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Justin's Tails
Chapter 2 – Justin buys a new video game

by Parallax

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Justin sunk down onto the bed, and glowered.He was in an especially broody mood. Moreso than usual. This was partly due to his unceasing, unrelenting boredom. The boredom was a result of his current status of being grounded for the following two weeks. The other part that made up his reason for being so broody was due to the stinging, heated sensation in his buttocks.

Only two hours ago, he had spent an extended period of time across his father’s lap, being spanked quite soundly. The reason for both the grounding and the spanking could easily be traced back to Earnie, a local tattoo artist who had vanished in mysterious circumstances. Justin had been somewhat involved – he had quenched his vampiric thirst on the hapless and perverted artist, and made only a token attempt to cover the trail. When his father happened across the newspaper headline, he had leaned on Justin for answers.

The boy had eventually confessed, and was now serving the rest of his sentence. He pulled the pillow up over his head and sighed into it.

Rolling onto his back, he surveyed his room. Looking from side to side, his eyes eventually fell on his games console. He groaned. He’d already played every game he owned at least twice. And his collection lacked anything with decent multiplayer options.

Although... he thought to himself, I do have quite a few games. About fourteen of them. I bet I could trade them in

He glanced out of the window. The sun was still high. For a younger vampire like himself, the sun bore little threat. It would cause sunburns if Justin stood in it without clothing for extended periods of time, but the same would happen to many mortals, so Justin could pass as mortal easily enough. His adopted father, the esteemed Gregory, was another matter entirely – an aged blood-sucker who, if caught in direct sunlight for too long, would start to smoulder. Older vampires such as he would sleep late, being naturally nocturnal.

Justin smiled. That gave him about two hours to get into the town centre before his father would awake. If he was fast. His father needn’t know.


The young wolf grabbed his skateboard up off the floor and hurried from the busy street and into the game store.

The interior of the store felt clustered, lined with racks upon racks of second hand games and gaming accessories. Several of the consoles available lined the walls, looking smooth and sleek and very much in contrast with the gritty and grimy floors and ceiling tiles. The store had seen better days, and the air inside was filled with the heavy thrumb of metal music.

Justin rolled his eyes. The music sucked.

He padded up to the XBox rack and started to look at what was available. And more importantly, what was cheap. He sighed. Most of the games looked tedious; army men running around in brown-coloured cities. He shook his head. Where were the cool games? The fun games!

Then, his eyes lit up. He grabbed one of the boxes from the shelf. He read it over, hungrily. The Gothic Raven’ he read, a game of gothic doom. Fight a massive variety of enemies in gruesome and bloody combat. Aw, awesome!

He checked the price tag. It was steep. More than he thought he’d be able to afford, even with the games he’d packed into his backpack to trade in. He read over the back of the game box. Summon demons, giant bats and rusty knives to tear your enemies to pieces, and then earn extra points for feasting on their remains! Gain extra spells by ravishing sultry barmaids and nuns, featuring the most realistic body-jiggling physics ever included in any game! This game has been banned in 15 countries and is not for sale to anyone under the age of 30 due to extreme content! Well that settles it – I’m having this game!

He smiled, and strode his way up to the checkout desk.

The checkout assistant looked about nineteen years old. His hair was speckled in a variety of colours, and he wore four piercings throughout various parts of his face. His name label read Mark. Justin immediately decided that this guy was totally cool. He smiled and handed the game over to him.

Mark barely looked up. The store had been quiet for the entire day, and he felt entirely un-stimulated. He’d cracked open a well-thumbed paperback and was more interested in reading it than having to deal with customers. With considerable effort, he pulled his eyes towards the game. Thirty dollars he mumbled.

Justin pulled his backpack free from his shoulder, and unfastened it. I want to trade in for it he announced.

With a nearly audible groan, Mark put his book down. You a member?

Shaking his head, Justin answered No.

Mark gave a shrug. He didn’t much care, and wanted to make sure his customer was aware of it. Fine, doesn’t matter. Put the games you want to trade on the counter.

Justin piled his used games onto the counter, one atop another. Mark picked them up, one after the other, and popped the boxes open. He plucked the disks out, and peered intently at each one. He managed to avoid looking at or otherwise acknowledging his customer at all, doing his best to radiate a sense of annoyance at having been disturbed by someone in the first place.

Finally, he set one of the boxes down. Can’t take this one’ he mumbled, Disk’s scratched.

