to Jimmy and he was shaking so much I could feel it in the room. I was sure that what I had just experienced was nothing that he had ever gone through before. He looked like a tiny scared mouse, and I saw his father look over at him, as he told us both to put our pants back on. I want you two to stay up here for a little while. You can play or read, but I just want you both to keep the noise level down. Jimmy, I think you have learned your lesson, and we don’t have to go through this step with you right now, but let me tell you, if you EVER find yourself in this position, you will get not only what you have already gotten today, but it will be worse than you can imagine. I will spank you hard, and I will use my hand, my belt, my shoe and anything else I think will make you think twice about breaking the rules, IS THAT CLEAR?

Yes sir, thank you dad Jimmy said with obvious relief in his voice.

With that, Mr McDouglas stood up, and slipped his feet back into his old loafers. He reached down, and took a swipe at the toe of one shoe, before heading out the door. I looked at Jimmy, and saw that he was looking at my dark red bottom. Damn, I’ve never seen a butt that colour before. You won’t be able to sit down for a week. I knew he wasn’t exaggerating, and I reached behind and felt my burning bum. It hurt to even rub it at that point and I reached to the floor picking up my shorts, and felt the searing sting as the waist band wiped across the tender area where I had just been spanked.

I think you’re right man, I think it will be a long time before I can sit down again I said.

You really took that one said Jimmy.

I was crying like a baby man, I can’t believe I let myself go like that, I have to tell you, that belt hurts like nothing else I said.

I know, but I also now know what it will be like if I screw up again, and I’m not sure what is worse, getting it, or the thought of getting it!

Well, if you want to know right now, getting it really sucked! I said. He smiled, and gave me a look which told me we were as close as brothers. I smiled back at him, and said maybe we should lay on the bed and read a good story. Lay on our stomachs! he said, and we laughed as we fell on the beds and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that for now, we had paid our debt and were free to go back playing together.

Thank you for reading this account. If you would like to know more, my biography Growing Up Spanked is available now on amazon –

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