Justin blinked. Scratched? He gave a hrmph’ and folded his arms. The game’s fine! he retorted.

Nuh, it’s scratched replied Mark.

Justin began to change his mind, deciding that he himself was the coolest person in the store. Not my fault! That’s how I got it. From here. It was like that when I bought it!

Mark glowered at him. I thought you weren’t a member? he asked.

Justin resisted the urge to stamp his foot. He’d often been told that he could be a brat when he didn’t get his way. He wanted to kick up a fuss. Instead, he snapped his arms into a folded position around his chest and pouted. I forgot my membership card! he grumbled.

Mark shrugged. Fine, I’ll stick it in the disk cleaner. But I’ll have to take a dollar off the price.

The wolf bit his lip, Whatever grumbled Justin.

Time ticked on.

Justin grew progressively more and more bored. He leaned against the checkout desk, nodding his head to the music. He didn’t have much time left if he was to get back home before his father was awake.

Mark glanced up. They’re worth twenty-nine dollars. You’ll need to pay an extra dollar to get that game you want.

Justin’s eyes snapped open. That’s not fair! C’mon, I need that game.

Not my fault’ replied Mark, fishing some of his hair out of his eyes, That’s how much it cost.

Justin gritted his teeth. It just... wasn’t... fair! Aw, come on! he whined. I can totally afford it if you give me the full price for that scratched one!

Shaking his head, Mark replied I can’t do that.

Yeah you can! snapped Justin. He could feel an argument coming on. That scratched one is fine! Don’t be like that. Just gimme the full price!

No, said Mark coldly, Besides, you’re not even old enough for that game.

That was enough to make Justin’s temper boil up into a full-blown tantrum. Who was this person to say something like that? Justin –was– older than him! Sure, not physically, his body was still that of a wiry teen, and his father still punished him as a boy of his physical age, but damn it, that wasn’t his fault either.

Justin stamped his foot. For the first time, he noticed that there was a queue forming behind him; his stamping had caused the person standing behind him to back up a few inches.

Mark picked up the game, moving it towards the back of the counter, away from Justin. The young wolf’s eyes focused. He leapt, and grabbed for the box. No! Mine!

Justin latched onto the game with both hands, Mark grasping onto the other side. Justin yanked, trying to pry it free. Let go! snapped the cashier. Justin sprawled across the checkout desk, knocking his own used games across the floor.

I want it! whined Justin, just as Mark gave the box a sharp twist and snatched it from the wolf’s grasp.

He safely dropped the box behind the counter, glowering at Justin. I can’t sell it to you; you’re not old enough for it. Stop being a brat!

With a resounding huff, Justin aimed a sturdy kick at a nearby display unit, scattering copies of Fifa World Soccer 2013 across the sales floor. It was at that moment that he realised that the situation was thoroughly out of hand. He pouted and snapped at the cashier, I am not a brat!

Yes you most certainly are, lad came a voice from the store’s entrance.

Justin froze, a thick lump rising in his throat. He recognised that voice far too well, and knew the tone especially well. He didn’t want to look around, because he knew exactly what he’d find.

Slowly, very hesitantly, he turned his head towards the entrance to the store, his eyes slowly focusing on the stern gaze of his father. Justin gulped loudly.


Skipping out while you’re grounded’ huffed Gregory, bringing his firm hand quickly across Justin’s bare, soft bottom. Justin gave a sharp yelp, clutching against his father’s knee. You really thought I wouldn’t notice?

Justin tried to stifle another yelp as his father’s palm swatted against his backside again. Ow. I kinda hoped you wouldn’t he replied.

Gregory gave a firm snort, and smacked again. By this point, Justin’s bared rump was starting to redden brightly, and the young wolf could barely with-hold his whimpers. And that’s not even counting your behaviour at the store.

Justin bit his lip, blushing terribly. He tried to pull his tail down to cover his bared round butt, only to find it pulled sharply out of the way. Ow’ he yelped, Maybe we can make a deal? I’ll forego the video games, and you stop spanking me?

Giving a shake of his head, Justin’s father swatted his upturned bottom again. Here’s a better idea. You’re banned from playing video games for the duration of your grounding, and I keep spanking you.

Justin gave a tight, sharp yelp That’s the same deal you always make! he replied.

Gregory nodded, and gave another firm smack. See? You are learning, after all.

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